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Nowadays dating is a very serious thing for every people. Everyone wants a compatible partner, who can understand them or their decisions better.

That is why these dating applications are famous in the market. Also due to pandemics, along with the other aspects of life the date is taken to the online level.

Today most people are worried that they could fall for the wrong person and make a big mistake in their life. But with this online application, before meeting the person you will be able to have a proper conversation with that person through the application.

Usually, you can use the SMS and the video chat feature of the application to converse with a new person. After various observations, it was seen that the market of online dating applications is growing at a rapid pace. And it was predicted that the application revenue can cross 8.4 billion dollars by the year 2024. Businesses just have to spend specific dating app development cost and can reap the benefits for years to come.

It has been also seen that there are 7.9 billion potential partners divided among various religion, age, and interest and the existing custom dating software are not enough to serve that number of peoples.

That is why this is the right time to invest in developing a dating application and participating in the market.

What is a Dating App?

A dating app is a smartphone application that helps in connecting two individuals via in-app messaging and video chat services.

People usually tend to use these applications for seeking friendships, intimate or casual relationships, and get the best online dating experience. The users of these applications can browse the photo or videos individually. If they like each other then only the app connects the two individuals.

The first dating website that it launches was named kiss.com in 1994. The next year its name was changed to match.com in 1995.

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On that website, the women are listed in a catalog. So that the men can choose them from the website, in order to marry them. But this system becomes outdated today. It has been observed that around 196 million people are opting for different dating services to find a potential partner.

And the number can be increased by more than 80 million by the year 2024. Some the apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Badoo are popular examples of this kind of application.

So, if you have a unique and innovative dating idea. Hiring better dating mobile app development services can help you to create a feature-packed application around that idea. They will charge some dating app development cost, but the outcome will be definitely worth it.

Plus, the growing demand for this kind of application can boost your business leading to success in the market.

Why Businesses Invest in Dating Apps in Future?

These applications are capable enough to simplify the soulmate searching procedure with better efficiency. Moreover, the users find these applications more interactive and less-time taking. That is why these applications are getting hype since 2012.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest dating app development cost in a dating software for a better future. Such as

1. Nemours Monetization opportunities

Monetization in dating applications is common nowadays. It can be done via in-application advertisements or by implementing third-party services in it. Undoubetdly, it will require more dating app development cost, but the efforts will be definitely worth it.

Plus, you can apply any other monetization strategies to these applications. But such applications need a better amount of user base. As it was seen that only 20 percent of the total user base is paying only for the high-rated services in the market.

So, you have to be unique and provide the best services so that most of your user base opts for the paid services that you offer.

2. Bigger userBase

In order to get a bigger user base, your services should be available for all ages, genders, communities, and interests. That’s why focusing on a particular group of audience cannot be very much helpful. The more type of audience your application can target more will the user base for your innovative dating applications for android.

Presently the average rate of penetration of these dating services is around 3%, and it was predicted to reach up to 5% by the end of 2023.

3. High user retention rate

The retention of an app is calculated based on what rate the user is using the application after installing the app. It has been also observed that usually, a normal person spends about 90 minutes on these types of dating applications.

Whereas they spend on average of 5 minutes in any calorie calculating app. So, you must maintain a long-lasting relationship with your user. Only implementing attractive features will not do the work, you just have to make sure they don’t just use it for 5 to 10 minutes.

The established dating service in the market comes up with new unique and innovative ideas to meet strangers and make them their potential partners. Along with the user base if your retention value of the app increases, you’re dating services can get successful easily. To ensure a high user retention rate, spend some dating app development cost and get long-term business benefits.

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4. App-based high revenue

These dating applications can get higher revenue in the future as their user base is increasing day by day.

For example, match.com which was established in 1995 has launched the application Tinder in 2012. Among the total revenue of this market, which is 1.72 billion dollars, the Tinder app itself makes $800 million dollars.

So there is a high chance you can also gain success in these dating services, by hiring the best dating app development company in the market.

How do Dating Apps work?

Today’s dating application provides a seamless user experience to their customers. After downloading a dating application you have to verify your profile with the help of your phone number or email address. Then only you will be able to log in to the application and experience its features.

Usually, the application follows a phone number or email address and password combo for logging purposes. But now you can use your other social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc to log into these apps.

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This saves time and effort for the users as the user information is extracted from your social media handles along with the pictures. After setting up the profile you will be able to see the available individuals nearby you along with brief information about them.

If you like the person on display you can swipe right or if not left. And when that person will swipe you right you will get a match. Then only you will be allowed to have a chat with him/her. Hiring a better mobile app development company can give you the ability to present the whole above mention process in a unique and attractive manner. More users will join your app if you have an attractive interface among your competitors.

What do People Expect from Dating Apps?

People have very high expectations from these dating applications. As it is the only medium through which you will be able to meet with your suitable partner.

By just accessing the application from anywhere and at any time, even while traveling. If you have a unique dating idea you can convert it into a viable business by just searching for mobile app developers for hire. The experts will charge a reasonable dating app development cost, but the efforts will be worth it.

Dating Apps Market, Statistics, and Trends

According to various observations, it has been seen that dating apps has earned a revenue of 6325 million US dollars in 2019. And it is expected to grow at a rate of 8% in the coming years.


Implementing the latest trends like AI, Voice recognition, and enhanced video calling features can seriously hike your app toward success in the market.

The Principle of Dating App Functionality

Dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and eHarmony also belong to the social media app family. The main aim of the application is to create a connection between two individuals. The development focuses mainly on the communication part of the application to ensure uninterrupted human interaction.

If you observe all the dating applications present in the market, you will be able to notice that no two applications have a similar infrastructure. Their aim might be the same but each of them follows a different strategy and business model along with their unique features of matching people online.

Hiring an established web development company can help you create an innovative and feature-packed application. Additionally, it will provide you with a better edge among your competitors and ensure success for your business.

Getting Started With Dating Apps

Just like a normal date the first impression is very important for your application also. The first impression will decide whether the user.

Keep your application as simple as possible and use proper steps so that the new user gets a better guide through your application.

Established applications in the market also take this first impression very seriously and it helps them to gain success.

So, you should be serious about it too, moreover, you can implement features like sliding tutorials. This feature can attract new users and make them fall in love with your application at first impression.

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The Technology of Attraction: Matching Algorithms

As the aim of the dating applications present in the market is to create a connection between two individuals, human communication should be the main focus of the developers. Not only that sometimes in order to make the app developers usually use high-end graphical features, which results in the lagging of the interface.

So, use simple features and try to provide a seamless experience along with an uninterrupted interaction facility. There is a wide range of matching techniques that you can implement on your applications. It can be dependent on the location, likings, and dislikes or hobby specific, better the matching techniques used better will be the matching capabilities of your application.

So, it is very essential to understand how the matching algorithms of these applications works as it will help you identify the dating app development cost required.

Here are some of the points that can clear your concepts on matching techniques,

1. Location Awareness

People usually prefer partners who are from the same city or leaves within a 5 to 10 km radius of their location.

So that after the virtual conversation people can actually meet up with that person easily. People who live in the same places tend to have the same cultural and beneficial habits, so that is also a plus point.

The GPS feature present in the application helps create communication between those two people who are living nearby.

Moreover, the algorithm also provides brief information about the matched individuals who are enlisted from nearby locations.

2. Mathematical Basis

A mathematical algorithm is also a unique type of algorithm which are used in these mobile dating app developments.

Basically, it matches the two individuals on the basis of the questionnaires that they have filled out while signing up with the application.

The algorithm finds the common interest among the two individuals and calculates their compatibility of them.

The better the compatibility percentage better the chances are there that two people will become soulmates. OkCupid is one of the famous applications which uses this mathematical algorithm as their primary matching component.

Implementing this algorithm can make your matchmaking features more accurate and reliable.

3. Behaviour-Based Matching

This is a more advanced algorithm that can give more promising results. Sometimes people get confused between what they like and what they love.

This can manipulate the mathematical algorithm and give uneven results. That is why this algorithm observes the behavior of the users to make a match with their partners.

For example, if you usually listen to pop songs the applications will try to find your partner who has listened to those pop songs a few times.

The apps are cable of collecting subjective data like music history, mutual friends from Facebook, Instagram photos, or other social media activities.

The app will access your subjective data only when you allow it while logging into the application.

4. Advanced Matching Methods

This Advance matching algorithm is a combination of all the above-mentioned algorithms. With the help of this algorithm, the application first short-lists the users who are in a 5 to 10 km radius.

Then from those, it calculates the compatibility percentage with those results. If certain users passed the least value of compatibility percentage, then only that user goes to a behavioral algorithm which leads to the connection with the perfect candidate.

This advanced- matchmaking algorithm is capable of giving the best result as the users go through a vast screening process before connecting with someone.

These are some of the matchmaking algorithms that you can implement in your software to provide the best results to your users and ensure your success in the market.

Why are Dating Apps Beneficial?

Like every other application in the market, dating on-demand solutions can also prove to be beneficial for the people who are using them. Here are the top benefits that this online dating application provides its users.

1. Fast and efficient

Usually, apps provide more flexibility to their users. It is an independent and permanent solution for any task.

On the dating website, users have to go through a lot of effort to access it. Whereas while using dating applications the users can use the facilities of a dating website just by accessing the application, even on the go.

As a user, you can gain access to the application anywhere and at any time. That’s the reason these online dating applications make the search for your soulmate more malleable and convenient.

2. Good for busy people and introverts

These online dating applications are most helpful for busy and introverted people. Everyone wants a person who will love and understand them.

But due to the presence of less time and incapability of communicating they fail to get one. These applications work as a lifesaver for those people.

Many people are there basically live in their working place and have a packed working schedule every day.

These applications provide them with the facility to search partners for them even while traveling.

There are people who have difficulty communicating with any stranger, due to social anxiety or shyness.

These applications also help those persons to know their potential partners while communicating through chat services of the application before meeting physically with them.

Thus, after knowing the person they can overcome their personal fault and find a suitable mate for himself or themselves.

3. Find a Soulmate Nearby

Implementation of the location feature while developing your app through dating app development software is a plus point for the users.

With this, you will be able to search for a mate who lives within a 1 to 10 Km radius of your location. That means not only romantic relations you can also search for a potential friend for your future.

4. No Unwanted Connections

The users don’t have to worry about the comments of unwanted strangers. In all the dating apps there is a rule which restricts the user to comment or start conversations with an unknown person.

As a user, you will be allowed to communicate with only those people who have the same mutual feeling for you.

A connection between two individuals will be only established if you like a person and that person likes you back.

5. Variety

You will be able to come across various personalities of people. All the users will be verified through the various verification process of the application. So, the users don’t

have to worry about fake accounts or the possibility to get coned. These applications can provide you with the ability to find people from different professions, religions, and ages. As it provides services to all kinds of individuals in order to target a much bigger audience.

Hiring dedicated developers to build a dating application can help you to maintain all the beneficial aspects easily and you can provide better customer service to your users.

How to Develop A Dating App?

The following is the step-by-step process to develop a dating app that can help you create a perfect dating application within reasonable dating app development cost. So, let’s begin.

1. Choose a catching name

Choosing a catchy name for your application is always a selling point for your application. This is because people will know of your brand only by your name and logo.

Moreover, you can follow the word-of-mouth procedure for the marketing purposes of your applications. Where you must provide a royal service to your users.

And if the users get satisfied with your services, they will also refer your app to others and bring a potential customer to your business.

The more customers get satisfied with your app’s dating services more will be the rate of increment of the user base.

2. Determine your target audience

You have developed an application keeping a target audience to whom you will sell your product. The need for potential mates is common for all generations of people.

So creating an application for all ages can give you two possible results. Either you can end up with a huge user base or end up with nothing.

To solve this issue you can provide different types of services each of which will target specific types of audiences. dating app software.

Hiring an Android app development company can help you to understand which kind of application will be appropriate for that targeted audience.

3. Make an Amazing UI/UX Design

This is also one of the important aspects of the development of software. Sometimes developers use high-end features and graphical components to attract users.

This may lead your application towards lagging and slower processing speed. Which is the most common thing that a user hates in any application.

So it is better to use simple designs and graphical content so that you can provide a hassle-less and smooth experience to your users.

4. Deal With a Marketing Plan

You should have proper knowledge of the ongoing trends in the market. Because implementing the latest trends can be a plus point for your app.

For example implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can provide your customers with an effortless and productive user experience.

Plus, you should know how to sell your products to your targeted customers. For that, you can follow various marketing techniques available in the market.

If your moto is giving the best dating service to your users before your brand promotion. Then only you will be able to succeed in this competitive market.

You can always expand your business by developing the application for both the Android and iOS application markets.

5. Tech Stack for Dating App

Here is the list of tech stacks used while developing a Dating application

  • Programming Languages – Swift or Java
  • Database – Redis, SQL specifically PostgreSQL, or MongoDB
  • Web servers – Nginx
  • Framework – Next.js, Node.js, or React Router
  • Cloud storage – Amazon S3 and Amazon Ec2 or Heroku Rackspace.
  • Payment Gateway – Paytm, Stripe, or PayPal
  • Utilities – Google Maps and Analytics, Twilio, or Optimized.
  • IDE – AppleCode or Xcode 11+
  • User Profile – Fragment along with User Info and Recycler View
  • Chat – Recycler View
  • Analytics – Fabric Firebase analytics
  • Push Notification – Firebase Cloud Messages
  • Search – Edit Text Widget and Recycler View for search field and search result respectively.

6. MVP for a Dating App

The future of the dating application is not similar to every other application present in the market. You may have to focus on implementing some of the mandatory features in order to keep this application running while keeping the dating app development cost budget on track.

Hiring a full stack development company can make the implementation process much easier.’

  1. Social sign-in – Instead of a long process of registration, you can implement sign-in with the social media handles features. With help of which users can log in to these dating applications with the help of their existing Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. This saves both time and effort for the users.
  2. User profile – Users should have the freedom of creating their user profile with their own creativity. So that some people might find them interesting.
  3. Geolocation – Finding a soulmate depending on the location is very important for users. There should be an option from where the user wants to find his or her mates.
  4. Matching – Implementation of all the matching algorithms can give the user more promising and effective results on searching their a suitable mate.
  5. Chatting – It is one of the main features that you should be always updated on. Nowadays users prefer more emojis and gifs in their conversations. So, implementing those features is mandatory.
  6. Push notifications – You can show your creativity when the app shows any notification to its users. This also attracts serious customers.
  7. Swiping – Swiping left or right should be implemented so that the users could find their potential mate more effectively.
  8. Settings – The setting of the applications should be simple, and the users should be able to surf the options easily.
  9. Admin panel – As the owner of the app, you should have total control over the applications, so that if any kind of malfunction or misuse of the app is detected you can stop it immediately.

An Overview of Dating App Development Cost

The Investments needed for developing these applications depend on the features implemented and the complexity of the infrastructure of the applications.

Plus, it also depends on the type of developers you are hiring to develop your applications. In order to maintain the gradual investment, you can implement the basic necessary features first.

Then add the advanced features after ensuring the expectations and needs of your users. It will demand some additional dating app development cost as compared to a basic dating application.

For example – You have to implement a chat feature as it is necessary for these applications, and then you can implement chat ads after surveying the likes and dislikes of your user.

You have to be careful and well-organized while planning each and every feature of your applications. You should have proper knowledge of your business requirements. If you are successful to develop a better-quality application, it will be worth your investments.

Nowadays the latest framework where apps are developed provides the development companies ability to create hybrid applications.

Here is a dating app development cost estimation required for online dating applications –

  • Hiring Android development services along with security implementation can cost you around $15,000.
  • If you want to expand your market in the Apple app market, you can hire an iOS developer. This can cost you more than about $25,000.
  • You can also develop and hybrid application for both the app stores and it could cost you around $35,000.

All these amounts are not specific and can be more or less depending on the place, support, and the quality and number of features you are implementing in the applications.

Usually, the developers will charge you on an hourly basis. That means the ultimate cost of developing a dating application will be calculated on the basis of the hour taken to develop it.

Here is a brief idea of the time taken for developing features in both Android and iOS applications. Such as

  • Social Sign-in – 15 to 26 hours
  • Matching – 65 to 85 hours
  • Swiping – 8 to 10 hours
  • User Profile – 40 to 50 hours
  • Chatting – 110 to 180 hours
  • Settings – 15 to 30 hours
  • Admin panel – 20 to 36 hours
  • Push notification – 12 to 20 hours.

How do Dating Apps Make Money?

There are several ways by which these dating mobile applications earn their revenue. In recent reports application named Tinder made a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars by just swiping and making a match.

Here are some of the ways that you can implement into your online dating business model to earn better revenue. Obviously, it will require little dating app development cost, but the efforts will bring you tremendous business benefits.

1. Ad pop-ups

Random ads pop up after some random swipes will help you to know the specific liking of your users.

That means if the user didn’t skip the ongoing applications, he or she is interested in the product or brand or services.


Allowing the ads on your application will help you to earn revenue from various brands. Plus, you will be able to track the behavior of your users and focus on the more targeted audience.

2. Profile Upgrades

Applications like tinder give various options to users to upgrade their user accounts. Are options might be gold, silver, or platinum services.

By choosing these services, you as a user will get more benefits depending on the plan or service you have upgraded your profile.

Some of the benefits like extending the area of searching, people from different regions,s and also access to various exclusive profiles.

The amount of these upgrades of services can cost from 15 to 80 dollars. The amounts will be always depending on factors like area, gender, and age. Plus, u can use these services on a subscription basis or pay it for a one-time service.

3. Interface Upgrade

You can also upgrade to the services to unlock some of the interface features. For example, if you reject someone by mistake you will not be able to get a connection with them in the future.

But these interface upgrades help you with some interface features such as rewind. With this feature, you will be able to undo or revive your actions and connect with your potential partners.

dating app development cost


Starting a business around a dating application can be the best option for start-ups. Most of people are busy with their professional life and have little time for their personal life.

The dating app’s services are the only thing that can find, suitable mates, without consuming less time and effectively. Thus your unique and innovative app idea can flourish in the market within no time. Decide the dating app development cost you can spend on your project, connect with us, and we will deliver you outstanding dating app development services right away.