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“The future of television is not a screen on the wall; it’s a screen in your hand.” – Steve Jobs

Lights, Camera, Action! 

Building Your Live Streaming Empire

Have you considered why live-streaming apps are becoming a trend today? Many of you didn’t! But the entrepreneur who is looking for a great opportunity does skip this. The generation of live streaming is here, and it’s commencing! It is predicted that the live-streaming app enterprise could reach a remarkable $184.28 billion by the end of 2027, driven by a worldwide audience that is starving for real-time content material. 

Are you ready to take the lead, entrepreneurs, and develop an app like Bigo Live? You will discover ways to develop an app like Bigo Live by reading this blog. Let’s explore similar ways to learn the professional recommendations to help you remodel your concept into a colorful online community. 

Let’s build a community together! 


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What is Bigo Live?

With more than 400 million customers, Bigo Live is a global stay-streaming community that debuted in March 2016. It was established in Singapore by David Li and Jason Hu, and BIGO Technology, a JOYY subsidiary, is the proprietor. Bigo Live lets customers communicate, making it an incredible messaging app development.

It is watched and broadcast from everywhere worldwide, broadcasting their lives. It has capabilities like beauty filters and digital items to assist streamers and keep video chats. A network of viewers and streamers with comparable hobbies is enabled with the Bigo live app development.


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


10 Popular Live Streaming Apps Like Bigo Live

Before we teach you the steps to build an app like Bigo Live, you must know the best popular video streaming apps available on the market. Here are the top BIGO LIVE alternatives in 2024 to know about:


App Name Launch Date Founder(s) Platforms Estimated Downloads  
Twitch.tv June 2011 Justin Kan, Emmett Shear iOS, Android, PC/Mac 100M+


Likee July 2017 Jason Zhu iOS, Android 500M+


YouTube Live April 2011 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim iOS, Android, PC/Mac 10M+


TikTok September 2016 Zhang Yiming iOS, Android 10M+


Instagram Live November 2016 Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger iOS, Android 5B+


Facebook Live April 2016 Mark Zuckerberg iOS, Android 5B+


UpLive June 2016 Andy Tian iOS, Android 50M+


Nimo TV March 2018 iOS, Android 50M+



Why Do Entrepreneurs Want to Invest In Building A Live Streaming App Like Bigo Live?

Before you dive into this blog to know the process to develop an app like Bigo live you must know. Bigo live app development, an outstanding participant in the live streaming marketplace with over 400 million subscribers, is a prime example of the business’s power. The following benefits justify why businesses want a bit of this expanding marketplace.


  • Streaming apps like Bigo Live 
  • Massive and Engaged Audience 
  • Monetization Opportunities 
  • Content Diversity and Niche Markets   
  • Scalability and Global Reach


We have covered everything in depth to better help you understand these benefits. 


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


1. Massive and Engaged Audience

Grand View Research projects that the live-streaming commercial business will grow to a remarkable $184.27 billion by 2027. The technology that is conversant in regular communication and craves real-time touch is the force behind this exponential upward push. 

According to a Deloitte survey, Gen Z watches online videos for 10 hours a week, highlighting the massive capacity marketplace for live streaming apps. Connect with a mobile app development company if you want to build an app like Bigo Live by seeing the growth. 


2. Monetization Opportunities

Best live streaming apps like Bigo fulfillment are based on its freemium business method, which gives in-app purchases for virtual gifts and top-rate services similar to free middle functionality. According to Zion Market Research, the worldwide in-app purchase market is anticipated to grow to $412.4 billion by 2026.

Visitors can create a jointly useful ecology by giving streamers digital provides that may be exchanged for money. Business owners view Bigo Live’s similar apps as a profitable route to sales, especially in the high engagement tiers of staying streaming.


3. Community Building and Social Connection

People need to connect in more and more virtual surroundings. Bigo’s live chat app and different stay-streaming services offer a unique place for organizing social hyperlinks and developing communities.

According to the latest Pew Research Center research, 60% of social media users claim that using those structures will increase their experience of connection to the people they realize and care about. Entrepreneurs apprehend how video streaming apps like HBO Max can foster dynamic communities that boost customer retention and loyalty.


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


4. Content Diversity and Niche Markets

Live streaming is attractive because it can accommodate a wide range of pastimes. The alternatives are unlimited, from live shopping and instructional categories to games and songs.  More than 3 billion people play video games globally, in step with Statista.

This approach is that there’s a massive marketplace for stay streams that concentrate on esports or gameplay walkthroughs. This iPhone app development makes businesses conscious of specialized regions and broadens a committed user base with several hobbies.


5. Scalability and Global Reach

Applications for stay streaming are not confined to geography. A rival to Bigo Live on-demand app development could reach a worldwide audience with the perfect infrastructure in the area, according to Data.

AI evaluation, the worldwide attainment that may be achieved through mobile packages is demonstrated via the 4.2% 12 months-over-year boom in mobile app utilization in 2023. Entrepreneurs know that properly-made live-streaming software can hyperlink people all over the globe and dissolve obstacles.


6 Steps to Develop An App Like Bigo Live

Now that time has come, you must know how to develop an app like Bigo Live. In this segment of your blog, we have curated a well-versed guide on how you can create an app like Bigo Live with strategy and affordable costs. 


  • Planning and Ideation
  • App Feature Definition and Prioritization
  • Team Building and Project Management
  • Development and Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Launch, Marketing, and Maintenance


To understand every step, read these steps carefully to develop an app like Bigo Live. 


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


1. Planning and Ideation 

This is the first stage to develop an app like Bigo Live, in which you must create a plan for your video streaming app development. Identify your target market, develop special functions to set your app aside from the opposition, and create person flows to show how customers might engage with your platform. Analyze your competitors in intensity to find out what makes their applications like Bigo Live a hit and identify any weaknesses they could want filling.


2. App Feature Definition and Prioritization

It is the second stage to develop an app like Bigo Live, in which you should connect with an app development company and create a technological roadmap that embodies your concepts—sort capabilities according to budget, development time, and complexity.

Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with crucial functions like basic chat, real-time live broadcasting, and target audience engagement equipment. This stage to develop an app like bigo live will allow you to get useful enter for similar changes while testing your idea on a small variety of customers.


3. Team Building and Project Management

Hire dedicated developers who recognize how to broaden your app and carefully stage the process to develop an app like Bingo Live. UI/UX designers, entertainment app development company teams, and Quality Assurance (QA) testers are some examples of this.

Select a sincere mobile app development company for live streaming app development. Use experience control technologies to monitor development, keep budgetary constraints, and guarantee clean conversation.


4. Development and Design 

It’s the second last stage to develop an app like Bigo Live, in which the levels of development and design are when your software takes shape. Your feature roadmap could be translated into practical code using the Android app development services, and the UI/UX designers can create an user-friendly interface.

Make it easy for users to use in top precedence for visitors and broadcasters alike. Incorporate powerful chat capabilities, real-time streaming competencies, and another capability to start making a live streaming app like Bigo Live. Remember to include security measures to protect user statistics and privacy.


5. Testing and Refinement  

Thorough trying out is important before launch. The QA team will cautiously check the application across several devices and network scenarios to find and deal with bugs. User acceptance testing (UAT) on a small sample length can help users understand usability troubles and potential upgrades. Obtain testers’ feedback and make iterative modifications to your layout and features in light of their observation of apps similar to Bigo.


6. Launch, Marketing, and Maintenance 

Last but not least, the stage to develop an app like Bigo Live, so it’s time to launch your app whenever you’re satisfied with its use and balance created by your dating app development services. Create a marketing plan to draw customers and put your software up for sale via appropriate channels.

Effective techniques for gaining traction consist of influencer relationships, app shop optimization, and social media merchandising. Recall that developing apps is a non-stop procedure. To maintain your target market, maintain an eye fixed on your app’s performance, similar to Bigo Live, respond to user remarks with updates, and roll out new capabilities.


Features of Bigo Live Streaming App

Before diving into the steps to create an app like Bigo Live, you must know its important features. To help you with that, we have created a guide of popular features of the Bigo live streaming app, which you must bookmark as this will help you make an app like Bigo Live. 


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


1. Real-time Streaming

 Share your lifestyles on a digital camera and interact with visitors instantly. Engage with them by leaving likes and comments.


2. Multi-visitor Video Chat

Organize live society publicizes with most of 4 visitors to facilitate interactive conversations and teamwork.


3. Beauty Filters and Effects

To upload some amusing to your streams, decorate your appearance with various splendor filters and effects.


4. Virtual Gifts and Rewards 

To express their gratitude, viewers can provide you with digital gifts that may be exchanged for Bigo’s virtual money.


5. Player Kill (Live)

Issue a mission to other broadcasters for a stay participant kill. In conclusion, the broadcaster who has amassed the maximum points (digital presents) wins.


6. Live Commerce

You may promote matters for your target market during your live streams. Real-time merchandising and interactivity are made possible through this feature.


7. Community Building

To create a network centered on your pursuits, observe other broadcasters, participate in live conversations, and participate in debates.


8. Bigo Live Stars

Collect diamonds and end up a platform superstar. Gaining notoriety will permit you to get admission to special functions and blessings.


9. Talent Agencies

Use Bigo Live’s expertise discovery features to make it visible using groups looking for the following excellent components in content material advent.


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


10. Private Live Streams

Organize one-of-a-kind stay announcements for a restrained target audience to foster a more individualized and intimate come-across.


11. Replay and Highlights 

Record your live broadcasts and proportion the highlights to keep your visitors interested even when you move offline.


12. Live Emotes 

To add more interplay to your streams, specify yourself with funny and animated emoticons.


13. Multilingual Support

Reach a worldwide target audience. Bigo Live is to be had by visitors everywhere because it helps many languages. Hire mobile app developers if you want to add such a feature. 


14. Leveling System

Participate inside the platform and earn fans to improve the leveling machine. New functions and functionalities are unlocked at better tiers.


15. Regional Content

You can interact with a neighborhood community by locating famous streams and content that is precise for your area.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Bigo Live? 

The cost to develop an app like Bigo Live is something that isn’t a needs to be fit-suits-all solution. The entertainment app development cost varies on different factors such as complexity of functions, entertainment app development company location, size, and many other factors.  

To offer you a rough estimate, we have created a table for the cost of building a video streaming app, so dive into it without further ado:


App Complexity  Cost Estimation
Simple Live Streaming App  $8,000 to $15,000
Average Live Streaming App  $15,000 to $25,000
Complex Live Streaming App  $25,000


Here are some other factors which could affect the social network app development cost:


1. Social Media App Development Company Location 

It can be more expensive for video streaming app development companies in North America or Western Europe than in Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe.


2. Development Platform 

Cross-platform solutions are typically much less high-priced than native apps, which are developed independently for iOS and Android.

Backend Infrastructure: Social media app development costs will vary depending on how complex the server-aspect capabilities of your software are, such as user facts, video streaming, and many others.


3. Ongoing Maintenance 

Knowing the video streaming app development cost range for upgrades and post-launch maintenance is vital.


Develop An App Like Bigo Live


The Final Word: It’s an Investment, Not Just an Expense

Creating a rival to Bigo Live is an investment for your idea. You can construct a successful live-streaming platform that encourages creativity and networking by cautiously organizing your features, considering your target audience, and selecting a high-quality social media app development company.

Recall that the price is the best element of the puzzle. Our experts will help you get the affordable cost to develop an app like Bigo Live.  Also, remember that with a well-defined strategy and a skilled social media app development company, your stay streaming app can become the show’s megastar.


How Much Does It Cost to Maintain An App Like Bigo Live?

Of course! Mobile app maintenance service costs include updating, fixing troubles, and user engagement. Usually, this maintenance cost is between 15 and 20% of the original Bigo live app development cost.

For instance, if the Bigo live app development cost turns to $15,000, It would help if you had a cost range between $2,250 and $3,000 monthly for maintenance. Contact a dating app development company to discuss your project and acquire a more accurate cost to build a bigo clone app and its maintenance!


Wrapping Up Your Roadmap to Bigo Live Streaming App Development

Ultimately, we’ve revealed the steps to create a mobile app like Bigo Live as a standard mobile app development commercial enterprise. We create an enticing user experience by highlighting creative features, smooth capability, and user interface. 

We guarantee that your software sticks out within the crowded market and focuses on success and user experience with cautious plans and skilful execution. Put your faith in an entertainment app development company to transform your idea into a hit reality in the ever-changing live-streaming app marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Bigo Live?

Multiple factors affect the cost to develop an app like Bigo Live, from its features, video streaming app development services, cost, complexity, size, and many others. The cost to build a live streaming mobile app like bigo live varies from $8000 for a basic version.  To create live streaming app like Bigo with complex features it cost around $25000


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Bigo Live?

The complexity determines the live streaming app development time. While a function-wealthy video streaming app development like Bigo Live may take six to one year or longer, a simple one could take three to 6 months by your live streaming app development services. 


Q3. What are the benefits Of developing an app like Bigo Live?

Build a bigo clone app for stay broadcasting present an opportunity to expand a enormous user base and a vibrant community. Through digital items and in-app purchases, they can make numerous cash.


Q4. Why Should You Choose Us To Develop An App Like Bigo Live?

Our skill and ability in live streaming app development can provide scalable, awesome final results. We can focus on the components that launch a big, live-like platform and stand proud of the crowd.


Q5. How Can You Monetize An App Like Bigo Live?

After you Develop an app like Bigo Live, you can monetize your app with these strategies. In-app purchases of digital presents that users can also deliver to streamers, memberships to get the right of entry, and premium functions like video filters are several monetization possibilities.