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Modes of entertainment are constant in our social life. Peoples are adapting the platform from radios to televisions. And now after the pandemic peoples are moving on to OTT app development.

This is because we have the tendency to favor convenience over quality. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc gained popularity nowadays as they are able to provide a better video viewing experience.

Today most of the people are a member of any kind OTT platform. This number rises more than 500 million in 2020. The majority of the companies in this market are associated with at least one of the OTT platforms.

The OTT applications which contain ad-support videos are usually free for the users. This helps to increase the user base and get money from the different ad-agencies.

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If you are thinking to start a business of OTT (Over the Top) video streaming application now is the right time to grab the market. To become one of the best video streaming applications you have to hire a dedicated developers service.

They will help you to create a feature-packed OTT application with advanced tools and the latest functionality. A streaming app like Netflix is the most appropriate example of this kind of apps.

The user base of the OTT platforms increased drastically during the pandemic situation. And this popularity will go on for many upcoming years. People are now getting a cinema-like experience in their homes.

Plus, they can enjoy a better video viewing experience on any of the smart devices while traveling. So, this is the right time to flourish in the tech market by owing an application based on OTT platforms.

If you want to know more about the OTT platforms. And how hiring an OTT app development service can profit your business please continue the blog.

What is An OTT Application?

An Over Top (OTT) application is an app that helps to stream videos uploaded on the internet. The app runs on your smart, tablets, and mobiles. The videos are uploaded on the basis of the demand of internet users.

Some of the best OTT apps provide their users a collection of video content of every genre at a reasonable price. The video contents present in the OTT apps include movies, web shows, documentaries, and music. These uploaded videos can be of multiple languages spread all over the world.


For creating a well-equipped and feature-packed OTT application you have hired a leading app development company. This process may need a certain number of investments but will be helpful to you in the long-term continuity. It is also helpful the start-ups that have a lower budget for Implementation.

Creating this application will give you better exposure for your business. As it will provide the facility of watching the video to your users on their convenient screens at their convenient time.

Moreover, most of the OTT apps have the feature to download movies, web shows. So, that they can get the same video viewing experience without any kind of internet access.

What are The Features of OTT Applications?

The development companies while developing video streaming mobile apps always look after the features. As it makes the application more user-friendly and easy to control. Some of such features are,

1. Better User Profile

You developed an OTT application that should have the option of managing the user profile. Usually, the app provides a number of profiles on the same account. So that the recommendation of the video does not get mixed up among the different users. Just like Netflix allows multiple user profiles from one account with their own set of setting option.

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User profiles also include the availability of different payment options and recommendations of videos. These videos are recommended by the app depends on the viewing history of the user.

2. Extensive Search Engine

A good OTT application should offer its users, deliberate number of videos on each and every genre option. It will be better if you can add more celebrity options on the search drop-down of your app.

3. Screen Monitoring and Mirroring

It is always beneficial if your OTT service has versatility. That means users can gain access to any smart devices including mobiles, TV, desktops or laptops, and tablets. This will provide the users a better convenient and hassle-free video viewing experience.

In live streaming app development, this feature, you have developed your OTT services for both TV and mobile devices. You should also provide features like cast screen or screen mirroring. This feature will be helpful to the users who are using projects for video streaming purposes.

4. Social Features and Characteristics

Influence of the social media plays a very important role in the success of your OTT application. Usually, people will know about the content on your app by seeing your ads and services through social media. So, you can take a huge user base if you have the correct marketing strategy through social media

Plus, if you give your OTT app user an option to give live reviews on your recent uploaded contents. You can expect the area where you can improve your developed app.

5. Good Watchlist

This is one of the features for which OTT platforms are famous. It helps the user to save or bookmark any video content that they wish to watch later. And if your list can show the added web series and movies separately it will also increase the customer base.

6. Polyglottic Content

Uploading the various video content should be decided locally. For example, try to upload web series, movies, and shows in that particular language in which that region is comfortable. Although a single language cannot bring your company to the top. So, it’s better to choose the types of languages wisely.  For expanding the business beyond the boundaries, you have to keep intact your core user interface.

OTT app development

7. Better Internet Connectivity

Your OTT application should have better connectivity with the internet. Otherwise, the buffer process while playing the video content will take more time. If the videos on your app show less buffering with higher resolution then only it will be considered as a better streaming application.

In the case of stream, a video on 4K you need a fast application and internet speed over 25 Mbps.

8. Download Feature

It is also an important feature to have on an OTT application. This feature will help the users while traveling to a to place with bad internet connectivity or no connection. They will be able to download the content in their device storage. And enjoy the same streaming experience every was without any internet connection.

9. Quality of The Video

In order to provide a seamless experience to the users. You should have HD, ultra-HD, and 4K quality videos. Maximum users will always prefer good video quality over money.

What are The Benefits of Starting an OTT Platform Business?

If you develop an OTT platform can provide you many types of benefits. And to enjoy those benefits it’s very important to choose a better OTT app development service. Some of the benefits you can enjoy while owing an OTT application are,

  • An OTT platform can provide its user an unexpected video viewing experience. And with the on-demand feature of the application, you can target a specific audience base. Plus, if your app is better and satisfies the customer’s needs then people will self-advertise it. All of this will lead to a profit for the business.
  • Losing your gained user base will not happen soon. Because during pandemic outbreak people were not able to step outside. Then many of the movies and web shows choose the way of OTT platform to reach people. Which help them to became blockbusters overnight.
  • The role of the younger and wealthier people or celebrities is very crucial for your OTT platform business. As the marketing and the advertisement done by them can succeed your business. A better OTT app development company will always look after the advertising strategy to gain profit for your business.

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What are The Limitations of OTT Applications?

There are few limitations of an OTT application. These limitations are only based on the regional basis. Some of such limitations are,

1. No Regulatory Board

Governments of some countries have main concerns regarding OTT platforms. This is because an organization or govt body can be responsible for the video that goes online in these applications.

2. Can Disrupt Socio-political Harmony

the censor board doesn’t have authority on the OTT platform. So, there is a chance that the video content released on these platforms can hurt people’s sentiments. Which is one of the causes of mass protest. So, while releasing your content on the platform be cautious.

3. Can Affect Culture and Tradition

Many people all around the world have wholeheartedly accepted the unique contents of the OTT platform. But some peoples are there who have not.

To prevent this to happen the government bodies should be appointed to look after these matters. Mobile application development company are trying their level best to keep the content as unique as possible.

As a matter of fact, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is now looking after these matters. Their main goal is to restrict the videos which can hurt some people’s culture and tradition before it goes on the internet.

How Hiring an App Development Company For the OTT Application is Profitable For You?

Choosing the right OTT app development service can help you to create a feature-packed application for your business. As they are able to provide a better user interface, stability, quality of videos, and faster processing speed.


All of this will be done to attract more users from all over the world. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect if you hire an OTT application developer

1. Management of The Cloud

All the video content available on an OTT app is uploaded on a cloud. From where users stream any kind of uploaded video any time. A better cloud management service can help the application to work faster with better security. Moreover, this will reduce the buffering time of the videos depending on the speed of your internet.

2. Alluring UI interface

This is the main attraction of a user. Everyone likes to use an easy hassle-less app interface. Hiring a video streaming app development company can develop your app with a better UI. Due to this, users will be able to watch the latest released videos depending on the past video streaming history.

3. A Better Combination of Settings

Sometimes users face difficulty while surfing through the settings an OTT application. So, a well-organized setting is very important for this type of application. And only hire a dedicated developer service can make this possible.

4. Use of Advanced Technologies on Application Software

An OTT application should be stable enough to stream live matches, movies, and web shows at a higher resolution. That’s why developers create these apps on the best framework possible. Plus, the app will be developed with the help of various cutting-edge technologies for the better processing speed of data.

5. Verities of Categories

The categories of the video content present in your OTT platform should be more. As that will help your business to attract more users of different tastes. Plus, offering different language options is also a great seller for today’s users.

6. Better Notification Format

Sometimes users don’t like notifications on the top of their screen while streaming a video on their mobile devices. This is the reason push notification is also very important for your app. This will manage the unexpected pop-up notifications and show them to the users once the video is over.


After the pandemic situation, the OTT platform got the greatest hit of 2020. And starting up a business in this market is always a profitable thing. You just have to hire a better OTT app development company or services.