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In the captivating realm of mobile technology, where entertainment reigns supreme, the demand for entertainment apps has surged to unparalleled heights. From binge-watching the latest series to conquering virtual kingdoms and discovering new music, these apps have become indispensable in our daily lives. However, various entrepreneurs are looking for the question, “How much does entertainment app development cost?” 

Well, depending on a number of variables, the typical cost of entertainment app development is between $10,000 to $25,000. 

Knowing the complexities of development costs may make or break your goal, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a startup. Thus, this blog will unravel the secrets of entertainment app development cost, the factors that affect it, and other aspects.    

So, let’s begin.  


What is an Entertainment App?

An entertainment app is a mobile app designed for mobile devices or computers, offering a wide range of multimedia content and activities to entertain users. These apps typically include features such as streaming movies, TV shows, music, games, and interactive experiences. 

Users can access and enjoy various forms of entertainment content, from watching their favorite shows to playing games or exploring virtual worlds. 

Entertainment apps often prioritize user engagement and satisfaction by providing personalized recommendations, social interaction options, and convenient access to a diverse array of entertainment choices, making them an integral part of modern leisure and digital entertainment consumption. 

So, if you want to create an app like YouTube, you’ll need to focus on video streaming, user-generated content, and robust recommendation algorithms to enhance the user experience.


Why is the Demand for Entertainment Apps Touching the Sky Limit? 

Due to rising smartphone usage, growing demand for on-the-go entertainment, a variety of content selections, convenience, and tailored experiences, entertainment applications are becoming increasingly important for contemporary leisure and relaxation. Now let’s have a look at the figures that show the demand for entertainment apps:


Entertainment App Development Cost


  • By 2022, it is anticipated that the entertainment sector will produce US$27.86 billion in revenue.
  • According to projections, overall revenue would increase by 10.50% a year (CAGR from 2022 to 2027), with a market size of US$48.76 billion as a consequence.
  • By 2022, it is anticipated that in-app sales in the entertainment sector will total US$10.59 billion.
  • By 2022, paid apps are predicted to bring in $0.05 billion (US) for the entertainment sector.
  • By 2022, the entertainment sector is expected to generate advertising revenues of US$17.22 billion.
  • 12.21 billion downloads will be made in the entertainment business by 2022.


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How Much Does Entertainment App Development Cost?

The entertainment app development cost can range between $10,000 to $15,000 for a single platform with basic features. If you are looking forward to hybrid app development 

with advanced features and technologies that support multiple platforms, it might cost you around $25,000 or more.      

Additionally, the cost to develop entertainment also depends a lot on the ott app development company and app complexity. Below we have created a table for entertainment app development costs according to a level of complexity. 


App Complexity  Cost Estimation  Time Duration 
Simple App $8000-$10000 2-4 Months 
Medium App $12000-$17000 5-7 Months 
Complex App  $25000 or above  9 Months 


However, if you are interested in a cost estimate for developing an entertainment app, you can consult an entertainment app development company. You should share your requirements, your feature list, and your ideas. They will deliver top-notch apps with their skills and expertise.  


Entertainment App Development Cost


Factors Affecting the Entertainment App Development Cost


Entertainment App Development Cost


This is the question that is asked by every company that wants to develop an entertainment app. Here is a breakdown of the factors that influence the cost of entertainment app development. Once you understand it, you’ll be able to better understand the mobile app development cost.


1. Features and Functionalities

The cost of developing a mobile app is mostly affected by features. The entertainment app development cost increases with the number of features it offers.

When building the first version of the app, it’s ideal to concentrate primarily on the most crucial functions. By doing this, you’ll be able to give a top-notch client experience while saving money. As features get more intricate, an on demand app development cost rises. 


2. App Categories

The type of app greatly influences how much a single entertainment app development costs for a mobile device. Functionalities, demographics, and security standards vary for each group.

A robust security system is essential if you want to create an entertainment app that can serve millions of users simultaneously and function properly in real-time. The price and duration of the app’s development are increased by these features.


3. Development Hours

A significant component in calculating the price of building an entertainment app is the amount of time it takes the developers to complete the project. The length of time it takes to construct an app depends on the number of experts like you hire dedicated developers

If your app is complicated, your team will want additional developers in order to speed up Android app development. As a result, you will have to make further purchases. A basic team will cost you less money.  


4. Choice of App Development Company 

The price will also depend on the app development business you choose. Reliable Android or iOS app development services providers accelerate the process and provide exceptional service. Although the price will rise, the quality of the services will be top-notch. 


5. App Security

When building an entertainment app, security must be taken into account. Your app should safeguard and keep private any sensitive information about your users. If you breach security, your users won’t trust your application. A security breach might be devastating for your company, thus it is crucial to invest in data protection. 


6. App Maintenance

Even if an app is already available on the Play Store, app maintenance charges may still increase the price to produce one. After your entertainment app is released, you must regularly update and maintain it.

The iOS or Android app development company must update the app’s integrations and functionality in accordance with client requests. You will need to rely on the experience of developers to make sure that your app functions effectively and without any problems. As a result, the cost to develop entertainment apps will rise. 


7. Location of App Developers

The cost of developing entertainment apps is also influenced by the location of the app developers. For instance, when you hire mobile app developers, the price of developing entertainment applications differs greatly depending on where you are in the world. This is because services differ around the world in terms of both cost and quality.   


Entertainment App Development Cost


Top 5 Popular Entertainment Apps

Now that you know the factors affecting the entertainment app development cost, we should look at the best entertainment apps. So let’s have a look: 


Entertainment Apps  Available Platforms  Downloads  Ratings 
Netflix Android | iOS  1B+ 4.3
Amazon Prime Video Android | iOS 500M+ 4.2
Tubi Android | iOS 100M+ 4.8
Pluto TV Android | iOS  100M+ 3.8
HBO Max Android | iOS  10M+ 4.7


1. Netflix:




Netflix will continue to be the most popular streaming app for TV shows and movies in 2021. This streaming service provides thousands of documentaries and shows, as well as original series, movies, films, and other content in excellent quality.

However, if you are looking to create video streaming app like Netflix, then now is the correct time to invest. This app is popular because it’s fast and there are no ads. You can also download content to watch offline, which is very useful.


2. Amazon Prime Video:


Amazon Prime Video


This is one of the ott apps that is a must-have to develop. Prime Video’s content library is constantly updated, so you can binge-watch movies, original shows, and shows. 

You have easy access to all of your favorite material in one place. However, various businesses are looking to build an app like Amazon Prime due to its huge user base and easy user interface.  

You can subscribe to this app for $9/mo. This service is part of the Amazon Prime membership, which costs $12.99 per month. This video streaming app development offers a free 30-day trial.


3. Tubi:




Are you looking for an alternative to streaming services that charge a fee? A fantastic substitute for premium streaming services is Tubi. Tubi is the best entertainment app to watch videos for free.

You don’t need a subscription or a credit card to watch the videos, as long as you are willing to sit through some advertisements. Tubi is rated the highest entertainment app for Android and iOS.


4. Pluto TV:




You don’t care about ads, as long as the movies are good? Pluto TV is for you. No subscription is required to watch a wide range of free movies and TV shows.

There are 250 virtual channels, including Star Trek and NFL. CBS News is also available. This entertainment app is said to work well on Android and iOS, and it’s a great alternative for paid streaming apps.


5. HBO Max:


Entertainment App Development Cost


You can never have enough streaming entertainment apps. HBO Max offers 13,000+ hours worth of entertainment, including popular movies, TV shows, original series, and much more.

The video streaming app like HBO Max is also equipped with great parental controls. It’s a must-have for family entertainment. Set your preferences and the content is personalized.


Tips To Reduce Entertainment App Development Cost


Entertainment App Development Cost


By following some industry practices and using a few useful tricks, entrepreneurs and business owners can lower the cost of entertainment business app development. This section will examine the ways that businesses can reduce their overall app ott platform development cost. 


1. Prioritize Features Early:

It’s important to correctly prioritize the features of your app when you build ott platforms. Prioritizing the functionality of your entertainment app is a smart way to get started quickly with business value. Save the nice-to-have elements for later stages. It’s best to start with a minimally viable product. 


2. Involve Quality Assurance Early On:

You need to fix bugs and errors as soon as you can since your application is prone. By bringing in QA professionals early on, you may find significant defects and issues before video editing app development even starts. In the midst of your project, when the cost may rise significantly, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. 


3. Plan for the Future:

Apps built today may look totally different in the near future. If you are building an MVP, for example, you may want to make changes based on customer feedback. You might find that your target market changes in a new way, which forces you to make alterations to your product.

When creating an entertainment application, it’s necessary to take both immediate and long-term objectives into account. 


4. In-house or Outsourcing:

The choice of the staffing structure for mobile app development is an essential element. Your project planning. Your final decision can affect budget cost, workflow structures, and even product maintenance concepts. The ultimate decision is whether to outsource or do in-house development.

When you outsource, you hire offshore developers team that is already established to work on the project. Outsourcing the app development process allows the company to access a talent pool that is second to none. You can also reduce the office cost, the equipment cost, and internal workflow.


5. Consider Cross-platform Development:       

When launching an entertainment application, every entrepreneur faces a dilemma: should they launch it for only Android or iOS? It is not economical to create native apps for two platforms. You could potentially lose a significant portion of your user base if you only create ott platforms for one.

Making mobile apps that can operate on both platforms would be the ideal answer. A wonderful illustration of a cross-platform mobile app is Twitter. For building cross-platform mobile apps, prominent technologies include Flutter, Unity 3D, and React Native.  


Entertainment App Development Cost


Wrapping Up!! 

Entertainment app development is a complicated and expensive process. However, with proper planning and execution, it can become a profitable and highly successful venture.

Developing a quality app requires hefty upfront cost as well as ongoing expenses. By carefully planning and optimizing features, development teams are able to minimize cost and create a cost-effective entertainment app.

However, collaboration with a mobile app development company offering entertainment app development can also help turn ideas for apps into reality. 




1. How To Monetize Your Entertainment App Development?

Two of the most common ways of monetizing an app include advertising and in-app purchases. Apart from that, you can also make money by selling subscriptions or merchandise directly through your app. 


2. How to Create An Entertainment App?

Creating an entertainment app involves several key steps: 

  • Conceptualize your app idea.
  • Market research to identify target audience and competition.
  • Design user-friendly interfaces.
  • Develop the app using programming languages and tools.
  • Implement features like content streaming and user interaction.
  • Test thoroughly for bugs and usability.
  • Launch and market the app.


3. What Complexities Increase the Cost of Entertainment App Development? 

Server cost, complexity of functions, number of screens, and design type are all factors that influence the size of the budget for mobile app development. Your custom entertainment app development services provider team can help you identify all the complexities you may encounter at various stages of app development.  


4. How Long Does it Take to Build Entertainment Apps?

For a mobile app to be built from scratch, the timeline is between 4-6 months. This timeline is dependent on the complexity and size of the project. It may take up to 9 months or more to develop an app if the complexity of the app increases.