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There was a time when entertainment was only limited to television. But not anymore! With technological advancement, now everything is accessible on the go.

Mobile applications have made it easier for businesses to enjoy watching videos and entertainment from any corner of the world. This is where the demand for video streaming apps like Prime Video, Netflix, & Hotstar came into the picture. Today, live-streaming apps and OTT platforms are becoming the talk of the town.

The ever-growing addition and craze for live video streaming have opened up amazing opportunities for businesses to step into live-streaming app development. So, if you are also planning to develop an app like amazon prime, you shouldn’t miss reading this blog. It talks about everything about the streaming application development cost, features, tech stack, and more.


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What Is Video Streaming Application?

Video streaming is the method of continuous data transmission while using the internet that allows playback to start while receiving the rest of the data. The introduction of streaming application development like Amazon Prime Video has made it hassle-free for users to enjoy watching videos and more without downloading anything.

Role of Amazon Prime Video – Popular Video Streaming Application

Launched by Amazon in 2006 in the US, the amazon prime video app is one of the most popular video streaming applications available today. The app allows users to watch movies and TV shows online, and they can also download the video while having a subscription.

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The amazon prime streaming app enables users to watch thousands of movies and shows on any device. This online video streaming app for android & iOS comes up with streaming services blended with cloud storage and music streaming without any Chromecast support.

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Current Live Streaming Application Stats & Market Value

Live streaming applications have gained tremendous growth and popularity in the past few years. The following stats and market value clearly showcase today’s demand for streaming apps.

• More than 80% of US consumers prefer live video over blog articles.

Live streaming application development market has grown by 99% between 2019 and 2020.

• Approximately 34% generation Z population shows interest in live streams, especially on social platforms.

• Organizations incorporating video features have seen tremendous revenue growth of around 49% faster than non-video users.

• The viewing rate of live streaming is 10-12 times higher than on-demand videos.

These are some interesting stats and market value of video streaming app development. Now that you are impressed by the popularity and importance of streaming apps, it is time to know how to develop apps like Amazon prime video. Right? Let’s get started!


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How to Develop A Video Streaming App Like Prime Video?

Stepping into the process of live streaming app development like Amazon Prime seems like a daunting task, but it is not if you are well-versed in the development process. To create an interactive and engaging live-streaming application, you need to follow the app development process. So, let’s understand the process one by one.


1. Find Your Niche

Before developing a video streaming app, you should decide the type of content you will display on your streaming apps like amazon prime video. For instance, decide whether you will provide customers with entertainment services, fitness tips, or educational videos. The type of content displayed on your streaming application will decide the success of your app in the coming time. So, make your decision wisely.

2. Know About Your Target Audience

Your application’s audience is the one who will be going to make your app a success, so you must have an idea of them. Before developing a video streaming app, conduct in-depth research to know the type of content your audience prefers to watch. Also, you can share videos on social media to promote your services and bring in engagement. Another powerful way to do brand promotion is by starting a YouTube channel.

3. Choose A Suitable Monetization Model

Developing a streaming application doesn’t make sense if you aren’t making money. Right? So, this step holds great importance. Research more and choose the right monetization model for your video streaming app development. Some of the popular monetization models you can include are –

Advertising – You can run advertisements on your streaming app platform and charge companies for the same.

Subscription – This is one of the popular monetization methods used by professional broadcasters. Here the subscribers will pay monthly fees to access premium content.

Pay-Per-View – It is a straightforward monetization model where a user only has to pay for a particular video he/she watches. So, if you are developing a streaming application that broadcasts sports events, boxing, conferences, and MMA, this model works best.

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4. Gather Streaming App Development Requirements

Collecting video streaming app development requirements are a must to ensure app consistency and effectiveness. For that, you can keep a check on the following things.

Cloud Hosting – Incorporating this feature into your app will offer quick access to video content. These platforms are flexible and also increase the amount of space automatically.

Internet Speed – The speed of the internet holds great importance in bringing efficiency to the video. So, if you want to broadcast HD, 3D, or 4k videos, the internet speed should be higher.

These two are the major things you need to take care of while developing video streaming apps like Netflix prime video, or prime music.

5. Incorporate the Right Features

The features you include in your live streaming application will decide its success in the coming time. So, take some time, think of the features and functionalities that can make your application unique, and then add them to your streaming application development process. Even the same process is followed for other types of development, including mobile app development, web development, and more.

So, this is all about developing a video streaming app like prime video. Now that you are well-versed in the step-by-step app development process, it is time to implement them and develop an app that grabs the users’ attention at first glance. Also, to help you inculcate the right features, we have mentioned the list below.

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Must-Have Features of Video Streaming Apps Like Prime Video

The features of your video streaming application leave a direct impact on the user experience. So, the more features you include in your application, the higher it’s worth. Some of the must-have features you shouldn’t miss incorporating into your video streaming app like prime video are –

• Simple User Registration

The simple yet effective registration increases the chances of users’ registration while making your application more user-friendly. You can also incorporate social media integrations or email to enable users to sign-up in just a few taps.

• Secure Payment Integrations

Video streaming apps follow different monetization strategies like subscriptions; there must be a secure payment integration into an app. It will enable the users to make a payment via any payment method, including credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, etc. Even the same feature is incorporated for ott tv app development and other types of development.

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• User Profile Management

Users who take subscriptions to video streaming applications have multiple profiles to manage. So, this feature of streaming application development comes as a blessing. It allows the users to create a separate profile and, in turn, offers them a seamless and personalized streaming experience. Other than streaming applications, video conferencing apps like Zoom are also liable to these features.

• Push Notifications

This is one of the mandatory features for video streaming apps like prime video and other applications. This feature notifies relevant videos to the users based on their video preferences. Moreover, the users also get notifications for trending or recently launched videos.

• Search Filter

This feature enables the users to search the content via name or genre. Also, users can apply special filters to search for something specific. Including this feature while developing an app like prime video will make your app more sorted and user-friendly. As a result, more users will prefer to use your application, bringing in high profit and ROI.

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• Multi-Language Support

Not every application supports multiple languages, so you can take advantage of it to stand out among your competitors. An application with a multi-language support feature will attract more users to your streaming application. Moreover, you can also add multiple language options with subtitles to make content easily understandable.

• Video Settings

This amazing feature of a streaming application allows the users to set the video quality, enable the subtitles, control volume, change language, play/pause, and more for a personalized watching experience. This is a must-have feature for a video streaming app, so don’t miss including it.

• Watch In A Group

This feature enables users to form a room and get a better watching experience in a group. The best part about such features is that users can watch the same title simultaneously from any corner of the world. It will make your live streaming app development process outshine and help your application gain more visibility.

• No Screenshots

Content privacy and security should be the foremost concern for your video streaming application. So, while considering the protection of Copyright, enable this feature in your app. It will not let the user take screenshots or record a screen while watching anything. Such features make your application more trustworthy and, in turn, increase its worth.

Features can either make or break your application’s success. So, be wise while choosing features during live streaming app development. Every feature mentioned above will contribute to the app’s success, so be careful while deciding on the features for developing an app like prime video.

Tech Stacks for Live Streaming App Development

Like the features and elements of a live streaming application, deciding the tech stack also holds great importance. So, here is the list of the common tech stacks that you can use for your live streaming app like amazon prime video.

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Development Type Tech Stacks
Languages Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin, Javascript
Database MySQL, Oracle, Cassandra
Frameworks Node.js
Cloud Storage Amazon S3
Cloud Hosting Amazon EC2
JS Libraries React, WinJS
BDaaS Amazon EMR
Operating System FreeBSD; Server: Nginx
Continuous Integration Jenkins
Log Management Sumo Logic
Server Management Apache Mesos


These are a set of a few commonly used tech stacks that you can pick for streaming application development. Now that you have an idea of the process, features, and tech stacks for streaming app development, it is time to get started with mobile app development. Also, knowing the cost before developing a streaming app would be beneficial for you.


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Cost to Develop Video Streaming App Like Amazon Prime Video

On average, the cost to create video streaming apps like prime video lies around $10,000 to $25,000. It is an average cost for a single platform with basic features and functionalities. But, if you are looking forward to developing a streaming application with advanced features and functionalities, be ready to pay around $30,000. Not only has this, but the cost of developing a streaming app varies from one organization to another.


Company Type Development Cost Per Hour
Small-Scale Company $10 to $20 per hour
Intermediate Company $20 to $30 per hour
Enterprise-Level Company $25 to $40 per hour


It is the streamlined application development cost per hour from one organization to the other. It is just an average cost estimate. To get the exact cost estimation of video streaming app development, you need to share your business idea with the mobile app development company professionals. They will help you with the same.


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Creating popular video streaming apps like Prime Video, Prime Music, Netflix, or Hotstar isn’t a cakewalk and requires a software architecture plan. But, by considering the things mentioned here, businesses can create a successful streaming application in the coming time. As these streamlined applications have already ruled the users’ minds, you need to develop something unique to beat your competitors.

So, it is advisable to either have a professional in-house team of developers or hire mobile app developers from a renowned organization.

Only the experts can help you bring your streaming app development idea into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Start your research, consult the professionals, share your idea of developing an app like amazon prime, and begin the process.