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Audible is a leading platform for audio entertainment that allows users to listen to audiobooks, original audio shows, podcasts, and more. With over 500,000 titles, Audible provides a wide range of content from best-selling books to exclusive originals, narrated by world-class performers.

Audible lets users listen to books as they travel, relax by the fire, or enjoy the stories that speak to their heart. All-in-one audio entertainment, including podcasts and Audible Originals. Users can explore a huge collection with thousands of titles, no matter what their tastes.

Additionally, they can even listen to Audible Originals like Impact Winter now or listen to music series such as Beck Dear Life. Users can download podcasts and audiobooks to listen offline or seamlessly switch between devices.

Moreover, users can stream books on the go for their morning commute using Car Mode, or they can listen to bestsellers whenever they like. Audible is a great way to add romance novels, true crime, fiction and other genres to users' daily listening list.

Find audiobooks and podcasts that appeal to users by building their library. Audible offers the best audio entertainment available today.

Audible's unique features include personalized recommendations, offline listening, and the ability to switch seamlessly between devices. Whether user’s on the go, at home, or in the car, Audible offers a convenient and immersive way to experience books and other audio content. With Audible, users can explore new worlds, learn new skills, and be entertained wherever and whenever they want.

As of 2022, Amazon's Audible has a 63.4% share of the U.S. market for audiobook publication. Due to this fact, the demand for Audible mobile app development has increased. Various businesses are planning to grab this opportunity. If you are also among them and want to develop an audiobook app, then Audible is the best platform for you.

So let’s begin.

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What is an Audible app? Take a Look

Audible is an audiobook service owned by Amazon that provides users with access to a vast library of audiobooks. The Audible app is a mobile application that allows users to purchase, download, and listen to audiobooks on their smartphones or tablets.

With the Audible app, users can browse through a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and self-help, among others. The app also offers features such as speed control, bookmarks, and sleep mode, making it easy for users to listen to audiobooks at their own pace and convenience. The app also offers a membership programme that gives users a chance at exclusive discounts and other advantages.

Users will receive 1 credit (or 2 credits in case they are an Amazon Prime member), which they may spend toward any book of their preference. One amazing thing is there is no obligation; cancel whenever users want.

Key stats of an app like Audible:

  • The US audiobook publishing market generated $1.6 billion as of 2021.
  • Market share estimates that roughly $1.01 billion of this sum came from Audible sales.
  • Audible contributes 4.2% of Amazon's book publishing income.
  • 10,000 titles are produced annually by the Audible platform.
  • The market share of Audible has increased by 54.63% since last year.
  • Sales revenue at Audible roughly quadrupled at that time.
  • Audible was the source of the $385.81 million in US audiobook sales in 2018.
  • This makes up 41% of all audiobook sales in the United States for the year.
  • According to a poll of 2021 professionals, 49% of them chose to get their audiobooks from Audible.
  • Professionals preferred Audible around eight times more than iBooks or Scribd.
  • In India, Audible introduced a membership plan in 2021 that gave users access to more than 15,000 Hindi and English books.

Screenshots of Audible App

Mentioned below are some of the amazing snapshots of an Audible app. As businesses can see, in addition to audio book app development, Audible has an alluring UI/UX and functionalities. Below are the snapshots of an app like Audible:

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Crucial Features of Audible App

When we talk about Audiobook app development, features are the crucial part of it. As such, features serve as an application's engine. The is renowned for its attributes. And there are several features to discuss. Let's examine the main characteristics of this real-time audiobook listening app:

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Audiobook Library

Audiobook Library

Audible has a vast collection of audiobooks with over 500,000 titles. Users can browse by genre, author, title, and more.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations

Audible offers personalized recommendations based on the user's listening history, ratings, and preferences.

Audiobook Samples

Audiobook Samples

Users can listen to a free sample of any audiobook before purchasing it, allowing them to decide if they like the narrator's voice and style.

Whispersync for Voice

Whispersync for Voice

With this feature, customers may smoothly transition between reading an eBook and listening to an audiobook. The app will keep track of where the user left off, so they can pick up right where they left off.

Offline Listening

Offline Listening

Users can download audiobooks to their device for offline listening, making it easy to enjoy audiobooks on the go, even without an internet connection.

Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer allows users to set a timer for the audiobook to stop playing after a certain amount of time, so they can listen to audiobooks as they fall asleep.

Chapter Navigation

Chapter Navigation

Users can easily navigate between chapters and sections of the audiobook, making it easy to jump back to a favorite part. To integrate this feature in your app, you must hire audiobook app developers who are well versed in mobile app development.

Variable Speed Playback

Variable Speed Playback

The app allows users to speed up or slow down the narration speed, making it easier to adjust the narration pace to the listener's preference.

Bookmarks and Notes

Bookmarks and Notes

Users can create bookmarks and add notes to their audiobooks, allowing them to easily return to a particular passage or highlight key points.

Car Mode

Car Mode

This feature optimizes the app's interface for use while driving, making it easier to control the app while on the road.

Series Navigation

Series Navigation

Audible organizes audiobook series into a cohesive unit, making it easy for users to navigate through a series of audiobooks in order.

Integration with Amazon Alexa

Integration with Amazon Alexa

Users can control their Audible account using Amazon Alexa, allowing them to listen to audiobooks on their Alexa-enabled devices.

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How Does an Audible App Work?

The Audible app is a digital platform that allows users to listen to audiobooks on their mobile devices. When a user opens the app, they can browse through a vast library of audiobooks, which includes both fiction and non-fiction titles in various genres. The search box allows users to look for certain books or writers.

Once a user selects an audiobook to listen to, the app will begin streaming the audio content. The user can control the playback speed, pause or resume the audio, and skip ahead or backward in the book. The app also includes features like bookmarks and notes, allowing users to easily track their progress and take notes while listening.

The Audible app utilizes a variety of technologies to provide a seamless listening experience. The app uses adaptive streaming, which automatically adjusts the audio quality based on the strength of the user's internet connection. This ensures that the user always receives the best possible audio quality, even if their connection is slow or unstable.

Cost to Build an App like Audible

Building an app like Audible within the projected budget is difficult. For that, several elements, characteristics, and functions must be considered. Some businesses add extra functionality to their audiobook to make them stand out. This consequently raises the cost of creating an Audible app.

Are you thinking about the factors affecting the audiobook app development cost? Here are some essential factors that may influence the Audible app’s cost. Have a look:

  • Development platforms
  • App’s UX/UI
  • App Complexity and Features
  • Location of developers
  • Development time
  • Frontend & backend development
  • App testing
  • Hosting & submission
  • Marketing & promotion

The above mentioned factors will increase or decrease the Audiobook development cost, so be vigilant while creating Audible apps. Also, you may discuss your business concept with devoted developers, employ them, and receive the ideal software for the price you want.

How to Build an App like Audible?

Various enterprises want to build audiobook apps. However, Audible app is an outstanding app for listening to ebooks with an eye-catching design and several functionalities. If you're considering developing an app like Audible, you should know its steps. Let’s check out each development step in detail.

Market Research

Before starting the app development process, it is vital to do market research. This entails defining your target market, comprehending their demands and behavior, and examining the techniques of your competition. By doing this, you can identify what makes Audible unique and how you can offer something different.

Define the app features

After conducting market research, it's time to define the app features. At its core,Users may buy and download audiobooks using the digital portal Audible. However, it has additional features that make it stand out, such as recommendations, a library, and the ability to speed up or slow down the narration. You should define the features that will make your app unique and add value to your target audience.

Choose the right technology stack

Choosing the right technology stack is essential to build a scalable and high-performing app. The technology stack will determine the app's speed, performance, and user experience. The technology stack for Audible includes iOS and Android development, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud storage, and a database like MongoDB or MySQL to store user information.

Develop the App

The application is coded, tested, and refined throughout the development process to make sure it adheres to the specified requirements. It's best to start by developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the app that includes the core features. This allows you to test the app in the market and gather feedback to improve it further.

Design the user interface

Creating a smooth and engaging user experience depends on the user interface (UI). User-friendly, navigable, and visually pleasant should all be characteristics of the design. The user experience for Audible is a straightforward, basic layout with simple navigation and an intuitive interface. To assist you in developing a visually beautiful and user-friendly software, you want to think about employing a qualified UI/UX designer.

Incorporate AI and Machine Learning

To enhance user experience, you can integrate AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to personalize the user experience. This may include algorithms for audiobook recommendations that take into account a user's listening habits and history.

Ensure Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are crucial in any app, especially when it comes to handling user data. Your app should have strong encryption methods and comply with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc. Audible has secure payment processing and a privacy policy that ensures user data is safe.

Launch the app and market it

The seventh step is to launch an app like Audible and market it. Once the app is tested and ready, it should be launched in the app stores. A marketing strategy should be developed to promote the app and generate interest in it. This can include social media, paid advertising, email marketing, and other strategies. Effective marketing is crucial to attract users and make the app successful.

Maintain and update the app

Finally, maintain and update the app regularly to ensure that it stays scalable and fulfills the evolving requirements of your users. By doing this, you ensure that your app stays relevant and meets the evolving needs of your users, which will ultimately help to keep them engaged and satisfied with your product.

What are the best Alternatives of an app like Audible?

Audible apps have gained immense popularity in recent times. But this is not the only app that is ruling the market. Below are some of the audiobook apps like Audible.

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Audible App Available on

Audible App - Get an outstanding audiobook listening experience on Android, iOS and other devices.
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Many people love to read books. They absorb so many perspectives that it is difficult for them to keep up with their busy lives. They can gain the knowledge they desire by listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks are a growing industry and now is the perfect time to start an audiobook app business.

The audiobook market is still in its early stages. It will soon experience huge growth as it transitions to using audiobooks as a key resource.If you go ahead and create an audiobook app, this may be a fantastic chance for you.

At Dev Technosys, we have seasoned developers having years of experience in Audiobook app development or you may take assistance from android app development services.

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