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Introducing Cashify: the app that transforms your old gadgets into instant cash, hassle-free! Sell and buy with ease while making a positive impact on the environment. The app transforms tech clutter into instant cash. Sell old gadgets hassle-free and shop certified refurbished ones for a greener and smarter tech experience.

Cashify was started in 2009 by Mandeep Manocha, Amit Sethi, and Nakul Kumar. ReGlobe was the original name of the applications; afterwards its name got changed to Cashify.

From this app, users’ outdated mobile phones, computers, and other devices may be instantly converted into cash, which appears like a digital magician and uses a virtual wand to do it. All they have to do is download the Cashify mobile app, offer some device information, and voila! At once, a fair and competitive price for a user's device is generated by a miraculous algorithm.

But wait, we're not finished yet. The company provides more than simply the sale of the equipment. Cashify is here if users want to purchase a used smartphone or tablet. The Cashify app provides a comprehensive selection of products that have been extensively tested and authorized by the company’s specialists.

The Cashify app reportedly has more than 30 million users, with more than 40 physical stores, Cashify has sold more than 21 lakh handsets and given people more than $1200 million in cash in exchange for their obsolete smartphones. This increasing popularity for refurbished phone applications led to a rise in businesses invading the world of buy and sell old phones app development like Cashify app.

So let’s begin.

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What is Cashify? – Take a Look!!

What is Cashify? – Take a Look!!

Cashify is an online marketplace where users can sell or purchase used or refurbished mobile phones. Users can also sell their tablets and laptops, TV sets, gaming consoles. The rates of refurbished mobile phones are also very reasonable. Depending on how the device currently functions will determine the pricing. Customers will undoubtedly have amazing experiences with Cashify.

In 2009, Cashify was once known as ReGlobe and was founded by Mandeep Manocha, Nakul Kumar, and Amit Sethi. Between 2009 and 2012, the business went by the name ReGlobe. The company had finished its initial undertaking with Nokia, a manufacturer of mobile devices.

The company receives 80% of its supply through direct channels, which include offline storefronts and kiosks as well as its website, which provides doorstep pick-up options. Cashify contributes 20% of the business's income by selling reconditioned phones under the PhonePro brand. On the company's app, there are 30 million users. Utilizing technology, Cashify establishes a used phone's worth based on factors including age, condition, and warranty coverage.

Did you know? Cashify, the revolutionary app, has won the trust of 30+ million users globally! Let’s discover its incredible facts and transform your old gadgets into instant cash today.

  • The iPhone 7 accounted for 23 percent of all Apple iPhone models sold to Cashify, the pre-owned phone marketplace, in 2021.
  • In India, Cashify is the most popular online marketplace for second hand cellphones. Over 50% of the market is controlled by the corporation.
  • By 2025, it is anticipated that India's market for reconditioned smartphones would reach $2.5 billion.
  • The principal rivals of Cashify are Servify, Reebelo, Overcart, Swappie, Qarmatek, Yaantra, Back Market, and Refurbed.
  • Additionally, it offers a network of more than 170 retail locations across India where users can physically sell their old devices.
  • In a recent study, Cashify stated that the company's mobile buyback business had grown by 154% YoY.

This data is insufficient to persuade anyone to develop an app like Cashify. Get your old phones sold and buy an app built now by consulting an Android app development services provider like Dev Technosys.

Screenshots of Cashify – Platform For Buy & Sell Old Phones

Step into the enchanting realm of an app like Cashify! Its sleek cyan and green user-friendly interface offers the perfect platform for effortless selling and buying old phones. Check out the snapshots and embrace the simplicity today.

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Essential Features of the Cashify App

Build a full-featured Cashify app with specialists advisable options for a profit-making and convenient experience. Explore the features that stand out from the crowd that mobile app developers suggest you to integrate in your app like Cashify.

Incredible Features To Add In App Like cashify
Device Selling

Device Selling

Users can easily sell their used tablets, laptops, cellphones, and other electronic devices via Cashify. Users of the site may arrange a pickup for a hassle-free selling experience, and the portal provides a quick price based on the condition of the gadget.

Instant Quotes

Instant Quotes

Cashify's ability to offer real-time estimates for gadgets is one of its distinguishing features. Users may rapidly determine the amount they can earn by entering the specifics of their gadget's condition, enabling them to make educated selections.

Doorstep Pickup

Doorstep Pickup

Users may conveniently sell their outdated smartphones with Cashify without ever leaving their houses thanks to its doorstep collection services. Due to the service's availability in several places, customers nationwide will have access to it.

Assured Sale Service

Assured Sale Service

Cashify ensures the sale of a user's gadget at the agreed-upon price via the Assured Sale function. Users benefit from a secure selling experience since the concern over price changes in the market is removed.

Cash on the Spot

Cash on the Spot

Cashify provides a "Cash on the Spot" option for anyone who would like rapid payment. Users receive fast cash when the equipment is picked up and validated, improving the selling procedure overall.

Exchange Offers

Exchange Offers

Users can switch to new smartphones by swapping their older ones thanks to Cashify, which simplifies gadget transactions. For individuals who wish to remain on top of the newest technological developments, this function is helpful.

Refurbished Gadgets

Refurbished Gadgets

Users seeking for high-quality products at a lesser price may also choose from a variety of certified reconditioned smartphones and laptops on the marketplace. Customers are guaranteed happiness since these devices go through thorough testing and are covered by a warranty.

Device Repair Services

Device Repair Services

For smartphones and computers, Cashify offers dependable repair services. Users may select from a number of repair choices, and qualified professionals will use actual features to fix their devices.

Data Wipe

Data Wipe

Users may utilize Cashify's data wipe tool to safely remove all personal data from their devices before selling them. When you hire dedicated developers, ask them to add functions that ensure user’s private information remains protected during the selling process.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Cashify promotes beneficial environmental behaviors by properly recycling technological trash. Beyond-repair devices are recycled in an eco-friendly way, reducing the amount of electronic trash that ends up in landfills.

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How Does the Cashify App Work?

The Cashify app works by giving consumers a simple and practical option to sell their second hand electronics. The first step for users is to launch the app and choose the category of the item they wish to sell, such as a laptop or smartphone. They then enter information on the age, model, and state of the gadget.

The program then immediately produces a quotation for the gadget. If the user accepts the offer, they may arrange for a doorstep pickup at a time that works best for them. When a Cashify employee gets there, they confirm the device's condition, make the payment right away, and leave. This simple procedure avoids the burden of finding buyers and guarantees a safe and effective approach to sell outdated technology.

Cost to Develop Apps Like Cashify

The Cashify app development cost demands a considerable investment to build an amazing customer satisfaction. To build an app like Cashify, it includes multiple variables that contribute to the total mobile app development cost. The cost is determined by your unique specifications and personalization, much as when building a dream home. It resembles creating a one-of-a-kind work of art just for you.

Let’s discover the crucial factors that affect the overall cost of Cashify app development:

  • Complexity of the app
  • Attributes and functionalities
  • Development time
  • Tech stack
  • Developer’s location
  • Testing and maintenance
  • App type
  • Platform type
  • Marketing and promotion

From the above mentioned factors, the estimated cost to build an app like Cashify for a basic application will be around $8000-$15000. However, if you integrate advanced features in your app, then the cost will go up to $25000 or more.So it is recommended to consult with a reputed on demand app development company to get an exact price estimation that fits your budget.

How to Create An App Like Cashify?

Delve into the magic of creating a groundbreaking Cashify app for buying and selling old phones. Discover the step-by-step process to build buy and sell old phones platform to immerse users in a world of gadget love and seamless transactions.

Market Research

To begin, undertake in-depth market research to see whether there is a need to build online sell mobile appslike Cashify in your intended market. To understand the benefits, drawbacks, and USPs of Cashify's competitors, do a competition analysis. Find market gaps your app can address as well to distinguish out from the competitors.

Define the Scope

The scope and essential features of the Cashify app should be well defined. Choose if you want to concentrate only on selling devices or also provide services like repairs, reconditioned electronics, and data deletion. You should also describe the user experience and the app's workflow to make sure that it works well for users.

Technology Stack

The technological stack that will power your application should be chosen. To do this, choose the databases, frameworks, and programming languages that best meet the demands of your project. At this stage, you should consider things like performance, security, and scalability.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Next you should hire hybrid app development services providers who carefully create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app's layout and functionality. This step will help you perform and make improvements before diving into the actual Cashify app development process.

UI/UX Design

Design an interface that is simple to use and consistent with your brand identity. Making an appealing and effective design is an investment since customer retention and attraction depend on the user experience.

Backend Development

Once you are done with the designing part, you should next build the backend of the app to handle user authentication, device information, pricing algorithms, payment processing, and other essential functionalities. However, if you want an app only for iOS devices, then you must hire an iOS app development company. Also, ensure that the backend is scalable to accommodate future growth.

Frontend Development

For several platforms, including Android and iOS, develop the app's frontend. Spend some time creating a responsive design that works effectively on many platforms.


Thorough testing should be done before releasing the Cashify app to identify and correct any errors or bugs. Ask the QA team for feedback so they can make the necessary improvements and conduct user testing.

Deployment and Marketing

Launch the app on app stores and advertise it via a number of marketing methods. Utilize social media, digital marketing, and partnerships to reach your intended audience effectively.

Top 10 Competitors of Cashify — Buy & Sell Mobile Phones App

Cashify is the most popular online buy and sell mobile phones app in India. However, there are a lot more apps like Cashify in the marketplace with a huge number of users. Want to know what they are? Discover the top alternatives of Cashify apps for selling and buying old gadgets on our hand-picked list.

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Cashify App Available On

Discover Cashify: Your Stress-Free Solution for Selling & Buying Used Gadgets. Download now and unlock seamless selling.

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In the world of buying and selling used electrical devices, Cashify stands out as a popular option. It provides people with a hassle-free option to sell their used gadgets thanks to its user-friendly app and easy procedure.

Cashify has established itself as a dependable solution for anyone looking to responsibly clear their used devices while also earning some additional money by offering honest pricing quotations and speedy transfers. It is an appealing option for the ever-expanding market of electronic device users because of its favorable effects on the environment and consumer happiness.

Thus, if you are planning to grab this profitable opportunity by building a Cashify app, then you should consult professionals. Dev Technosys, a mobile app development company, can serve you in drafting an outstanding buy and sell phones app development solution at reasonable cost.

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