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Cricket is extremely popular, making it one of the most popular sports, with 2.5 Billion fans worldwide. With the increased cricket user base, only some users tend to watch cricket live. But technology has made us watch live matches with an app like Cricbuzz. Many of you agree that cricket is the most popular sport worldwide, which several people like playing and watching.

Everyone is unwilling to forfeit the game in any way. However, fortunately, technology helps everyone to watch live sports events no matter where they are. Several individuals want to know live scores, live updates, the highest, and many more related to matches.

The development of an app like Cricbuzz offered users incredible destinations to learn cricket news whenever and where they are. Cricbuzz is an Indian cricket news website launched on 1 November 2004. The appliction is created by Pankaj chaparral, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde.

In November 2014, times internet acquired a major stock of Cricbuzz. Now the website is owned by Times interstate. Cricbuzz provides some of the most excellent features like live matches, text commentary, live scores, stats, and many more functions with the help of a website and app.

It is vital to know that Cricbuzz has become one of India's most famous cricket news and score applications. In 2014 Cricbuzz was the seventh most searched website in India, having 100 million downloads by 2022. Now that you're excited, it is time to learn about Cricbuzz in depth with our app of the week session.

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What is Cricbuzz? - At a Glance!

Cricbuzz is an Indian website where cricket match live statistics are posted along with articles, videos, and other statistics. It was established in November 2004.

Additionally, you may access the highlights via the Cricbuzz app. Let's review market stats for why businesses want to build Cricbuzz apps. Here we have covered some of the market statistics with reliable resources to get

  • In a Capgemini poll from December 2019, participants between the ages of 18 and 27 reported watching sports material on mobile apps created by sports organizations, outside companies, or pay-tv providers 64% of the time.
  • Globally, 69 percent of sports enthusiasts, on average, said that new technology had improved their entire viewing experience.
  • The market for spectator sports worldwide was worth $265 billion in 2017. One of the major geographical regions, Western Europe, accounted for $ 87.4 billion, or 33% of the global market.
  • The largest nation, accounting for $ 48.6 billion or 18.3% of the world's market for sports spectators, was the United States.
  • Sports applications is a rapidly expanding industry with a huge fan base. Additionally, there is a high likelihood that calculations for revenues and other factors will increase.
  • In 2017, the North American sports market was estimated to be worth $69,14 billion. And by 2022, these numbers will be predicted to increase to $ 80.3 billion.
  • With nearly 29 million installations and the highest number of downloads worldwide in 2018, this sports app was the most excellent. The Cricbuzz app saw a 17% increase in new installations year over year, with 63% coming from India.

Screenshot of Cricbuzz– A Magnificent Indian Cricket News Website

Here are screenshots of the smooth user interface and well-designed Cricbuzz mobile app. Cricbuzz is an excellent illustration of a premium magnificent Indiancricket news application. It is one of the most outstanding news websites available due to its incredible functionality and hotel selection on the apps.

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Key Features of the Cricbuzz App

Cricbuzz is growing because of its exceptional features. Your app, like Cricbuzz, can be built on the qualities listed below to increase its popularity. Let's go over these excellent features so you can fully understand them.

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Easy Registration Process

Live Streaming

You must create this functionality if you create an app called Cricbuzz. It is the key feature that gives a sports app a competitive advantage and makes it stand out. Users may access live score updates of cricket with this function. Due to their hectic schedules in people's lives, it is difficult for them to enjoy cricket matches. This feature will enable people to view the score of their preferred cricket team. Numerous sports apps are now utilizing the new trend of live broadcasting.

Product Navigation

Real-Time Score Updates

In your app, like cricbuzz, you must give users real-time score updates. Knowing that this feature will inform users of score updates is crucial. You can also find more match-related information in this section, including highlights, commentary, and professional projects.

Multiple Payment Options

Match Highlights

Adding this feature to your app can attract repeat users who will check back to see the highlights. Additionally, it is vital to know that users can give their opinions on a particular game in the highlight section and communicate with other fans in real-time.

Push Notification

Ticket Sales

Apps like Cricbuzz must have this feature so fans can conveniently purchase tickets to games and other sporting events. It is essential to know that there are still numerous counties where watching live sports is prohibited. With the help of this function, the user can utilize this functionality to browse seat availability and purchase a ticket via a sports app.

Real-time Order Tracking

Push Notification

Customers who opt-in to push notifications are provided with pertinent game-match information, such as the event’s time, date, and location. It is essential to know even users who will get meetings with headliners can receive updates from it.

Integration of social media

VRS (Virtual Reality Screening)

A growing trend in sports watching is virtual reality viewing. The best possible experience is given, maximizing user pleasure. Virtual gameplay is one of the most extraordinary experiences for cricket fans. It encourages prospective innovations in sports spectatorship technology that may take some time to take off fully.

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Looking for the Cost to Develop an App Like Cricbuzz?

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How Does Cricbuzz Work?

Regarding how Cricbuzz works, you must know that Cricket matches are covered live on Cricbuzz with videos, real-time scores, and commentary. With the help of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, you can register on the application or website to access its services. Over 1.68 billion mobile consumers globally are served by smartphones through partnerships with various mobile operators. It is crucial to know that Cricbuzz receives most of its funding from the ON-Mobile service. However, Cricbuzz makes money from in-app advertisements on its application and site. For this purpose, they have collaborated with InMobi to provide mobile advertisements to generate maximum revenue

After overcoming its biggest rivals, including the International Cricket Council, Cricket Exchange, ESPNcricinfo, and OneCricket, Cricbuzz emerged as India's most reputable sports website. So, if you want to create an app like Cricbuzz, it is vital to hire a Cricbuzz app development company that has an in-depth understanding of the business and revenue model of an app like cricbuzz.

Cost to Develop App Like Cricbuzz

Businesses are constantly moving to online and mobile platforms due to altering trends. The time when you had to look around the market services for live score-checking app development. Building an app is an excellent resource if a start-up is interested in entering the Live Cricket Scores & News website market. However, before drawing any conclusions about the cost of Cricbuzz app development, you must first be aware of certain factors, such as the following:

  • Hire dedicated developer cost
  • UI/UX development
  • Backend Development
  • Features Development
  • App Testing
  • App submission on the app stores– Google Play Store, Apple App Store
  • App Marketing & Promotion

A Cricbuzz App will vary in price depending on whether it is the primary or advanced version. For a single platform, such as Android or iOS, an essential app like Cricbuzz will cost you between USD 25,000 and USD 30,000. However, the cost to build advanced functions & functionalities of apps like Cricbuzz may cost between USD 50,000 and USD 60,000.

How to Develop App Like Cricbuzz?

Many start-ups want to build the Cricbuzz app. However, Cricbuzz is the best live score-checking app development with a stunning UI/UX and many unique features. It is a great idea to hire developers to build an app like cricbuzz.If you're interested in developing an app like cricbuzz, you must learn its steps. Let's look at these excellent step-by-step guides to build the Cricbuzz app.

Market Research

Knowing that a cricket app development should only be completed with extensive market research is vital. To learn more about the benefits, drawbacks, features, and other aspects of Cricbuzz competitors. It would be beneficial to take a quick look at those applications. The market research phase will assist in developing an app like Cricbuzz.

Competitor Analysis

Now that you know who your competitors at Cricbuzz are, it is vital to learn that it's time to start researching each of them. By performing competitor analysis, you'll get an advantage from being aware of the elements that contributed to the diligence and success of competitors to an app like Cricbuzz. You must understand that it will help you create a successful alternative to cricbuzz.

Target Audience

It is important to have a targeted audience list in your hand when developing apps like amazon for a massive user base. The targeted audience list will help you understand the types of infographics required for engagement. It will also affect your decision of niche and application content that will be published after launch.

Create a List of Features

People can get a sneak peek at what Cricbuzz is and what it can look like in the future by looking at the app's features and functionality. It would help if you thought about developing unique features and functions for apps that draw user attention and get positive ratings and feedback before launching the finished product. Making a list of features, however, will also give you an idea of how much it would cost to make an app similar to Cricbuzz.

Choosing UX/UI

It's essential to design an app like Cricbuzz with an appealing user experience to capture consumers' attention immediately and keep them using the service. Create a unique UX/UI interface for your program, like Cricbuzz, and force people to think about it.

Cricket App Development

The moment has come to start designing an alternative app to Cricbuzz while keeping the valuable features in mind after selecting the features and UI/UX. Review all feature lists and other essential aspects of the development process to keep the cost of your app's development on track.

App Testing

Now the time has come when you must review whether your app, like Cricbuzz, is tested by the on-demand app development company. It is vital to know that before releasing your app, perform extensive, in-depth testing because even the best mobile app will fail if it contains many errors that may result in damaging your first impression with users.

Launching an App

It's finally time to launch your app like Cricbuzz on the Google Play Store or App Store. However, to achieve this step without any confusion or error, you must hire anon-demand app development company to help you launch apps with precautions.

Maintenance and Support

Supporting and maintaining mobile apps is part of creating an app like Cricbuzz. As a result, businesses should benefit from this stage when creating live sports news apps like Cricbuzz. The application's lifespan will be increased if your app is getting maintained with time.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Cricbuzz Available in The Market?

Whether the user is a die-hard football fan, basketball fan or cricket fan, sports app creators realise users' interest in convenient live game watching. There are many apps like Cricbuzz created to entertain users of sports applications. This section has compiled a list of great apps like cricbuzz, which you must look at.

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Apps Available On

As we all know, the worldwide pandemic continues to play a significant role in the economic growth of many nations. It's safe to determine that in such a situation, having an app like cricbuzz to watch live sporting events is the only way. The market for feature-rich sports scores cricbuzz apps will soar. If you're one of the individuals interested in developing sports apps like dream 11 and cricbuzz. In that case, you must hire dedicated developers and release a brand-new sports application to assist customers in continuously keeping track of continuing matches.
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