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FedEx, originally known as Federal Express, was launched on April 17, 1973. It was founded by Frederick W. Smith, an American business magnate and philanthropist. Since its inception, FedEx has grown to become one of the world's largest and most influential courier and logistics companies. In 2011, FedEx launched its mobile application, first available on iPhone and later expanded to Android devices.

The launch of courier delivery apps like FedEx has opened up a door of opportunities for other businesses to create similar applications and ensure seamless courier delivery. With time, FedEx has continually worked to enhance the application’s user experience. The company has introduced intuitive interfaces, streamlined navigation, and improved tracking accuracy to offer a seamless experience for users.

The FedEx tracking app integrates various FedEx services and solutions to offer a comprehensive platform for managing shipping and logistics needs. It includes accessing FedEx office services, locating nearby FedEx locations, and managing account preferences. The concept of FedEx mobile app development is to promote hassle-free courier delivery online. If you also plan to develop an app like FedEx, connect with Dev Technosys. We are a leading on-demand app development company, and our team can adhere to all your business needs and demands.

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What Is FedEx App? A Quick Glimpse!

FedEx is an online courier delivery application developed by FedEx Corporation, a global courier and logistics company. FedEx was established in 1973 by Frederick W. Smith and launched its mobile application in 2011. Previously, FedEx's primary focus was on package tracking, allowing users to track the shipment status and get real-time courier updates.

With the increasing demand for e-commerce, the demand for same-day and next-day courier delivery has increased. It has raised the demand for apps like FedEx. As per research, the global courier delivery market is expected to reach $658 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 5.7% from 2022 to 2031. As technology evolves and customer needs change, FedEx updates the app regularly to meet the changing needs and demands.

Businesses with offline courier delivery services or similar businesses can grab this opportunity to expand their business online. Connect with Dev Technosys, hire dedicated developers, and our team will help you develop an app like FedEx that will generate huge profits. Now, seamlessly "Ship, manage, track, and deliver" with a feature-rich Shipment tracking app.

We are committed to delivering business excellence within reasonable FedEx app development costs. Choose us today and ensure a better tomorrow.

Screenshots ofCourier Delivery App Like FedEx

Effortless tracking and seamless delivery, captured in screenshots. Experience the power of a hassle-free courier delivery app wrapped in the visual UX/UI representation. Look at the user-friendly design of an app like FedEx and create your masterpiece to kickstart your business journey.

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Key Features of FedEx MobileApp

Do you run a business and want to ensure transparent and seamless online courier delivery? It’s time to build an app like FedEx with exclusive features and functionalities. Here’s an overview of the top features of apps like FedEx.

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Package Tracking

With this useful feature of the FedEx app, users can track the status and location of shipments in real time. It allows them to stay updated on the ongoing progress of their packages.

Personalized Recommendations

Delivery Management

Users can manage deliveries efficiently with apps like FedEx. They can customize delivery preferences, provide specific instructions, and redirect packages to alternate locations.

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Price Calculator

This FedEx app feature allows users to estimate shipping costs using the built-in rate calculator. It helps to get an accurate estimate of package dimensions, weight, origin, etc.

Whispersync for Voice

FedEx Office Services

Users can access FedEx office services within apps like FedEx. It includes printing, scanning, copying, and faxing documents, which ensures smooth courier delivery and tracking online.

Offline Listening

Shipment Creation

The app enables users to create new shipments conveniently. They can generate shipping labels, estimate shipping costs, select service options, and schedule pickups.

Sleep Timer

Location Finder

With a top-notch store locator feature of an app like FedEx, users can find nearby FedEx locations, including FedEx office shipping centres and FedEx drop boxes.

Chapter Navigation

Account Management

This feature allows users to manage their FedEx accounts within the courier tracking app, view shipping history, track invoices, manage payments, etc.

Variable Speed Playback

Push Notifications

An app like FedEx sends timely push notifications to inform users about shipment updates and important announcements from FedEx. It is a mandatory feature of all.

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How DoesCourier Delivery App Like FedExWorks?

An app like FedEx integrates a combination of technologies, networks, and backend systems to facilitate online courier shipping and delivery. After successful registration, users can easily interact with the app, like FedEx, accessing unique features and functionalities for shipment management.

Users can create new shipments within an app like FedEx while inserting all the essential details, including sender and recipient addresses, package dimensions, weight, etc. The application generates a shipping label and a unique tracking number for every courier shipment.

Once the shipment is created successfully, the package is assigned a barcode scanned and updated at different checkpoints. The app retrieves real-time tracking data and offers users the latest status updates. FedEx app further communicates with these systems to retrieve tracking information, calculate shipping rates, and update shipment statuses.

The FedEx app sends timely push notifications to update users on their shipments. The application integrates with additional FedEx services, such as FedEx Office, that help users access printing, document services, and other information. It is how courier delivery app like FedEx works and ensures seamless delivery.

Cost toDevelop App Like FedEx

The basic cost to build a courier delivery and tracking app like FedEx begins at $10,000 and might go beyond $25,000 and more depending on the type of application developed. It is just a cost estimation as the final cost depends on multiple factors, as discussed below.

  • Application Size
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development platforms
  • Features & Tech Stack
  • Developer’s Location
  • App Complexity
  • Testing & maintenance

All these factors mentioned in the list above contribute little to the FedEx app development cost. When planning for the FedEx trip buddy app or any courier delivery service app, take care of these cost-affecting factors. They will help you successfully develop an app like FedEx without majorly affecting your budget.

How to Develop A Courier Delivery App Like FedEx?

Creating a perfect courier delivery services app with unique features and functionalities isn’t that difficult if you are well-versed with the development steps well. So, here is a step-by-step process highlighting everything about ‘How to create an app like FedEx?’

Set App Goals & Objectives

Before you begin the research to develop an app like FedEx, set clear goals and objectives. It will help you get a clear mindset of why you want to develop, or what to achieve from it. This is the foremost yet a very crucial mobile app development step to follow.

Conduct Market Research

Next, conduct strong market research to identify the ongoing market trends and competitors analysis. It will let you know about the success story of the popular courier apps in USA and other regions. After that, you can begin planning for creating an app like FedEx.

Plan App's UX/UI

An appealing application’s design helps to grab the users’ attention in a glance. So, besides putting more focus on the FedEx mobile app development, shed some light on the app’s UX/UI as well. It will help to increase your business app’s engagement and in turn generate profit.

Finalize Features & Tech Stack

Today, there are ample courier delivery applications available in the market. You can research them and then finalize the best and unique features and tech stacks for your business app like FedEx. It will make your app more user-friendly and profit-driven.

Begin FedEx App Development

Now, comes the major steps of all, i.e., FedEx mobile app development. Here, you can use all the important information gathered at the time research and project analysis. It is the actual step to create an app like FedEx that will also require the assistance of professionals.

Test Your Application

Once you successfully develop an app like FedEx, test your mobile application to resolve all the errors and bugs encountered at the time of testing phase. Launching a 100% error-free application increases the chances of mobile app success, so focus on this step.

Launch An App Like FedEx

Next, launch the courier delivery app on the best-suitable platform, i.e., Android or iOS. The platform you choose will decide the mobile app development cost, so make your decision accordingly. This step will require additional cost to launch an app like FedEx.

Plan App Marketing

Besides developing a feature-rich courier delivery app like FedEx, plan your application’s marketing to increase your app’s brand visibility. It will turn your small business idea into a well-known courier delivery brand. So, hire professionals to ensure strong app’s marketing.

Avail Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Finally, you can plan mobile app support and maintenance services to ensure timely update and maintenance of your business application. It will increase the lifetime of your courier delivery app like FedEx and make your business app more valuable.

Top 10 FedEx App Alternatives

Online courier delivery has become the need of an hour these days. With the rising demand, an app like FedEx has gained tremendous popularity. But, there are other apps too, that are giving tough competition to apps like FedEx. Here are the 10 popular alternatives to apps like FedEx.

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FedEx is one of the largest global courier and logistics organizations out there and has experienced significant growth over the years. In the fiscal year 2020, FedEx reported total revenue of $69.2 billion , which increased from $65.5 billion in the previous year. FedEx operates in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, serving millions of customers and businesses. As more consumers and businesses rely on online shopping, FedEx has experienced a surge in package volumes, driving its market growth with 2x speed. So, if you are planning to create an app like FedEx, get in touch with the professionals of Dev Technosys. We are a leading on-demand app development company with a team of 500+ dedicated developers who can be your saviour. Drop your requirements to develop an app like FedEx.

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