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This week we are covering the Yummly app as the app of the week. Yummly is what makes cooking more enjoyable for each individual. Yummly, accessed online or through a mobile app, offers features like customised food recommendations, recipe search and saving, shopping lists, and speedy grocery delivery.

Yummly is an American mobile application launched in 2008 by David Feller and Vadim Geshel. It is a mobile app that works with food, cooking and recipes. The current CEO of Yummly is Brian Witlin. Right after yummly launched internationally in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, it gained immense popularity with 15 million users.

From 2008 to 2022, yummly earned more than 5 million downloads on the google play store with 4. 5 ratings. Many startups wanted to invest in creating apps like Yummly when the apple app store named Yummly "best of 2014" in 2014. When we think of what happens, several things come into our mind, like food, hobbies, music and many more things you like to do. Several people are passionate about cooking. yummly is an application that satisfies their need for new recipes and guidance. Covid 19 has made everyone find their passion. Countless people found they were passionate about cooking food while locked up at home.

However, the demand for recipe apps like Yummly increased when people started searching for recipes, videos and blogs online with different cuisines. This was it. The boom in Yummly food apps increased right from that.

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What are Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools? Take A Look at It!

Many food recipe apps are available in the market, but creating a masterpiece like a yummy food app can be challenging. Yummy food apps have become increasingly popular as numerous people want to cook something new yet delicious.

Thankfully, Yummly has everything a user is asking for in a recipe app. Cooking recipe applications are one of the excellent ideas of start-ups. However, if you are still deciding about investing in it, the stats below might help you a little.

  • In contrast, yummly.com received 6.9 million unique visitors and 8.6 million visits from users globally.
  • People have been staying in and cooking more at home due to the social isolation policies and stay-at-home directives implemented during the global coronavirus pandemic.
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, the restaurant industry has been among the worst hit.
  • Yummly's web sales are thought to be between $100M and $250M. A total of 523,750 unique visitors visits Yummly.com each month.

Now that you know some incredible data on Yummly, it is time to dig further and look at other exciting information on the Yummly Food recipe app.

Screenshot of Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools– A Fascinating Recipes & Cooking App

We've covered a few pictures in this section that show how the Yummly Food recipe app will look after development. These images highlight the critical components graphically that users interact with most often.

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Incredible Features of the Yummly App

Look at these great functionalities of Yummly, which is the massive reason behind its success. However, the qualities of Yummly mentioned below can be modified according to your business needs. So read these carefully if you want to take advantage of the latest functionalities trend of apps like Yummly.

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Easy Registration Process

Saved Recipes

Yummly offers features where you can save your favourite recipes with categories for later on. It is the most prominent feature that engages most users of this application.

Product Navigation

New Collection

The new collection feature enables users to review the new recipes uploaded by Yummly with beautiful categorization. It has a separate new collection with different categories like Yums, drinks, sides, breakfasts, desserts, dinners and many more.

Multiple Payment Options

Meals Plans

It offers users to plan their daily meal routine according to their calorie preference, vegetarian or vegetarian. This feature is helpful for users struggling with their busy schedules and needing more time to think about the next meal. It results in user retention at another level.

Push Notification


It is another exciting feature that enhances the user's time on the application with precious content. Yummly uploads articles on food and trending recipes and ideas to host the budget-friendly occasion dinner at home.

Real-time Order Tracking

Pro Recipes

Pro recipes can only be accessible by having a premium subscription to the Yummly Food recipe app. This feature has covered Meal planning, recipe scheduling, & intelligent search tools, Personalised content & recipes and Exclusive instructional videos. The premium starts with a 30-day free trial, an annual plan of $29.99, and a monthly $4.99.

Integration of social media

User Dashboard

It is an excellent feature for users, which includes sub-features like preference,a collection of recipes, and setting options. From this, fill out all the personal information with email, password, and many more.

Augmented Reality View

Guided Recipes

The feature guides users to make the dishes by watching a custom recipe video with step-by-step guidance.

Ratings and Reviews

Special Recipe for Festive

On Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween festivals, the application puts amazing customized recipes that are cultural and relevant to these festivals so that users can make their loved ones happy with new ingredients and food.

Ratings and Reviews


This feature has some great content that speaks on different food recipes. Users can know much more about ingredients, cuisines, diet techniques and quick and easy recipes. Another section offers users seasonal food recipes to amaze their food cravings.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating And Reviews

The Yummly iOS app option allows users to rate recipes they have tried and provide feedback according to their experience. Below the recipe, they have a like & share button, ratings and review options which are way too helpful in increasing engagement.

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How Does Yummly Work?

A recipe or cooking app like Yummly will steal an audience that always sticks to their mobile phone. Numerous people love to try new food and cuisines at festivals and special occasions. Yummly has fantastic features that make cooking easy and fun for users with the steps mentioned below. When we talk, it's working. There's a short brief as it's a pretty simple app with an impressive design.

Yummly Food recipe app works when a user registers on the application. A user can register on the application through a mobile number, a social media network, and email. After registering, the user is eligible to access all the benefits of cooking & recipe apps.

An app like yummy will share recipes and serve as a social media platform for novice and expert cooks. Every application user can benefit from the ideas, form study groups, and share recipes, advice, chef news, and food images. The application has several impressive features, such as Search and Advanced Search, Subscription, Video Tutorials, Alert and Notifications, Plan Meals and many more. The working of an application is as simple as using a social media application.

Cost to Build Food Recipe Applications like Yummly

Considering the breakdown of costs of an app like Yummly is crucial while developing it. Each mobile app development includes a strategic cost estimate influenced by several variables. The graph for many recipe apps has risen due to the demand for apps like Yummly. However, to enhance growth, many businesses want to hire mobile app development companies to Build Food Recipe applications like Yummly. So if you're one of them, you must be looking at its cost.

Apps like Yummly typically cost between $20,000 and $40,000. But it's important to remember that the cost to develop an app like Yummly depends on several different factors. It'd be fantastic if you were aware of these elements since they would enable you to develop an app like Yummly's best competition with the least amount of money and effort. The factors are listed below.

  • App Platform
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Tech Stack Used in App
  • Development Platforms
  • App Complexity
  • Development Time
  • Developer Team Location
  • App Launch
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Testing & Maintenance

These are crucial factors to take into account for start-ups aiming to make an app like Yummly at a low cost.

How to Develop An App Like Yummly?

Most of the population is foodies; hence creating the Yummly iOS app to satisfy their cravings will be an excellent opportunity to enhance your business growth. Let's look at these step-by-step guides to Build Food Recipe Applications like Yummly.

Market Research

Before going towards the development phase of cooking & recipe apps, it is essential to perform market research. Regarding mobile app development, it is necessary to learn about the trending technology, functions and scope of competitors in the market.

Competitor Analysis

Now the time has come when you must go through the list of competitors you made in market research and start analyzing the competitive strategies. Competitor analysis is the phase of development of the app Yummly where you need to know the market strategies, success story, and almost everything behind their growth and expansion.

Scope of Cooking & Recipe App

Now that you have a competitor analysis of cooking and recipe apps, you must analyse the scope of your business. The range of your apps like Yummly will be decided right after creating a list of features, functionalities and tech stack which will be used in the creation of the app. How performing this step will help in running the development process of apps like Yummly smoothly.

MVP Creation

It is essential to know that every mobile application is the key to success if it's MVP. In this step, you must put pressure on creating an MVP of your apps like Yummly to differentiate it from others. You must know that right after making an MVP for your business. The users will rate and give feedback and the overall cost of development as a launch right before the launching of the app.

Deciding UX/UI

Every cooking and revenue need unique features that will attract users' attention in the long run—the engaging content, images and user interface of your application. Whenever you develop your recipe and cooking app, it is vital to decide on some exciting UI/UX which results in making your app out of the box.

Development Phase

Now that you have everything in your hand, it is time to start making an app like Yummly. Following the MVP of your app. Whenever you're creating the development process, it is essential to go through everything, including features, tech stack, MVP and many more things which will help your cooking and recipe app development on track.

App Testing

Development of apps like Yummly is only complete with app testing. After the result, you need to work on application testing. App testing is the most crucial step of the development phase, which should be performed to avoid bugs and errors in the application after launch.

App Launch

Now that you have your app after testing launching your cooking and recipe app on your desired app platform is time. It's time to launch your app on the google play store or app store, depending on your app compatibility. However, ensure to launch apps with the help of professionals.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & support are other essential aspects of apps like Yummly. So, whenever you launch your app, it is necessary to remember that maintenance of cooking & recipes is as critical as its development and testing phase. If you avoid maintenance of your app, it will result in providing glitches and bugs after some time.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Yummly Available In The Market?

One of the most popular cooking and recipe sites across almost all platforms is the app Yummly. Although, there are still several additional app developments that you can consider to be Food Recipe Applications like Yummy's best competition. You can use the resources below to learn about other applications like Yummly while making your apps comparable to Yummly.

Building an app like Yummly will be pretty exclusive for your business now that you have everything in your hand. However, you can create an impact on your audience by offering them a variety of recipes with the help of guided videos online.

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Yummly App Available On

"Yummly App - As a truly personalized food discovery platform, where people connect with recipes that match their tastes."
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Since you have come this far, you must have released the benefit of building the best recipe apps, Yummly. Nowadays, developing a recipe app is trending with unique features and functionalities. We have witnessed many start-ups getting interested in building platforms like Yummly. However, it is critical to know that Yummly is not only a recipe app but a food blogging application that has many food blogs all over it with engaging content. So this is it! This best recipe app Yummly is our app of the week which we can develop for you if you're interested in recipe app development.

Moreover, creating apps like Yummly will benefit business owners. Hurry up, and don't waste time thinking. If you have something in your mind as an idea of cooking food recipe app development like Yummly or Cookpad, press the button below to get a quote on your business. Our developers will assist you with everything that leads to your Food Recipe Application like Yumm being a success.

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