How to use CakePHP as back-end for Android Applications

The main advantage of using this particular type of architecture lies in the fact that you can easily separate out the layers beautifully like logging, maintaining session handling etc. while you keep the APIs quite thin and specific. There is, however, one disadvantage that there is an overhead at the server level by means of introducing an extra layer between both client and server. To use CakePHP as a backend for Android applications, you need to hire CakePHP developer who has expertise in the above-mentioned process. It is worth noted that each part of this process should be done comprehensively while keeping in mind the role of the application.



What are the Advantages of Custom Wordpress Development

WordPress is the most commonly used and popular content management system. Owing to its great features and functionalities, custom WordPress development has picked up the pace in recent years. A lot of businesses and enterprises have adopted WordPress for their website requirements. WordPress offers secure, scalable and search engine friendly solution. It is easy to use and highly customizable. It offers a lot of options for themes and plugins. All this makes custom WordPress development an ideal choice for any business.



What Are The Advantages of Using PHP for Web Development

PHP is an opensource programming language which widely uses for web development across the globe. It is platform independent, the server-side programming language which supportive of all major types of database such as MongoDB, Amazon Dynamodb, MySQL, SQLite etc. It has the availability of various libraries and variety of frameworks(CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony, Phalcon etc.) for web development.