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01 /06

Project Overview

Howlit application will provide users an easy platform to search for nearby places as per their choice of place category and location. Crowd status can also be checked before planning a visit to a place. The app also provides users, features to meet new people based on their choice of partner by setting appropriate preferences as filters. The app also provides communication channel to easily communicate with partners through text, pictures, etc.The app values the privacy of the users which is why records of the conversations get erased after a certain time period.

02 /06

Goals & Achievements

  • Add places & events on the applications
  • Report and recommend places & events. Let people know which is a must place to visit.
  • Let people know about the current crowd of the place or the event
  • Meetup & chat with strangers with same interests
  • Free & Paid subscription
  • Map view for locating the place easily on maps
  • Notify people about your visit
03 /06


1. Optimize high quality Images without affecting the performance of the application

2. Ensure application security to safeguard social details and partner interactions.

3. Figure out the current crowd of a specific event or place.

04 /06

Technology & Tools

05 /05

App Feature

  • Personal profiles
  • Follow and unfollow friends
  • Incident map view
  • Earn Rewards
  • Post videos and images
  • Add incidents
05 /05

App Visuals

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