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E-Health Solution | Virtual Joint Consultation

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Appointments
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6 Months

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01 /06

Project Overview

EHN Solution is the best online consultation services between a Chinese patient, his doctor and a U.S. Specialist of the same domain. Patients are able to easily sign-up and add/manage their medical history etc. as well as explore different Chinese and U.S. doctors listed on the platform and visit their profile to check their medical experience etc. On the other side, this site facilitates the Chinese and US doctors to create their profiles and add their services, experience, manage appointments etc. Patients are able to get linked with their current Chinese doctors. Once connected, the Chinese doctor will be able to explore different U.S. doctors on the platform and checkout their profile, expertise, hospital associated (website link), availability (calendar) and other additional information.

02 /06

Goals & Achievements

  • Booking a consultation online
  • Connect doctors with patient in an efficient way.
  • Search for U.S. doctors
  • Group conference of patient chinese doc. and U.S. doc.
  • Hassle free online payment for appointment.
03 /06

Website Features

1. Online Consultation Module

2. Auto-Payment deduction Feature

3. Complete online process

4. Different doctor modes

5. Create Appointment Request

6. Collect and translate medical records

7. Schedule an appointment with preferred US doctors

8. Integrate US and China treatment plan

9. Administer medicine aboard legally

04 /06

Technology & Tools

05 /06

App Feature

  • Less EHR time
  • 90% cost reduction
  • Detailed history of present illness
  • Virtual visitation logs
  • Comprehensive review of system
  • Minimize malpractice claims
06 /06

App Visuals

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