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Project Overview

Medl is an e-prescription service that allows patients to access and order their medication through a proprietary mobile application. It is at its core a specialized e-commerce platform containing the basic elements of such as users, a product inventory, a shopping cart, payment processing, user information capture and delivery.How medl differs from standard is in the functionality of the “shopping” experience and this is primarily due to the nature of the products being sold and the various user types involved in the "shopping” experience; those being Doctors, Patients and Pharmacists.

The differences are most apparent when it comes to the logic of the user/customer flow.

Whereas in your standard e-commerce user flow a customer is able to select an item, place it into a cart and then check that item out; in the medl flow, a Doctor utilizes the medl e-prescription platform to issue a prescription which is placed into a Patient’s shopping cart. The Patient then accesses the shopping cart through the medl patient facing mobile application and is able to check the item out. The “checked-out” item is then subject to a fulfillment/delivery flow.

This fulfillment is performed by the Pharmacist who is responsible for dispensing/expediting the order and completing the purchase flow.

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Goals & Achievements

  • Online Medicine Delivery
  • Easy Prescription Upload
  • Notification of Orders on the App
  • Selecting and Removal of Patient
  • Temporary Database Management
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1. Security and Data Privacy is one of the challenges while developing this app. Both incoming and outgoing data should be encrypted.

2. API’s and integration to 3rd party tool and services.

3. Managing Pending and Active Prescription along with Doctor and Patient involvement

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Technology & Tools

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App Feature

  • Buy Medication on App and Website
  • Dedicated Doctor for Patience
  • Inventory Management
  • Profile Management
  • Order Refill System
  • Notification Alert
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App Visuals

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