Step into the world of Peloton, where passion and pedaling unite to redefine fitness. This exhilarating journey unveils the captivating tale of numbers, sweat, and success. Brace yourself as we dive into the captivating realm of Peloton Revenue and Usage Statistics, where groundbreaking technology meets boundless determination.

Discover how this innovative fitness empire has conquered the hearts and homes of millions, revolutionizing how we exercise. From jaw-dropping revenue figures that transcend the stratosphere to mind-boggling usage statistics that testify to a global fitness phenomenon, we unravel the secrets behind Peloton's unstoppable rise.

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Peloton Key Statistics

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  • In 2022, Peloton witnessed a remarkable revenue of $3.58 billion, marking a 10% decline compared to the previous year.

  • This dip in revenue signifies a challenging period for the company. Furthermore, Peloton faced its largest net loss since its initial public offering, amounting to a staggering $2.82 billion in 2022.

  • However, amidst these financial struggles, Peloton's subscriber base remained strong, boasting an impressive 3.03 million subscribers as of February 2023.

  • This steadfast support from its dedicated user community showcases the enduring appeal of Peloton's fitness offerings and the unwavering loyalty it commands.

Peloton Overview

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Launch date January 2012
HQ New York City, US
People John Foley (CEO), Jill Woodworth (CFO), Will J. Lynch Jr (director)
Business Type Public (NASDAQ: PTON)
Industry Exercise equipment

Peloton Revenue

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In 2022, Peloton experienced its first-ever decline in annual revenue since becoming a publicly traded company, with a 10% decrease amounting to $3.58 billion.

Peloton Quarterly Revenue 2019 To 2022 ($Mm)

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Peloton Annual Revenue 2019 To 2022 ($Bn)

Year Revenue ($bn)
2019 0.71
2020 1.82
2021 4.02
2022 3.58

Peloton Profit

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In 2022, Peloton recorded a significantly larger annual net loss of $2.82 billion, surpassing the $189 million loss reported in the previous year.

Peloton Annual Net Income 2019 To 2022 ($Bn)

Year Net Income/Loss ($mm)
2019 -246
2020 -72
2021 -189
2022 -2828

Peloton Users

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Peloton categorizes users as individuals who have created an account, with the majority of them being granted access to a considerably restricted version of the subscription service.

Peloton Annual Users 2019 To 2022 (Mm)

Year Users (mm)
2019 1.4
2020 3.1
2021 5.9
2022 6.7

Peloton Subscribers

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In the second quarter of 2023, Peloton experienced a year-on-year growth of 9.7% in its subscriber base, reaching a total of 3.03 million subscribers.

Peloton Quarterly Subscribers 2019 To 2022 (Mm)

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Peloton Annual Subscribers 2019 To 2022 (Mm)

Year Subscribers (mm)
2019 0.36
2020 0.71
2021 1.66
2022 2.76

Peloton Workouts

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In 2022, the number of workouts completed on Peloton exceeded 575 million, representing a 25.3% increase compared to the previous year.

Number Of Workouts Completed On Peloton 2019 To 2022 (Mm)

Year Workouts (mm)
2019 52.1
2020 164.4
2021 459.7
2022 576.2

Peloton Age Demographics

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Nearly 70% of Peloton's user base consists of individuals aged 35 and above, while only 2% of users fall within the 18-24 age range.

Peloton Age Demographics 2022 (%)

Age Users (%)
18-24 2
25-34 29
35-44 37
45-54 21
55+ 11

Peloton FAQ

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  • What Is Peloton's Revenue?

    Peloton's revenue for the latest reported fiscal year was $4.4 billion.

  • How Many Users Does Peloton Have?

    Peloton had over 5.4 million members as of the end of the last reported quarter.

  • How Much Did Peloton's Revenue Increase?

    Peloton's revenue increased by 141% year-over-year in the latest reported quarter.

  • What Is Peloton's Market Share?

    Peloton holds a significant market share in the connected fitness industry, but specific figures are not available.

  • How Many Workouts Are Completed On Peloton Per Month?

    On average, Peloton users complete millions of workouts each month, but precise figures are not publicly disclosed.

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