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Protecting your original app idea is more crucial than ever as the mobile app market expands quickly. By securing legal protection and exclusive rights for your creativity through patenting your mobile application, you can stop rivals from stealing your ideas and making money from them. However, patenting a mobile application can be difficult to understand if you're unfamiliar with intellectual property law. Because of this, we created this in-depth guide on how to patent a mobile application. We'll walk you through every step of the process, offering professional guidance and pointers, from conducting a patent search to preparing your application and responding to office actions. So if you want to know how to patent an app, then it is time to learn more about it. Whether you're an app developer, inventor, or entrepreneur, this guide will help protect your intellectual property and bring your app idea to life.

What is a Patent for a Mobile Application?

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Getting legal protection for a mobile application's unique and creative features is called "patenting" the app. An innovation or distinctive process may only be used, sold, or licenced by the owner for a set period, typically 20 years from the day the patent application was filed.

It is important for the patent application to meet certain requirements, including uniqueness, non-obviousness, and usefulness. It means that the app cannot be a clear amalgamation of existing ideas, nor can it have been previously conceived or described in the prior art. It can be difficult and time-consuming to patent a mobile application because it requires conducting a thorough patent search to make sure that the app does not violate any already-issued patents, creating and submitting a patent application to the appropriate patent office, and responding to any challenges or objections put forth by the patent examiner.

It's crucial to remember that getting a patent for a mobile app idea does not ensure its commercial viability or shield it from all types of infringement. It can, however, give a competitive edge and stop others from stealing or utilizing the patented characteristics without authorization.

Benefits of Patenting A Mobile Application

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Numerous who are learning how to patent an app idea first learn about the incredible benefits of patenting a mobile app. In this section, we have compiled a list of several benefits of patenting a mobile application:

  • Protection From Infringement

    A patent protects your mobile application legally, making it impossible for third parties to create, use, or market it without your consent. It can assist you in preventing rivals from stealing your ideas and copying your programme.

  • Commercial Advantage

    If you have a patent, your app may get a competitive edge in the market and attract more investors and possible partners. Additionally, it may enable you to demand a larger charge when licencing or promoting your programme.

  • Revenue Generation

    To make money, patents can be bought or sold as licences. By licencing your patent, you can allow others to use your software in exchange for a charge. Similarly, selling your patent can net you a significant lump sum of cash.

  • Increased Marketability

    By demonstrating your app's originality and innovation, patenting it can boost your app's marketability and reputation.

  • Future-Proofing

    The intellectual property of your app may be shielded by a patent an app idea for up to 20 years after the application date. It can assist you in future-proofing your app and ensuring that you maintain a market-leading position for many years.

What are the Different Types of Patent Applications?

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When it comes to the question "how to patent an app", it is crucial to learn about the different types of patent applications. There are several types of patent applications, including

  • Provisional Patent Application

    A temporary application that the patent office does not evaluate is a provisional patent application. Inventors frequently use it to achieve an early priority date for their invention and to purchase more time to develop it before submitting a non-provisional patent application.

  • Non-Provisional Patent Application

    The most typical kind of patent application is a non-provisional one. The patent office reviews a formal application to evaluate whether the innovation qualifies for patent protection.

  • Utility Patent Application

    A utility patent application covers any innovative and beneficial improvement to an existing process, machine, production, or material composition.

  • Design Patent Application

    When an article of manufacture has an ornamental design, a design patent application is filed.

How to Patent a Mobile Application?

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Let's learn how to patent an app through this guide. Putting your software under patent protection is a way to protect your intellectual property rights. Here are the steps to patent a mobile application:

  • Conduct a Patentability Search

    Make sure your concept for a mobile application is original and hasn't been patented by someone else by searching. You have two options for searching: either use an internet patent database or pay a patent lawyer.

  • Hire a Patent Attorney

    You will need to employ a patent attorney to assist you with the patent application procedure. The only person who can patent an app is an attorney, so you must retain one with expertise. They may assist you in creating your patent application, which must thoroughly explain your mobile application, the issue it addresses, and how it functions.

  • File a Provisional Patent Application

    An interim measure known as a provisional patent application gives you a priority date for your innovation. Compared to a non-provisional patent application, it costs less and has less information. You have one year after submitting a provisional patent application to submit a non-provisional patent application.

  • File a Non-provisional Patent Application

    Provisional patent applications require submission of a non-provisional patent application within one year of filing. It ought to have thorough explanations and illustrations of your mobile application.

  • Wait For Your Application To Be Reviewed

    You will be able to obtain a patent if your patent application meets the requirements. The mobile app development process may take many months to several years.

  • Respond to Office Actions

    An office action will be sent to you if the patent examiner discovers problems with your application. You must reply to the office action and revise your application as appropriate.

  • Receive Your Patent

    Numerous people ask if can you patent an app idea. You should know that you will be granted a patent if your application is accepted, giving you the sole authority to use, create, and market your mobile application.

    Remember that the patent application procedure can be difficult and drawn out. You can increase your chances of success by hiring a patent lawyer to guide you through the process.

How To Know Your Mobile App Idea Is Patent Eligible?

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Knowing whether or not your app qualifies for a patent is essential before beginning how to patent an app. A patent attorney should be consulted to navigate the sometimes difficult process of determining whether a mobile app idea qualifies for patent protection. However, the following general elements should be taken into account when determining if a mobile app idea is patentable:

  • Novelty

    Your concept for a mobile app must be original and unreleased. Your app idea might not be eligible for patent protection if it has previously been made public.

  • Non-obviousness

    Your proposed mobile app cannot blatantly outperform already-in-use tools or processes. In other words, the concept must not be anything a knowledgeable individual could have thought of independently.

  • Utility

    Your proposed mobile app must have clear and practical usage. It must solve a problem or meet a particular demand in a useful way.

  • Technical Effect

    Your mobile app concept should have a technical effect; it should use technology to accomplish a particular goal. Utilizing algorithms, data processing, or other technical features may be part of this.

  • Patentable Subject Matter

    Your mobile app idea must satisfy the requirements mentioned above and fall under the patentable subject matter category. It often means the concept must be a method, apparatus, product, or material composition.

    It's crucial to remember that even if your concept for a mobile app satisfies all of these requirements, patent protection may still not be available. It is because the patentability of an invention depends on several variables, such as the app's specific characteristics, the body of prior art, and the rules governing the acquisition of patents in your country. Therefore, it is advised that you speak with a patent lawyer to ascertain whether your mobile app idea qualifies for patent protection.

How Much Does It Cost To Patent A Mobile App?

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It's crucial to understand that the price to patent a mobile app can vary significantly based on several variables, including the complexity of the software, the kind of patent protection requested, and the location of the patent application. Fees for filing a patent application can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and the process is typically time-consuming and expensive.

According to the size of the entity applying, the filing fee in the United States for a non-provisional patent application can range from $20 to $50. The costs involved in preparing and prosecuting a patent application, such as attorney, search, and examination fees, are not included in this first filing price as it only covers the initial filing charge.

Additionally, you must submit separate patent applications in each nation where you wish to seek patent protection, which can dramatically raise the cost. It's crucial to remember that getting a patent does not ensure your mobile app will be successful or won't violate anybody else's rights. Speaking with a skilled patent attorney to evaluate your possibilities and create a patent plan that works with your financial constraints and professional objectives is always advised.

How Can Dev Technosys Help You?

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