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Have you ever looked at a beautifully designed website and wondered who created its design, buttons, and other elements? Well, professionals with unique front end developer skills are the strong pillar beside it.

They are the ones who tackle all the front-end activities of a website or web app. Front-end developers work on designing and implementing the interface that helps users view and interacts easily.

In simple terms, front-end developers use the latest tools and technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to craft an engaging and attractive UI. The user interface acts as a graphical bridge connecting front-end development with UX.

As per the front-end development company experts, it is one of the lucrative professions, which is expected to grow 13% by the end of 2028.

This further increases the chances for businesses to hire front end developers to fulfil their business needs and demands. So, if you are also planning to hire a front-end developer, check on the following skills to look for when hiring front-end developers.

Who Are Front-End Developers?

Who Are Front-End Developers?

Front-end developers create the front-end part of the applications or websites that enable users to interact easily with the app or site.

There are three major languages used during front-end development, i.e. JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. In simple words, a front-end developer develops the design elements you see whenever you visit any website. On the other hand, the back-end developers tackle all the back-end activities.

So, you can hire front-end developers to manage the front-end activities and navigation. But, as ample options are available in the market, it becomes challenging to hire the best professional with top front end developer skills.

Right? In that case, you can refer to the following front end developer skills, which will help you hire the perfect professional for your project.

Roles & Responsibilities of Front End Developers

Undoubtedly, the front-end developers tackle all the front-end-relevant activities. Still, businesses should know other major roles and responsibilities while looking for front end developers for hire.

  • Analyzing code
  • Debugging applications
  • Implementing designs
  • Ensuring a seamless user experience

10 Major Front End Developer Skills to Check Before Hiring

Want to hire dedicated front end developers who are best suited for your project? Check the following front end developer skills before making your final decision.

1. JavaScript

As organizations are continuously deploying single-page applications (SPAs) and shifting data loading from the application infrastructure to client-side data loading, it is a must for front-end developers to have a strong grip on JavaScript. This programming language lets you add a ton of functionalities to the website and create basic web apps using HTML, CSS, and JS.

So, whenever you hire dedicated developers for the front end, ensure they hold a strong grip on the JavaScript concept.

2. CSS Preprocessors

Preprocessors are one of the crucial elements of front-end development, and the developer with front end developer skills can use them to speed up CSS programming.

A well-developed CSS preprocessor adds additional functionality to the CSS while making it more scalable and easier to work with. It processes the code before publishing it to the web app or website and turns it into a cross-browser-friendly and well-formatted CSS.

Sass and LESS are the two most crucial in-demand preprocessors. When you hire mobile app developers, ask them whether they are well-versed in it or not.

3. DOM Manipulation

The DOM or document object manipulation offers a programming interface for all types of a document on the web. It helps to represent the content and structure of any web document, including its HTML styles and sections.

While manipulating and interacting with the DOM, businesses can easily change how the content is displayed to the users.

DOM contains multiple APIs that allow the front end developers to change the user experience. For example, the professionals can display content in users’ preferred language & allow them to interact via a webcam.

So, if you want to create an interactive business website, hire front end developers who are well-versed and possess experience with DOM manipulation.

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4. Time Management

Besides having a strong grip on the front end concepts and fundamentals, a developer must possess the right time management skills. Undoubtedly, this isn’t a technical skill to look at, but it cannot be avoided for sure. So, consider this point in the checklist of front end developer skills.

You might be wondering how to check a front-end developer’s time management skills. Right? Well, you can look at their testimonials or talk to their existing clients for a better idea. Also, you can avail services from a leading and custom mobile app development company.

5. Version Control

Version Control is a software application enabling front-end developers to communicate and manage code with time. The best part about this software is that it reveals who has made the modifications.

As a result, businesses can expect improved project speed, increased productivity, and minimized likelihood of errors during front end development. In addition, it helps developers during code recovery in the case of any damage.

If your project is too complicated and the front-end developer is too new to tackle and screw something, the version control systems let you keep track of changes.

That is why knowing version control could be advantageous for front end developers and help businesses hire the best front end developers.

6. Web Tools Usage

In the current scenario, developing web applications has become much easier with multiple tools that help the code perform brilliantly on the user end. Rather than using the traditional methods or doing everything from scratch, the front-end developer must be well-versed and familiar with all the tools available.

Nowadays, ample tools are available, such as – Tools to configure the design, code validator, SEO tools, CSS & JavaScript tools, etc.

Whether you are availing full stack development services or any other, make sure the front end developer must be well-versed with using web tools.

7. Command Line 

The Command line interface is basically used for handling files on your system. Additionally, an all-purpose GUI has limits for some particular applications. However, it plays a significant role in web development, so when you deal with it, you can enter the commands and execute some operations to get improved outcomes.

To use such a text interface to access operating system features, the developers of the web development company must be familiar with CLI. In addition, command-line tools provide new opportunities for streamlining the creation and delivery of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.


JSON or JavaScript Object Notification is a type of data format that offers a text-based representation of web data and has become inescapable on the web over the past 15 years. Such a data format is specially designed to be used with a wide array of programming languages and pass the data between the users and the website.

JSON is essential for all types of websites where the information or data can be easily transferred between the users and the website’s backend. So, when you go for website portal development or hire frontend developers, ask them whether they are well-versed with JSON or not.

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9. Problem-Solving Ability

Success can only be achieved after defeating all the battles and resolving problems. Right? That’s why it is crucial whenever you choose front end developers for hire to make sure they must have enough problem-solving skills.

Only a good problem solver can take your project to the heights and provide you with the best business solutions within less time. Moreover, it will increase the chances of creating a complex business application like a pro.

Cross-check whether the front end developer you’ve chosen must be experienced enough to tackle business problems easily. It will ensure the successful delivery of your project.

10. Work Flexibility

Sometimes, developers have to mold themselves as per the project’s demand. Only a flexible front-end developer can do it brilliantly.

So, investigate their work flexibility when you look for the top 10 front-end developers for hire with top-notch front end developer skills.

Checking on this skill will act as a saviour for you. If you find it difficult, get in touch with a leading android app development company, web development company, etc., where experienced professionals work.

These are the top 10 front end developer skills to look at while hiring a dedicated developer online. Now that you know everything to consider while hiring a front-end developer, keep these points in mind to make a wise decision. Also, avoid the following mistakes as suggested by the mobile app development company experts.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire Front End Developers

While hiring development professionals, businesses make many mistakes they don’t even realize. Do you want to know the major mistakes to avoid while hiring front end developers? Here you go!

1. Only Hiring Local Developers

It is one of the major mistakes that businesses make, i.e., they always prefer to hire local developers who aren’t experienced enough to fulfil their business requirements.

So, you should avoid making this mistake and look for front end developers to hire out of your comfort zone. For instance, you can hire front end developers in the US or any other region where there are dedicated mobile app developers.

2. Ignoring Non-tech Skills

More than 80% of business owners focus on tech front end developer skills and avoid non-tech skills. For instance, lack of communication and zero time management could be some of the biggest factors behind project failure. So, it is advisable not to run behind only the technical skills of front-end developers and focus on the other skills as well.

3. Failing to Conduct Enough Research

Some businesses opt for the very first option they see as soon as they look forward to a hiring front-end developer. Unfortunately, this is another major mistake that businesses often make.

So, if you want to ensure that you hire the right person, conduct extensive research about every developer and then make your decision accordingly. It will help you get assured of your decision and make your business reach heights with a well-developed project.

4. Keeping Budget Over Quality

It is understood that many businesses do not have the desired budget to avail of expensive front-end development services. But, that doesn’t mean to prefer budget over quality as this is a major mistake to avoid at any cost.

So, rather than going for cheap quality work, it is advisable to research and look for organizations offering premium front-end web development services at affordable costs.

5. No Project Planning

One cannot achieve success without a proper plan. It is a 100% true statement, especially regarding business purposes. Many businesses make the mistake of hiring front-end developers without even knowing their actual project plan and outcome. So, if you also follow the same approach, stop right away.

It applies to all types of services, including Node.js development services, angular.js development services, and more. When you work with a plan, you will definitely achieve success.

These are the five major mistakes to avoid when you hire front-end developers for your project. We hope now it will be easier for you to hire the best front-end, expert.

Summing Up!

As the world of technology continuously evolves at lightning speed, the demand for front-end development services is also rising.

Due to this, the number of front-end developers is also increasing; thus, it is becoming difficult for businesses to choose the best developers with appropriate front end developer skills. But, after reading this blog, we hope it will be easier for businesses to make a wise decision about hiring suitable front-end developers.

At Dev Technosys, we have a team of dedicated front end developers that you can hire to fulfil your business needs and demands. So drop your front end development requirements now, and let us assist you in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Hire Front End Developer?

To hire dedicated front-end developers for your project, you can choose from the different hiring models available, such as –

  • Hire part-time front-end developers
  • Hire full-time front-end developers
  • Hire front-end developers hourly

2. What Does Front End Developer Do?

Front-end developers work with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to design web pages. The front-end developer performs all the front-end functionalities of an application or a website. The professionals with enough front end developer skills program UIs or visual elements into a web or mobile app.

3. What Is the Cost to Hire Front End Developer?

There is no fixed cost to hiring a front-end developer. It completely depends on the hiring model you choose for front-end development. Still, an average hourly cost would be around $40 to $60/hour, depending on the organization.