Now Apple with the help of the iPhone app Development Company will transform your phone into a much cooler and faster version.

An effort has been made to hire an iPhone app developer. Your phone will also have advanced security features. All these are made possible because Apple brings to your iOS 13.

It will bring to you features like the dark mode tools for storing new photos and also a keyboard that is swipeable in nature. New Map tools are also available which will now make it at par with the features of the Android phone.

There are many iPhone app development solutions. Apple has always been successful in maintaining its reputation in the market, no matter how much the Android progresses.

Apple will surely attract buyers in the year 2019 by providing mobile development solutions. At the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced the release of the iOS 13. Here is briefly talked about its performance.

There will be an increase in the unlocking system of the phone. This it will do with the help of FaceID. It should also be noted that now the downloaded apps and also updating them will be much smaller.

It will also be able to double the launch speed of an app. The key things which the iPhone app development company now provides are stated below.


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1: Enable a dark mode

Now your phone will have a dark mode which will enable a dark screen rather than a light screen. It must be noted that this is appearing to be a system-wide feature. However, exceptions must also be noted. Among the entire apps, dark mode is known to be a popular feature.

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2: The swipey keyboard

For a long time now the Android users have been using swiping keyboards. This is done with the help of certain third parties applications like Swiftype and Swype. To give you good news, now with the introduction of the iOS 13 you will be able to have such features in your phone too.

In the language of Apple, it is known as QuickPath Typing. It makes the typing process much faster and also accurate. You are also likely supposed to get spelling suggestions while typing.

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3: Video can be rotated and Portrait lighting

With the introduction of the new generation, you will be able to access tools that will give you a completely different experience while clicking photos. Removing the same photos and getting suggestions about your best shots are also some added features.


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You will get more lighting known as portrait lighting will enable you to get a smooth picture. Changing the intensity and location lighting is also easy. To add there are more filters, vibrancies, noise reduction, and auto-enhance features available.

Lastly, you will also be able to rotate a video which by chance you have shot is an incorrect orientation. Here you can also apply video effects and filters which will make your video look all the better shot.

Some other features of the camera include:

  • As you scroll down the live photos and videos will keep playing.
  • Sort out photos according to each day, year, or month. Hence it provides a more organized gallery.

The new apps and features introduced in iOS 13

  • The Mail now has a new type of rich font.
  • Enable a feature known as Reminders which will remind you of anything you want after you add details about it.
  • The Smart lists features will enable you to tag a person which wills instantly send a notification
  • You can now the Apple Carplay Support. This is an extraordinary feature that will enable you to see roads, parks, beaches, buildings and also tag your favorite people in these places. Basically, you will be able to see a 3D view of the area and can happily look around the place you searched for. With the help of having a landscape view, you will be able to travel down the street. In this way, you will instantly have an idea of different places which are new to you.


Other features-

These include sending a call spam directly to the email voice. You will also be able to instantly silence the unknown callers. In the email, you can also mute certain threads. When you want to hear any music you can also view the lyrics along with it.

It will enable you to get a low data mode. You are also provided with a keyboard that has 38 languages from all across the world. You can instantly select the desired language without any hassle. All these are possible due to the new iPhone app development services.


All these features make the Apple iOS 13 exclusives in nature. The message application will now get the support of Memoji Profiles. It basically puts your face emoji in the section of the messages app.

You can add braces to your teeth, makeup, and other different customization with the latest features. Along with your iOS 13 devices, you will now also get a sticker pack. Therefore you will be able to see both your name and photo in the messages.

Airpod support also makes it extraordinary and you can instantly receive the messages with the help of your voice.

The need for lifting your finger is hence diminished. Sharing music with other AirPod wearers can also be done.

We can understand that hire iPhone app developer brings such mobile development solutions. This is what the introduction of Apple iOS 13 brings to you.