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With the next generation of technologies in this world, many other new technologies arise and IoT is also the result one of those. IoT stands for Internet of things. As with the name mention Internet of Things used for integration between the daily object with the networking device.

Introduction of IoT

Internet of things (IoT) is the new worldwide rising technology. It is a smart, secure and scalable technology rather than others. It has the ability to collect data from the world and then share it with the help of other network devices. So, we can that it works like a breeze between physical objects (Device that can connect to network devices) and networking devices for connecting & exchange data.

IoT(Internet of Things) widely used for an industrial purpose. We can say that the primary aims to develop the IoT applications is the commercial. According to a research, IoT consists almost 30 billion objects by 2020.

So, all of above we can define IoT as the network of the physical objects (physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other electronic devices)that can connect with the internet through other devices, software, sensors, actuator, and Wi-Fi etc. and exchange data.

Benefits of IoT

1. Industrial Advantage – There is no limit of the Internet of Things in the industrial applications such as oil & gas, building management, greenhouse, media, manufacturing, energy management, medical & healthcare, transportation and much more. In this field, it provides advantage such as:

  • Auto parking vehicle
  • New and improved safety controls in the vehicle
  • Get regular progress report on your product development.
  • Get the auto update on exercise habits
  • Save more fuel because of newly developed gas powered engines.
  • You can track the real-time marketing information of your product.

2. Supply Chain Management – With the use of IoT monitoring, you can manage your product supply and deliver the product just in time on the desired location.

3. Global Networking – You can connect your mobile phones, personal Wi-Fi, computer or any other device which you want to connect with internet.

4. Marketing Automation – Geolocation, Apple’s iBeacon are a good example of marketing automation. Using these devices you can create a network and know about customers’ locations, intentions, trending patterns and you can also user privacy as well.

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