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Know About the Next Big Thing in Web Development

When it comes to web development, the only thing that is constant is the change which seems to define the industry. The web development is changing with each moment, and we can see the unending changes occurring. User expectations are growing by leaps and bounds, and it is quite important to build and create digital experiences which are fun, engaging and intuitive. Content has to be accessible from anywhere, in real time and on any mobile devices. For any custom software development company, it is the time to get hold of these new things happening in web development.

Next Big Things That Will Happened in Future in Web Development

  1. Growing popularity of Vue JS: Vue was duly created in 2014, and it is gaining popularity with every year. It is one of the fastest and most lightweight frameworks. It is in quite a unique position since it isn’t backed by any major company. While React JS is backed by Facebook as well as Angular JS backed by Google, Vue JS is created essentially by one person.
  1. The rise of Real-Time Web Apps: Real-time web apps which are based on WebSockets have been present for quite some time, but they are slowly getting much more popular. The main reason which is behind this is that the users now want faster interaction, as well as a real-time web app, are delivering the inherent need to share the information almost instantly.

    The main notion of real-time web apps is that there is a connection between the server and client which is kept open and the server essentially pushes the new data once it is present there. Before real-time web apps, the clients need to check back on their own in order to find out in case there is something new that had happened.
  1. Latest Breed of Progressive Web Apps: Progressive web apps are essentially the web apps which have the design and the functionality of the mobile apps. But the main question that lingers is that how one can emulate the web content for the mobile, and now this particular question is another way around.

    The web applications are now trying to emulate what actually is working on the mobile in order to provide the users with much familiar feel and touch. The main idea is to obtain app-like experience on websites or web pages.
  1. Improving Mobile Web Development: Mastering mobile app development, as well as understanding how a particular content can easily be consumed on the smaller devices, has been a key challenge for some time. The essential element in order to achieve is that the content needs to be easily navigable with just one hand. Think about how the user is utilizing the smartphone.

    There may be articles which the user is reading on the bus, and the user might be texting while he is walking on the street. The chances are that the user is doing few of these things with one hand only. This means that the navigation needs to be adapted for the thumb in order to reach each and most of the part of the screen. A web and mobile development company has to adapt according to changes in mobile web development.
  1. Importance of Material Design: Material Design is among the most popular design trends which is gaining popularity. It was recently developed by Google in order to combine motion and visual material. Material design is essentially based on a responsive, modern Materialize CSS framework which comes in two forms, the Sass and the Materialize.
    It is actually based on the material design language of Google, and it offers components like Toast and Parallax. It is quite compatible with most of the modern browsers, and it is what is scoring high in the user experience design.

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