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Tips to Accelerate your Software Development and Deployment


So now it is an important factor for development companies to speed up the software development process and seamless deployment. But still remains a question that what design and development strategy must be taken to make this accomplish.

The most important thing which is to be concerned here is the deadline of the project. It requires a consistent momentum for long term goals because you can't speed up the progress all of a sudden for accomplishing the task within a stipulated timeline. There are some ways a good website development company can adopt to speed up the process of custom software development process. Agile is the favorable development methodology used as a standard by an innovative custom software development company.

Agile development methodology works upon the continuous iteration and development and communication of the outcomes to the software development team. Agile development requires consistent assimilation with the proper planning and testing for the end product. The instant and responsible decision with a more efficient state is crucial for effective development, which is an important feature of agile development.

Here are the five key tips to speed up the web designing services:

Continuous Integration:

The continuous integration has now become the trend now, where almost all custom software development companies are implementing the agile to some extent. Agile has many ways to come, but the goal of the development methodology is always the same. Agile incorporates the iteration and feedback to the development process with the inclusion of continuous planning, Continuous testing, and continuous evolution of the software. Basically, it focuses on empowering people to collaborate and make a decision quickly and effectively.
For the proper implementation, Continuous integration is the viable option to be adapted in a custom software development company. In Continuous integration, the code is shared over the central repository several times in a day/week. Each input is verified by the automated build. The core idea is to build and integrate the software iteratively. Examples are Jenkins, Microsoft Visual Studio and more.

Limit your work in progress:

The advice for speeding up the progress is to define a clear and simple workflow. My advice regarding the workflow is to manage and limit the work in progress for each step. As the multitasking goes up the productivity goes down due to the fussy situation. web design services must be broken down in the multiple stages of the work. Limiting the work to multiple stages will not only reduce the amount of work but also help in identifying the halts in the pipeline.

Clear development standards:

Almost every development teams in website development company have some informal standards. These formal standards are derived from the consensus or consulting from the experts, whereas informal standards are just the outcome of lenient deadlines, unprofessional behavior and lazy development methodology. The standards must be documented, agreed upon all by the team and enforced to all. The code review and code documentation must be emphasized on these standards. the lack of documentation reduces accountability and make it difficult to track the progress. Without standards, it becomes too frustrating to manage the code with diverse programming styles.


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Shifting leftward with the automation:

Earliest the issues are detected in the software development services process, the easier it becomes to track down the software mistakes and bug fixing. Testing from day one not only help in finding easily issues in the software development lifecycle but also focuses on the quality and security of software products. Shifting left is the general approach of shifting all the possible testing to the left and make the progression of any build through the qualitative stages of the delivery pipeline.


There is a range of benefits from shifting left the testing with automated tools in terms of efficiency and productivity, there is also some added benefits on development cost.
It is assessed that when the testing is done at the coding stage, it costs around the $80 for each bug fix, while shifting rightwards it costs around $240 for each bug fix. At quality analysis level, the bug fixing costs around $960 for each bug fixing while at the production level, the costing goes at the highest level to $7600 for every defect fixing.


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Pay for productive hours:

A custom software development company hire a developer or outsource their work for best productivity. Nobody wants to pay for the unproductive hours. There are a few important factors that drive the efficiency and therefore speeding up the development requires the strategy. Software development is the creative process, which demands focus and attention. An average developer working over web designing services stay productive for a maximum of 6-7 hours a day, whereas it starts to spike down 3-4 hours later. The long hours of working can do more damage to the project than real work.


Continuous Integration and development is the key to effective development. The custom software development company are investing over the agile methodology and adapting the rapid processes for the bug-free product. The time is given for completion of a project by the software development team and team leaders is a target which is to be obtained with rapid processing of the tasks.


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