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What Can You Acquire From Mobile World Congress in 2019?

The buzzing event for the Mobile manufacturing industries; Mobile World Congress (MWC) is all set for 2019. I assure that the majority of the best Android development company, geeks and industry celebs have already reached Barcelona, Spain to join this annual trade show by GSMA.

If you are leading a mobile app development company, the event can be an amazing opportunity for you to grow your network and discuss the future of 5G, VR, mobile hardware and a lot more. Those of you there can join the show to meet the like-minded people between 25-28 February 2019.

Few things are certain in the event that 5G technologies and the increasing number of cameras in handsets going to be buzzing topics. Along with discussion over the trending technologies and difference that they can make. It is yet to see which brands are coming up with appealing launches.

Eager to Know about the Momentous Launches of the Year?

Mobile World Congress always comes up with surprising launches every year. MWC 2019 gonna unfold the folding phone, 5G phones, Microsoft Hololens and much more. Wait for the market update if you're looking to hire iPhone app developer or any team of Developers.

Let’s get some briefs about these launches.

1. Huawei: Show Stopper of MWC 2019

There is no doubt at all that Huawei going to be the show stopper of MWC 2019. Huawei is coming with India’s first Foldable phone ever, the Mate X. It is based on OLED panel that enables flipping a phone. You can either use it as a tablet or a two-sided phone.

The launch of Mate X is scheduled in the “middle of 2019”, the exact date is yet to be shared. Though it going to be much expensive @ €2299, unlike Samsung Fold but surely going to come with advanced functionalities.

When the launch of P30 and P30 Pro is suspected in March ending, there is no official statement about the launch of same. You could inquire about this with Huawei in the event or can hire app developer for leverage it.


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2. Samsung: Huawei’s Competitor in the Game

On 21st April Samsung disclosed an idea about Samsung Galaxy Fold phones that are likely to launch in April 2019 in the US. Just, after that, we heard this news of Huawei's Fold phones! Since then to now there is no news about Samsung's fold phones, rather the news is more in the cliché that which one going to lead the market.

The top and best Android development company stay always tuned for these things. Obviously costlier, but quality beats over the price. There can be a chance to see these fold phones/ flip phones at Samsung's booth in MWC, but we are still unsure about it. You can always enquire or hire iPhone app developer for attunement with iOS.

3. Nokia: Fighting back with Penta Camera

When Nokia had a huge fan following for more than a decade, its journey was quite strenuous in the last few years.

But, Nokia kept its promise for its fans and in the conference of 24th Feb disclosed the launch of Nokia 9 PureView. Pureview is coming with 5 rare view cameras. So, the Penta Camera is here to boost the quality of the photo shot and enables capturing the wide angle and zoom optics.

4. Oppo: Time to Experience 10X Zoom

Oppo already made its official launch of RX17 Pro and FindX phones on 29th January in the UK. The handsets are launched with the 10X zoom feature that gathered a lot of interest of people. And, in MWC Oppo is giving the chance to experience that 10X zoom feature personally. Best thing is that the image won’t pixelate even after that. So, you probably want to get a look and feel of it.

The idea is a part of a triple camera unit enabled in the device, but the 10X feature is one of a kind that none other than Oppo is providing at this time.

5. Xiaomi: Everyone’s Brand

Xiaomi's affordable Smartphone series has already had a huge impact on India’s market. In MWC 2019, Xiaomi going to discuss more its recent launch of Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G. Though there were rumors about Xiaomi’s folding phones as well this failed to materialize. They may unveil the mystery behind it in this event.

6. LG: Ready with Dual Screen Accessory & 5G

Though LG is not coming with any foldable phone ideas, and have already announced LG G8. In MWC 2019, LG V50 ThinQ will be the topic of discussion.

LG V50 is a 5G enabled handset that can compete with the networks, and is offering the triple rear camera as well. But, the dual screen accessory is creating more buzz in the market which increased the demand to hire app developer.

7. Microsoft: Welcome to Hololens 2

Much discussion about the phones, now is the time to dive in the augmented reality. The wait is finally over, you can spot the launch of Hololens 2 by Microsoft in Mobile World Congress this year.

Hololens, the 2nd generation of the augmented reality headset is lighter, smaller and have much higher resolution. It enables a wider view and can be pre-ordered for $3500

You can also explore Microsoft’s Azure Kinect Time of Flight sensor cameras for pre-ordering.

8. Blackberry: Hot Red Version

As of now, Blackberry doesn’t have much to reveal at MWC 2019. However, for Blackberry fans, Red edition of BB Key 2 can also be tempting. You can explore and discuss more of its features in the show.

9. Sony: Suspected launches of Xperia 1 and 10

Sony may launch its Sony Xperia series handsets.  There haven't been any official announcements yet. Sony has already launched Xperia XZ2 and XZ3 in 2018. But, there have been the rumors that Sony will launch Xperia XZ4 as Xperia 1 and Xperia XA3 as Xperia 10. For official notice about the same, you may stay tuned to the press conferences. For the companies looking to hire iPhone app developer or Android developer, are also finding scope with Microsoft.

10. Honor

When Huawei is leading the show at Mobile World Congress in 2019, there are no more ideas about the sub-brand Honor. It had already launched Honor 20 in Paris in January.

Well, this was just the glimpse of the brands coming up with recent launches, which is the core interest of any mobile app development company. There were many more things and renowned brands that you can explore in the MWC 2019.

Fasten your seat belts; it’s the time to fly to Mobile World Congress!


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