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Discover Co-Star: The groundbreaking horoscope app transforms everyday astrological advising with its own technique and broad user base. Take use of cosmic knowledge for a more interesting horoscope experience.

Two years following the release of their iOS app, Co-Star for Android was released in January 2020, with a 120,000-person queue. Co-Star revealed their $15 million series A financing, headed by Spark Capital, in April 2021.

It has over 20 million installations as of that point and had been obtained by one-fourth of all American young women between the ages of 18 and 25.

Users can easily download the app from play store and app store for free. For those who are fascinated about horoscopes and like to understand more about natal charts and how it affects their lives, Co-Star is a perfect choice. It is also a well-liked app for those seeking entertaining and interesting astrological material.

Users can interact with peers and check the compatibility of their birth charts by comparing them. The mobile application also features a discussion forum where users may ask inquiries, discuss their own stories, and debate astrology.

With the growing popularity of horoscope app development, businesses are now seeking to invest in an app like Co-Star app development. If you are also among those, then you are at the correct place.

You must now know why we choose the “Co-Star app of the week”. So let’s begin.

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What is a Co-Star App?-Take a Look

Co-Star is an AI-powered mobile app that creates a horoscope based on your exact birth date, time and location. It also lets you compare your chart to your friends' charts. The app's easy-to-use interface and accurate forecasts, as well as its entertainment value, have earned it a cult-like following.

The company has only been around for two years, but it already boasts 5.3 million users worldwide and more than $6 million in investments.

In 2017, Banu Guler launched Co Star with Anna Kopp and Ben Weitzman. Banu Guler was at a babyshower when the idea first sprang to life. She gave an astrology graph to the child of a friend, which was well received at the party.

In January 2020, the first Co star personalized app was released. The iOS app has developed and came into existence since 2018. SensorTower reported that users had downloaded the Co Star app more than 300k global times by April 2021. The Co-Star app development can be downloaded from play store and app store for free.

Let’s now check out some stats and figures of Co-Star app:

  • In September 2023, the Co-Star Astrology Society generated $400k in income from mobile applications, including $30k from Android apps and $400k from iOS apps.
  • Co-Star Astrology Society has 300k total app downloads, of which 200k were for iOS and 90k were for Android.
  • Co-Star Astrology is rated #54 in the country.
  • The Google Play store charges $0.2 on average for each download, and Co-Star Astrology has had over five million downloads, so we may assume that at least $1 million or more has been made through app downloads.
  • There are now 1.4M regular visits on Co-Star Astrology.

Screenshots of Co-Star — Horoscope App

Want to know the visuals of Co-Star—A daily horoscope app? Its enchanting dark black and grey user interface provides the perfect app for customers. Discover the glimpse of the best free horoscope app like Co-Star.

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Key Features of Horoscope App Like Co-Star

The achievement of the best horoscope app for iPhone and Android is because of its features. So, let’s have a look at the distinctive features of an app like Co-Star which you must integrate in our own app.

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Audiobook Library

User Registration

Users must be able to register the app without any hassle by filling in the details like username, password etc. Also, users should register with multiple methods. For example social media, email ID, phone numbers etc. If they don't log out, they must be ready to utilize the app after logging in by simply tapping the symbol.

Personalized Recommendations

Celestial Calendar

With this feature, astrologers may compute and determine the individual's birth chart using this built-in feature. The astrologer may forecast the future with this birth chart. Also, it enables users to integrate this feature to their personal calendars.

Audiobook Samples

Birth Chart Generation

This feature enables astrologers to make a birth chart of the users by implementing the details like date, time, day etc. It also shows the data regarding the position of the planets and sun/moon in the chart. You should hire mobile app developers who can incorporate this feature in your Co-Star app development with the latest technology.

Whispersync for Voice

Horoscope Readings

Depending on the user's birth chart, the app facilitates horoscope readings on a daily basis along with monthly and weekly. It also facilitates analysis and forecasts the user's future on several facets of life. For example love, job and health.

Offline Listening

Planetary Movements

This feature helps users to monitor the locations and speeds of heavenly bodies in real time. Users may check the current positions of the planets in the zodiac and how those positions are impacting their birth charts.

Sleep Timer

Push Notifications

Push notifications and alerts enable users to get regular updates like reminders about important astrological events, and tailored insights based on their birth charts. Users are guaranteed to stay connected to the app and informed about astrological developments.

Chapter Navigation

Zodiac Sign Information

This feature allows users to check on information about zodiac signs. For instance, compatibility with other signs, crucial features, character traits etc. You can integrate multimedia content like video and photos for the engagement.

Variable Speed Playback

Payment Method

For premium features, your app must provide safe and practical payment gateway integration. It allows users to access in-depth astrology analysis, advanced features and other services through a seamless and trusted payment process.

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How Does a Horoscope App like Co-Star Work?

You must be thinking how a horoscope app like Co-Star operates? Well, to know the working mechanism of this app, users first require to develop an account. They should fill in all the information like phone number, password, username etc to complete the sign-in process.

Once they created the account, the app would request the user about their DOB, the place and time they were born. With these details, the app can make the birth chart.

After giving the app these specifics, users will be ready to find out more about horoscopes and their unique birth chart. Additionally, the app makes it simple to communicate with other users.

Most apps and websites may request your birthday in order to create a birth chart, but Co-Star really levels it up. Understanding the precise time of your birth might be useful because a celestial body's position may shift in hours.

However if you go to a local astrologer, you have to pay more or it can be costly for you. But this app does this for free of cost. Thus, if you want to avail astrology mobile app development services for Co-Sar app development, then you must employ an experienced firm like Dev Technosys.

Cost to Build An App Like Co-Star

The cost to build an astrology app like Co-Star needs a substantial amount of investment along with time. Additionally, the Co-Star app development relies on various factors and technology. Generally, Co-Star like apps for a basic version will be around $8000-$13000 with minimal functionality. However, a complex app with highly-advanced attributes can increase the cost from $15000-$25000 or more.

Now, let’s have a look at the factors that affect the Horoscope app like Co-Star:

  • App Complexity
  • Features & Functionality
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Development’s Location
  • App Testing
  • Final Launch
  • Maintenance & Updates

Above-mentioned factors are responsible for the fluctuation in Co-Star app development cost. Now that you are clear about the cost to build a Horoscope app like Co-Star, it is correct that you should invest in it. For better results for the cost to develop a mobile app , you must consult with an Astrology app development company like Dev Technosys who are proficient in creating apps with the latest tech stacks.

How to Build a Horoscope App like Co–Star?

Do you want to know how to build a Horoscope app like Co-Star that can boost your astrology business? Well, building an app for astrology can be daunting but with the assistance of an iOS or Android app development company , you can develop an engaging app. Explore the step-by-steps Co-Star app development process and make your own app.

Conduct Market Research

Firstly, you must start by doing thorough study on the marketplace for astrology and horoscope apps that are similar to Co-Star. Also, you can choose your target market, learn about their preferences, and research competitors. Additionally, it is vital to recognize the key features users want in an app and the holes you can fill in them.

Plan the Feature-list

After conducting the market research, the next step for Co-Star app development is to plan out the vital features that you need in your app. Knowing the features for your app is vital for gaining a huge user base. If you are new and find difficulty in deciding the features, you can take help from experts. Also, it is essential that you must provide two panels; one for the user and the other one for the astrologer.

Design UI/UX

Now that you have decided the features lists, you should start to design the user interface. Ask the designers to create a visually alluring and engaging Co-Star app that attracts users. Also, the designers must create an astrology-themed layout that resonates with the intended audience.

Develop the Backend

For this step, you must hire a mobile app development services provider who can build a robust infrastructure for your app. They would integrate APIs for astrological computations and other services. Also, they would create the wireframes and prototypes for the app.

Testing of the App

Once you are done with the app development, the next step is app testing. Ask the testers to conduct app testing carefully and do multiple testing methods like beta testing etc. it can help to find out the errors and bugs in an app like Co-Star app. You should also conduct a live environment testing with the users.

Final Release

Now that your app is finally developed, you can successfully launch it on the app stores. However, it is essential that you select the platform that your target users mostly utilize. For example, if your intended audience are Android users, then you must launch the app on Play store.

Top 10 Alternatives of Co–Star App

Did you know Co-Star app has over 20 million downloads and the users are women between the 18-25 ages in the United States. Isn't it surprising? Well, you must be amazed with the Co-Star app. However, it is vital you must also check out its alternatives and its features which can assist you in developing your own horoscope app like Co-Star.

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Get to Know About Your Horoscope: Install Co-Star and Make Horoscope Experience Simpler
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Co-Star is a revolutionary astrology app that alters the way people do horoscopes. Founded in 2017, it has over 5.3 million active users and it will grow. Co-Star is renowned for its elegant and intuitive layout, and also for its precise and informative horoscopes. Additionally, you must know that this app utilizes NASA data and AI to create daily horoscopes and birth chart readings.

With the persistent growth of a Horoscope app like Co-Star, it is seen that various businesses are looking to invest in horoscope app development. So, if you are also planning for Co-Star app development for your astrology business, then you must know it is the correct time.

Simply seize the chance to develop your reputation in horoscope applications. Contact an on demand app development company like Dev Technosys who have years of expertise in crafting engaging mobile apps for businesses. Just share your requirements and get your Co-Star like app created at reasonable prices on the market.

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