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Gift Giving Made Fun

Gifts are always for exchange and give pleasure to all of us, especially during the festival. If you are looking for an option that allows you to exchange gifts, then none other than the Elfster app is the best.

Create your memorable moments via gift exchanges with Elsfter- A fantastic app for gift exchange.

You can use this app in two ways:

  • Make wishlists to share
  • Create a gift exchange

Both options allow users to make fun of holidays and festivals such as Christmas, Thanks Giving Day, and others. You can shop the app from hundreds of retailers on this fantastic gift exchange platform.

You can purchase gifts for any occasion you want, making it a perfect option for selecting and exchanging gifts between loved ones.

The advantages of the Elsfter app are:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Create gift exchange with anyone
  • Multiple categories of gifts are available
  • Make a wish list for all yearly occasions

Elsfter app is one of the best gift exchange apps that offers several advantages. Due to its specialty, this week, we have given space to this app to share a piece of fantastic information about this app.

From a business point of view, developing a gift exchange app is the right idea for revenue generation, and there is no doubt app like Elfsfter is a perfect option.

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Elfster App At A Glance

There is an innovative mind behind any successful idea of any app. The same is with the Elfster- gift exchange app. Software engineer Peter Imburg created the app when he found that his wife and sister had difficulties organizing a secret Santa party for the family.

Considering its need, Peter Imburg shaped the idea of gift exchange in the form of the Elsfster app and the rest of the history in front of the world now.

In 2004 it was launched as a website, but in 2011 first version of the Elfster Facebook app was launched. On the other side, the number of website users crossed numbers of 2 million.

Its users use this app for three purposes, i.e., for making holiday gift lists, gift exchanges, and a secret Santa list generator. It is not only limited to one festival as users can purchase the gift for celebrating birthdays, Office parties, Valentine’s day, Easter, Eid, and other occasions.

Still, do you have a question about how to make fun with the Elfster gift exchange?

The answer is very simple. To make fun with the app, you must create a wishlist, invite friends or family members, draw names, and exchange gifts.

A user can update the wishlist anytime, add gifts from a preferred website, and buy the gifts for exchange. If you want to know about the app from a business point of view, then its estimated annual revenue is $5.8 million.

You will be surprised to know that eflster.com gets major web traffic from the organic way, which is 96.47%. Now, you know what makes it one of the best gift exchange apps.

Screenshots of Elfster - The Best Gift Exchange App For Secret Santa

If you are interested in on demand app development and want an app like Elfster, then the following are the screenshots for your reference. These screenshots showcase the functionalities like creating wishlists, purchasing gifts for exchange, adding or removing gifts for purchase, how the gift exchange planner works, and more.

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Key Features of The Christmas List Maker App - Elfster

For every app, its features are the most important that make an app worthy for the users. So here are the features of the Elsfter app that you would love to know. The following list is also an answer to the question of what are the features of the Elfster app.

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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

A user can purchase a gift card by paying an amount to purchase the gifts from the store. These cards are valid at gas stations, restaurants, and other locations.

Last-minute gifts

Last-minute gifts

The last-minute gift feature allows users to choose and add gifts at the last moment. It allows users to create fun in a unique way.

TikTok finds

TikTok finds

The Tik Tok finds feature is one of the interesting features that allows users to purchase the popular items seen on the Tik Tok platform as gifts.

Most wished-for items

Most wished-for items

By applying the filter on the app or website search box, the users can view and order what are the most wished items. Actually, these items are counted as the most exchanged gifts.

Personalized Questions for Receiving Gifts

Personalized Questions for Receiving Gifts

The personalized questions are nothing; these are the anonymous questions you can ask the giftee to find out their interest and make a gift exchange in a funny way.

Star a Friend

Star a Friend

This feature stands for finding a friend on Elfster. Another applicability is a user can invite friends by sharing their wishlist publicly.

Keep up With Friends

Keep up With Friends

It is for following or unfollowing friends. Even you can remove the suggested friends from the app with only a tap.



For a user dashboard works as a complete command center. Users can move from one section to another. It offers access to all sections of the Elsfter apps.

Various Tabs for men/women/kids Gifting Ideas

Various Tabs for men/women/kids Gifting Ideas

The variety of tabs facilitates the users to choose gift ideas for men, women, and kids.

Good Reads (articles)

Good Reads (articles)

Want to access the Elfster app only for gifting ideas, then the app also offers a feature for it, and that is Good reads that allow users to read useful articles.

Cost to Develop A Gift Exchange App Like Elfster

When developing Christmas Shopping Apps, the first option on every mind is the Elfster app. It is one of the most popular gift exchange apps for exchanging gifts. It is one of the trending and popular Xmas apps that people use to create a wishlist for gift exchange. More than 21 million users use this app to make fun with family and friends.

People use this app as per their device; suppose any user has an Android phone, then they use the Elfster app for Android. Or if iPhone owners download the app from the Apple app store.

The hunt for gift exchange app rise during festival time. So, if you are looking to develop an app like Elfster, then it is the right time to launch it, but how? The best way to do this is to hire dedicated developers. They will assist you in developing the app in the right way.

But there is a hidden truth. The cost of hiring dedicated developers has a strong influence on the overall cost of creating an app like Elfster. However, other factors also exist related to the cost of developing a gift exchange app like Elfster. These factors are:

  • Wireframing
  • Graphic Designing
  • UI/UX development
  • Front-end Development
  • Backend Development
  • App Hosting & Web Hosting
  • App Submission
  • Marketing & Promotion

The major influential factors are the hiring cost of dedicated mobile app developers and the tech stack. All these have their share in the overall cost of developing the app based on a similar concept on which the Elfster app works.

So, if you want to develop a gift exchange app like Elfster then its cost range might be $15000- $30000. With advanced features, it can go up to $50,000.

How Does Elfster App Works?

The working Elfster app is very simple, and in a funny way, a user can use the app. Via just signing up from a Google id, Facebook id, or Apple id, the user can sign up and create their account on the app. To understand its works, you need to understand its working via its essential features.


When a user is new, then he/she needs to tap on the signup section. There they need to put in their google, apple, or social id to create an account. Once the account is created, they can create their profile.

Wish Lists

It allows one to create a wish list, manage shopping for gifts for holidays and festivals, and the fantastic part is that they can share the wish list with friends, family, and loved ones. You can share the wishlist if your loved ones are not on the Elfster.

Secret Santa For Gift Exchange

This functionality allows users to organize a personal secret Santa party. With the help of an app, you can create a list of secret Santa who will get the gift from whom. The secret Santa functionality ensures that everyone is paired properly.

Trending gifts

Here users can view all types of trending gifts for the categories such as men, women, and kids. This option also allows viewing what kind of gifts are suitable to make fun of the festivals such as Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion.

How to Develop An App Like Elfster?

If you want to initiate your startup with an Online Gift Delivery Website, then referring app like Elfster is the best. Although developing the app is such a daunting task as you need an expert and profound skills to use the latest tech stack to shape the app.

Here you can create an app panel like the user panel for the using app, vendor panel for selling gift items, and admin panel for administering the app activities.

Here are some steps that you need to follow while creating the app.

Competitor Research

The first crucial step is that you need to perform extensive research about the market and competitors to have an idea of what is going on. It will help you decide the app's unique sales price and how it will offer something different than usual.

Monetization Strategy

The core purpose of developing an app is for business; then, you need to decide the monetization strategy by which your app like Elfster, will earn. You can earn via a freemium model, a subscription-based model, and a third-party advertisement model. It is your choice that by which model you will go with.

Target Audience

The whole race is for onboarding the target audience, so it would be best to decide who will be your target audience. It is essential because the features will be developed according to the target audiences. Try to find out what are the top features of the best gift exchange apps and what users want to have.


There are two major platforms where you can launch your app, i.e., Android and iOS. Suppose via the mobile app you want to target Android users, then Android app development will be the best. But if you want to launch a website, then there is no need to say that the platform will be web.,

Hire Dedicated Developers

The next step is to hire dedicated developers, as you can't develop the app on your own. It requires certain expertise and handling of the tech stack. If you hire dedicated developers, then they will assist you in developing the app in an appropriate way. The best idea to hire them is first to make a shortlist, go through the portfolio, take interviews, and hire them.

App Designing

App designing is as important as backend development, and the reason is it is one of the major factors that attract users to any app. It includes UI/UX development. The end users do not want to know about the backend programming as they interact with only the interface. So, it must be fine.

Backend Development

Backend development stands for creating the code that executes in the background of the app. The backend coding decides the robustness of the app. If the code is fine, then the app will run smoothly. Here you will leverage the expertise of the mobile app developers. In this step, the actual coding will take place, including database connection and security.


Testing stands for testing the app under real circumstances to find out the build quality and bring out the real potential of the app. It also stands for testing the security level of the app, as it is the responsibility of you and the developers to provide a secure environment to use the app.

Marketing & Promotion

The importance of marketing and promotion cannot be overstated, even though they are post-development activities. You can reach millions of customers with a good marketing strategy. If you know how to utilize social marketing channels, then you can get the maximum results and generate good revenue.

The Top Alternatives of Elfster App Available In The Market

Elsfter is one of the leading online gift delivery apps available in the market. Although there are some other best gift exchange apps also available. You can also reference these apps to develop a Christmas list maker app. So, here are these:

Dev Technosys

Available on Android, iOS, and the Web

Elsfter App: A Legendary Secret Santa App For Making Fun With Family & Friends. It is
  • Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

Festivals and holidays are always for celebration, and what if we exchange gifts with loved ones? There is no need to look for the option, as the Elfster app is a best-fit option for all kinds of gift exchanges on different occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, or any celebration. Creating a secret Santa list is one of the biggest advantages.

For starting a business, it is also beneficial to follow the app idea where you can launch a unique gift exchange app for the user.

Here you need to decide which platform users you want to target. If your target audience is iPhone users, then no other option is the best than ios app development.

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