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Who doesn’t love surprise gifts? We all do.

You wouldn’t have believe it if anyone told you that you could purchase gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other occasions online, would you?

You’ll be glad to know, now you can! Gift delivery websites have made everything easier and possible. Now, you can order gifts online and deliver them worldwide by sitting at home. Those days are gone when individuals used to purchase gifts from retailers and send them to their loved ones.

In today’s scenario, everything is being purchased online, including clothing, furniture, and mobile devices. The time has gone when you need to step out to select gifts from local shops. Technology is growing immensely by offering us incredible eCommerce websites.

For entrepreneurs exploring start-up ideas this Christmas, creating an internet store where customers can purchase gifts sounds good. Gift delivery websites are designed to make purchasing more straightforward for customers. They can choose from a variety of sellers’ merchandise.

And they may send gifts to their family or friends worldwide with just a few clicks. Develop gift delivery websites to earn money and enable others to celebrate and enjoy their special moments at their convenience.

In this blog, we have gathered the essential data to help you understand the development of the best gift delivery websites. So, if you want to take advantage of an opportunity to become another gift delivery website like Amazon, read the entire blog.


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Gift Delivery Website Market Trends and Statistics

Let’s go through some fantastic market stats that will make you understand why gift delivery websites are too popular worldwide.

1. Factors Influencing Online Gift Purchase Decisions of Individuals In Europe

Nearly 70% of questioned Europeans in 2021 stated that pricing was the most important consideration when purchasing presents online. Other significant factors included the calibre of the goods (52%) and the speed of delivery (46 percent).


 Influencing Online Gift Purchase

2. Modifications In Online Search Volume of The Gift Industry in The United Kingdom as of January 2022

  • The keyword “christening presents” experienced the most rise in online search as of January 2022, increasing by 639 percent. Online searches for “buy a present” increased by 123 percent.
  • The third-placed keyword was “secret Santa gifts,” which saw a surge in the online search volume of 43%. On the other hand, sales of “personalized gifts” fell by 36%.

3. Trending Websites of United States Consumers Planned to Use For Shopping Gifts Online

Nearly nine out of 10 American customers mentioned Amazon in 2021. With 65 percent and 47 percent of respondents, respectively, Walmart and Target came in second and third.


Shopping Gifts Online

4. Percentage of French Individuals, By Age Group, Who Said They Typically Bought Christmas Presents Online in 2018

  • This statistic shows the proportion of French people, broken down by age group, who said they regularly buy Christmas presents on e-commerce websites in a study dated November 2018.
  • 44% of respondents between 18 and 24 said they buy Christmas presents online before the holiday season.


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5. From 2007 To 2013, A Percentage of Online Shops Offered Gift Wrapping for Deliveries in The UK

  • From 2007 to 2013, a percentage of UK internet shops offered gift wrapping services for deliveries.
  • Sixteen percent of stores offered this choice in 2013. When 25.7 percent of merchants offered gift-wrap delivery in 2011, their percentage reached its peak.


Gift Wrapping for Deliveries

6. Most Visited Website in America For Gifts

  • In a 2019 poll, researchers discovered that 28.3 percent of American web users start their Christmas gift searches on Amazon.com.
  • Although shoppers still prefer to start their holiday gift research in-store, other online sources like Amazon, Google, and product websites are becoming more and more well-liked.

7. The Benefits of Buying Christmas Presents Online, According to French Consumers in 2021

  • According to a poll in the fourth quarter of 2021, the most significant benefit of ordering Christmas presents online for more than half (54 percent) of French consumers was avoiding lines.
  • Better costs and being able to shop at any time were noted by 49 percent and 47 percent of those questioned, respectively, and were not far behind.


Buying Christmas Presents Online

8. Consumer Preference For Buying Gifts Online and Offline in Europe in 2021

Nearly 40% of European shoppers opted to buy for Christmas in physical stores in 2021. In contrast, about 35% of consumers purchased holiday gifts online. Another 26% of European respondents said they purchase both online and offline.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain A Website?


9. From 2008 To 2013, A Significant Portion of Top Online Shops Offered Gift Wrapping For Deliveries In The UK

From 2008 to 2013, this statistic shows the percentage of top UK internet retailers which offered delivery gift wrapping. Three percent of the top online shops analyzed in 2013 offered this shipping option.


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Gift Delivery Website- What It Is?

The gift delivery website is developed to offer customers home delivery for gifts with online purchases. These websites have made surprise gifts, festive gifts, and occasional gifts easier to receive and send to loved ones without stepping out.

Top 7 Gift Delivery Websites


Gift Delivery Websites

Release Year

Gift Tree







World Market





Features To Add to Your Gift Delivery Websites

In this section, we have come up with the most exciting part of the development process of a gift delivery website: features and functions. Gift delivery websites have incredible features that will help build your gift delivery website.

1. Easy Registration

Users may log in to the gift delivery website quickly and easily using their Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts to access the features. However, it also enables new users to register by providing their information.

2. Payment Gateway

Customers can use the gift delivery site to make an online payment with their preferred option from Visa, PayPal, apple pay, and Cash on Delivery.


Ways To Payment Gateway Integration

3. Location

The gift delivery website is operational. It first asks visitors to swiftly choose a city to offer acceptable and accessible gift possibilities.

4. Customer Support

It is an essential feature for any eCommerce website. Customer support allows customers to send questions via WhatsApp and offers email service around the clock.


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5. Gifts for Occasions

The Gifts delivery sites show gifts for all events, including greeting gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, and many more. However, it saves customers time and offers assistance in making better gift choices.

6. Gift Cards

Many gift delivery websites offer hundreds of gift cards for services like Google Play, PlayStation, iTunes, Spotify Premium, Mobile & Data, online shopping, and many more as gift options.

7. Flowers Delivery

The gift delivery site offers lists of many floral gift options, such as roses, lilies, abundant flowers, best-seller flowers, and many more.

8. Unique Gifts

These websites also provide jewelry, cosmetics, balloons, masks, and other things for gifting, which any user can give to someone special. You can browse the Unique gifts category.

9. Branded Gifts

Users of the gift delivery website can browse gifts from well-known regional businesses, including Godiva, ferns, petals, and others.


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10. Delivery Within 24 hours

Customers can schedule the delivery day and time with Same-day delivery features on the gift delivery website.

11. Desserts & Gourmet

Christmas & thanksgiving indicates a lot of gift-sharing moments. These websites offer users the Cakes & Gourmet feature to provide them with a massive selection of subcategories, including chocolate gifts, customizable cakes, and sweet snacks.

12. Professional Gifts

The gift delivery site has a different section for unique business gifts for clients and staff. These sites have impressive gifts in massive quantities for the enjoyment of special corporate friends or to increase employee involvement in the company.

How To Develop an Online Gift Delivery Website?

As you have read by the title, developing an online gift delivery website isn’t as complicated as it seems if you have the support of a leading mobile app development company.

Hence, we have built a step-by-step guide to developing a gift delivery website to offer you an exceptional understanding of the building procedure of this fabulous website.


Develop a gift delivery website


1. Perform Market & Competitor Research

It is essential to conduct market research before eCommerce development services.

Once you have decided on your business requirement, you must review market stats. Any eCommerce development services you choose must be well-researched as they all have advantages and disadvantages.

Following market research, it is crucial to understand how the competition is expanding. Due to the importance of overall gift delivery website development success, the first development stage will require the most time during the development process.

2. UI & UX Design

The market research will help you in this step to create distinctive ways to raise user engagement on your gift delivery websites. The key feature of every gift delivery website that instantly attracts users’ attention and keeps it for a while is its UX/UI design. It’s crucial to remember that you’re creating something novel and improving it to become the most widely used gift delivery website at this step.

Hence make sure that the website development services you’re hiring have years of experience developing gift delivery websites that can offer you UI & UX design ideas.

3. Features & Functions

The moment has come to decide what functions and features you want to include in your gift delivery website and the number. It is crucial to pick the right features and functions for your gift delivery website since they will set it apart from the competition.

To become the advanced feature gift delivery, website features must be unique from those of your rivals with the help of your website development services.


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4. Development of Gift Delivery Websites

It is the first and most crucial stage in creating a gift delivery website. The best gift delivery website can only be created if you have a list of features and functionalities and the best website development company. It is crucial to understand that working with the top mobile app developer will provide you with a successful gift delivery website that generates leads.

After your website development company, you must schedule a meeting to review all of your application’s initial requirements so they can take notes and proceed carefully.

Although the development may take a few months, it is essential to stay in contact with the website development company to ensure understanding. Additionally, you can hire dedicated developers to assist you in selecting the best and most practical features for your project to help you with your gift delivery website UI/UX and features.

5. Testing & Launch

Testing and launch come last but not least. After the development of gift delivery, website testing is an essential stage. It is vital to know that before launch, every website or app requires a test.

The test identifies flaws and problems in the website that can be rectified before release—testing the website & web before launch is crucial because it can tarnish the first impression. However, after testing, you can now live your website and spread the word about it on several different social media networks.


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Cost Analysis to Create an Online Gift Delivery Website

Now that you know how to create an online gift delivery website, it is essential to know its cost—making an E-Commerce website for gift delivery costs around $10,000 – $50,000. However, many people don’t know that the cost of making an E-Commerce website can vary depending on several factors involved in the development process.

Here are some factors you should take a look at as they influence the Website Development Cost thoroughly

1. Type of Website

The type of website is the most prominent factor influencing the website development cost. In this section, with a table, we have tried to comprehend the knowledge in a few words so just read the table carefully to understand.


  Type of App


Estimate Cost

Simple Website Development

3-6 months $10,000 to $30,000
Complex Website Development More than 15 months

$30,000 to $50,000

2. Features and Functions

Adding various functionalities and challenging functions may also impact the website development cost. However, it’s crucial to include the same features and functionalities when developing a gift delivery website, which could increase the cost of building. The complexity and quantity of features will significantly increase E-Commerce website costs.

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3. Development – Web Development Company

The cost of eCommerce gift delivery website development is frequently increased by the web development company charges. It’s important to realize that developing a gift delivery website takes more than 1000 hours. Developers’ hourly fees will increase as development costs rise.

Below is a list of how much developers charge per hour to make a gift delivery website.

  • US developers charge $150 per hour.
  • The developer charge in Eastern Europe is $50 per hour.
  • The standard rate in India is $20 per hour.

4. UI/UX Design

Since you may have to include a similar UI/UX or other features, building a gift delivery website could be more expensive. If you engage pricey designers to build this website that you want to stand out from the competition, the E-Commerce website cost will increase automatically.

Ready To Build Your Gift Delivery Website!

Gift delivery websites have offered people new ways of living and offering gratitude to each other. With these websites, anyone can address an occasion, Christmas gift, and many other regular events in life quickly and cheerfully.

Hence if you’re one of the eCommerce businesses that stop here because of rapid expansion in gift delivery services, then you must know creating another beautiful hi-tech website will increase your ecommerce business growth. Now every internet company wants to make their clients as comfortable as possible.

Each of them ensures that their websites have managed their customers’ concerns extensively. If you want to create the magic of gifts this Christmas, get in touch with us. Online gift delivery websites have become an even bigger issue during festivals or other special events.

Online gift delivery website marketplaces are the ideal solution to these issues. This specific market makes connecting with both gift-givers and recipients incredibly simple. Please connect with our mobile app developers to define your business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does It Take to Create a Gift Delivery Website?

It’s important to note that creating the gift delivery website will take 10 to 15 months. However, it is vital to know that the time, complexity, size, platform type, and location of the project’s chatbot development company will all affect the price of developing a gift delivery website.

How Can I Monetize Gift Delivery Websites?

Every gift delivery website requires a way to make money. The business concept used by these gift delivery websites is relatively easy. Here’s the revenue model of gift delivery websites that you should know.

  • Advertisement
  • Additional Services
  • Membership
  • Sponsored Products

How To Hire a Mobile App Developer To Build Gift Delivery Websites?

Some people know how challenging it is to choose an eCommerce website development company to develop a gift delivery website. We’ve provided some information below to help you choose the finest chatbot development company for your upcoming development process of gift delivery websites.

  • Confirm Your Budget.
  • Review the Experience of the App Development Team.
  • Interview the App Dedicated Developers.
  • Contact a Developer or a Company.
  • Hire web developers.

What Is Tech Stack Used in Creating Gift Delivery Websites?

If you’re ready to take a step ahead in eCommerce app development and build a gift delivery website, then understanding the essential tech stack used in this platform is crucial. To create a gift delivery website developer will work on the backend with PHP. Still, it also uses Backbone, an MVC JavaScript library that helps to establish patterns and conventions to organize data. However, for front-end development, HTML and CSS are helpful.