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Go ahead with this blog if you are looking to know how to create a perfect shopping app for your eCommerce business. It is no surprise that just having an online presence is no longer adequate to attract or retain customers. Modern customer purchasing habits have accelerated e-commerce shopping on the go and it has encouraged them to prioritize mobile experience. Building an amazon like App is much simpler than it was building amazon earlier back in the day.

It is one of the major reasons for which business platforms are diving into building highly functional and easy-to-use e-commerce business applications.

Amazon, Fashionista, Shopping Spree, and the list goes on. All thanks to the advent of technology for bringing an easy-to-access and useful interface that has made customers fall for online shopping.

The touch of digitization has modernized the e-commerce industry solutions where customers can shop from the comfort of their houses. At present, e-commerce applications are much preferred for physical purchasing.




The retail industry has the potential to offer plenty of mobility solutions to customers. The efficacy of a mobile app development company in the e-commerce industry reigns over online customers.

Before we start exploring the different aspects of creating a perfect shopping application, let us do an in-depth e-commerce market analysis. In this article, we will cover various e-commerce application development-related information that is required to be known before developing an application.

Why Do You Need A Shopping App For Your Ecommerce Business?

Today’s age of apps is known as the golden age and the globally widespread e-commerce applications are totally predictable. Customers today are in no mood to carry bags or shopping carts.

Instead, they prefer ordering everything online without leaving the comfort of their home. In 2019, e-commerce sales all across the world have hit the mark of $3.5 trillion which is projected to cross $6.5 trillion by 2022.

Smartphone usage has also surged in the last few years and an excellent mobile experience has become a must-have for increasing online sales. An e-commerce application offers a number of recurring benefits to businesses along with reducing their effort and expenses.




Online shopping app development is worth considering for your business because it is extremely convenient for online retailers or store owners. Every person today carries a handy device of their own and they are always looking for helpful applications that can make their life easy or convenient.

Hence, e-commerce applications are the most enjoyable applications for customers. These applications provide the best features in a quick and safe manner to customers.

Amazon Like Ecommerce Application


A Complete Guide To Develop Marketplace Apps Like ETSY, Amazon, And Flipkart (2)


There are multiple reasons behind such gigantic popularity. Customers get the best assistance at Amazon from the first time registering to even in the case of returns and exchanges. Amazon has researched thoroughly on their customer’s needs and provides a personalized experience while shopping from Amazon. 

It is also known to give a very seamless shopping experience making their customers’ lives easier and at the same time fashionable. The entire platform is open for customer feedback and reviews. To Build an application like Amazon, one would need a mobile app development company that has experience working in shopping applications prior.


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Need For An Ecommerce Application


Do You Really Need a Mobile Ecommerce App?


1. Getting More Customers

As per the e-commerce business statistics, a large number of users prefer online shopping due to its convenience and user-friendliness. These applications also help business owners to attract potential customers for their platform which enables online sellers to connect more with their business prospects.


2. Bring Up The Sales

Having an e-commerce application for your business is extremely advantageous to luring potential customers or visitors and persuade them to make a purchase. E-commerce applications also enhance business engagement in the long term which can, in turn, help you to increase your sales.


3. Easy Interaction

Amazon, Flipkart, and similar e-commerce applications are much enjoyed by users due to their interactive activities. So, having an e-commerce application for your business can offer more products and advanced features to your customers, and that can increase your brand engagement with the customers in the big picture.


4. Rise of Smartphones

The rise of smartphones has paved the way for Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce. It has led to an increase in mobile-led transactions and trustability factors. Ecommerce Apps provide a more range of products as compared to any store offline.   


5. Customer Behaviour

As per the study, consumers like personalized shopping. Through personalization, customers get to see the products they might be interested in first.

Ecommerce Applications for Android and IOS


E-Commerce Application Android vs IOS by Ashik Sivakumar on Dribbble


The eCommerce business has risen immensely due to the effect of Covid-19 as people were not able to go out and shop. This has brought a growth in E-commerce which was otherwise expected to grow in the coming five years. 

The comfort it provides in ordering products sitting right in your room is the main reason for its likability. One should make a cross-platform E-commerce application for android and iOS. More users are on android although as per research more quality or frequent shoppers are on ios. 


cta ecommerce

Step-by-Step Guide to Make an Ecommerce App

With the high demand for e-commerce, it is a prime player in the online market. Building an App for your E-commerce platform is no more a question as it is undeniably going to set your business towards growth. There have been multiple easy integrations that can help you build e-commerce applications quickly with minimal backend work. Here are the steps you can follow-   


Shopping App For Your Ecommerce Business


1. Goal/ objective of the Application

Identifying the goal of your application is step one of planning. With the vision and mission in place, it gets easy to decide the features and provide a better customer experience. 


2. Customer knowledge

Identify your customer base on the factors like their age, likes and dislikes as well as geographical location. So that you will be able to meet their desires and further convert the customer loyalty towards you. 


3. Choose the Right Technology

Now that you have your goal and audience to target, and set, the next step is to decide on App Type. There are multiple types of apps although you can choose from Progressive Web Apps and Native Apps. Progressive Apps are good if the budget is limited and you have more mobile users. The Native Apps are downloaded from an app store and stored on a user’s phone. 


4. Budget and Process

You can pick up the budget as per the fund availability with you and then hire a dedicated team of developers who can provide you with the requirements in your budget. Dev Technosys is an eCommerce Development Company that can provide you with the most suitable solutions at an affordable cost. 


5. List Requirements

List down the features needed in your Application. Wishlists, push notifications, ratings, reviews, custom branding, and social media integration are some of the features which are required in almost every E-commerce Application. 

The Important Features Required For A Successful E-Commerce App Development

If you want to create a high-performing e-commerce mobile application that can increase your business value and sales, it is extremely important to include the essential features that can help you to accomplish this goal.




Integrating advanced features will also make customers love your e-commerce application. In other words, you have to equip your e-commerce application with a set of exquisite features that can ease the journey of your customers along with delivering them an enhanced user experience and ensuring that their purchase is easy.

Let us walk you through the features that are required to build a shopping application for your business:

1. Registration

The ultimate objective of an e-commerce business is to facilitate its users to a great extent. What good is an e-commerce website if they ask users to fill out pages and pages of details?

In fact, a complicated registration process might make the user uninstall the application or switch to a different one. You have to make sure to integrate a simple platform registration process with 2 or 3 clicks via mobile number or social media account.

2. Multiple Payment Gateway Support

Imagine that you have got a customer for your platform who is fond of your application and willing to make purchases. But after dumping the products of his choice he realized that you do not have the payment option that is preferred by him.


Now you have lost a potential customer. To ensure the success of any mobile app development company solution, especially with e-commerce, it is extremely important to integrate multiple payment options.

For example, you can consider debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and similar options to facilitate customers of different interests

3. Product Search

In most cases, it is obvious that customers will take a look at all of your specific product ranges available in the catalog. Hence it is extremely important to include product search options with different categories so that it can simplify the search process and make it faster for customers to find products. You can include a search bar on the menu having easy screen visibility.

4. Push Notifications

Business owners or companies associated with eCommerce development services often feel the gap between client requirements and product supply.

However, you can fill this gap with push notifications as it is one of the most important features in any e-commerce application. It strengthens customer engagement on the platform and helps them to remain up to date with your product catalog, sales, discounts, promotions, and similar offers.

5. Integration Of Social Media Platforms

If you want to get the maximum online visibility and attention from your customer prospects then social media integration is worth a try. It ensures that your e-commerce application will always remain at the forefront and it will enhance your business exposure. It will help you to leverage the benefits of user-related content and word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Entire Business Synchronization

Considering you have a high-performing e-commerce application or website and have come up with an interesting feature to ensure targeting the potential users and taking their buying experience to a higher level.

But this exciting feature is required to be launched before your marketing competitor does the same. To fulfill this reason you have to streamline time-to-market and you can simplify this by synchronizing your application. E-commerce application synchronization will save you time along with increasing your sales and you can beat the competition in the long run.

7. Product Catalog

The best mobile application development company always delivers a highly classified product catalog to e-commerce websites on mobile applications.

You can integrate this feature into your solution to turn it into an accurate shopping platform. You can also use simple product categories, high-quality pictures, image descriptions, and similar functions so that the customers can sync with your products.

8. Review And Rating

You can allow your customers to describe their product experience or give reviews and rate the same on your application. The chances are, the product categories you are providing are nowhere in the wishlist of the customers but with the help of reviews, they can achieve a sense of satisfaction. You can also respond to their comments so that they can feel valued and stick to your e-commerce brand forever.


Best Platform to Build an Ecommerce Application 

E-commerce development for small businesses can be done by using multiple platforms. These platforms do not require the seller to do backend work. The seller only has to design and apply some extensions to initiate crawlability and tracking. Some of these platforms are –


The 10 best ecommerce platforms for selling online—and how to pick the right one - 99designs


1. Shopify- It is the quickest way to get your website up and running, although it is paid. 

2.  Square- In this platform, the seller can contact the buyer in person. The buyer purchases from the seller rather than the platform.

3. Ecwid- For the first few months provided free plans and charges later after some growth. 

4. BigCommerce- The platform is feasible for sellers who deal in quantity. 

5. WooCommerce- In case one has an existing WordPress site, you can easily add a shopping cart through Woocommerce. 

6. Wix- It is also gaining popularity and can help you build an entire website on one platform. 


How Much Does It Cost To Develop E-Commerce Business Solutions

The cost estimate to develop a shopping application solution for an e-commerce business narrows down to your preference of its features and how much you can spend on your project.

The budget of any e-commerce application is a major concern and to save you from this dilemma, we are enlisting some of the features that you can keep in mind while moving forward with eCommerce app development:




1. Features

Have a clear understanding of launching your application’s MVP, launching a combination of advanced features and app MVP, or launching a fully-featured e-commerce application with high-end features


2. Platforms

You have to analyze the launching platform for your e-commerce application as iOS is quite expensive as compared to Android.


3. Maintenance

The maintenance cost of any mobile eCommerce website development can have a huge impact on your budget. Get a clear understanding of the budget related to backend production, third-party maintenance, debugging, application testing, and other activities.

You can also regulate the cost of the development of your e-commerce app to a greater extent by outsourcing the services to the entire workforce. There are various factors that can influence the cost of your project and based upon the standardization the cost estimate is mentioned below:

  • If you are conducting simple m-commerce app development with the basic features and user interface/user experience design then it costs somewhere between $8000 to $13000. It will also require minimum funding for maintenance.
  • If you are looking forward to a mixed bag of advanced features as well as an easy interface then the cost ranges from $10000 to $15000
  • If you are developing a highly advanced e-commerce application with exquisite features then the cost may be as high as $15000 to $22000

Important Factors To Consider Before Developing An E-Commerce Application


Happy people shopping online Free Vector

A new e-commerce business venture requires an in-depth knowledge of the technology that you are entering into. So, there are some factors that are worth considering before initiating e-commerce application development. However, an experienced e-commerce web development company will take care of all these requirements but you can always have a heads up.


1. Budget

Budget is the most crucial factor that is required to be taken into account while starting e-commerce web development. The budget is also a determinant factor that can define the market effectiveness of your e-commerce application.

Make sure to have a budget estimate prior to hiring a mobile app development company so that you can understand the business model, application infrastructure, and other prerequisites.


2. Market Study

Conducting a detailed market study will help you to understand the e-commerce app market opportunities including the audience behavior, preferences, opportunities, product expansion or possibilities, and many more. Keep one thing in mind – reliable data and information will help you to drive more sales and you can take your business in the right direction.


3. Competitor Analysis

Make sure to conduct an in-depth analysis of your potential competitors as it will enlighten you about their strengths or market strategies to approach customers. Competitor analysis will also help you to understand the success rate of the industry and you can successfully pull together your e-commerce business strategies.


4. Essential Infrastructure

Depending upon the type of your e-commerce business application model you can hire dedicated developers and study your business requirements. There are many factors involved in developing an e-commerce application that can also constitute a reliable infrastructure.

The way your e-commerce shopping application feels and appears on the platforms defines user engagement and eventually, it can turn out to be a huge driving force behind the success of your application. Make sure to integrate the essential infrastructure be it in terms of team size, service providers, delivery partners, and many more.



Benefits of Building Ecommerce Application with Dev Technosys

Now that you know the importance as well as complexities of a customized e-commerce Application, it is obvious to hire a Mobile App development company. One cannot make A cloned app like Amazon by themselves. Hence, it is better to hire eCommerce website developers who have built shopping apps before and are now experienced in the field. 

Dev Technosys is a mobile and Web App development company, having a successful experience of 10+ years. The team has hundreds of developers further divided as per their specialization. Believing in providing a finished Application or solution, We build a bridge between the client’s innovation and our technical expertise. 


1. Lifelong Partnership

As soon as you become a client at Dev Technosys, The partnership is always lifelong and you can reach out to us for any application-related solutions as well as advice or suggestions. 


2. Experienced Developers

Being an experienced developer we not only provide the finished product on time but also only works on software best for building Ecommerce Application. 


3. Quality Backend Integration

Backend integration is the spine of an Application. We are experts in building the most properly integrated Backend development.


4. Technology Stack

The next-generation certified technology stack is used to provide end-to-end customized solutions.



The Bottom Line

Having an e-commerce application for your business is one of the most productive business strategies that you can consider in 2020. As compared to the previous years, the volume of the e-commerce mobile trend is projected to increase.

You can hire web developers to promote your business and develop an e-commerce forum to give a platform to online retailers where they can deal with their potential customers directly.

Choosing the essential features for your shopping application is another crucial step. And to help you in decision-making here top e-commerce mobile app development companies that will be useful. An e-commerce mobile application represents the most promising digital solution that can be developed in contrast to the standard shopping website.