Music streaming application that lets users enjoy their favorite songs from their favorite artists, whenever and wherever they want. Spotify is an application that is well known throughout the world. In fact, this app is the go-to choice of music lovers across the globe. From your latest songs to soundtracks and podcasts, you can find each and everything audio-related on this platform. Spotify is known to provide a great music experience.

Since its launch in 2006, this audio streaming app has been ruling the market. There are millions of songs, podcasts, music themes, and a lot of different kinds of audio. Not only is this but there is also music and songs in all of the major languages across the globe. This includes the likes of Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Czech, Dutch, European French, European Spanish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, and Turkish. Needless to say, these are a lot of languages.

Coming to the songs, there are over 82 million songs on the platforms. In addition, there are over 3.6 million podcasts. Moreover, there are always new songs coming up and being added to the platform. Here, you can use the free version or subscription plans. As such, these platforms follow a freemium business model.

If you are looking to listen to your favorite music through your phone, Spotify is the app that will let you do it.

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Spotify – At A Glance

Spotify has millions of songs, thousands of artists, tens of languages, and a lot to offer.All of this was started back in 2006 by the co-founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. After more than 15 years, this platform has more than 400 million active users. Out of this, 180 million are subscription users.

Moreover, it is available across 184 countries in the world, including the majority of Europe, the USA, Asia, etc. This platform is accessible through all the different devices and platforms including iOS, Android, and web, as it has both an app and website. Platform is also compatible with smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Also Google Home.

Due to the unique concept, Spotify was an instant success during its launch with the infamous partner Facebook. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that this company became public. But as soon as it did, Spotify secured $26.5 billion on the just first day. In the year 2020, this platform generated 8.7 billion dollars. This amounts to about 17% annual growth.

Even without stats or numbers, one cannot deny the fact that since this platform was first launched to the public, it has changed the way we listen to music and it continues to do so. We can’t say this without praising the music app developers who created the amazing Spotify application.

Screenshots of Spotify

Below are some screenshots of the Spotify mobile applications showing its well-designed application and fluid UI. Apps like Spotify are a perfect example of high-class music streaming app development. This combined with the amazing features and availability of music on the apps makes it one of the best music streaming applications on the market.

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Key Features of Spotify App

Features are the driving force of any application including the music streaming application like Spotify. After all, just great music isn’t enough to make everyone use the app, amazing features are an essential part of the application. The same also contribute to UX, thus, in turn adding to the overall user engagement.

As a good example of Music streaming app development, Spotify has some of the best features for a music streaming app. If you are planning to build a Spotify alternative, looking at these features can help. So, the same is, as mentioned below:

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Register and Log in

On an app like Spotify, users get an option to register and log in. This can be done using their e-mail id, phone number, and also Social media including Facebook, Instagram, and others.

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Music download/ Offline Mode

Spotify like Music streaming app development solutions usually includes a feature for offline music streaming. In addition, there is also an option for downloading the favorite music or even playlist.

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Playlist Management

App similar to Spotify allows users to choose their favorite and make a playlist. This playlist can be then modified by adding new music or removing the old one. This playlist can also be downloaded using the offline feature.

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This is one of the most amazing features found in Spotify and Spotify alternatives. This allows users to watch the lyrics of the song they are listing to in real-time. This is quite a popular and people's favorite feature.

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Music Discovery

Music Discovery is a basic feature in music app development. This allows users to navigate, search, and explore songs using song names, artists, playlists. It comes with an advanced search filter.

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Customize your music listening experience by setting the preferences of music genres or artists a user is interested in. This feature helps users get a tailor-made music experience.

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Social Sharing

This is the time of social media, so a music video streaming app can’t be complete without social sharing features. As such, this is also an integral feature of Spotify.

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Subscription Plans

Since Spotify works on the Freemium model, users can buy a subscription plan and enjoy all of the premium features without hassle.

How Does Music Streaming App Like Spotify Work?

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming applications, and the no.1 music app based on the number of users. There are millions of songs, podcasts, etc on this app across 10s of languages. This attracts quite a few people which amount to millions as of today. But how does this work? Well, for starters there is a lot that goes behind this app from all the features to plans.

However, if you wish to use this app, the first step would be downloading the app. It is available on both the iOS app store and Google’s Play Store. The platform can also be used on the web. Now, if you are a first-time user you can either register or use it in the guest mode.

Moving on, after choosing the preferences you can start exploring the millions of songs and podcasts available on this platform. The free version while allowing you to listen to the top music across the globe has a limited sound quality. If you wish to enjoy the full potential of this live music streaming OTT platform, you can buy premium subscriptions. There are various different plans which span from daily ones to yearly ones.

After choosing one plan, you will get access to the infamous premium Spotify platforms. An app like Spotify then allows you to explore features like music download which can be enjoyed later. In addition to this, you can also sync your profile across different devices. All in all, this is how this amazing music streaming app works.

Cost To Develop an App Like Spotify

It goes without saying that Spotify is an amazing example of top-class live music streaming app development. So, if a start-up and business want to develop an application like Spotify, this serves as a good enough examples.

Now, if you want to develop a similar app, you have to hire a Music Streaming app developer which costs money. The average cost of developing a music streaming app can range from $16,000 to $25,000. Here are some factors which can affect development costs. These costs are, as mentioned below:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Features of the app
  • App Size
  • Developer Location
  • Development Tech Stack
  • Process of Testing
  • App Deployment
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development

These are the factors that affect the Music streaming app development cost. It is recommended that you consult a professional mobile app development company, as they can guide you better and deliver the best results.

How to Build a Music Streaming Like Spotify?

There are a lot of businesses that want to develop and deploy on-demand music streaming applications like Spotify. However, it is not easily done as it is said. And there is a lot that goes behind developing an app.

One of the first things you should know is that this solution is divided into two different parts. These are namely: the user app and the admin app. The user app as we know it is an app like Spotify that is deployed to the user end. On the flip side, the admin side is handled by the business.

Moving on, the steps involved in the development process are, as mentioned below:


The first step is coming up with the idea. Now, it goes without saying that we are talking about music app development. However, you can still come up with a unique idea in this niche that can make your app stand out.

Market Research

After you have an idea, it is time to conduct a market audit. Here, you can check whether your idea is valid or not. In addition, you can also recognize market opportunities that can reinforce your idea and improve it.


Working on a project that won’t give you’re a good return isn’t beneficial in any way. That is why you need to find a way to monetize. This is one of the crucial steps in the Music OTT development process.

Potential Audience

After monetization, it is time to identify your potential audience. The reason is that you need to take makes your app visible to the audience as they are the ones who will drive the revenue follow.

Development Platform

There are different development platforms. When we talk about Music streaming app development, there are two major platforms, iOS, and Android. You can also choose the third option which is cross-platform mobile app development.

Tech Stack

You have to choose a technical stack that will be used to develop your application. MEAN stack development is one of the more popular choices when it comes to choosing a technology stack for developing an app like Spotify.

Features List

If you want your on-demand music streaming app to stand out from the rest, you need to back it with unique features. The basic features of an app similar to Spotify were discussed in this blog previously.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is an integral part of application development. Now, the thing is you want your app to look and feel wonderful. This is why you need to design a user experience that is engaging and capturing.

Development, Testing, and Deployment

This is the final step where everything is put together and the app is developed. After development, the app is tested and changes are made if necessary. Then finally, it can be deployed in the market.

What Are The Best Spotify Alternatives Available in The Market?

Following the success of the Spotify music streaming platform, many music software development companies have deployed their own version of the app. Mention below are a few of the best Spotify alternatives available in the market:

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App’s Available On

Spotify is available on Android, iOS, and Web.
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From old people to newly born babies, everyone loves listening to music. While it goes without saying that everyone has their own definition of what music is, this form of entertainment has become an integral part of our lives. And with apps like Spotify, this need for music and accessibility to it only grew ten times larger. As of today, the music streaming app industry is one of the largest in the world. There are many businesses that want to create a similar app to Spotify. If you are one of these businesses, Dev Technosys is here to help you. You can hire music streaming app developers from us and create the next best app in the market.

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