A Legendry Photo Sharing Social Media App

It is an app that connects people with their favored communities irrespective of gender, age, race and language. An app like Instagram allows people to express their feelings via sharing images with captions. They can also tag their friends, group, or community they are associated with. The best part is that a user can also express himself via short videos and apply various filters.

Not only you can share the images with family or friends also you can also give your response via comments and emoji on others' posts. So it makes it more interesting for use. Whether it is the festive season, a trip to some delightful destination, or a friend's birthday party, the Instagram app allows; you to share your best moments instantly with your loved ones. It is like another world in a world where you can give a visual treat by posting the stories, reels, memes, selfies, portraits, landscape and whatever you can capture with your devices.

Now people are taking more interest in Instagram for personal and professional purposes. By sharing their creativity promoting the brands and the brand owners, the influencers are leveraging this trend in real terms. There are 500 K active influencers on the Instagram app. It attracted us to create the space for it on our app of the week section for this week.

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Instagram – At a Glance

Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, its user base has expanded every day. If you believe in the data, there are 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Another surprising fact is that out of 5 Instagram users, 2 users post the stories every day.

More than 71% of businesses are using Instagram for revenue generation in the US. So let’s track back to some brief history of Instagram’s history. Its original authors are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was 9th April 2012 when it officially announced that Facebook acquired it for 1 billion USD, including stocks.

Now Instagram is making history continuously. As recent updates, you will find it interesting that Instagram rolled out some new features such as:

  • Subscription-only features that will facilitate the content creators to get paid for the content.
  • Instagram reels got some additional updates as the users can add music, voiceover, text, doodles, stickers, and effects.
  • You need not hold the device for video recording due to the timer feature.
  • Users can invite post collaborators for creating the joint post.
  • The map search feature allows users to find the business location within the Instagram app. This feature is similar to the Google Map.

And there are many more.

The shocking truth is that users are more inclined towards Instagram than Facebook due to the features that help reach their favourite community and content. Another fantastic thing you need to know is the Instagram Algorithm; it analyses and calculates how users interact with the post and IGTV posts from the favoured creators in which users take interest. Many other points make this app fabulous and inspire mobile app developers to create an app like Instagram.

Screenshot of Instagram – A Top-Notch Social Media Sharing App

The following images showcase what an app like Instagram looks like. If you closely look, then these screenshots depict the visual representation of crucial features with which users interact most.

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Key Features of Instagram App

These features have made the Instagram app unique from other online photo-sharing apps or social media sharing apps . So, the following are some crucial features that you need to check out if looking for an app like Instagram.

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Instagram Live

It is a fantastic feature that allows users to go live and share their thoughts with their followers. The Instagram live video feature facilitates the users for live broadcasting, saving live video as a story, comment pinning, and viewing followers’ engagement.

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The IGTV feature allows the users to upload long-form videos. The user can find it at the explorer tab. So from the Instagram like app development point of view, you can put it in your list of features that you want to implement in your app.

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It works the same as the other social media apps. You can create your profile by following some easy steps. You can see your list of following, followers, and what you have shared on the profile tab. Users can add bio, website, update profile picture and username.

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Photos and Video sharing

It is one of the core features. A mobile app development company focuses on it while developing an app like Instagram. Users can add locations with the posts, add effects and filters, share to the other social networks and many more.

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Exploring The Content

The followers can explore the content posted by creators via searching activity, hashtags, name of the place, and profile names. It sounds simplest but more powerful. A user can scroll to the unlimited content by tapping on the search icon at the bottom of the app screen.

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Direct Messaging

Direct messaging allows users to send the messages directly to other users. In addition, they can upload photos or videos from the library. It’s another features are you can set the photos or video disappearing for sharing with individuals or to a group.

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It is one of the features for which Instagram is known. Even it can’t be missed while developing an Instagram clone. When a user shares a short video or photo, it stays visible for 24hrs and then disappears.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is specially designed and developed for businesses seeking growth from social media marketing. It directly stands for the sponsored content that a business has to pay for running ads on the platform. As a result, it helps in better branding, reach expansion, lead generation and drive sales.

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Instagram Analytics

For optimized performance and to know better about the customers, Instagram analytics is the most powerful feature for businesses. You can track your ads performance based on three points, i.e., Activity, Content, and Audience.

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Instagram Shopping

It is the most innovative feature of the app that facilitates the users to shop on the app itself. The product owner can add tags to the product image. The clickable tags can also be applied that facilitate the customers for direct shopping.

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Instagram Creator Studio

It is associated with a creator account that allows the content creators to create and schedule the post. In addition, the creators can check follower insights users activity, organize their content and search for the content idea.

The above mentioned are key features of the Instagram App. So, if you planning to develop an app like Instagram, you need to find out the developers or a company having a robust experience record in providing mobile app development services.

How Does Instagram App Works?

In a nutshell, working on Instagram is easy, and while using this app, it gives throughout the fun experiences. In simplistic terms, it works like a user. You can follow interesting accounts, and other users can follow your profile. In addition, you both can comment and react to each other’s posts. For increasing the number of followers, the only condition is how you remain active on the platform.

So let’s check out the key functions that can help you develop an Instagram clone for business.

  • Content Uploading

    At the top of the right-hand side top corner, you will find the ‘+’ icon; after tapping on it, you will see four options- Post, Story, Reel and Live. So, whatever you want to upload, you can do accordingly.

  • Captions

    For adding a caption to the posts, you can use hashtags, words or emojis. You can also add somebody by mentioning them using ‘@’. The captions can be added or removed at any time.

  • Photo Tag

    An Instagram user can tag others in their photos. The other users will be notified instantly.

  • Add Location

    It is considered as one of the best features of Instagram that allows users to tag the location while uploading the photo on their respective Instagram account.

  • Social Sharing

    An app like Instagram allows you to share your post on other social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Above mentioned points indicate almost complete functionality that a user can use. The other speciality is that users can post the images in different formats.

Cost To Develop an App Like Instagram

Developing an Instagram clone is such a worthy idea from the business point of view. As supporting facts, two out of three users from the age group of 18-30 use Instagram; other than social media platforms, Instagram posts get more than 45% engagement. As per the latest trend, 70%+ businesses are leveraging this app for brand promotion, making it such a fabulous platform for boosting growth. If you are planning for social media app development, then developing an app like Instagram is the finest idea.

Same as other applications cost to develop social media apps like Instagram depends on some crucial factors where features and functionalities play an essential role as most of the cost portion covered to develop these and other significant factors that affect the cost are tech stack and focused platforms such as Android and iOS. So, check out the factor’s list that influences Instagram app development cost.

  • Hiring social media app developers
  • Feature implementation- basic & advanced
  • UI/UX designing & development
  • Frontend & backend development
  • Social media app testing
  • App hosting & submission
  • Marketing & Promotion

Initially, the social media app like Instagram development cost remains under the range of $15,000-$20,000 for a single platform with basic features. However, the inclusion of advanced features can increase the cost. Therefore, a better idea is to consult with Social Media App Development Company.

How To Develop an App Like Instagram?

Social media app development is the latest trend. Several photo-sharing apps in the market, such as Snapchat, Flickr, Tumblr and others. But Instagram has its own space among the users where most social networking app users like it. Every day it is getting a good number of new users. The users always want something unique that's the reason behind the massive rise of innovative social media networking app development.

To develop a unique app like Instagram compared to the other social apps, first, you need to understand its steps. So, here are the key steps you can use to develop the Instagram clone app.

Competitor Research

For developing an app similar to Instagram, the first step is competitor research. The research will take you through all the points you can focus on while developing a unique app.

Feature Shortlisting

For each social media app, features are most important. It will be used by users from any age group, so you need to implement some exciting features that can grab the attention of users.

App Monetization

App monetization planning is the crucial step that will decide how your social media app will generate revenue. It includes planning about business models such as freemium, paid, and subscription-based models.


It directly refers to the app development tools & technology that you want to use for developing an Instagram clone app. The tech stack is must require elements for creating the best user experience. So, you need to choose it carefully.


Most of the social apps you can find on the Android and iOS platforms. So, first, you have to choose an app platform. Suppose you want to target both platform customers. In that case, you can hire mobile app developers for cross-platform app development.

Target Audience

Although the target audience is broad for a social media app, it would be best to decide the app's niche. For example, you will go for photo sharing or app like Snapchat for funny short videos etc.

Hire Social Media App Developers

For developing an app like Instagram or social media clone app, it would be best to hire dedicated developers having deep experience instead of ordinary app developers.

App Testing

It is a universal truth that high testing leads to fewer bugs. So, after developing the social networking application, you need to ensure the proper app testing under specialized test cases. So, post submission, the app will work fine.

App Marketing

Although app marketing is not part of the mobile app development process, for the future of app marketing & promotion is necessary to reach the desired users who can use your app.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Instagram Available in The Market?

Instagram is one of the best social networking app development examples that you can find on almost all devices. Still, there are other apps also exist that you can consider as best alternatives to Instagram. While developing an app like Instagram, you can also take references from following

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App’s Available On

Instagram App- Create Photos, Videos and Share stories
Available on Android, iOS and Web
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  • Dev Technosys

The point is that 4.55 billion people are active on social media platforms. As per HubSpot, 79% of marketers use Instagram paid advertising services for product promotion and, in turn, gain customers. The Instagram app is a fantastic option as a social image sharing platform and brand marketing. If you want to launch your own app like Instagram, it will be beneficial to develop it unique. At Dev Technosys, you can find and hire social media app developers having experience of years and a proven track record in developing the apps.

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