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Smartly Simplify Property Management.

Managing a property could be a real headache if you do not have the right real estate applications. A property management app like a landlord studio is more about communicating than real estate. To maintain a positive relationship with tenants, property owners and staff, it is necessary to have regular communication. In 2017, the global market for real estate software was valued at USD 8.98 billion. There is an estimated USD 12,89 billion market for real estate software by 2025. IbisWorld reports that the US real estate market employs around 290,000 individuals. Why not create a mobile app for property management like landlord studio and jump on the bandwagon? This week's app will cover what it takes and the development process of real estate apps like Landlord Studio.

Landlord Studio: Property Management App
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What is Landlord Studio? Here's a Quick Look!

What is Landlord Studio? Here's a Quick Look!

Imagine that you have hundreds of tenants in various apartments, condos, units, etc. Can you recall each tenant individually and whether they have paid their rent? What is the payment schedule? What is the expiry date of the lease and more? It's complicated but can do it with a Landlord Studio app. This mobile application allows you to:

  • Make a daily schedule
  • Set reminders, control over tenancies
  • Conserve value to generate more revenue
  • Accounting and time-saving tools
  • Tenant directory, customizable templates
  • Smooth management, scaling up your business
  • Email, SMS and other methods of communication are available to tenants.
  • Renter screening and easy property maintenance

Screenshots of Landlord Studio: An App for Property Management

Landlord Studio screenshots will help you gain efficiency and control. They show the strength of our mobile application development for property management in the real estate industry.

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Key Landlord Studio App Features

Landlord Studio is a revolutionary property management software that revolutionizes organization, finance, tenant management, etc.

Key Features of StyleSeat Salon App


You can contact tenants via text message using the contact information in your hybrid app development. Send emails to a wide range or individually, create groups, and save the chat history in the system.

Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

In-app payments can reduce transaction costs and increase client satisfaction through convenience. You can provide tenants with payment options, remind them to pay, track account balances, collect and store receipts and track payment information in real estate app development.

Analytics And Reports

Analytics And Reports

For a real estate company, it is essential to regularly receive reports summarising important data and demonstrating how the business is performing and where it is headed. Your reporting function must cover all aspects of your business. Examples include fees, expenses, revenue, availability of property, and smart statistics.

>Multi calendar

Multi calendar

The multi-calendar should show reservations made through different channels and the status of each room. You can then have all the information you need in one place. It will reduce confusion, overbooking and other errors.

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

You can now add a function in real estate app development to allow a prospective tenant to view the property without using a key. It will increase the number of home showings and speed up lease signings.

Document Management

Document Management

A paperless document management system allows tenants to easily upload, download, store and retrieve documents for sharing with their landlord with the help of real estate agents. It can include a tenant's form, credit score, cheques and insurance documents.

Tenant and Lease Tracking

Tenant and Lease Tracking

The tenant should be able to view their long-term or short-term lease agreement and track the progress of the lease. This feature allows tenants to keep track of the terms and conditions of their rental agreement, including details about move-ins and move-outs and outstanding costs.

Support for legal compliance

Support for legal compliance

Social landlords must ensure that they comply with all regulations. Legal compliance support is available to all housing associations, regardless of their requirements.This feature has been implemented by our Andriod app development services to help users.

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How Does Property Management App Work?

It couldn't get any easier to start using the Landlord Studio App. Downloading the app is the first step. After downloading the app, create an account on its desktop portal. Gather your property and personal information before you begin creating your account. Set up your account in four easy steps.

  • Add property address
  • Add extra details (as asked)
  • Add multiple units/units to your property
  • Add buildings, flat, etc.
  • Add your Lease
  • Please add any additional details (if asked)
  • Add tenants' details
  • You are now done with the setup.

Cost To Develop App Like Landlord Studio

It is impossible to calculate the price of an app for property management without knowing any specifics. The cost of real estate app development is heavily dependent on these factors.

  • App Complexity
  • App Design
  • Tech Stack
  • Project Size
  • Developer’s Location
  • Development platforms
  • Testing & maintenance

It may take between 4 and 6 weeks to develop an MVP solution. If you want to build a fully-featured mobile application that includes all these modern technologies and features, the cost can range from $15,000 to $35,000. It will depend on the complexity of your app. Instead of assuming these estimates and relying on them, we recommend booking a consultation with our developers to discuss your project details and receive a free estimate of your best landlord app.

How to Create an App like Landlord Studio

Want to build an app that will outshine your competitors with a few clicks of the finger? We've got you covered. Our team of property management app developers have compiled a step-by-step process for developing an app similar to landlord studio software.

Conduct Market Research

Landlord Studio's app is built around two key components: market research and competitor analysis. This step is essential for successful planning and developing a property management app. Spend more time researching the project.

Finalize App Features

Remember that your application's success will be heavily dependent on its features. Selecting unique features for an application similar to Landlord Studio is important. Hire mobile app developers if you have trouble determining what features to include.

Discover App Scope

Analyze the scope of the landlord app before you begin. You can create a property-management app that meets your goals and generates revenue by conducting a thorough scope analysis.

Create an MVP

A Minimum Viable product is recommended to gain a better understanding of the appearance of your app. You can get feedback from users and make changes before the launch. As a result, mobile app development costs will be reduced.

Decide UX/UI

It is important to create a top landlord app and pay attention to its design. A pleasing UX/UI will captivate the user at first sight, making the real estate apps more engaging and easy to use. Hire dedicated developers if you don't have the necessary expertise.

Develop Landlord Studio App

The property management app is now ready to be developed. Building an app such as Landlord Studio is a crucial step. For expert advice and support, it is best to partner with a property management app developer or hire a team of skilled mobile app developers.

Mobile App Testing

After creating a landlord studio app, it is important to test it thoroughly. It involves identifying the errors and correcting them. This step helps ensure the real estate app, Landlord Studio, has a smooth user experience. Hire business analysts with experience.

Launch an Application

After completing all steps, you can launch your app on the platform of your choice. The target audience's interests and preferences will determine whether you develop an Android app or iOS. Be clear about the audience's availability.

App Support & Maintenance

You can also seek out mobile app maintenance and support services to update the app according to the latest trends. You can avoid future Real estate app development costs by ensuring timely maintenance.

Top 10 Landlord Studio Alternatives

Find out the top 10 dynamic Landlord Studio alternatives that offer diverse property management options tailored to your needs.

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Rental markets are always looking for ways of standardizing and optimizing processes. Property management software allows them to automate and track back-office, financial, and property-related functions. By providing a unified channel of communication between owner-tenant-property manager, a PMS streamlines owner-tenant-property manager interactions. Custom real estate solutions allow business owners to grow and develop unique designs and features. Our development team will gladly assist you if you realize the benefits of creating one. Our developers, graphic designers and QA specialists will work together to create a cutting-edge solution. Dev Technosys is a leading mobile app development company that can help create an app similar to landlord studio.

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