Introducing PayZapp: Your all-in-one solution for seamless online payments with a wide range of users that completely changes the transaction scene. PayZapp app was founded by the managing director of HDFC bank Aditya Puri in 2015.

Its user-friendly design and variety of features solidify its status as the market's top app by making it the first pick for digital payments. On its e-wallet service PayZapp, HDFC has also made UPI transactions available. The mobile payment application PayZapp was recently updated by HDFC, however only a select number of users would be able to utilize the new version. Also, PayZapp wallet to bank transfer charges no money from its users.

users may transact easily and securely with PayZapp at their fingertips. PayZapp's user-friendly design makes it simple to split costs with friends, acquire tickets, or enjoy shopping.

But that's not all – it's not just about convenience; PayZapp fosters a vibrant community of users, creators, and entrepreneurs, bringing together a diverse range of talents.

Due to the huge demand for online payment apps, various entrepreneurs are planning to grab this profitable opportunity by entering into the realm of PayZapp wallet app development like PayZapp.

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What is payzapp-app? – Take a Look!!

What is PayZapp?

PayZapp is an online payment app created by HDFC bank’s managing director Aditya Puri in 2015. It facilitates users with the advantage of the ewallet services. Users may download the PayZapp app from both Play store and app store. With this amazing app, users can make hassle-free and secure transactions.

Additionally, the services PayZapp provides to its users are – online bill payments, mobile recharge, money transfer, food ordering, tickets booking and even online shopping with its partnered dealers. However, users can make payments with multiple payment gateways integration options including credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking.

It is a popular option for cashless payments since its strong security features guarantee that clients data is secured throughout transactions.

Did you know? PayZapp has obtained more than 14 million users in India! Fascinated by this numbers, let’s check out more interesting facts about PayZapp:

  • Approximately 43.3% of PayZapp customers utilize the e-wallet feature for financial transactions.
  • Referral traffic accounts for the majority of all traffic to the PayZapp mobile app.
  • 12.3 percent of PayZapp users use the tools and technologies associated with mobile payment apps.
  • The PayZapp mobile app is now ranked 1052nd in Canada's banking rankings.
  • Over 1 billion transactions totaling $100 billion have been handled by the app.
  • After Google Pay and PhonePe, PayZapp is the third most used mobile payment app in India.
  • Over 60% of the app's users are under 35, and the majority of them are young and urban.
  • A user may register up to 2 PayZapp accounts or two PayZapp mobile phones to 1 PAN number.
  • Additionally, HDFC has made UPI transactions possible through its PayZapp e-wallet service.

The most popular feature of PayZapp mobile app development is its hassle-free send and receive money to other countries(internationally). One such amazing thing about PayZapp is it does not charge huge fees for money transfer to other countries.

Due to its huge popularity and success, multiple businesses are putting money into creating an app like PayZapp. So if you are also among them, Dev Technosys is the one stop destination that can provide you with amazing eWallet app development with its seasoned experts.

Screenshots of PayZapp — Online Payment App

Curious to know how PayZapp looks? Its captivating red and blue interface facilitates an ideal platform for users to seamless transactions. Let’s have a glimpse of this outstanding online payment app like PayZapp:

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Key Features of an App Like PayZapp

The success of Online payment apps is largely due to its attributes. So, explore unique features of PayZapp developed by iOS and android app development services experts. For a seamless and safe digital payment experience, embrace its unique features.

Incredible Features To Add In App Like payzapp-app
Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer

PayZapp app facilitates a convenient way to transfer money to others. Users may hassle-free send or receive money to any of their contacts in their call directory or through email. Also, users are allowed to transfer money from PayZapp wallet to bank transfer.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

This feature enables users’ data and their money to be secure with heavy encryption and firewalls, it ensures no breaching of users' confidential data as well as money from their bank account.

Cashbacks and Attractive Offers

Cashbacks and Attractive Offers

PayZapp app allows users with amazing offers and cashbacks on multiple partnered dealers and online shopping websites. This makes it a profitable offer for users and makes shopping a more pleasurable experience. From PayZapp, users may get 5% of cashbacks facilities. For instance, PayZapp bill payment, mobile recharge, movie booking and online shopping.



With this feature, users can enable various rewards through discount offers, cashback facility, reward points. Users can redeem these offer points with partnered dealers.



This unique recharge feature allows users to conveniently recharge their mobile phones and DTH connections. Also, users can recharge others prepaid and postpaid mobile plans. So if you also want to integrate this feature in your app, then you must hire mobile app developers.

Payment of Utility Bills

Payment of Utility Bills

Through the PayZapp app’s utility feature, users may effortlessly pay their utility bills. Also, users no longer need to stand in long lines to make these payments, which makes it a hassle-free experience for users.

Travel Booking/Movie Booking

Travel Booking/Movie Booking

PayZapp offers a standard travel and movie booking feature where users can book movie show tickets in an easy way and promptly. With this attribute, users can avail various cashbacks and discounts offers.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

The traditional methods of users buying has been modified by online shopping. Users may use the PayZapp app to link their debit or credit cards and profit from online shopping whenever and wherever it suits them. Also, this feature eliminates the need to enter card information several times on different websites. It helps consumers save a lot of time and effort.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

PayZapp app allows users to make grocery shopping from a huge array of retail stores and merchants. Users may pay for their groceries safely online while lounging in the privacy of their own homes.

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How Does an Online Payment App Like PayZapp Work?

So you must be wondering how to use PayZapp wallet balance? Well, you need to know first how it operates. Basically, users first download the app from play store or app store. They will then create an account using their required details.

However, after signing up, users securely connect their debit or credit cards to PayZapp accounts. To pay, users choose the service or retailer they want to use from the app, type in the payment amount, and then choose the linked card.

After that, PayZapp may request a PIN or biometric authentication from the user in order to confirm the transaction's security. If it's more convenient for them, they may also utilize the 'Scan and Pay' option to make speedy purchases by scanning QR codes at partner stores.

More over, users can use PayZapp for a variety of transactions, including bill payments, recharges, online shopping, and even financial transfers to other PayZapp users. It makes sure that transactions go smoothly at fingertips with its user-friendly UI and secure platform. So in order to avail banking app development services for building a robust PayZapp, you need to consult with a professional app development firm.

Cost to Develop PayZapp App

Building an online payment app like PayZapp requires huge investment and time for amazing user experience. Also, the cost to develop a mobile app like PayZapp depends on multiple factors and technological upgradation. Usually, the cost to make a basic app will be around $8000-14000. While it can go up to $25000 or more if you integrate advanced features in it.

Let’s check out the crucial factors that affect the PayZapp mobile app development cost:

  • Complexity of the app
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Development time
  • Technology Stack
  • Development team’s Location
  • Testing & maintenance
  • Development platforms
  • Marketing & promotion

Each of the aforementioned factors increases the cost of developing an ewallet app like PayZapp. Now that you know what goes into making an app like PayZapp, it's time to start considering these factors and producing mobile apps by consulting an iPhone app development company.

How to Build an Online Payment App Like PayZapp?

Want to build a PayZapp online payment app but do not know how to develop one? Well, creating an online payment app is not a complicated process. You just need to follow a development procedure to build an app by hiring PayZapp's online app development company. Discover the enchanting step-by-step process to build your own app like PayZapp:

Define Project Scope

First, you need to define the scope of the project to create an app like PayZapp. It will allow you to understand who your target audience is and what their actual motive is for using PayZapp. Once you are cleared with the objective and scope of the app, you can jump to the next step.

Market Research

After you are clear of the project scope, next you should start seeking for the various online payment apps similar to PayZapp in the market. Understanding your rivals' identities and unique selling propositions will help. Also, you must know how you can stand out from the competition. By using the information from this study, you may refine your idea and make informed decisions as you build PayZapp for business.

Design User Interface

Once you are done with market research, make an intuitive and visually alluring interface that fulfills that customers needs. Ensure the UI/UX must be convenient and user-friendly so that users may not find it hard to use. You should hire dedicated developers who can integrate the attractive components to enhance the user experience.

Integrate key Feature & Tech Stack

Features are the essential part of any application which makes it more engaging. So when you integrate features in an app like PayZapp, you must know if it is worth it. To promote user engagement and activity, you may also include a gamification function. Additionally, ask the development team to add the latest tech stack to build an app like PayZapp.

PayZapp App Development

Now you should start building an ewallet app like PayZapp that handles data storage, user authentication between users. For this, you need to hire a mobile app development expert who may implement a secure database.

Testing and QA

Ask the testers and quality analyst team to conduct a thorough app testing to find out errors and bugs. Before releasing a product to the public, it undergoes testing in a live environment to find and fix errors. Once changes are made, it's ready for launch.

Final Release

Once you successfully tested the app, your PayZapp credit card payment app is ready to launch. Choose the platform for app launch based on the choice of your target audience. For instance, if your potential audience are more android users, then launch it on the play store.

Maintenance and Support

To provide users the best experience possible, regularly update and enhance your application's functionality. Take assistance from mobile app maintenance and support services who can update and maintain app functionalities. It will assist in increasing the longevity of your app.

Top 10 Alternatives of PayZapp Ewallet App

PayZapp has gained huge popularity since its inception. However, there are other apps too that are ruling the market. Want to know what they are. Let’s discover the top 10 alternatives of ewallet app like PayZapp:

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Unlock Hassle-free Transaction: Download PayZapp and Make Payment Process Easier.

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PayZapp is a ground-breaking mobile payment app that has revolutionized the way people do commerce. Since its debut in 2015, it has grown significantly in popularity, boasting over 10 million active users and 4 million merchant partners. PayZapp conducts more than 2 million transactions every day, proving its durability while providing a smooth, safe, and convenient experience.

The relentless expansion of online payment apps like PayZapp, continues due to numerous banks' involvement and the rising demand for convenient mobile payment solutions. Thus, if you are a business person who wants to build an app like PayZapp, now is the appropriate time.

Just grab the opportunity and make your name in the online payment world. Contact Dev Technosys, top mobile app development company, who can help in building a unique and cutting-edge online payment app like PayZapp at an affordable price.

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