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This week we're going to talk about Travel applications. When it comes to travelling, what applications come to your mind like TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip, Airbnb and many more?

TripAdvisor is an American travel company which functions through its mobile app and website. Stephen Kaufer and Langley Steinert founded TripAdvisor in February 2000. Its headquarters is located in Needham, Massachusetts, United States. It is the only travel app company which works worldwide and offers travel services to its loyal users. In 2019,, the most widely used brand of the corporation, attracted 463 million unique viewers per month.

When Trip Advisor first launched, it was a site that allowed customers to write ratings and reviews of hotels and restaurants related to their stays and restaurants they visited. These ratings and reviews have negative and positive sides, making users feel more engaged. TripAdvisor quickly added additional rating sections for airlines, rental properties, vacation events, etc.

Now it is the industry leader among travel applications, delivering ratings for every travel-related topic. Before leaving on a trip, millions of tourists prefer to read the reviews posted on Travel Planning Platforms. This is because TripAdvisor ratings may be found for both well-known and lesser-known vacation destinations. Due to such growth and expansion, several start-ups wanted to invest in apps like TripAdvisor.

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What is TripAdvisor? - At a Glance!

TripAdvisor received 90.2 million views in December 2020 and as of January 2021. However, it is vital to know that the TripAdvisor app is ranked among the top 10 apps available in 26 countries and is accessible in 28 dialects and 49 markets globally. To provide you with an in-depth go-through on how a business is interested in creating an app like TripAdvisor then, you must read through these market stats:

  • It has around 859 million reviews and comments on roughly 8.6 million businesses, including 1.2 million travel experiences globally, 842,000 rental homes, 5.2 million eateries, and 1.4 million hotels, inns, bed & brunches, and other types of housing.
  • Expedia Group, Booking Holdings, and their subsidiaries provided 33% of TripAdvisor’s revenue in 2019, primarily for pay-per-click marketing.
  • So, over the previous financial year, TripAdvisor, Inc.'s global assets increased by almost 16% in 2021.
  • By December 31, 2021, TripAdvisor’s net assets had increased from 1.97 billion dollars in 2020 to around 2.29 billion dollars.
  • In 2020 and 2021, the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus significantly impacted the tourism and hospitality sectors. TripAdvisor, Inc. recorded massive losses in both of these years as a result of the effects of the health crisis.
  • The multinational firm lost about 148 million U.S. dollars in 2021, whereas TripAdvisor lost 289 million U.S. dollars in 2020, following a significant decline in 2020 owing to the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus, TripAdvisor, Inc.
  • According to the Global Employment Report for 2021, the number of employees worldwide increased by approximately 3.7 percent. As of December 31, 2021, TripAdvisor employed over 2,700 individuals overall.

Now that you have a specific market report on TripAdvisor, you know how vast its growth is. Every start-up is looking to build apps like TripAdvisor by witnessing the massive expansion in the traveling of individuals. You can also get your App Like like TripAdvisor, developed by an excellent team of developers.

Screenshot of TripAdvisor– A Magnificent World's Largest Travel Site

Here are screenshots of the smooth user interface and well-designed TripAdvisor mobile app. TripAdvisor is an excellent illustration of a premium travels mobile app. It is one of the most excellent travel apps available due to its incredible functionality and hotel selection on the apps.

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Key Features of the TripAdvisor App

Any application, even a custom app like TripAdvisor, depends on its features. After all, excellent features are an integral element of the application; more than beautiful destinations and hotels will get users to change them. The same factors also impact UX, which raises user customer engagement overall.

TripAdvisor offers some of the most significant capabilities for a custom app like TripAdvisor, serving as a superb instance of travel app development. Considering these elements can be helpful if you're building an app like TripAdvisor. So let's start from here.

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Easy Registration Process

User Registration or Login

With the help of email, phone number and social media account, a user can register and login into an app like TripAdvisor to access the application's unique features.

Get a Deal & Discounts

Get a Deal & Discounts

An app like TripAdvisor displays an extensive range of deals & discounts available in the app upon successful user verification, so the user can pick the deals they want. It is easy for users to choose their preferred ones from among them.

Holiday Package

Holiday Package

TripAdvisor offers vacation packages; all information about the packages is accessible on the application, including discounts on hotel and transportation arrangements.



With their built-in maps and navigational features, users can explore maps of the city they visit. Apps similar to TripAdvisor make it simpler for users to locate their way around unfamiliar areas. Additionally, instructions and data on surrounding locations will be provided. With the help of this feature, users can check out some fantastic places nearby their hotel or book accommodations to explore and enjoy.

Book A Guide

Book A Guide

It is an option that will help users book a guide to explore new places. On the other hand, guides may sign up for the app either as individuals or as members of companies with full credentials to make users feel the same in their journey.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

It is the most crucial feature which provides convenience to users. The payment gateway has multiple payment methods, including UPI, Cash, Credit & Debit card, and many more payment options to make users feel more convenient.



Through this feature, a user can search and filter their search of hotels and places with time, date, location, price, and many other things. It is the most compelling feature many users of apps similar to TripAdvisor love.



This feature allows users to review or check the current and old booking history with every essential credential needed in TripAdvisor and similar apps.

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How Does TripAdvisor Work?

Now that you know, a TripAdvisor-similar app is a fantastic travel app that offers several advantages to users regarding trip guidance. TripAdvisor works with a simple model to provide its users with safe and convenient travel. TripAdvisor is an excellent travel app that facilitates gathering travel-related data, posting reviews, and reserving services like hotels and rental cars. With the help of TripAdvisor, you can explore some of the most fantastic Hotels, Holiday rentals, Activities, Restaurants, Flights, cruises, and many other things. The forum section of TripAdvisor is where users can post any issues they encounter while travelling. In addition, applications enable users to submit inquiries about any destination they wish to visit and receive first-hand responses from others. Read the following to know how the Travel planning Platform business works.

  • It provides convenience by avoiding making large or frequent reservations for airlines, rooms, and other travel-related services.
  • It offers cheaper or lower charges to rival advertising networks.
  • It charges the fees and transfers them to the travel businesses.
  • Tripadvisor offers more ads, coverage, and other products that meet your customers' demographics.

Cost to Develop Apps Like TripAdvisor

Without a doubt, TripAdvisor is a fantastic illustration of top-notch travel app development. So, these samples are sufficient if a startup or company wants to develop an app like TripAdvisor. Hence, if you want to create an app similar to TripAdvisor, you must know its travel app development cost.

Nowadays, you need to hire a travel app developer to work on your project if you want to create a similar app. On average, a travel app development can be created for anywhere between $16,000 and $25,000. However, you must know that the cost may vary depending on various elements involved in development. Here are some factors that can influence development costs:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Features of the app
  • App Size
  • Developer Location
  • Development Tech Stack
  • Process of Testing
  • App Deployment
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development

These were some of the elements that influenced the price of developing a travel app. Additionally, it is vital to ensure that you communicate with a qualified travel app development company if you want to customise your application according to business needs.

How to Develop Apps Like TripAdvisor?

For startups and businesses looking to create an App Like TripAdvisor, servers offer a suitable example for travel application development. As the top-notch travel app, TripAdvisor boasts a tonne of incredible features and a beautiful UI/UX. This serves as a fantastic starting point for drawing inspiration.

As a result, there are several additional steps inside the development phase if you want to build a travel app which you should you must follow:

Market Research

It is crucial to conduct market analysis before beginning the development phase of an app like TripAdvisor. It's essential to educate oneself on modern innovations, features, and competitive dynamics when developing mobile applications. You can get all the market analysis reports by visiting statical websites.

Competitor Research

It is now necessary for you to review the profile of competitors that you created throughout your market analysis and begin examining their business strategies. TripAdvisor's industry analysis is the stage of the best trip advisor app development. It would help if you comprehended the market tactics, accomplishments, and nearly anything else that has contributed to their expansion and advancement.

Scope of Online Travel Platform

Professionals must evaluate the extent of your business now as you have a competition study of an app like TripAdvisor. As soon as you formulate a list of the features, capabilities, and technology stacks you intend to deploy in your best trip advisor app, you choose the scope of your app. Completing this stage may aid the seamless development cycle for an app like TripAdvisor.

MVP Production

Every software platform must understand that its MVP is the foundation for its success. You must focus on developing an MVP for your app in this stage to set it aside from competitors like TripAdvisor. As soon as you create an MVP for your business, you must be aware of that. Before the application is released, people will assess it, provide input, and estimate the development cost.

Choosing UX/UI

Every travel application requires distinctive elements to capture users' interest over time, including the application's user interface, pictures, and exciting content. Creating an app like TripAdvisor is crucial to choose an engaging UI/UX that involves creating your online travel platform to stand out from the crowd.

Development Phase

It's time to begin creating an app similar to TripAdvisor now that you've got it all in your possession, observing your app's MVP. It is crucial to go over everything because developing the design process, including functionality, the technology stack, the MVP, and various other things, will keep your app's production, like TripAdvisor, on pace.

App Evaluation

App testing is the crucial stage left in building an app like TripAdvisor. It would be best if you got to work on application testing after the outcome. Its most crucial stage of the development process is app testing, which must be carried out to prevent defects and faults in the app after release.

App Launch

It's time to publish your application, an App Like TripAdvisor, on the platform of your choice now that it has undergone inspection. It's time to release your programme on Google Play or the App Store, according to how well it works. However, make careful to deploy apps without assistance from experts.

Maintenance and Support

Additional crucial components of an app like TripAdvisor are maintenance and support. Therefore, it's essential to keep in mind that maintaining your apps is just as important as developing and testing them. Your app will eventually have issues and glitches if you neglect to maintain it.

What Are the Best Alternatives to TripAdvisor Available in The Market?

We all are conscious of how famous TripAdvisor are right now. As TripAdvisor's popularity grew, many people began as competitors. Here is a breakdown of a few top Apps like Airbnb and TripAdvisor substitutes that you ought to check out.

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App Available On

Nowadays, everyone loves to travel, and when it comes to stepping, discovering new and bizarre areas is usually fascinating, but many activities are involved. In the past few years, travelling applications have been a significant factor in making travelling fun. Travel apps like TripAdvisor make it convenient to arrange your trip, whether for purchasing tickets, choosing accommodations, scheduling dinners, seeing the sights, or giving directions. Hence the revenue from such applications makes the market flooded by user engagement. So if you're one of the startups with brilliant ideas about travel apps like Tripadvisor, don't keep it to yourself. Hire Travel app developers to get exclusive trap app features and functions like TripAdvisor.Get in touch with us so we "together" can build your app like TripAdvisor, which will sprinkle the magic of travel convenience worldwide.
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