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It is great to have a mobile app that can guide you on your tour and travel whenever you are on vacation. The increased demand for such travelers around the world raises the demand for traveling app development, which can be a great business for any company involved in Tour and travel app development. Read this blog to know more about how much tour & travel app development costs.

There are many travel apps present in the market that help travelers explore places. The tours and travels app development cost varies depending on their type, complexity, features, etc. On average, a travel mobile app costs around $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform.

Travel apps assist in getting better control over the journey and make it much more comfortable as much as possible. This is why businesses nowadays plan to develop a tour and travel mobile app. So, if you are also planning to develop your own mobile app for personal or even monetary purposes, you need to know certain essential features of an app and the cost incurred.

Current Market Stats of Travel App Development

The tours and travel app development market have seen an amazing hike in the past few years. This is majorly due to the increased usage of smartphones and social media. Today travelers are more likely to book their tours, flights, hotels, and more by mobile application. The tremendous growth of the tours and travel market has led to increased competition.


Current Market Stats of Travel App Development


The following stats clearly indicate the ever-rising demand for travel apps today. 

  • In the next 3 years, 84% of airlines worldwide will implement AI technologies.
  • Around 61% of travelers in the US have booked their tours and travel using a smartphone.
  • 26% of travel app development companies incorporate chatbots in their applications.
  • Travel app like booking.com was one of the most downloaded applications in the past few years.
  • Since COVID-19, 21% of global travelers have used travel agent mobile apps.
  • More than half of the US travelers use tours and travel mobile apps for adding extras to their bookings on the go and pay online using in-app secure payment gateways.

So, these are some recent stats that clearly signifies the importance to develop a tour and travel app in today’s time. So, now that you are thinking of creating a tour & travel app, let’s discover the ways to develop such an app and the features that make it unique & successful.


What Smart Features any Travel App Should Have

Different Types of Tours & Travels Mobile Applications

Nowadays, plenty of applications helps people arrange their accommodation, travel, transfer, entertainment, and more. But, of course, different apps have different pricing, so let’s take a glance at the different types of travel mobile apps.


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1. Travel Planning App 

This app helps users find travel packages, make a reservation, analyze reviews, and more for safe travel planning.

2. Accommodation Booking App

This app connects hotels and property owners with travelers who need accommodation during their travel.

3. Flight Booking App

This app allows users to choose multiple flight options while comparing the prices and buying a ticket online.

4. Travel Guide App

This app is basically for travelers who look for entertainment, events, restaurants, cities, and more during their travel.

5. Navigation App

This app help travelers get a perfect navigation route from the airport to the required destination.

So, these are some different types of tours and travel mobile applications available. Each of them has its own set of requirements and costs. So, you need to first decide the type of travel app you want to develop and then begin the process.


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How To Develop A Tour & Travels Management Software? 5-Step Process

Wondering how to develop tours and travels management software? Follow this five-step simple process and get a well-developed travel mobile app in hand. 

Step 1 – Define App’s Objective

The foremost step to developing a perfect app for your tours and travel business is defining your application’s objective. You won’t be able to develop a perfect travel app unless your objectives are well-defined. So first, decide the type of travel app you want to create and finalize your business goals.

Step 2 – Research Your Target Audience

Next, coming to the second step of travel application development, i.e., researching the target audience. Now that you are well-versed with your application’s objectives, it is high time to start the research. You can ease your job by studying your niche’s relevant applications and knowing their features, limitations, and loopholes. This will help you develop an application overcoming those loopholes which will make your app stand out.

Step 3 – Finalize Application Features

While creating a travel planner app, finalizing the features holds key importance, so do not overlook this step. Before you incorporate the features, take some time, analyze the needs of your travel app, and then proceed further. For the first time, include only the basic features and then add advanced features if your budget allows it. The more features you will include, the higher the travel app development cost will be.

Step 4 – Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

As developing tours and travels applications isn’t that easy process, you need to hire dedicated tours and travels app developers to create an outstanding application for you. They possess years of experience in creating out-of-the-box applications while overcoming the tour management app hurdles. So, conduct extensive research to find the best-suited developers for your tours and travels project.

Step 5 – Start Tours & Travels App Development Process

Finally, when you successfully perform the steps mentioned above, it is time to start developing tours and travels management software. Explain all your project requirements to the developers properly, and they will help you create a travel application adhering to your business needs.

So, this is a five-step process that will help you with successful tours and travel mobile app development. Now that the complete process of ‘How to develop tours and travel app?’ is revealed to you, it is time to begin the mobile app development process.

We all know the fact that creating a successful app isn’t a cakewalk, so it is better to hire dedicated app developers rather than struggling all alone. Also, include the following features into your travel mobile app to achieve success in the coming time.



Key Features of A Successful Tours & Travel Mobile App

The cost of the travel app is associated with the features it has. Features make the travel app better than the competitors in the same tourism industry. There is a wide range of mobile tour and travel apps present, and if your app isn’t unique, you will face failure. So, you need to inculcate certain features, which are mentioned below:


Key Features of A Successful Tours & Travel Mobile App

1. Travel Planner

It includes destination-search features, travel tips, guides, trip scheduling, document storing, e-tickets, etc.

2. Travel Journal

Integrating the camera app allows travelers to capture their most precious travel moments in different live notes.

3. Maps and Navigation

A mobile travel app need to have this feature irrespective of all the basic purposes of any travel app have.

4. In-app Booking

It allows the user to make all the bookings for flights, hotels, cabs, etc., while on the go through the travel app. You can easily inculcate deals and offers to provide the app with an added advantage.

5. Recommendations and Reviews

The users look for information to check the reliability of a hotel, travel, and transport-related service.

6. Local Area Information

It includes all the information related to the travel destination and city transport guides in the travel app, which can assist the tourists in getting around the destination with ease.


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7. Integrated Translation Facility

It allows the users to overcome the barrier of language when they are visiting any particular foreign-speaking place or country.

8. Weather Forecast

It is another essential feature that every mobile travel app should have as every traveler wants to get information about the weather condition of the place of visit.

9. Emergency and Local Helpline Numbers

These numbers are available in different cities and countries, which can help the traveler in case of an emergency.

10. Other Features

There are some essential features such as filter, dedicated user account, search facility, social integration, currency converter, itinerary generator, world clock, Wi-Fi finder, events listing and booking, dating, and networking, etc.

Your travel app may contain all these features depending on the core purpose of your app. However, you should include the most basic things, such as maps and blogs, whenever you are creating a mobile app for travelers.

The more the features will be, the higher the tour management app costs. To help businesses develop an app within their budget and profit from their tours and travels application, we have mentioned some smart monetization strategies that will work below.


Travel App Development Revenue Models, Features, Cost


Smart Monetization Strategies For Tours and Travels Management Software

Most businesses develop an app, but fail to get the desired profit from it. The reason is they lack monetization strategies. So, here is a list of the five most crucial and smart monetization strategies that can do wonders for your travel application development process. Let’s explore what are they.


Smart Monetization Strategies For Tours and Travels Management Software

1. In-app Purchases

This is one of the excellent sources for monetizing travel management software. Research shows around 50% of revenue is generated from in-app purchases. So, you can smartly use these factors and earn more business profit. Just develop a free travel app version and then include an in-app purchase feature for the users who wants to access the premium version.

2. Brand Partnerships

You can simply partner with a brand which is definitely a win-win situation for your business. For example, while monetizing your tours and travel application, you can easily introduce your app’s worth and value to the users. Brand partnerships work for you, especially when you have a large user base or an app in a niche market.

It will enable the brands to connect with their potential audience through your application, which will increase brand awareness and bring profit.


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3. In-app Advertisements

Of course, every user prefers to use a free travel mobile application over a paid one, and this will force you to implement a different monetization approach. This is where in-app advertisement comes into the picture and helps you stay afloat in the market.

While advertising your tours and travel application, make sure it is methodically placed and should be of high quality. This strategy will surely help you increase revenue and profit in the coming time.

So, these three are the smart monetization strategies for your tours and travels app development that will bring some money to the table while increasing brand awareness in no time. Besides implementing the monetization strategies, you should also be well-versed with the travel mobile app development cost to plan accordingly.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

Estimating Tour & Travel App Development Cost

So, you might be wondering much does it cost to develop an on-demand service app like travel apps. On average, tour and travel app development costs lie between $10,000 and $50,000. Still, the cost of the app development depends on multiple factors, which are mentioned below:


Estimating Tour & Travel App Development Cost


  • In-house mobile app development or outsourcing app development to other companies.
  • The platform of the app- iOS or Android.
  • Number as well as the extent of features that are introduced in the app.
  • The estimated time to develop and launch the app in the market.
  • The total number of developers, quality analysts, etc., is working on the project.


On average, the tour and travel app development costs range between $10,000 and $20,000, which depends on the factors mentioned above. You can hire Android app developer or app development company for tour and travel app development under your budget. All these essential criteria, features, and development aspects will provide an overview of the costing structure of the development of the travel app.

Ensure that you inculcate all the necessary features to make your app competitive enough. Tour and Travel apps have a great market, and they can help your travel business to achieve success. So, do not delay any further and begin the process of tours and travels app development.