Introduction To Queue Management System

The queue is everywhere, and it is part of our life. We experience it around at the metro station while going to the office, waiting at Airport to go on a vacation, or waiting at a theater to watch a favorite movie. What if—there is no queue, and you can stand where you want? It will bring only chaos because nobody wants to wait.

Sometimes, it becomes too tough for a business owner to manage the queue. Then here comes the new-age way of managing the lines, and that is— Queue Management System.

Suppose you have a business where you have to deal with the customers physically, such as a coffee shop or a restaurant. You can leverage it to engage the customers in the best way. You can offer a seamless way for the customers to avail of all services with a fantastic experience.

This guide is about the queue management system and its various aspects: what it is, why it is needed, what the benefits are, and others.

So, let’s get started !!!

What Is A Queue Management System Software?

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The Queue is directly related to the demand and supply mechanism. The best example is the line of users outside Apple stores for iPhone-14. However, due to human nature, when we hear about the Queue, then in our imagination, a crowd standing in a sequence takes place.

The conceptual definition of queue management systems can be given as follows—It is a process of managing customers’ crowds and controlling the flow. It ensures that the service must be delivered to the customers within a given time frame.

The software can help you to do it in a better way. The sole foundation of queue management software is an algorithm that helps business representatives or customer desk executives to cater to customers effortlessly. Moreover, queue management routes the customers to the right desk at the right time. While implementing queue management via software or an app, a key role player is a software development company with expertise.

Why There Is A Need Of Queue Management System?

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In bigger cities, the population is rising due to migration and multiple possibilities for earning. So at any store during business hours there is always a queue. It is not with the shopping stores, but even at hospitals also. So, there is a considerable need for queue system software such as queue management systems in the hospital or any other.

The queue management technology is a fantastic solution to manage the crowd at events, schools, universities, theaters, hospitals, and any other place wherever required.

There are two significant components of a human queuing system, one is a service provider, and the other is humans who make the queue. For better insight, you need to understand the types of queues, such as-

  • Structured Queue

    It is called a structured queue when people stand in a predictable position. The simplest examples are queues at the airport, grocery store, entry at some event, etc.

  • Single Counter Queue

    A single counter queue works like there is one service provider serving the queue of customers.

  • Symmetric Queue Counters

    The symmetric queue counters refer to the multiple queues at multiple counters offering the same services. Its best example is queuing at the railway station or at metro stations.

  • Exclusive Counters

    When a service provider offers different types of services at different counters, then it is called an exclusive counter queuing system. An example is a food court where users need to go to different counters for different food items.

  • Human-types Sensitive Queues

    It is always a better idea to manage the queue based on the different requirements of humans. For example, there is a separate queue at banks or hospitals for senior citizens, pregnant women, and differently abled people.

  • Multiservice Queue

    Its best example is diagnostic centers or clinics, where people put themselves in the queue for different tests, cash billing, or purchasing medicine or consultation with doctors.

    Whatever the queue type is, management is a necessity at the current time to handle the request of the crowd. The queue management system not only handles the physical line but also helps in reducing customers’ waiting time. A queue system software can save you from many things while serving the customers.

Here is the way to software development solutions for your

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How Does Queue Management System Works?

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The prime objective of QMS (queue management system) is to cut-down customers waiting time throughout the shopping or requesting services. It is to ensure that a customer must get the best service experience.

Although to manage the queue, you need to find sensors and other devices; you also need software that you can develop with the help of a software development company.



From the working point of view of the queue system, the token dispenser, token calling unit, LED token display unit, Bluetooth processing unit, and server remain in sync. All units work fully functional to manage the queue and help counter representative manage their task in a well-mannered way. In simplistic terms, an intelligent queue management system sends a token number in SMS. It improves the overall service delivery experience.

Based on the work, you can find the following QMS solutions available in the market such as-

  • Touch Screen Kiosks

  • Paper Token Dispenser

  • LED/LCD Token Display Screen

  • Queue Management System Software

  • Queue Control Box

  • Queue Management Mobile App

  • QR Code generation

And others.

Each of these systems serves the same purpose: to manage the queue or assist the business in controlling crowds.

Now, let’s proceed to the next section of this guide, which is about where queue management systems are needed.

Where You Can Use Queue Management System?

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If you want to know more about queue management system software for business, then you would also like to read the case studies that depict where the queue system is useful. Here are some of the best five use case studies that will give you great insight.

Let’s get started!

  • Educational Institutes

    There are always lines of students registering for the class or examinations at educational institutes. Sometimes it becomes a bottleneck for the administration to manage the queue at counters. Here, queue management system software can help a lot.

    It works like

    • The queue system can reduce the waiting time of students standing outside the admission counter or fee counter.
    • The registrar and administration can leverage it for better management of student queues. It will reduce the efforts that they have to make to manage the students.
    • Intelligent queue management system software can help educational institutes with better resource management, staff management, and student management.
    • It can help students book appointments with instructors effectively.
  • Airports

    Airports are the best place for leveraging queue systems, and they are leveraging it in real -terms. If there is no queue system, then it can create chaos.



    The above image represents the best example of luggage & queue management system failure. In July, there was chaos at Heathrow Airport. There were multiple flight cancellations, long queues, and baggage checking & delivery going to a halt. This example is enough to say why innovative queue management software is required.

  • Retail Shopping Stores

    If there is a small retail shopping store with few customers, there is no need for a queue system. But if it is a big retail shopping store with its premise or located at some big mall, there is considerable need for it. A well-managed queue enhances the buying and selling experience, and it is possible with the help of retail industry solutions for queue management.

  • Technical Service Center

    The technical service center is also one of the best examples of a queue management system. Suppose multiple customers are waiting to get their device repaired; then, with the help of queue management software, they can have a dedicated time.

  • Hospitals

    At any hospital, you can find a queue of patients, and some patients may be in the emergency; what will happen if there is no queue management? But thanks to god, most hospitals have adopted the modern queue management system that ensures appointments on a patient-priority basis. It helps patients get treatment on time; on the other hand, it allows hospitals to handle patients' requests. Queue management systems in hospitals work fantastically.

  • Banking & Finance Institutes

    Banks are also known for the queues of customers. Still, it is significantly less after including the queue systems at the bank. Now customers approach the respective counter for desired work with the token number given to them. Although online banking is trending, token allocation can be done with the help of mobile app development if any customer wants to visit the bank.

Do you know how you can leverage queue management software for

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What Are The Best Queue Management System Software Available in 2022?

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If you are planning to launch a queue management software, it would be beneficial to reference the following top-10 queue management system software available in 2022.

  • Waitwhile

    It is one of the leading software for implementing queue systems, excitingly. It is a virtual waitlist app that notifies customers via SMS. The text message contains a token number with the all the details, such as the service counter number and other information.

  • Wavetec

    Handling multiple types of queues makes it one of the best queue management system software available in the market. Wavetech offers solutions like WhatsApp queuing, linear queuing, virtual queuing, mobile queuing, online appointment booking, and others.

  • Qtrac Virtual Queuing

    Qtrac is known for its virtual queue management system. Still, it is an appointment scheduling system that helps all businesses, such as small, mid-size, and large-sized enterprises, manage their customers.

  • Qminder

    It is one of the latest queue management software and works as a cloud-based queue management platform. It allows remote management of customers and notifies them via text message. A business can leverage it to personalize services as it captures the data.

  • Leyline

    In terms of customer experience and queue management, it is one of the best software available in the market. Leyline made customer visits pleasurable. The users can visit their appointment via their smartphone.

  • Qwaiting

    Qwaiting is a cloud technology-oriented SaaS-based queue management software. It is rich in features and developed with a user-centric approach. It is a suitable option for all businesses. Furthermore, it helps customers via audiovisual instructions. It offers an easy GUI to the desk representative to manage the queue seamlessly.

  • Engageware

    Engageware is one of the software trusted by 500 organizations for appointment scheduling, service management, and knowledge management solutions. It helps customers connect with the right resources and can easily get the desired solution.

  • 2Meters

    Regarding the touchless appointment and queue management system, 2Meters is one of the potential software you can choose for your business. It is also one of the cost-effective solutions you can refer to develop queue management software with the help of a mobile app development company.

  • Hate2wait

    Hate2wait is an intelligent queue management solution that effectively manages queues, and multiple businesses can leverage it to achieve better customer satisfaction.

  • Awebstar Queue Management System

    Last but not least, Awebstar queue management system is also a fantastic queue management software for businesses worldwide. The best part is for first use; you can try it without any cost.

The Benefits of Using A Smart Queue Management System

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A smart queue management system can make many things easy where there is a considerable footfall of customers every day. There are several advantages of it that you would never want to miss.

Let's kick-start the list of benefits of an intelligent queue management system!

  • Less Waiting Time & Shorter Queues

    Queue management software reduces waiting time. And if you want to know why it is essential, then as per market stats, more than 70% of customers abandon a purchase if there is no queue management.

    Most queue management apps or software are based on the fundamentals of virtual queuing that eliminates all the chances of customers standing in a line. They can move forward as per their token received on the device. The queue software can reduce waiting time by up to 50%.

  • Improved Service Quality

    The queue systems are beneficial in all terms and for all, i.e., customers and businesses. As a business owner, you can collect data to improve service quality. You can extract information like average waiting time, peak visiting time, how customers interact, and more. You can use this information to make a fine strategy.

  • Better Management of Resources

    What do you need to achieve seamless operational ability and better management of resources?

    These are shorter queues, data for extracting useful information, and employee engagement in a fine way. Instead of managing the queue, you can make a strategy to handle the customer's request at the best level and better management of resources.

  • Streamlined Communication

    Sometimes language becomes the bottleneck issue while managing the queue. Still, with the help of queue management software, there will be no issues. The users can choose their own language in which they are comfortable reading and writing. It works like the smart queue management software that sends an automated SMS to the visitors' devices in their language.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    It is a surprising fact you can achieve employee satisfaction with the queue management system. Usually, while managing a physical queue, the service agents have to put in all their efforts, which can lead to poor performance and queue optimization. Via using software, you can assign duties to the staff in a smarter way.

    Suppose we conclude the benefits of using a smart queue management system. In that case, its advantages are lesser waiting time, enhanced productivity, high customer satisfaction, better resource allocation, less operational cost, and high-grade operational efficiency.

The Features Of Queue Management System Software

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Most queue management systems consist of two parts, hardware & software, and both work in combination. Without hardware, the software is useless, or vice versa. Although, for a virtual queue, you need hardware and software both. The best part is features of a queue management system have relevance with both.

Let’s explore the list of features!

  • Virtual Queuing

    COVID-19 has changed many things, like most of us prefer social distancing to stay away from any infection that can lead to some serious issues. Virtual queuing is the best solution to it. There is no need to form a line. The customers or visitors signup before arrival, and they get their sequence number. The users can sign up via SMS, call, QR code, or filling in information at the app.

  • Separate Dashboards

    The smart queue management system comes with a dedicated dashboard such as:

    • User Dashboard
    • Agent Dashboard
    • Admin Interface

    The work is simple. A user dashboard helps the users to book an appointment via signup. On the other side, the agent dashboard helps executives to manage the appointments with customers. The admin interface is especially for an administrative or managerial position where they can monitor users and agents. It also helps with reporting and data analytics.

  • Remote Management

    The queue management systems allow managers to manage operations remotely. Suppose there are multiple outlets at different locations than sitting at the head office; they can manage the queue. The system remains associated with the server.

  • Customer Feedback System

    The queue managing software comes with a customer feedback system, and you can consider it one of the best features for improving the overall experience. A feedback system can be in-built, or you can integrate it from outside. The prime objective is to understand the users’ behavior.

  • Geolocation

    It is one of the potential features of queue management apps or software. Customers can view the locations of stores by using it. It also showcases areas of all stores in a city or a country.

How To Develop A Queue Management System?

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The success of the queue management system depends on how you have developed and deployed it. However, you have to take the assistance of the queue management solutions provider to implement it correctly. Still, if you want to know how to develop a queue management system, the following are the steps:

  • Identify Your Needs

    The next step is identifying the needs. It includes what you want to achieve with the help of a queue management system, such as high-quality customer satisfaction, cost saving, and others. It also includes what your expectations are with queue management software.

  • Define Budget Requirements

    It is one of the important steps to developing a queue management system software. It would help if you were clear with your budget; what is the maximum budget limit that you can spend on software development?

  • Shortlisting of Features

    Once you're clear with your needs, then the next step is shortlisting the features. You can include basic features and customize your app by including advanced features in it.

  • Shortlisting of Software Companies

    An experienced software development company can help you to develop a queue management app or software for business. But the question is -

    How to hire software developers to develop queue management software?

    The best idea for the same is to explore the portfolios, customer feedback, and expertise of software development companies. If found a suitable option, then it is okay. Still, suppose you think that multiple companies are suitable per your criteria. In that case, the best idea is to make a shortlist, ask for quotations, and interview them.

  • Hire Software Developers

    Once you have concluded that a particular company can help you implement the queue management system, then it is time to hire software developers. Inquire about their hiring model and choose the right one, such as full-time, part-time, or dedicated hiring.

  • Wireframing & Designing

    The experts you have hired will assist you with wireframing and designing the software. The wireframing represents how your queue managing software will look after development. Once it is final, proceed with designing.

  • Queue Management System Development

    The real coding for developing a queue management system will take place at this stage. The developers will implement the front and backend. The other associated step is database integration to collect and manage the data.

  • Testing & Launch

    The final step is to test and launch the system. There are testing tools available to test the software. The software company you have hired will help you to try it. As an additional effort, you can also beta-test it with the help of real customers. After removing all glitches, launch its final version.

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The Cost To Develop A Queue Management System Software

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An initial cost to develop a customized queue management system software might range between $30,000-$50,000. If you need an advanced version, the cost may be more than $50,000. It is also applicable to the cost to develop a mobile app for queue management.

There are some influencing factors that decide the cost of queue management system software. These are :

  • Number of features

    It works like more features will increase the cost of software development.

  • Add-ons

    To increase the functionality of the queue management app or software, you can customize it by adding third-party add-ons. But here you need to spend some percentage of money.

  • UI/UX Designing

    UI/UX designing covers a major portion of the overall cost of queue system development.

  • Backend Development

    backend of any software works as the backbone, so the same is applied to the queue management software. It covers the major portion of the cost.

  • Team Size

    Team size is one of the top factors that decide the cost of queue management system development. If a project is small in size and the team size is less, the cost will also be less, but if it is big, it surely increases the cost.

  • Testing & Launch

    last but not least factor is testing and launch. Once the software is developed, then, without testing, it can’t be launched. There are some paid testing tools required for it. Once all the glitches are removed, then the launch will be in less time.

How Dev Technosys Can Assist You For Queue Management System Development?

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Dev Technosys is an experienced software development company having experience in developing customized software, mobile apps, web apps, PWAs, and more. Including traditional solutions, we have equal expertise in developing Blockchain Solutions, AI & ML solutions, and more.

Suppose you plan to develop a queue management system. In that case, we can offer you the right solutions with an experienced team of software developers. Our talented pool of experts has diverse expertise to produce business-specific solutions. Their service tenure includes serving some famous global brands.

Our features include the following:

  • Experienced Software Developers

  • Data privacy & Security

  • Non Disclosure Agreement

  • High-quality Project Management

  • Expertise In Using Latest Tech Stack

  • Maintenance & Support

  • Project Consultation

  • Post Release Support

And many more.

If you want to know more about it, we would be happy to discuss your queue management system software idea wit

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