In the current digital landscape, it becomes crucial for businesses to develop a mobile app to grow their business further. According to the study, nearly 1.818 million applications are on the app store, and 2.87 million are marketing their presence on the Google Play store. 

With this increasing demand, various businesses want to develop their mobile app in Cairo. Still, there’s a basic question that comes to every entrepreneur’s mind i.e., “What is the mobile app development cost in Cairo?

This blog will provide detailed information about mobile app development costs and their cost-affecting factors.


What Is Mobile App Development Cost In Cairo?

In Cairo, mobile app development costs depend on many aspects. You should be aware of these factors to make a cost-effective selection. In addition, it will also help you stick to your spending plan. On average, you can avail of the app development services for £6269.76 – £19,593,.00. 


Mobile App Development Elements  Estimated Cost 
Basic App £6294 – £11015
Medium App £11802 – £14163
Complex App £14163 – £17310
Cross-Platform Development £17310 – £19671
UI/UX Design  £3934 – £6294


This table gives you an estimation of the mobile app development cost. But, if you want to know more about its exact price, you should hire mobile app developers who can guide you in developing your mobile application within your budget. 

Look at the key factors that have a key impact in your entire mobile app development cost


1. App’s Complexity 

The complexity of a mobile application can affect its development costs. For instance, a straightforward app with essential functions and features can cost £6269.76. On the other hand, a mid-complexity, advanced-featured app may cost up to £19,593,.00. 


2. App’s Platform 

Before developing a mobile app, choosing a suitable platform is crucial. In Egypt, you can create iOS, web, or Android app development depending on your target audience.


3. Types of Application 

The cost of developing a mobile app can vary depending on the genre. Other factors that affect cost include the number of users, security requirements, and functionality.


4. UI/UX Design

User interface and user experience are other elements that raise the mobile app development cost in Cairo. Furthermore, several design tests also impact the price to meet the client’s needs. You should choose a mobile app development company to craft a user-friendly interface.


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Mobile App In Cairo?

Now that you understand how different elements impact Cairo’s mobile app development cost. But, it is also crucial to know the price of mobile app maintenance.

Generally, mobile app maintenance cost 15 to 20% of the total development budget. For instance, if the cost of your mobile app development is £7839.15, your mobile application maintenance will cost £1175.73- £1567.40annually. So, if you want to know the exact amount of the app’s maintenance, contact an experienced app development company.


Why should you choose Dev Technosys for affordable mobile app development?

Developing a mobile app in Cairo requires excellent preparation. As the mobile app’s costs can vary based on different elements, you must consider every factor to develop the app in your budget.

If you want to bring your idea into reality, you can rely on Dev Technosys. As an experienced and skilled mobile app development company, we  at Dev Technosys offer expert advice before developing their mobile application. To build a successful app, have a consultation with our experts.


Frequently Asked Question 

1. How Much Does It Cost to Create Mobile App Development In Cairo?

It has been forecasted that mobile app development cost in Cairo  is £6269.76. On the other hand, complex and advanced functionality cross-platform applications may cost £19,593,.00. 


2. How Long Does  It Take To Create A Mobile Application In Cairo?

It takes around 3 to 4 months to develop basic and straightforward mobile apps. But an app with advanced functionality takes nearly 5 to 6 months. 


3. What Are Some Hidden Cost Driven Elements In Application Development?

  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Unforeseen market fluctuations
  • Inadequate planning and risk management


4. How To  Monetize The Mobile Application?

Three are several techniques to monetize the mobile app:

  • The partnership model
  • Paid app model 
  • Free app with subscription model
  • Paid and free ap versions model
  • Free app wit in-application purchase model

5. How To Reduce Mobile App Development Cost In Cairo?