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A domain name helps to establish your online credibility, and it also makes your website easier to remember.  Therefore, having a meaningful and memorable custom domain name is essential.

Domain name generators can help you brainstorm a great domain name for your company. These tools can also be used to check for domain availability, provide alternative names, and simplify the registration process. This blog will discuss the 30+ best domain name generators to find the perfect domain.

30 Best Domain Name Generators for 2023

Best Domain Name Generators

As per a Full Stack Development Company, below are some most popular domain name generators that various businesses opt. So let’s check out:

1. Hostinger Domain Checker




With Hostinger’s Domain Checker, you can easily check the availability of domain names and buy one. The tool lets you know if a domain name is available by entering it in the search box. It also offers suggestions based on relevant words and different TLDs.

Hostinger is one of the leading domain name generators that offers a wide range of custom domain extensions. These include popular options like.net,.online, and niche choices like.eu or.fm. You can narrow down your search results by using the filters. You can set the price range between $0.99 and $99.99.

Results show prices and buttons to add names to your cart. Click the button when you have found a domain name that you like. The domain checker will then take you to registration.

2. Zyro

Zyro, a website builder with many AI-based features, includes a domain generator. Enter the desired domain name in the search field and the tool will check availability. The search results may show TLD.com at the top of the list, followed by other domain extensions.

You can use the results to plan your budget or for long-term planning. You can purchase domains by clicking the Add to Cart button. Domain privacy protection is free and hides personal information from the public WHOIS database.

3. Looka




Looka is a great tool for brainstorming business or website names. It is also one of the most feature-rich and comprehensive business or domain name generators.

Enter keywords in the search box and set the character limit. The results will be categorized into three categories: Invented Names, Compound Names, and Multiword Names.

Clicking on any of the results will bring up a sidebar on the left. The pop-up sidebar will provide detailed information on the name, including its pronunciation, availability of domains with different extensions, and availability of social media usernames.

4. Nameboy

Nameboy is among the great domain name generators. This name generator was founded in 1999 and is one of the best-known names in the industry.

Entering your keywords will bring up a list of creative domain names. You can then click on any domain to see details or register by following the instructions. The search is lightning-fast, which allows you to find more domain names in less time.

Nameboy’s team has used its instant domain name search to create other generators, such as: store name, blog, brands, podcasts, startups, names, and more.

5. WPBeginner



WPBeginner is one of many free tools available for business. It offers one of the most powerful AI-powered business name generators on the market. The WPBeginner generator not only searches for business names but also tells you if the domain names that correspond to the business names are available.

This generator is a combination of business name generators and domain name generators. You can find domain name web development ideas easily and check the availability of a wide range of domain extensions.

6. IsItWP

IsItWP is a quick and easy tool for domain research. Enter a few keywords, or your brand name, and the tool will provide a plethora of domain suggestions using different combinations and synonyms. You can refine your results, begin a new search or click on Show More Results to see even more ideas.

7. Shopify



The Shopify Business name generator is a simple tool. Enter a word to search for domains with that word. This tool is easy to use and quick to load. It only requires you to add one word. To use the Shopify domain name generators, simply go to the Shopify website and click on the “Domains” tab. Then, enter a keyword or phrase that you want to use in your domain name in the search bar. The tool will then generate a list of available domain names that match your search criteria.

8. Namecheap

Namecheap is not only a domain name generator but also offers suggestions for domain extensions that are suitable for each business’s needs and preferences. FreeDNS is offered to third-party domain holders at no cost.

Namecheap offers a variety of TLDs, including the newest and most popular ones. This will help make your domain unique. Three simple steps are all it takes to transfer domains without hassle. Users can check domain auctions in real time. Handshake domains are backed by blockchain.

9. Namelix



Namelix is an artificial intelligence-powered business/domain generator. Enter a single word to see thousands of domain names. You can filter the results and only display domains that are available. Namelix provides a user-friendly interface where you can input your desired keywords, select the industry or style you’re looking for (e.g., modern, classic, fun), and generates a list of potential domain names. You can then choose from the list or modify the suggestions to better suit your preferences.

10. LOGO.com

LOGO.com offers a complete set of branding tools, including domain name generators. This generator is an excellent option for businesses that want to establish a more consistent brand.

If you’re still searching for a name for your business, LOGO.com has advanced search settings. This generator allows you to limit your search by adding character or word limits, selecting the preferred TLDs, and allowing for synonyms.

You can also specify your search using certain words. Use double quotes, for example, to include or exclude specific keywords from your business name.



11. Bust a Name

Bust a Name provides two tools for finding the best domain names – Domain Search, and Domain Maker. Both are available at the top. The Domain Search Tool can be used in two ways. You can use the Quick Domain Check feature to check the availability of domains with the.com.net.org extensions quickly.

You can also use the Word Combiner – just add some words to the text box and you will see the domain names generated in the middle column. The domain suggestion tool uses the words you enter to generate new suggestions. In the bottom section, you can change your preferences, including the word combinations, prefixes, and extensions.

12. Domain Wheel


Domain Wheel is an easy-to-use domain name search engine. Enter the keywords, and then select the desired extension from the drop-down list next to the search field. This tool supports 15 extension types, including.blog. Results only include domain names that contain relevant words. By clicking the View Details button, you will be directed to the domain registrar where you can buy the name.

This tool will also provide relevant keyword suggestions if you cannot find a suitable name. Click on one of the suggestions and the tool will provide more domain ideas.

13. NameStation

You must register to use NameStation’s domain name generators. It’s easy to sign up and it is free. NameStation offers a variety of search features once you log in.

You can specify the keyword search criteria by selecting whether you want the domain to contain, begin, end, relate to, or start with the keywords.

You can also specify the category of your domain name and choose from a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose a preferred extension.

14. Domainr


Domainr is among the top domain name generators that have a clean and simple interface. The search bar can be found in the upper-left corner and displays suggestions as soon you enter a query.

This tool generates suggestions for names that include keywords and extensions. The tool also displays premium domains and unavailability that are available for bid.

The domain generator doesn’t offer as many advanced features as some of the others in this list. Its simplicity makes it a great tool for quick domain research.

15. TRUiC

TRUiC, a free domain generator, allows you to find a domain name that is localized. Enter two or more keywords, a city or a state into the appropriate fields. Choose an extension from the menu. Results will display available domains according to keywords, location, and alternative words.

The results will show the domains and their business names, which can be useful when brainstorming for creative company names. However, you can also take help from dedicated developers if you want to make any changes to the domain name of your website.

16. Nameming


There are many domain name generators that require you to adjust different settings in order to achieve the desired results. Nameming doesn’t fall into that category. This tool is very easy to use. Enter two or three keywords in the search bar and you will get a list of domain names that are available. They can be categorized into headings such as “common”, “new”, “short”, “similar” and “fun”.

17. Name Mesh

Name Mesh shows results in categories like New, SOE (Short Order Entry), Common, Mix, etc. so that you can view the results according to how they can best be used. Filter the results using the maximum name length or by hiding names registered.

The WhoIs feature will let you know if the keywords that you want are already taken. It is best used with two or three keywords. Individuals and businesses who want web development and online presence often use this tool to find the right domain name for their products or services.

18. Lean Domain Search


Automattic, the maker of WordPress, offers Lean Domain Search. Enter a keyword to see thousands of options for.com domain names. Names will appear green if available, and red if taken. To visit a website, click on the domain name. Start domain names you like to make them yellow.

Then, only view your favorites. Lean Domain Search is typically used by entering a keyword that is related to the topic or purpose of your website. The tool will then create a list with available domain names by combining the keyword you entered with different prefixes or suffixes. You can use this tool to find creative domain names that are unique and aligned with your website or brand.

19. Panabee

Panabee allows you to describe an idea using two words. It then provides a list of relevant domains. You can select to view other extensions if desired. Each result has a heart icon. If it is available, the icon will be in blue and include a link for purchase. If the name is not available, the heart icon will be broken and red.

The domain will also include a link that allows you to view similar names. Enter two keywords into the search box, and then select the domain extension you prefer from the dropdown menu. You can also select the Custom Extension option and type the exact domain name into the search box.

20. DomainsBot


DomainsBot will return dozens of domains that match your keyword. It can label them as available or make offers. Each domain has a purchase link. You can customize the results by choosing extensions, languages, and other options such as synonyms, prefixes, or suffixes. DomainsBot generates domain names based on your keywords, preferences, and other relevant data. It is designed to help you discover creative and relevant domains that are available for purchase.

21. DomainTyper

DomainTyper displays information about domains based on their extension. You can check if a domain is available and WhoIs it, as well as visit the website, or see its ranking. The generated names do not seem to be related to the keywords, but there is a feature called domain hack that uses your keyword in combination with extensions around the world to make your domains available. If they are available, the suggestions will be in green. The link to buy the domain will be included if it is available.

22. Dot-o-mator


Dot-o’mator combines two words based on the selections or texts you type in. The more words that you type in the fields, the better. The results show the number and names of the available names as well as the taken names. You can click on the button to see the taken names if you wish.

You can purchase a name by clicking on it, or you can add it to your Scratchbox to check the availability of several domains. It’s especially useful for brainstorming domain names to use in a new online project, blog or business. It can help you generate domain name ideas for your niche that are also easy to remember.

23. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search, as its name implies, is a fast and almost instantaneous tool for searching. As soon as you begin typing, it starts showing results. The tool also shows different combinations and variations as you type. It also shows you the availability of a domain in real-time, so that you can check if it is available for registration right now or already taken.

Instant Domain Search can also suggest alternative domain names, variations, and other domain extensions, such as.com,.net,.org, etc. To help you find the right domain name for your needs.

24. Domain.com


Domain.com offers the best domains at the lowest prices to help business owners start their businesses. It offers web hosting services and design to make sure that the business is running smoothly from the first day.

Domain.com offers the newest domains to help you come up with a memorable domain name. Enter a phrase or keyword that you would like to include in your domain and the generator will provide a list that matches your criteria. You can filter results by TLD, such as.com.net or.org.

25. Wordoid

Wordoid generates words from your choices. You can choose your language (single or a blend of up to five languages), the quality level (its appearance, sound, and feel), the pattern (beginning or ending), and the length (5-15 characters). Results are displayed in boxes with links to buy and availability.

They can be pinned to your favorites. Wordoid lets users customize generated wordoids by adjusting parameters like length, quality (how natural the word sounds or how abstract it is), pattern (beginning or ending of the word), language, and more. This customization allows users to generate wordoids that match their preferences and branding needs.

26. DomainHole


DomainHole is a domain name generator that helps you find unique and memorable website domain names. It offers various creative techniques to generate names, including keyword mixing and random name generation.

The tool provides filters for refining your search based on domain availability, length, and other criteria. DomainHole assists in brainstorming by suggesting diverse name options, aiding in the process of finding an ideal domain name for your website or business. Please note that the tool’s features and popularity may have evolved since my last update, so it’s advisable to verify its current status and effectiveness.

27. Snapitnow

Snapitnow is a user-friendly domain name generator designed to swiftly provide creative and available domain name options. By inputting keywords or themes related to your project, Snapitnow intelligently combines and alters words, offering brandable and memorable suggestions.

It helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals find a suitable online identity with ease, aiding in brand establishment and online presence. Whether you’re starting a blog, launching a business, or creating a personal website, Snapitnow streamlines the process, ensuring you secure a relevant and distinctive domain name to make a lasting impact in the digital realm.

28. Namemesh


Namemesh is a random domain name generator based on multiple keywords. Namemesh categorizes all domain names based on keywords into eight different categories: common, new, short, extra, similar, SEO, fun, and mix. Namemesh also displays whether the Twitter username or Facebook username is free. This is done by combining keywords with different TLDs to create a list. The list can be filtered by price, availability, and other criteria.

29. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler lets you enter several domain names separated by commas, and it will then give you a list based on these words. Add a name to the favorites list. A green checkmark will appear if a name is still available. If the name is not available, it will be marked with a circle in red and a line.

You can add popular words or combine names with the assistance of mobile app developers. You can use it to find the perfect name for your company, game, app, website, or other project. Since 2013, users have performed more than 6,000,000 searches.

30.  SpinXO WordPress names

SpinXO WordPress names

SpinXO WordPress Names generates suggestions based on the answers you provide to a series of questions. Enter your name, hobbies, likes, words, and numbers that are important to you, as well as your personality. The system will then provide 30 names. Click on the name to check their availability. Or click again to get a fresh list.

The check also includes the availability of usernames for popular social networks. The tool asks you questions about your blog or website, including your target audience and branding goals. SpinXO generates 30 domain suggestions based on your answers. Then you can check the availability and select the one you prefer.

Final Thoughts

It can be hard to come up with domain name generators when there are so few available. However, it is possible to create new words and names that you would never have thought of before using a domain names generator. So, if you’re unsure which name to choose, you should consult a web portal development company.