Web applications have transformed different industrial verticals. Businesses are now rapidly introducing their own web applications in order to reach out to more customers, provide them with enhanced customer service and additional benefits. Hence, full stack web development services have a huge demand for web applications to fulfill. However, when it comes to large companies and businesses, it is essential for them to develop scalable web applications. This allows them to scale their web applications as per the growing demand of the customers and increasing workload. For this purpose, Laravel can help in creating scalable applications.

Laravel is essentially a PHP framework to create web applications such as CRM, e-commerce websites, portals and much more. It is an open-source Model View Controller or MVC framework. It is updated constantly and is quite capable of handling various commonly used tasks that web applications have to do on a usual basis like routing, authentication, database interaction and much more. Due to all of these functionalities, it is quite easy to interact with Laravel. It is also easy to build an authentication function with it because most of the web applications generally require to authenticate. Laravel is the best choice for any PHP development company when it has to build scalable web applications.

To further strengthen our point that Laravel can help in building scalable applications, let’s discuss various features of Laravel which reflect the same.


Key Features of Laravel


1. Advanced Authentication 

In case of any web app development project, user management remains to be an integral part, and it is quite difficult since authentication isn’t only about logging in or just registration. It has strict rules, permission along with hashing algorithm, security features and a wide range of stuff which needs to be considered during web app development. Laravel’s advanced authentication feature makes it quite fast as well as easy for the developers of a Laravel development company to create web applications by means of creating various logical rules in order to provide access to users. In the case of scalable applications, this simplifies the authentication integration. Laravel, with its wide range of features like database migration, blade templating engine and login controller, creates a highly secure process of user login as well as log out for advanced authentication.


2. Impressive Security

One of the most powerful features of web app development in Laravel is that it provides protection in different ways. For instance, it offers security against SQL injection as long as the PHP development company is using a query builder. It does this by means of doing prepared statements that are going to escape any type of user input which may come in via your forum. Laravel also protects cookies means of creating a unique application key that is used by the encryption and cookie classes which are used to generate secure encrypted hashes and strings. Hire Laravel developer who can utilize this feature in order to make your scalable applications highly secured and safe.


3. Database Migration

The use of this particular project in scalable application development not only saves a lot of time but also saves you from wastage of resources and effort. The laravel migration feature is essentially described as a source of version control of the entire database schema. The database schema of your project is actually the structure of the database which also includes the table you have within it along with the column within the table as well as the type of data they contain and other types of information associated with them.

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The migration allows you to define within a flow how the database should look, which also includes any update that you are making on the go. Using this particular feature, you can easily update your entire local database installation to represent any of the changes others have made clear. This feature is quite useful in case of scalable applications since they have a huge database, and constant updates are made at a higher frequency. That’s why full-stack development services opt for Laravel for scalable application development.


4. MVC Framework

Previously we have mentioned that Laravel is an open-source Model View Controller or MVC framework. This is why Laravel is often considered to be the best for web application development among the developers. This framework essentially works utilizing software architectural design patterns. Its main purpose is to separate logic, functionality, and interface in an application. This leads to the promotion of organized programming and even allows multiple developers to actually work together on the same project. Hence, when it comes to developing scalable applications, a business should hire laravel developer who has extensive knowledge of MVC framework. Also, in the case of scalable applications, Laravel allows multiple developers to work together as these applications become quite heavy.


5. Unit Testing

The meaning of Unit Testing is one test for one particular thing. The controlled can have different functions, and with the usage of the unit testing feature, a laravel development company can easily test for one function and checking just one functionality at a given time. This is another major reason why PHP development companies should prefer the laravel development framework instead of other PHP frameworks as it offers easy unit testing.

Laravel provides your PHP unit as an effective testing tool. Along with providing the developers with the component of unit testing, it also offers the tool of feature testing. The developer can easily test the entire flow of the application using this feature test. This means that the developer can utilize its unit testing feature in order to test even the smallest function of code or test the entire application all the way from the user perspective. This particular feature of the Laravel offers insight to the web developers to see whether there is any particular part of the web application is broken or not and even check if there are any bugs in the application before it is finally being utilized by the end-user.

Web development


Laravel is often preferred by most of the developers as they can easily start their web application project quickly. Laravel provides a wide range of helpful tools as well as ideas to the developers using which they can easily create web applications easier, faster, more stable as well as easier to maintain.

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It is essential to hire a laravel developer who has extensive knowledge of the features and benefits of Laravel for the purpose of scalable application development. These above-mentioned features allow the developers to create applications that can be scaled as per the growing demand of the company. Due to this, Laravel can easily help in building scalable applications.