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Web development has now become one of the greatest technologies in this technically advanced world. People prefer apps as apps play a major role in reducing the work of normal people.

Even people are doing shopping with the help of these apps by sitting at their home. Now because of the pandemic people are using more apps.

Apps help people to get information properly if the app is made perfectly. There are many platforms for developing an app but choosing the best platform is very difficult.

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Before choosing a platform the person must know about its own requirement and then about the features provided by the app. After going through all these research processes, the person can easily choose the perfect platform for themselves.

There are many platforms available which can be sued by developers to develop apps for their client like PHP, Meanstaack, Laravel, and Python.

Each of them is having its own features and advantages and so before choosing it is important to know about the features offered by each platform. Below is the guide about the comparison between PHP, Laravel, Mean stack, and Python.

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Python is a free open source language for programming which is also high level, dynamic, and interpreted. It supports both procedural oriented programming as well as object-oriented programming.


This language is basically dynamically typed languages and so there is no need of declaring the variable type. There are many features of Python and the important features are given below-

  • Easy to code-Python is known to be a high-level language for programming. The language can be learned easily when compared to other tough languages like C#, C, Java, JavaScript, etc. The job of developers becomes very easy as coding is very easy when the d3evelopers are using Python languages for programming. A few hours or days are enough for any person to learn Python. The language is basically developer-friendly and so the python development company is flooding with a number of Python developers.
  • Free and open-source-there is an official website of Python where it is available for free and a download link is also there from where any person can download by clicking the keyword, download Python. Python is also an open-source framework and so in simpler words, it can be said that the source code is open that is it is available to the public. So it is possible to download it or use or even it can be shared by people.
  • Object-oriented-one of the key features of Python programming language is that the language is usually object-oriented and it is having proper support of object encapsulation, concepts of classes, etc.
  • GUI programming-GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. Python is having the support of this GUI. A module can be used to prepare Graphical User Interface and the modules are wxPython, PyQt4, PyQt5, or even Tk in Python. In order to create graphical apps with the help of Python, developers always prefer using PyQt5.
  • High-level language-it is known to be a high-level language and so when a developer is writing programs in Python they do not need to remember the architecture of the system and also they do not have to manage the memory.
  • Extensible feature-the extensible feature of Python helps the developers in writing Python code into C++ or C language and compilation of that code is also possible in C and C++ language.
  • Portable language-this feature makes the job of developers easy and it also helps the business owners as it helps the developers to complete the app before time. This feature helps in writing a code that can run on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix.
  • Integrated language-integration of Python with other languages like C++ and C is possible and so it is known to be an integrated language.
  • Interpreted language-the execution of Python code takes place line by line at a time. There is no requirement for the compilation of code like C++ and C and so the debugging of code becomes easy for the developers. The Python’s source code is converted to bytecode which is known to be the immediate form.
  • Large standard library-a rich set of modules is provided by the standard library of Python. Moreover, functions are also provided and so there is no need for the developers to write their own code for each and everything. There are many libraries available for unit-testing, regular expression, web browser, etc. Hire dedicated developers who are having proper knowledge about all libraries of Python so that they can satisfy you with their work.
  • Dynamically typed language-this means that in the case of Python the type of variable is chosen during the runtime and not earlier.

Difference Between Python Vs PHP


PHP is known to be one of the oldest languages for programming that is being used by programmers. According to certain researches, it can be said that more than 20 million websites have been developed by using the platform of PHP.


Laravel is known to be a popular framework that having a very high set of functionalities. It is having a well-defined toolbox that helps the developers in writing less code and the possibility of errors is very less. Features of Laravel are given below-

  • Authentication – in the case of web application authentication is known to be an important factor and a developer spends a considerable amount of time writing for the authentication code. If Laravel is updated to Laravel 5 then simple authentication is made by Laravel. Laravel is having an in-built system of authentication where the developers will just have to configure views, models, and controllers that will help the application to work properly. Hire Laravel experts to complete the process smoothly.
  • The template engine is innovative – an innovative template engine is provided by Laravel that helps the developers in creating the dynamic website. There are available widgets in Laravel that can be used for creating an application’s solid structure.
  • ORM is effective – an in-built ORM is there in Laravel along with easy PHP ARI. ARI stands for active record implementation. The main work of an effective ORM is to help the developers to query the tables of databases by using the simple syntax of PHP without using or writing any kind of SQL code. Easy integration is provided between database tables and developers.
  • A secure system of migration – expansion of database is possible in Laravel and there is no need for many efforts from the side of developers. The process of migration in Laravel is much secured. PHP code is used in the whole process instead of SQL. A Php development company always takes care of the security in a proper manner.
  • Unit testing is unique –several tests are possible to run by Laravel for checking whether the changes that have been made can harm the app or not. Writing test cases by developers in their own code is also possible in Laravel.
  • Security is intact – a programmer needs to adapt many effective ways for security purposes and it is the main concern for each and every client. An in-built web app security is there in Laravel. It seeks the help of the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm for generating passwords. In simpler words, it can be said that the password is encrypted in a database and not in the form of any kind of plain text. This is the reason for which many Laravel development companies are emerging.
  • Libraries and modular – there are some object-oriented as well as some pre0installed libraries in Laravel and this is not present in the case of any other frameworks for PHP. Authentication library is also present which having important features like Bcrypt Hashing, password reset, monitoring users who are active, and CSRF protection.
  • Artisan – in case of command-line an in-built is provided to the developers from Laravel which is known as Artisan. It helps in performing the repetitive task of programming that is not allowed for the developers to do manually. These Artisans are also useful for creating database structure, skeleton code that makes the job of managing database easy. MVC files are generated through the command line. Creating own commands by the developers is also possible with the help of Artisan.

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PHP is one such app that is preferred by many developers because of its familiarity, efficiency, simplicity, and many more. Hire PHP developers who have proper knowledge about all the features of PHP. The features of PHP are given below-

  • Simple – This language is very simple to use when compared to other scripting languages. This is widely used all over the world and is easy to use. So it is preferred by many developers.
  • Interpreted language – PHP is an interpreted language and so there is no need for compilation.
  • Faster – when compared to other scripting languages like asp and JSP this language is pretty much faster. So the job of a developer is done quickly and it also satisfies the client as the product is created before time.
  • Open-source – This platform is also an open-source platform and so there is no need for paying to use it. This can be downloaded for free.
  • Platform independent – this platform is having the capability of running on any platform like Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, etc.
  • Case sensitive – this is case sensitive during the time of variable declaration. This is a major advantage as in the case of PHP, all classes, keywords, and functions are not case-sensitive.

Mean Stack

There are many services available that are being used to meet the increasing demands of creating web apps. Mean Stack is known to be one of them which is basically an open-source and free software stack of JavaScript.

It is mainly used for developing dynamic websites and web apps. Mean stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js which are the technologies of JavaScript that are basically open-source.


The process of developing an app by using a Mean stack is basically fast and simple but a good mean stack development company must be chosen. Features of the Mean stack are given below-

  • Isomorphic coding – Mean stack plays an important role in transferring the code from one framework to another that is written in a particular framework. This is the main reason for which it is known to be the leading-edge technology.
  • Highly flexible – this platform basically allows the developer to test the app in the cloud platform. This can be done easily but after the completion of the process of development. Apps can be tested, developed, and also introduced to the cloud. Extra information can also be added by adding simply a field to the form which a developer is having. Full cluster support along with automatic replication is there because MongoDB is designed specifically for the cloud.
  • Uses JSON – JSON is limited to small to medium companies. JSON is used in both AngulaJS and NodeJS. Moreover, MongoDB is also a component that is known to be based on relational databases. It helps the users in saving documents in the format of JSON.
  • Open source and cloud compatible – it is open source and is available for free. The process of development is helped using public repositories and libraries. This helps in reducing the cost of development. MongoDB plays an important role in deploying the functionalities of the cloud within the app by reducing the cost of disk space.
  • Reusability and high speed – Nodejs is ascendable as well as speedy. This is because of the non-blocking architecture. Angularjs offers maintenance, reusability, and testability. The directives of this framework help in progressing great testability along with domain-specific language.

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Website development services are some services that are in high demand. The above given is the complete guide of PHP vs Python vs Laravel vs Mean stack and so according to your requirement, you can choose your platform.