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Over the years, businesses have introduced their own mobile and web apps in order to streamline their business processes and operations, improve their efficiency, decrease costs, and reach out to more customers. Due to this growing demand, mobile and web app development has become a profitable proposition for full stack web development services. Various technologies are being developed for creating mobile apps. Among these, MEAN stack and PHP has been used to develop mobile and web apps.

MEAN stack development and PHP development offer mobile apps best suited for a variety of purposes and meet the requirements of the business. However, both of them have their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at these.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN is essentially a free, open-source JavaScript software stack which holds great importance for the development of dynamic web applications as well as website. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. All of them are open-source JavaScript-based technologies. Also, a full-stack JavaScript framework is utilized to develop web applications quickly and can be easily enabled by using all of these powerful technologies together.


Advantages of MEAN Stack Development

1. Easier Switching between Client and Server

Developing mobile apps by utilizing MEAN is quite simple as well as fast since developers are essentially allowed to write their code in just one language, which is, JavaScript for both clients as well as the server-side. A JavaScript expert can easily manage the entire project with the assistance of the MEAN Stack formula. Also, using Node.js, a MEAN stack web developer can easily deploy the apps on the server directly without even the need of deploying it to any stand-alone server.


2. Isomorphic Coding 

Transfer of the code to another framework which is written in one particular framework is essentially made easier with the assistance of MEAN stack. This has made MEAN stack a leading technology, and the full-stack development services are considering a wide range of technologies in MEAN in order to boost their transcendence in apps and web development projects.


3. Higher Flexibility

MEAN allows the mean stack web developer to easily test an application on a given cloud platform with ease after successful completion of the entire development process. Applications can easily be developed as well as tested and then introduced in the cloud. It even allows the developer to add additional information by simply adding the field to the form. MongoDB, which is actually specifically designed for the cloud, also provides automatic replication and full cluster support.


4. Use of JSON

JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is utilized in both AngularJS and NodeJS. Also, MongoDB is essentially a component-based relational database that provides the users with the ability to save their documents in JSON format. However, it is limited for only small as well as intermediate level companies. In most cases, developers prefer MEAN stack at different stages of apps and web development.

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5. Better Cost-Effectiveness

Developing applications with MEAN stack needs developers who are experienced and proficient at JavaScript. Since there is less number of developer required to develop an app using MEAN stack, the overall amount that needs to be invested in hiring all developers will certainly be less. So, it is safe to say that MEAN stack is highly cost-effective and even, the most effective way of actually dealing with it. This is why it is the preferred choice of full-stack website development services.


6. Reusability and High Speed

Node.js is ascendable and speedy because of its inherent non-blocking architecture. Also, AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that provides maintenance along with testability as well as reusability. Powerful directives of this particular framework profess into brilliant testability as well as a domain-specific language.


7. Open Source and Cloud Compatibility

All of the MEAN stack technologies are essentially open-source and are duly available for free. It assists in the development process utilizing libraries as well as public repositories and even reduces the entire development cost. Also, MongoDB assists in deploying the entire cloud functionalities within the application by reducing the overall disk space cost.


8. Best suited for real-time web applications

In this current age, real-time demonstration apps are trending. In case you looking into the development of such applications, then MEAN stack development is the best solution. Unlike most of the traditional technologies, it uses sign page applications or SPAs. Hence, web pages don’t need to have to be constantly updated for every server request. This particular technology enables quick as well as real-time changes to the various important details during the entire development phase.


9. Time-Saving

Whenever you need to create an application within stipulated deadlines, the MEAN stack development is the way to go. It certainly has an infinite set of various module libraries for the Node.js which are ready to be utilized. As a result of this, these aspects certainly save a lot of time which was initially utilized to create modules right from scratch. It also has an integrated automated testing feature that instantly notifies the developer whenever a particular feature is broken. This gives the developer more time to polish the entire project to perfection. Apart from this technology actually saving time, it even results in the overall development of robust and quality world-class apps.


Disadvantages of MEAN Stack Development

However, there are certain disadvantages to MEAN stack web development. Some of them are:


1. Possibility of Losing Records

There is a claim that MongoDB is strongly consistent. However, it could change sometimes. Whenever a network partitioning occurs, mainly in heavy load scenarios, there is a significant chance that you can end up losing records that have been written successfully by MongoDB.


2. Bad Isolation of Server from the App’s Business Logic

Express.js has certainly poor isolation of server from the entire business logic, and it prevents the usage of certain services such as batching operations. You need to go through the entire Express middle chain for the purpose of internal jobs, and it can be quite bothersome.


3. Unable to beat Relational Database

MEAN stack, in comparison to relational databases, doesn’t actually provide a similar level of functionality. Relational databases still remain the first choice for big companies like Google and Facebook since it is more stable as well as reliable.


4. Absence of Widespread Support

An experienced MEAN Stack website developer, in general, will agree that MEAN works quite well and is quite useful when it comes down to ease of frontend as well as backend development of applications. However, Apache, Linux, Perl, PHP, Python, MySQL, and Ruby have been around for quite some time, and there are certainly endless sources to find different ways to tweak them to the requirements of your application.


5. Security Issues

Even with Google providing the framework as well as the runtime environment for the MEAN, the stack is still generally considered as less safe from the standpoint of data security. You will certainly find experienced and expert developers who might disagree with this statement, but the fact remains that the oldest core software within the particular architecture is just a decade old at best which means MEAN will certainly be a major target for hackers who are looking to take complete advantage of its relative youth.

Now we have explained in detail about MEAN Stack web development with its inherent advantages as well as disadvantages, let’s look at PHP development and its associated advantages and disadvantages.

PHP Development

PHP Development


PHP is essentially a programming language for the purpose of server-side scripting which is majorly developed for website development. However, it has also been utilized for general-purpose programming. The programmers can easily embed the code written in this particularly popular server-side programming language into HTML code seamlessly though the Script tag. But the developers at any PHP development company cannot actually write complex and large websites as well as web applications swiftly without actually executing the PHP code via different web frameworks.

In addition to this, the promotion of fast web application development, the different PHP frameworks even helps in simplifying web app development by offering a basic structure. The tools and features offered by these distinct web frameworks even allow developers to add functionality to the web app and even perform various common website development tasks with actually writing complex and lengthy code.

Web developers also have the option to choose from a plethora of PHP frameworks. Most of these different frameworks are essentially open-source and can easily be utilized without even paying any licensing fees. Few of these frameworks are full-stack web frameworks, while others are microframeworks. Hence, they are also used by full-stack development services.

Now, let’s look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of PHP development:

Advantages of PHP Development

1. Cross-Platform

PHP is essentially an application that can easily run on different platforms. The importance of this particular aspect is that the developer doesn’t have to worry about the user’s operating system as the developer will rest assured that the entire code will certainly run smoothly and properly. Some of these different platforms are Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can hence use these different platforms in order to write codes for the PHP along with view web pages and even run apps written with the code. Also, PHP hosting service providers for the purpose of a server-side scripting language can easily be found.


2. Inbuilt Module for Database Connection

As a commonly used programming language on the internet, one of the key advantages of such type of programming language could essentially have the inherent ability to connect to a database. This is mainly due to the importance of the database for different websites which include e-commerce as well as many other types of websites. PHP has made it quite easier to connect to any database with an inbuilt module. When you hire PHP developer to build a website that is driven by content or data, the database will be frequently used, and the developer should know about this aspect. PHP comes in quite handy in the management of this kind of website and even decreases how much time needed to create such a web app significantly.


Web and App development


3. Support of Strong Library Support

Another key advantage of utilizing PHP is the usage of modules that are functional. The importance of the various types of modules is that they can help in making the work of developers easier. We don’t actually have to start the development of modules right from scratch since they are already created. All that is required is to include the module simply and may make some little modification.


4. Stability

PHP has been present for over two decades. Over this period, various developers have constantly worked on the application in order to improve their usage. A lot of bugs have been duly discovered over these years, and the bugs have been properly fixed by the developers. Based on this fact, PHP is currently stable.


5. Ease of Usage

It is quite easy to use PHP for web development and programming. Even for individuals who are quite new to programming and development, they can easily learn the language and learn to use it in a short span of time. The syntax for this programming language is in the hypertext pre-processor which is similar to what is essentially obtainable in the C programming language. Also, for the new developer who has C programming, it is quite simple to start utilizing this language, based on their knowledge of the C. They will be quite able to quickly and easily create scripts for a website.


6. Speed

A crucial aspect of web development is essentially the speed, and web development services consider it to be quite crucial for delivering their projects to the client on a timely basis. Considering the fact that few people are still struggling with the inherent challenge of low data speed of the internet, a fast loading website is often appreciated by the people. Also, people from all over the world prefer a fast loading website to a slower one. People utilize PHP because of the fact that it is quite fast.

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7. Open Source

This programming language has been created as well as developed by a massive community of PHP developers. The actual implication is that there are tons of extension libraries along with support community creation.


8. Fast Custom Web Application Development

The developers at a PHP development company have to write web applications on the basis of complex business requirements. Also, they have even to explore ways actually to make the web app deliver the richer user experience. The features, tools and code snippets provided by the different PHP frameworks assist developers in accelerating custom web application development.


9. Easy Web Application Maintenance

Unlike different programming languages, PHP doesn’t actually emphasize on code readability as well as maintainability. The different PHP frameworks simplify the entire web application development as well as maintenance by providing support to MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. The developers can easily take benefit of MVC architecture in order to divide a web application into different models, views as well as controllers. They can even use an MVC framework for PHP in order to keep the user application’s UI or user interface and business logic layers completely separated.


10. Automation of Common Web Development Tasks

While creating a web applicating, PHP developers have to perform a wide range of tasks along with writing the code. Some of these different common web development solutions need programmers actually to invest additional effort and time. The tools and functions provided by the different PHP frameworks assist the developers in automating various common web development.

web and app developer

Disadvantages of PHP Development

There are a few disadvantages of PHP development which are mentioned below:


1. Unsuitable for Creation of Large Applications

With the way the PHP programming language was created, it will be quite difficult to utilize it to develop large applications. Since the language isn’t very highly modular, huge applications created out of this language will certainly be quite difficult to maintain. Even though it is a great programming language for web scripting and creating small applications, it is certainly not advisable to use this language to create huge applications.


2. Security

The requirement of secure websites is always there along with protecting the website owner as well as the site users. The open-source nature of this language serves as both an advantage as well as disadvantage. Since anyone can view the source code of PHP, it is possible for the hackers to easily identify bugs in the website code and subsequently use those bugs to attack any unsuspecting user. Hence, companies should hire PHP developer who has the knowledge of how to secure the websites.


3. Bad Error Handling

The developers often believe that PHP has a very low quality of handling errors. It has a shortage of debugging tools that are required to look for warnings and errors. PHP has very few debugging tools in comparison to different programming languages.


4. Lack of Option for Core Behaviour Modification

In addition to proving a simple and basic structure for web app development, the PHP frameworks also accelerate custom web app development. But the PHP developers still lack an option to make different changes to the entire code behavior of these different frameworks. Some of these frameworks even require developers to utilize specific tools or even adopt a specific web development pattern.



When it comes down to web application development, there are various development methods. Among them, MEAN Stack development and PHP development are some of the popular ones. Both of their unique characteristics which aid in faster web development, better security, decreased cost, better error handling and much more.

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However, these same features are appreciable in either one development method or another. Hence, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of MEAN Stack development as well as PHP development. Considering them, full-stack website development services can choose the best-suited development method for web application development.