Today, it is rare to find a business, which misses out the online identity. This era of ecommerce demands a great online impact and it is mandatory for business growth. According to data, there are more than 880 million websites over the internet and the number of websites is continuously rising. The great uprise in the demand of websites also benefitted the developer with a huge demand of web developers in the market. A decade ago, web development services were not the same as today.

The increased use of smartphones for 80 percent of mobile searches also increased the demand for the responsive layout. There emerged several platforms where choosing the right one is not so hard to find, all because of the customer’s candid response. The mobile websites demanded greater attention and therefore raised the development cost. The single page websites are easy to scroll and there is no reload of pages, which takes less internet data. The page once loaded is not needed to navigate somewhere else for any purpose.


What is Angular JS?

The popular platform AngularJS was born in 2009. Since inception, the platform created ripples in the market. Angular JS is a powerful open-source web application framework, built to simplify web development. It works around HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is a solid javascript framework, which is designed by competent developers from Google. From the basic website to the complex architectures, developers for its number of profits use AngularJS.

In this article, we will understand the benefits of Angular JS and why the business must opt for the platform for their web development choice. If you have not yet started the web development with AngularJS or already have a website but not satisfied, it is never too late. Here are some compelling reasons for making Angular JS your first preference.



The popularity of any product shows the trustworthiness. If a product is used by millions of developers for thousands of basic to complex maintainable applications, then it certainly has a strong ground beneath. Angular js is an open-source framework and not the library, which allows creating handy single-page applications. After the launch in 2009, Angular JS development services gained huge popularity and became the most popular Javascript front-end development framework. For a long time, the platform has been in the first place.


Strong background

AngularJS is developed and maintained by competent Google programmers. It was initially developed as an open-source community and later advanced into a capable front-end framework. There is a large community of developers to learn from and get assistance in development. This ensures the longevity of the platform, which is a high concern in this era.

The esteemed framework is not the first attempt by Google for the javascript framework. The Google team has earlier developed the Web Toolkit, which was highly used by the Google Wave Team. Web toolkit was the comprehensive solution but not got so much popularity and the Google team recognized the rise of Javascript, CSS, and HTML5 as both frontend and backend language. Their understanding that the web is not meant to be purely written in Java.


Simple MVC architecture

The strong and robust application of Angular JS is developed in MVC pattern. The MVC pattern separates the business logic, views and data. The interactive apps demand future maintenance and upgrades, where the MVC (Model-View-Controller) simplifies the process.


  • The model maintains the data.
  • The view is accountable for the presentation of the data.
  • The controller is responsible for the connection between the Model and the View.

This separation is easy to handle and makes the modification easier.

Large Community

AngularJS is an open-source framework maintained and developed by the Google and Reddit engineers. Custom Software development by core team is always there for a few improvements in the open-source framework. There are multiple conferences held worldwide for AngularJS and the platform is discussed in hackathons. Alongside this, there are various books and online resources available for AngularJS development. Therefore, you not only become the part of a wide-open source community but also get associated with brilliant engineers for assistance in Angular based questions.

Declarative coding

AngularJS is easy to comprehend because the platform uses a declarative paradigm for creating patterns. The code is lightweight and easy to read. Additionally, the Angular code needs not to be explained for assistance and we need to describe only the result.

Two-way data-binding

AngularJS uses two-way data binding. Whenever the framework encounters the browser events, changes in modules and any sort of user action, it instantly updates the necessary pattern. Any changes in the user interface directly influences the user objects. Alongside this, never there is any need to store the links to DOM and manipulate them. The use of low-level construction is not needed.


Angular JS works with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is expanded with directives, which enhances the code information and tells the necessary behavior. The directive allows for more logical development and productive work. In addition, the directives can be reused for improval in code readability.

All objects in AngularJS are Plain Old Javascript Object, which decimates the need of extra getter and setter functions. Plain Old Javascript Object offers the object manipulation with the standard Javascript functionalities. It helps in removing and adding the properties from the object and loop over the objects.


Features for Single Page Application

AngularJS and SPA are deeply associated. AngularJS offers the validation capabilities for manipulating the page component responses. When a page uses the form, the Form controller notes down the page state. The UI elements are changed based on the change in state. Angular Js comes with built-in validations for error handling. Also, you can make our own validates whenever you need. Showing the error message is also easy for the whole form and separate fields if required.


Angular Js does not need the supplementary plugin or framework. The parts of the app are placed inside modules, which are easy to modify. The separation of the module enables the loading of only necessary modules the effective automated testing.

Front-end solution

AngularJS is compatible with mobile and desktop browsers. Its functions client-side and therefore does need any backend modification. It can be used for developing any front-end application project.

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Ease of use

Ease of use is also a great reason, why the developer must turn web development with Angular8 JS. The rich set of features reduces the need for writing the code and minimizes the overhead by implementing MVC. Also, the developer is not needed to write Getter and Setter for models. The directive used in Angular is not part of the App code and therefore can be managed by parallel teams.


The huge acceptance of Angular8 JS, not only shows the developer’s interest but the widespread recognition among the audience. The platform is now used for successful enterprise web app development, Dynamic content apps, Progressive web apps, and SPAs. The framework is being used for the number of powerful apps, and if you still have some questions for your project, you must hire AngularJS developer for the right guidance.