When it comes to application development services, the power of node.js Technology has been taken into consideration endlessly in a wide range of business sectors. Yes, when it comes to working upon enterprise mobility solutions, people are always getting themselves connected to node.js developers and take the discussion ahead about the things they will have and how their business will be benefited with the help of this technology.

With the help of node.js technology, you will be assisted with seamless and incredible capabilities for your backend technology needs. So, if you are into development of server-side applications, it is important that you consider getting connected to a reliable node.js developers as they will help you with enhanced scalability of the respective application and help you avail the results you are looking forward to achieving.

Yes, it might bring JavaScript Framework in to play but it has something more to give which allows top businesses around the world to use it for their benefits. Here we will help you understand how successful companies have completely revamped their mobile web applications with the help of node.js technology and how they have exclusively got their capabilities boosted.


Netflix came into existence when companies who are manufacturing DVDs started streaming live videos with the help of node.js technology. With the help of this Framework, you are experiencing enhanced capability of Netflix which is exclusively making the users feel the difference of getting the service in even more prolific and smooth way. At first, Netflix operated with the use of JavaScript for the development of front-end Technology and for backend development, it used Java. So, the mobile app developers have to code more than once to have their backend and front-end developed.

With the help of node.js development services, this repetitive coding will certainly be discarded and the things will be covered in much less time. So, this shows how better the development process becomes with the infusion of node.js technologies. Not only it makes the entire process of development quicker but it also enhances the testing and deployment process exclusively. So, the overall result is certainly better and gives Netflix much more profound application to enhance their users with a better experience.

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Uber has been always providing the best of on-demand services since its beginning. But the company has now entered into the business of on-demand eating and laundry services as well. It is providing services to more than 60 countries with more than 400 cities all around the world. With the help of node.js technology, it has made the system easy and seamless.

This is the reason why they got their application developed with the help of node.js technology for the need of matching system so that they can provide the best of experience to their users without any kind of hassles at all. With the help of node.js framework, the users will be getting easy information processing with fast program inception and excellent process to you have the errors rectified making the overall experience trouble-free. This is the reason they hire node js developer as it allows them to deploy coding in real-time making the system enhanced and seamless.

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LinkedIn has also got its entire application refurbished with the help of node.js technology. Yes, there are more than 400 billion members registered with LinkedIn and it is exclusively operated in more than 200 countries. The prime objective of using node.js technology for LinkedIn is to make sure that the server-side application operates quicker and also plays a big role in making the performance of the overall application better and wiser.


With the help of the mobile app development solution, people use node.js technology to enhance their performance and speed of the application. Yes, it literally was one of the first companies in the industry to consider node.js technology in the early stage of its application development service. With the help of Paypal, one will be able to transfer their money without any kind of hassle at all. It has literally become similar to the attribute of wallets.

With the help of this technology, the application will be able to successfully integrate with a wide range of other applications to make the process of money transfer seamless and hassle-free. There are a number of people attached with this payment system and are using it for a wide range of purposes. With the help of node.js technology, the Paypal application become a lot more easier and simpler to work with without much office problem. This is the reason why people invested in mobile application development services with which they got their system revamped with this technology and got their application form better.

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Groupon helps subscribers get connected to local merchant subscribers with the help of their E-Commerce platform. Yes, it helps users the benefits out of the services they hire with the help of this platform in terms of travel, goods, activities, and various other services. They are operating in more than 500 cities and helping users with a seamless experience. So, it is very important for them to make sure that this continues and for that they have refurbished their entire system with the help of node.js technology. They got connected to a reliable node.js application developer and help the application become much more scalable and this course they had their old application synced with the new one with ease. Yes, the changes which were made in the applications easily and this helps them provide their services to users without much of a fuss. This shows how node.js technology literally played a huge role in helping Groupon become a much more user-friendly service provider in the industry.

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So, this literally proves why one must get themselves connected to a reliable node JS development company as it helps them make their application much more user-friendly and help them with a seamless experience. Yes, it brings much more range of attributes into play and gives the developer a lot more feasibility to develop different types of applications without consuming much time. With this technology, one will be able to have back-end and front-end development needs covered without any kind of hassle at all and that too without any sort of wastage of time. So, this shows why more than 500 Fortune companies have literally enhanced their enterprise-grade applications with the help of node.js technology.