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WordPress 5.2 Release offers more security features, tools to correct “lethal” website errors. Version 5.2 of WordPress includes new website status control features, PHP error protection, new control panel icons, and more.

WordPress has recently announced that WordPress 5.2 is now available for download & includes custom WordPress development and a number of security updates.

“There are even more strong tools to recognize and fix configuration issues and lethal errors,” wrote Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress on the company blog, “Whether you yourself are a developer that is serving customers or managing your website alone, these tools They can aid you to get the precise details when you want it. ”

Any top web development company in the world that runs an earlier PHP version (5.6.20 or older) must update its PHP before setting up the latest version WordPress 5.2 Release

Added security features of WordPress 5.2 release (called “Jaco” in tribute of Jazz Bassist Jaco Pastorius) comprises of modernized features of Site Health along with of 2 new pages considered to debug ordinary configuration issues and liberty for developers and hire WordPress expert to add “debugging” details to the administrators of websites.

PHP bug protection created for administrators facilities the owners of the site to safely fix and manage lethal errors without developer wherewithal.”It has improved handling of the professed ‘white screen of demise and a way to go through recovery mode that stops the add-ons or issues that cause errors,” Mullenweg wrote.

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Common Updates

WordPress announces that its most recent release comes with a better knowledge of the context and a better flow of keyboard navigation for anyone making use of assistive technologies or screen readers.

There are thirteen new icons on the board, including 1 for the photo-sharing app Instagram and several for BuddyPress, and regular checks to find out if the PHP version of a site is well-suited with setting up add-ons.

To shun errors on the site by top web development companies in world, WordPress 5.2 release will not permit an add-on to activate if it is not similar in temperament with the website.

And for the benefit of developers, with the most recent version of WordPress, the least supported version of PHP is 5.6.20; therefore, website owners should guarantee that their website is running the latest version of PHP before downloading a new version of WordPress.

Custom WordPress development has added a new theme template, an uncertain function, and 2 classes of CSS that will facilitate the design and personalization of the pages of the Privacy Policy and Terms.

There are also fresh body-engaging characteristics that consent to themes to sustain the code added to the opening an element of the body, and the latest tools for writing JavaScript.

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Gutenberg: Current version

The first version of WP that came to public light was 0.7, on May 27, 2003, up to the current 5.0 Gutenberg. This makes it clear that WP is currently a mature, solid system with a strong and constantly evolving community.

The evolution is demonstrated with the release of its next candidate version 2 (RC2) for WordPress 5.2, which will be available from Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

This new version 5.2 of WP promises to offer even more robust tools to identify and solve configuration problems and fatal errors. This is important for those Developers that help their clients or manage a site since it makes it easier for them to obtain the correct information when they need it.

It will also include new features in its tools of Protection of the state of the site and Protection against PHP errors, which will provide more peace of mind at the time of problem with the add-ons or themes in a managed website by best software Development Company. It also includes new icons available in its control panel, and new accessibility considerations for anyone using assistive technologies, and more.

Since version 5.0, WP uses the new visual editor known as “Gutenberg” that aims to revolutionize the way in which content is published through WordPress, so that anyone, including those with slight technical skills, cannot only publish if you do not build websites and blogs easily, without the need to buy and use themes or third-party plug-ins


Advantages of updating WP

Each new update usually brings some of the following benefits, such as improvements, changes, optimizations, additions, or eliminations of features or features. In general terms they can be broken down into the following:

  • Improvements at the code and usability level
  • Design-level improvements in the administration panel
  • Optimization (speed and speed) of the code
  • Bug fixes (bugs) found
  • Changes at the content editor level
  • Improvements at the media gallery level
  • Optimization of the themes personalize
  • Improvements in the overall security level of the application

These and other minor benefits make it important to update WordPress to its latest version, as soon as possible, to have it always ready and adapted to the changing technological modernity.

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Why we should care?

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS on the planet, which has put it on the sites of spiteful performers. If you are one of the million users of WordPress, these additional security measures will be most welcomed by you.

From the “lethal errors” that can end the e-commerce website to the smallest problems that make a website unfeasible, keeping the platform of your company’s website simplified is mandatory in terms of the finest practices for your security measures in line.

With a new interface, since the release of version 5.0, which makes it much easier to create and manage the contents about it from best software Development Company. Plus it’s an invaluable and giant community, hire WordPress expert to facilitates us to find solutions to failures or errors about WP, or tips and help articles?