In the current world, it is very important that you get an application developed in a very polished manner to get ahead of your competitors. Whether it is about coding or even about using the best of features, it has to be perfect to make sure that your users are not finding any kind of difficulty while using your application as for their specific needs.

You need to get the coding done from scratch and also get rid of the normal things which can consume a lot of time and exclusively make your AngularJS development services expert spend a lot of time in again reassessing the whole thing. So, it is important that you get all the things right as it can help you save a lot of time where you can access to how to implement the best of attributes which can keep your audience engaged.

To help you get rid of the above-mentioned scenario, web application development frameworks come in for the rescue. They will help you get all the basic aspects related to application needs covered in the form of authentication, database access, session management, and more. So, here we will be talking about two of the most important JavaScript frameworks ReactJS and AngularJS frameworks for your mobile application development needs.

React and angular Technologies are on the rise but, the business owners and various other project managers are having a lot of difficulties when it comes to making a choice. There is a wide range of JavaScript tools increasing steadily which makes it even more difficult for one to choose Technology for their application development needs. The best thing you can do here is to hire app developer who is enough to help you with the differences and similarities in the respective Technologies have and how it can help you with the best of mobile application development needs.


Framework vs Library

ReactJS belongs to Facebook while AngularJS belongs to Google. Both of these technologies are unique and are very easy to use. These Technologies have high potential when it comes to developing the best of mobile web applications as per the different business needs and requirements.

Below mentioned are the specific specialties of the respective Technologies which you must understand clearly so that you can get your application needs covered in the best possible way, take a look:



In both the technology, JavaScript is considered to be completely fundamental as both technologies are from the same background of language and therefore when it comes to reliability and flexibility attributes, it is the same in both the conditions.

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You will not be able to execute frontend coding without bringing in CSS3 into play. So, both the frameworks are exclusively supporting this respective technology and give you the best opportunity to make the most out of it.



This technology is certainly an obvious choice for all the framework and so is for ReactJS and AngularJS. So, you will need to hire AngularJS developer for react native developer who has a complete understanding of HTML5 to get your application developed in the best possible way.

So, these are the similarities in the respective ReactJS and AngularJS Technology. All you need to do is to get yourself connected to a reliable mobile web application development company with which you can have your development needs covered in the most professional manner which can bring your business the required success you are looking forward to having.


Understanding The Differences


DOM Manipulation

The real DOM can be updated directly with the help of AngularJS update and not only this, but it also has a two-way data binding process which is exclusive gets the MVC. But, when it comes to reactJS, it does not get the DOM updated directly but, it plays a huge role when it comes to getting the virtual DOM updated. This technology is acknowledged to be performing one-way data binding process.


With the infusion of impactful CLI and exceptional design, makes AngularJS extremely more scalable. But, when it comes to ReactJS, it is even more scalable than AngularJS as one will be able to get their coding tested and deployed with ease. So, you will find most of the mobile app developers referring to consider ReactJS Technology because of higher scalability.


Library Compatibility

In this attribute, AngularJS Technology should have done better because it requires definitions for each and every library because of the infusion of typescript feature. When it comes to ReactJS Technology, it does not operate with DOM as it is completely influenced by JavaScript technology and this is the reason it has become a hot favorite among the professional web app developers.

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AngularJS is very easy for one to understand and work upon. But, the inherent confusion literally becomes so very complicated to understand for a number of developers. When it is about to ReactJS Technology, it is not simple in any way as it takes quite a lot of time when it comes to getting properly organized while working upon a specific project.


Time Of Development

When it comes to AngularJS Technology, it brings in a lot of unnecessary Syntax into play which takes a lot of time for one to get their application needs covered. When it comes to ReactJS Technology, it takes a very long time to get completely installed and when you begin to work on making an application, it becomes a lot more easier for you to get new features added with ease.

Hire App Developer

Final Words

So, that shows how to react and AngularJS Technology wors up on different approaches and what are the similarities they have when it comes to getting and mobile application developed as per the needs of the business. So, it is important that you understand all these aspects and then hire react native developer or AngularJS developer for your mobile web application needs. It will help you avail the best of results which can certainly get your business on the right track.