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ReactJS and AngularJS are popular JavaScript resources that can be used to build any type of front-end project. Both allow you to create trendy and complex user interfaces for your web projects. They’ve been making headlines in the online developer community. One big question is: Which one will you choose for your next project, AngularJS vs ReactJS?

React.js development services and AngularJS development services are tailored to diverse needs for software applications. Only authorized web developers with extensive knowledge in the field can explain this distinction.

Each of these features has many similarities and is well-suited to creating efficient projects in a variety of circumstances. Budget, time, and efficacy are a few key elements to take into account before selecting a choice.

We will discuss and go into detail about the benefits and features of both AngularJS, and ReactJS in order to help you find the right solution.

Let’s get started!

What is AngularJS?




A Google team created the open source web app framework and platform Angularjs, which is built on TypeScript. With the help of this framework, you may create HTML and TypeScript single-page applications. If you are looking to create applications for mobile and the web, AngularJS is the technology that you need

Angular provides data-binding in two ways. The additional property value of the component class will be updated by any change you make to the value in the input box.It will enable real-time flawless synchronization of the view and model. It’s possible that you already know this, but new developers might not.

The primary distinction between AngularJS and Angular is that the former’s fundamental language is TypeScript while the latter is JavaScript. AngularJS really functions more like an enhanced version.


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Some Key Features of AngularJS


AngularJs features


1. Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS allows you to sync data between the view (what users see) and the model (the application’s data). This makes it simple to develop dynamic, responsive apps that update as users interact with them.


2. Directives

Developers can extend HTML syntax using directives. They may construct reusable components and streamline their code thanks to these directives.


3. Services

AngularJS has a variety of services built in, including HTTP services that make AJAX requests. You can also create custom services to encapsulate your business logic or data access. However, you can also take assistance from web app development services providers who use this framework.


4. Dependency Injection

AngularJS uses dependency injection to manage relationships between parts of an application. This makes it simple to create modular and scalable code.


5. Testing

The tools provided by Angular.js for unit and end-of-end testing make it straightforward to confirm that your code functions as intended.

Advantages of AngularJS

  • MVC(Model View Controller): Because code may be maintained more simply, the AngularJs framework is founded on the well-known Model-View-Controller model.
  • Data-Binding is a method that binds data to HTML controls without the need for code. Angular allows you to do this with a few lines of code. It supports data binding in two directions.
  • You need to write less code in AngularJs for Dom manipulation.
  • Unit Testing: This framework contains Karma, a testing framework that helps to design test cases for AngularJs applications.
  • Routing is easy in AngularJs. Routing is the act of moving from one view into another. Thus, if you are looking to develop a robust mobile app, you must hire a mobile app development company who are proficient in using AngularJS.

Disadvantages of AngularJS

  • Upgrades from older versions can be difficult.
  • It has limited SEO capabilities and is not available for search engines.
  • It takes a lot of work to integrate with outside parties.
  • Possible sluggishness if a page has interactive elements.
  • Angular is not recommended for small or medium-sized projects.
  • Due to the limited routing, it is difficult to debug scopes.
  • It is a steep learning curve.
  • For beginners, it is difficult.


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Who Uses Angular?

More than 500 significant businesses worldwide are using Angular at the moment. Angular has unmistakably staked out a position among the most popular technologies. Due to its versatility, the framework may be used by everyone, from the software sector to the gaming industry.


Top companies that use Angular include:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • PayPal
  • Upwork
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Samsung

What is ReactJS?


What Is ReactJS?


The open-source JavaScript package React.js, sometimes known as React, enables you to build user interfaces. It was created by Facebook and is frequently used to create mobile and single-page web applications.

React allows developers to create complex UIs using a declarative approach. This means developers can describe how the UI should appear and behave and React will take care of the underlying codes. It makes effective use of a virtual DOM for UI updates. (Document Object Model). Before you Hire Mobile App Developers, you need to select the framework based on app size and performance.

Some key Features of React include


What Are the Incredible Features of ReactJS?


1. Component-based Architecture

React is built on the idea of reusable components. These components encapsulate functionality and allow you to create complex user interfaces using a modular approach.


2. Declarative Programming

React is a declarative programming system. This means developers can describe the UI and React will render it.


3. JSX

React uses JSX syntax extensions that allow developers to create HTML-like JavaScript code.As a result, writing and understanding code is made simpler.


4. Virtual DOM

React uses virtual DOM to update the UI efficiently without having to render every page each time there are changes. Compared to conventional UI frameworks, it is quicker and more effective.


5. React Native

React Native can be used to create mobile apps using React Native. This allows developers to write one line of code and then deploy it to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.


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Advantage of ReactJS

  • SEO-friendly ReactJs are compatible with SEO.
  • JSX : JSX can be used in ReactJs template. HTML syntax will be converted into React framework javascript call calls.
  • React Native is a native library that supports Native iOS and Android apps.
  • It’s simple to understand. With its component-based design, and clearly defined lifecycle, is easy to use.
  • Utilizing ReactJs is really simple. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of programming may easily learn ReactJs.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

  • React is reliable and thorough, but it has some disadvantages. Here are some problems and shortcomings of React.
  • It is not easy to integrate React with an MVC framework.
  • Developers are often taken by surprise when the framework changes.
  • Poor documentation in ReactJS makes it difficult to learn.
  • Due to client side DOM rendering, most search engines are unable to index dynamic web pages, which results in SEO issues.
  • JSX can be difficult to learn for novice developers.

Who Uses React?

React is used by 60% of developers globally, according to the 2018 State of Developer Ecosystem Survey. React was used by Facebook’s mobile app to create one of the largest active user communities worldwide.


Top companies that use React include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Netflix
  • Yahoo
  • New York Times
  • Discord

AngularJS vs ReactJS—Similarities

The following are the specialties of each Technology that you need to understand in order to get your application needs met in the best way possible. Take a look at:


1. HTML5

This technology is certainly an obvious choice for all the frameworks and so is for ReactJS and AngularJS. So, you will need to hire AngularJS developers or React native developers who have a complete understanding of HTML5 to get your application developed in the best possible way.

2. Javascript

In both the technologies, JavaScript is considered to be completely fundamental as both technologies are from the same background of language and therefore when it comes to reliability and flexibility attributes, it is the same in both the conditions.

3. CSS3

You will not be able to execute frontend coding without bringing in CSS3 into play. So, both the frameworks are exclusively supporting this respective technology and give you the best opportunity to make the most out of it.

So, these are the similarities in the respective ReactJS and AngularJS Technology. All you need to do is to get yourself connected to a reliable AngularJS Development Company with which you can have your development needs covered in the most professional manner which can bring your business the required success you are looking forward to having.


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AngularJS vs ReactJS–Differences

Below is the topmost comparison between ReactJs and AngularJs. So let’s check out:


Basis of Comparison




Facebook Google
Developer Jordan Walke

Misko Hevery


Open source Js framework Open Source MVC framework
Language JSX

JavaScript, HTML

Learning curve

Low High
Packaging Strong



Server-side Client-side
App Architecture Flux


Data Binding

One way Data Binding Two-way Data binding
DOM Virtual DOM

Regular DOM

Initial Release

March 2013; 5 years ago October 20, 2010; 7 years ago
Testing Unit Testing

Unit and Integration


1. AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Know the Baseline of Js Frameworks

In 2009, Google released the open-source framework Angular.Js. It allows developers to create unique solutions, especially for single-page applications.

React.Js, which was developed by Facebook in 2013, is more frequently referred to as an open-source JavaScript library than as a framework. This JS framework was launched to address issues with rendering large datasets and improve app performance.

2. AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Community Support

ReactJs was introduced by Facebook and is maintained by them. ReactJS has a large active community. Hire React Native Developers to help you manage the frequent updates without breaking your application. ReactJS has been used by many websites such as Netflix, Airbnb and PayPal. Google supports AngularJS, on the other hand. This keeps the ecosystem growing and expanding.

3. AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Popularity

Reactjs is quickly becoming the most loved and demanded Js framework. It is certain that Reactjs will continue to be the most popular Js framework among mobile app developers. However, this doesn’t mean Angular.js has stopped being used.

AngularJS offers great libraries and robust templates that speed up the development process. Angular.js is still a JavaScript framework and is used for development.

4. AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Learning Curve

Because ReactJS is built on the JavaScript programming language, app developers can get up and running rapidly. For both inexperienced and seasoned developers, the process of creating an app is made simpler by its straightforward design, usage of JSX, thorough documentation, and library. Since React is continually changing, ongoing learning is necessary.

AngularJS’ learning curve is much steeper than that of ReactJS. Angular.js is a complicated and verbose framework which may give you multiple solutions to a single problem. It also has complex component management that requires repeated actions.

5. AngularJS Vs ReactJS: App Size and Performance

Customer satisfaction will be directly affected by the choice of web app framework. React.Js’ Virtual DOM feature allows for frequent UI updates and speeds up the processing of the app. React.js eliminates performance issues when UI rendering is performed.

Angular.js can be used for enterprise applications, while React.js can be used for lighter-weight applications. React.js is the best choice for react native development company, as it has a smaller framework than Angular.js or React.js. As a result, React.js may be used to create applications.




AngularJS Vs ReactJS are both Javascript frameworks with high performance that support web app development. Selecting the ideal framework for the website creation will be made easier for you by this comparison. Because every business is unique, there is no single framework that will meet all of your development needs.

This article should have helped you to understand which framework is best for you and how they can help you create a powerful web app. If you are unsure about which framework is best for you, we recommend that you hire a professional website development company to help you choose the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angular Better than React?

React is more performant than Angular due to its virtual DOM implementation, rendering optimizations and other features. React is easy to switch between versions. Unlike Angular, there are no separate updates. Developers have access to many pre-built solutions with React.

How is React Different from Angular?

A library is React. However, Angular is a complete framework. Real DOM, one-way data binding, and virtual DOM are all used by React.js. Real DOM and two-way data binding are features of Angular. While React.js’s bundle size is lower, it is quicker. React.js functions a little quicker.

When to Choose React?

A JavaScript package called ReactJS makes it simple to create user interfaces. Numerous businesses, like Walmart, Airbnb, and Facebook, use it.