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Online grocery stores are not a new trend now. The huge popularity of the on-demand model made the grocery app development popular. The brick n mortar stores are no more dependent on the influx of customers, but feel stronger with the online customers. Online grocery stores are rapidly growing with grocery delivery app features and the reason is the choice of millennials who likes to get the orders at their comfort.

The immense popularity of the stores made life easier and the environment more conducive for the businesses. The emergence of technology has brought the grocery, vegetables, beverages, and staples on the platform. The popularity of the platform is increasing the customer daily.

The Uber model for grocery app development services is in high demand and it is imperative to look for cost and feature of the online grocery app development. If you are a supermarket owner or have a grocery shop, starting an online platform is always beneficial. Although there are many huge leaders in the market such as big basket, Instacart, Gofers, FreshDirect and Walmart Pantry, etc. Still starting the online grocery business is equally profitable as online restaurant app development, because it works as a one-stop solution.

What is the Grocery app?

The grocery app is an app, which helps grocery vendors to build online businesses using eCommerce functionalities. This model is an offshoot of the eCommerce feature app, which allows selling grocery product. The grocery app allows the customer to make orders, payments, and track the history of orders along with other facilities. Once the vendor goes for food delivery app development, he can upload the app to Google Play Store and iOS play store, wherefrom the user can download the app and start using it. A user can download the app and gradually order the grocery.
Examples: BigBasket, Dart, Amazon, etc.

The Requirement of Grocery Delivery App Development


The handheld smartphone has emerged into a one-stop solution, which may be called a remote for doing the tasks. Majorly, millennials always prefer to do the task with the help of smartphone apps. This is the reason why the custom software development industry is making so much profit year by year. With the help of AI and ML, daily tasks, such as playing music, watching TV are opening the door are also controlled with the help of a smartphone.

Today, people love to do online shopping, and instead of going outside for shopping, more than 60 percent of the shopping is done through mobile apps and eCommerce shops. The trends are growing day by day and mobile app development companies are taking benefit of those.

The inclination towards purchasing online and ordering the products online has also reached to the grocery stores. The basic concept of sending the list of items to a grocery store vendor and then getting those items at your home has now transformed into an app. The app is the list of items, where you can choose the item and order the goods. The company-running app has tied up with multiple stores. The executive brings the items from nearby stores or the store of your choice. Users love to get the items delivered at their homes.

In 2012, the online grocery transactions were around $6 billion, after which it started rising high and now in 2020 online grocery market is $22 billion in and the figures are likely to grow more for the next year. The hike in sales figures is the eye-catcher for the business investors and they are pushing a huge influx of money to grab the opportunity first. I do not think, anybody will miss it. This is the core reason behind the increasing number of apps.

According to the data gathered by mobile app development companies, there were 5.1 billion mobile users in 2019, and therefore it is the greatest market of all time to launch the business. If you do not have a mobile app, you are missing serious opportunity and potential customers. Therefore, if you have a grocery store and you want to capture the wider market, do business with less hustle, the grocery delivery app development is a good option to go for.

How to Build an Online Grocery App?

Online grocery app development services are the requirement of time. For the same, you need to first gather the requirement list, focus on the items you want to sell, the location where you need to sell. Choosing the location is a necessary step while developing the online grocery app because it allows you to set the limitation for the delivery of products. It is never possible to deliver services to every area of the city. Far areas are often left out due to bad road conditions and geographical limitations.

Apart from the above, here are a few limitations, you need to consider for starting the grocery app development:


Make small research over the geographical area, you want to focus on. Also, check the customers and their tendency. You can do the same survey to find out the age group of people living in the area, check their tendency to use smartphones, and the number of on-demand apps, they are using. If the sample research shows the maximum percentage of young people, your app always can work well. For example, if the survey says that the maximum number of people are around 20-40 years of age group, then there is a high probability that the mobile app will work well.


Do the online survey. You can create a small event or survey and then analyze the user’s behavior and user insights. Try to grab people’s opinions, their thoughts about on-demand apps. Make a note based on the demography and interest, which helps you in building the future strategy, and create the targeted plans.


The foremost and the important thing is geographic where you want to start an online business. Just do the survey, run it over the internet, find out the number of internet users available, and the interests in your targeted business location.


Delivery limits are needed to be set in prior. It is never possible to cover the entire area through the Food delivery app development online restaurant app development. Therefore, it is a basic requirement to define the boundaries.


Among the basic requirements, now comes the need to set the product list. List the segments, which you want t set online. Whether you want to sell lightweight goods, small goods or you want to sell heavy products.

Payment integration

Setting up the online grocery app also demands an online payment facility. Whether you wish to take the online payment or work with the Cash on Delivery. For the online payment facility, you need to integrate the third-party payment gateway API, which is available for both native and cross-platform app development platforms.

Area of interest of users

Need to take the survey for checking what the customer wants. Checking what people love and what they are looking to buy online is essential for the strategy. Sending pop-ups to buy cooking ware to the person moving to the gym is useless. Therefore, it is essential to list out the generalized idea about the area of interest of users. Also, the marketing strategy needs to be developed according to user interest.


For medium enterprises, the cost is a dominating factor. While running an online grocery store, the cost of storing the goods and delivering them to the location matters a lot. Alongside the cost incurred by local taxes and app maintenance cost decides the remaining profit. The net profit is always calculated after cutting these costs from total revenue.
Above is the basic requirement for developing the app. However, there are many more requirements remaining. For a successful online grocery app, you may contact a good mobile app development company.


Grocery Delivery App Features:

grocery delivery app features

Types of Grocery App Development Services

There are three types of mobile apps, which assist the customer to choose the service, which they essentially require. There are several apps, which are doing similar work as a big basket, and Gofers. These apps have influenced traditional shopping and brought modernization to society.

Ecommerce Grocery Apps

The eCommerce grocery apps allow the customer to buy the grocery products irrespective of the user location. These apps are for the people who want the goods to be delivered as per their given preferred time.

In-store Grocery Apps

These apps are made to display the products in categories. Under these categories, a user can choose the desired product, check the specification, scrolls among the given brands and can order the item from the grocery store. The app also allows the virtual view of the place from where the consumer is buying the product.

Personalized Apps

These apps take your shopping experience to the next level. The apps help the user to purchase the desired/chosen item with the help of the list of products in-store. The personalized grocery apps are the best to order the products, the moment when they require.


Benefits of The Grocery Delivery App Development

Benefits for the customer

24×7 Availability

The physical stores have their limitation in time. They can’t stay open for the whole day. This also drops the customer visit. On the other side, the online grocery app lets user scrolls, purchase, pay, and order anytime anywhere with their comfort. The customer can scroll the shelves of the store after returning from the office, watching TV, and sitting on the couch.


Again, repeating the concept, the online grocery apps are made to let the customer do shopping from their comfort. You can purchase the grocery even while you are dining. What else a customer needs.

Time-saving and Money Saving

Using the grocery app and food ordering app development, the customer can save their time and money. A customer needs not to visit any store personally at the time of need. There is just a need to open the grocery app and place the order. The item is delivered in a short while at your doorstep.


The grocery apps are a proven way of benefitting the customer. The companies running online stores need not have stores. The items are thus available at fewer prices. Also, the grocery apps release amazing offers and discounts for the customers giving them the reason why they must purchase from them instead of nearby stores.

Easy and Secure Options For Payment

The customer can pay using the available payment options and can opt for cash on delivery.

Benefits For App Owners


There is a tough competition in the market and there are many leaders who are continually consuming the mobile app development service for consistent growth. With grocery, apps can woo customers through amazing offers and discounts and can set their strong feet in the market.


An app, which is making a perfect service, can make establish the brand in the market. Once the customer knows and trusts the service, they buy other products as well due to the rust over the brand.

Competitive edge

The market never colds down. You need to understand that your competitors are already working on the apps. The need is only to get there first and attract the customer.

For the grocery apps, you need to develop different panels: this panel is useful for managing the app efficiently.

User panel

For user profile management and order management, User panel is necessary. The quality of service is handled through the user panel. It identifies the concern to improve the app performance. The user panel has features like:

User profile

User can set up their profile and check the liked stores, purchase from the individual stores.

Browse the products

Allows browsing the products from the categories of grocery products with a detailed description. This resembles the grocery shelves.

Schedule the delivery

The user panel allows the customer to schedule the delivery with other options as per convenience.

Track order

Users can get the real-time details of the order; keep them updated with the status of delivery. The real-time tracking is the demand of time.

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Multiple Payments

Make payment through different payment gateways. This is one of the grocery delivery app features

Offers and Discounts

Great offers and amazing discounts are visible here. Users can scroll through the discounts.

Review and Setting

Users can give reviews and feedbacks for the services.

Admin Panel

Whether it is an online restaurant app development or grocery, the app admin panel is made to let the vendor take care of the information using the dashboard. The admin panel is also called the back end of the app. Here the new post, category, and lot more can be done.


With the dashboard, the admin can manage and track the orders over a single screen.

Manage Payment

It is easier to manage all the payments using the admin panel. The grocery app business can be taken to level using it.

Manage Customer

The customer can be communicated and the mass notifications can be released. It keeps the user engaged.

Manage Store

Admin panel helps in managing the orders and checking the inventory while managing the store efficiently.

Delivery Panel

The delivery panel takes care of the selected quantity of orders. The user gets the functionality to pick the ordered item and change the location of the delivery. Also, the user is notified when the order is about to reach. The driver or the delivery executive can connect with the customer; ask him about the exact location. Also, the customer can see all the accepted and canceled orders. Driver and customer can chat, share OTP for confirmations, and call instantly in case of any trouble.
The delivery panel shows the status of the committed delivery and canceled orders.

The development cost depends on multiple factors, such as:


It is important to engage the customers and motivate them to choose your app over others. For the same, it is essential to make the choose the design which attracts the customer. The engaging design plays a vital role in the developmental process. More engaging the design is, much is the cost of the app. An app needs to bring something unique and user-friendly design for the users. The design can be simple, rich, and desirable, but ultimately must suit the requirement of the users.

App Size

The size of an app is decided by the features and functionalities. Features are the key element, which greatly affects the cost of the app. The app size is always needed t be controlled. No user wants to load his smartphone with the number of heavy apps. Therefore, companies have started replacing the older versions with the lightweight versions.



App Developers

The team size and the app developers determine the cost of the overall development. The geographical location of the developer and team, experience, and skill set of developers impact the cost.


Selecting the app platform is a crucial step in pp development. The choice of platform depends on the customers. At the initial phase, the survey is done to check which platform is highly used by users. If you have a maximum number of customers using the Android platform, you must go for an android app, otherwise the most highly used platform. For a varied number of platforms, cross-platform app development is in trend.

Grocery Delivery App Features


User Panel

Admin Panel Delivery Panel
• Log-in & Sign-in
• Current Location
• User Profile
• Browse Items
• Shop by Category
• Add to Wish List
• Search Items
• Add to Cart
• Order History
• Order Tracking
• Schedule Delivery
• Multiple Payment Options
• Digital Wallet
• Social Sharing
• Review & Rating
• In-app Chat
• Invite Friend
• Manage Customers
• Manage Offer and Coupon Code
• Dashboard
• Category Management
• Real-time Analytics
• Manage Stores
• Manage Delivery Boy
• Push Notification
• Manage Payment

• Order Management

• Accept/Reject Delivery Request
• GPS/Track Customer Location on Map
• Delivery Request Notification
• Get Delivery Confirmation
• In-app Chat/In-app Calling

Cost of Grocery Delivery App

Cost of a grocery delivery app depends over the above platform, factors, features, development teams, location, price, and other factors. On an estimate, the cost of app development comes around $20000 to USD 25000. Also, the cost of grocery app development depends on the location of the development.
In the United States, the development cost ranges between $150-$200 USD.
In Eastern Europe, the development cost ranges between $100-$150 USD.
In South Asia, the development cost ranges between $30-$50 USD.