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Expecting the unexpected is a thumb rule in business. Customer expectations are constantly changing in today’s information-connected age. While tailored digital solutions are the best way to overcome the “avalanche of client expectations” for quite some time, today’s digital customers demand more.

Custom software development no longer focuses on developing bespoke capabilities. Instead, today’s focus is more on software architecture solutions, which are better aligned with the digital goals and market niches of each company. Clients expect that custom software development will deliver value to their tech investments.

As software partners, you need to stay informed about the latest software development market trends to offer your clients the best solution. Read on to learn some valuable insights if you are planning your budget and roadmap for software development for the coming year.

This blog will examine the latest software development market trends. These trends will force business leaders to re-evaluate their strategy 2024 and to plan how to modernize teams, practices and tools so that they can achieve their business goals.


What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development involves the customization of a software product for a particular audience. It includes several stages such as ideation, design and development, testing, deployment and maintenance. It is a process that meets a set of specific project requirements.


What is Custom Software Development


In-house teams or software development providers can perform it. This includes customizing, modernizing, migrating, integrating new apps, and managing applications. Custom software includes commercial software such as Microsoft Office or Sitebuilder.com. Custom software is designed to meet specific needs, such as official productivity and website design.


Custom Software Development Statistics For 2024


Custom Software Development Statistics


  • The size of the global market for bespoke custom software development was estimated at USD 24.46 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 22.3% from 2022 to 2030.
  • The industry with the highest revenue share in 2021–more than 55.0%–was enterprise software.
  • The most popular tool for overseeing software development projects is Jira.
  • By 2024, there will be 28.7 million software developers working worldwide.
  • By 2024, India is anticipated to overtake the US as the nation with the greatest concentration of software engineers.
  • Market volume is projected to reach US$858.10 billion by 2028, with revenue predicted to expand at a pace of 5.42% per year (CAGR 2023-2028).
  • When compared globally, the United States will produce the majority of revenue ($338.20 billion in 2023).



Top 10 Custom Software Development Market Trends

Here are 10 software development market trends to watch out for, whether you plan to build custom software or already have a product that requires scaling.


Top 10 Custom Software Development Market Trends


1. Artificial Intelligence

Transforming human lives has led to the identification of several alternative solutions for problems. In the future, it is widely believed that everyone will need to be tech-savvy. Artificial intelligence is the most promising technology.

AI allows machines to do the job that the human mind cannot. Artificial-based software, custom website development and other technologies are paving the way for tomorrow.

The software can be intelligent, similar to human capability. People have become more objective about machine learning and deep-learning. These are now a necessity in the modern marketplace. Artificial intelligence has been a success in meeting business needs. It is affecting every aspect of human life.


2. BlockChain Technology

BlockChain is a technology that has become prominent in the last few years. Its importance is reflected in the current needs of software companies. In the creation of digital currencies, there has been a collective effort. They are widely used in many sectors, such as banking, media finance and so on.

Software development services are a vital part of its expansion. It allows companies to develop custom software. The presumption of objectivity is thus confirmed. It would be more if the opportunities in the near future were augmented.


3. Progressive Web Applications  

The market structure was revolutionized by the promising role of software companies. This series has adorned the market with progressive web applications. It is a compact and efficient hybrid of mobile apps and web applications.

It attracts the attention of web and mobile development services. It is one of the most popular software development market trends because it’s easy to maintain and develop. It has become more popular in the past few years due to its many featured instances.


4. IoT (Internet of Things)

The use of smart devices has become a part of the lives and daily routines for many people. IoT (Internet of things), in other words, encompasses a variety of categories of intelligent devices. These devices are connected to the Internet through software.

The advanced development series offers many options. IOT-supported software applications are now available in industrial and customer domains. AI is also used to create a more personalized user experience in various custom software services.


5. Mixed Reality

In the current marketplace, there is no doubt that every business is in a highly competitive environment. Your competitive advantage over your competitors will bring you customers. The consumer’s expectations are so high that they prefer satisfaction over compromise. Mixed reality is a calming technology that plays a role in this series. This is a blend of AR and VR. AR is a technology that has seen rapid growth.

It is natural to ask why it has become so popular. Credit can be given for the widespread proliferation of smartphones, and their integration via various software. Software development companies are essential.

There is a reason for the creation of mobile and web development services. Virtual reality’s role, on the other hand, demonstrates its impact beyond entertainment and gaming. Software development companies are a good example of this.


6. Low Code development

Every industry has felt the impact of software development. Each instance interprets the integrated roles of software development industries. Low code development plays a major role in this instance. It eliminates the requirement for complex codes.

This is a convenient way to build lego blocks. This is a very important feature. It is now a vital tool to plan its role. It is a great tool to make a good impression between the high demand for custom website design or software.


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7. Greater Reliance On Outsourcing  

Custom software is a growing industry. Companies are looking to incorporate new technology into their products. The majority of skills that they need are either unavailable in their area or too expensive. Outsourcing can be their saving grace.

Cost should not force companies to compromise on features, technologies or other aspects that make a product unique. They can reduce the cost of the infrastructure and teams they set up, as well as the hiring, training and other human resources they require to build the software.

Brands looking to launch a custom product have found that outsourcing software development is a life-saver. Businesses have been outsourcing development work since the 1980s and this epidemic has accelerated that trend.

This trend will continue to dominate custom software development even in 2024. Outsourcing software development can help businesses save up to 70% on their costs.

8. Cloud Computing

Cloud-native software solutions will be increasingly used by software companies for team management, communication, and app development. They are software and services that are hosted on public, hybrid, or private clouds.

They are infrastructure-agnostic and can run on multiple servers, so any company can easily adopt them. Cloud-native solutions are based on micro services and containers.

They provide flexibility and scalability and increase the productivity of software developers. This software development market trends for cloud services and tools have grown in demand due to the need to support remote work.

The companies have been required to create the necessary infrastructure and hire dedicated software developers in creating an environment for work in their home offices.


9. Cross-platform Development Takes Front Foot  

Native apps are great. No doubt. They can be expensive. Cross-platform development has become more popular because of this. Businesses that are interested in different platforms will be more inclined to use cross-platform software development next year. This increased preference for cross-platform development is attributed to popular frameworks such as Flutter, ReactNative and Xamarin.

Native app development is also a time-consuming process. It will be necessary to create separate teams to code your platform-specific applications. Cross-platform allows you to reuse the same code for both Android and iOS.

This popularity will only continue to grow, due to the increasing competition in app development. Cross-platform development is popular because of its rapid development, reusable code, improved product maintenance and lower costs.


10. Assessing Remote Work Implications

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, remote work has become the most popular way to work. According to industry experts, remote work is not going away anytime soon. Businesses will be evaluating their custom software needs in light of remote work implications.

Businesses are aware that the normalcy of pre-COVID is over. They can’t wait for the old normalcy to return. The new work environment is remote working and hybrid working. It’s already here.

It is important that businesses consider remote working scenarios when developing custom software. It would be important for businesses to consider that their custom software development team will have remote workers. This is true whether they choose an in-house team or outsource one. Remote work will become the norm.

When a group of remote or hybrid employees is building custom software, security and encryption will be a major concern. Workflows will also become more agile and cloud-based to create a more secure environment.


Why is it Important to Consider Future Trends in Custom Software Development?

Even though current software development market trends offer many benefits, some organizations may still be unable to maximize their custom software project. This is due to a lack of progress in terms of trends.

Trends change quickly in the world of software development. Trends can change overnight. What’s popular today could be replaced tomorrow by something completely new. To stay ahead of your competition, it’s important to keep up with the latest software development market trends. This can be difficult, as new technologies emerge every day.

This list of custom software development technologies will help you to stay on top of the latest trends and will ensure you are always at the forefront in your industry. This list will allow you to learn about new platforms, tools, frameworks and best software development methodologies that can make your software more efficient, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends.


How Top Custom Software Development Trends Will Help Businesses Grow?

Custom software development market trends are intended to automate tasks, streamline business processes, and increase efficiency. Businesses can improve their bottom line by leveraging the latest advances in software technology.

It’s not just about implementing the latest technologies. A solid strategy is also essential. Businesses may struggle to achieve desired results without a plan.



These are the 10 top custom software development market trends you should keep in mind when developing custom software, whether you’re a startup company or a large enterprise.

Software technologies such as web 3.0 and IoB can accelerate your business within a short period of time. These latest trends in software development will allow you to develop software more efficiently and effectively.

Hire a custom software development company if you’re still unsure about the latest technologies to pick in custom software development.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Software?  

The Costs of custom software development can vary greatly depending on factors like the complexity of a project, the size and capabilities of the team involved, the technologies employed, and even the timeline of the project. The cost of a small-to-medium-sized project can range between $12000 and $25000. Larger projects may be more expensive.


2. How to Create a Custom Software?

There are several general steps that you can take to make the development of custom software easier.

  • Identify your needs
  • Plan your project
  • Create your own software
  • Create your own software
  • Deployment of your software
  • Keep your software up to date

3. How to Hire Software Developers?

Hiring software developers can be a challenging task, but there are several steps you can take to ensure you find the right fit for your company’s needs. Here are some tips on how to Hire Software Developers:

  • Define your needs
  • Look for candidates
  • Screen candidates
  • Evaluate cultural fit
  • Make an offer