SEO-friendly web design can be explained as the practice of creating websites that can be fully accessed as well as are indexable by search engines.

In recent years, SEO-friendly websites have seen immense popularity because they drive incredibly amazing website traffic. Now every company is giving special attention to building SEO-friendly websites to have more and more customer engagement.

For every developer, it is important to get the most of a website as well as keep users and search engines in mind. A full stack development company has the ability to develop both a client as well as server-side software.

They must have knowledge of front-end programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Along with that, the knowledge of how to program a browser and a server is necessary to become fully-functioning full stack developers.

There is a lot of competition on the internet. To get a website ranked on the first page of the search list of any search engine, quality, and interact with the audience in a better manner, it is important to make the page SEO-friendly, otherwise, even low-quality pages can take over.

It is high time that full stack developers follow SEO-friendly designs and development practices so that websites can shine in the competition.

Why is it Important for Full Stack Developers to Follow SEO-Friendly Trends?

There is a simple theory about this. Full stack development services are highly advantageous for a company. But to keep users engaged in a website and make it rank good for a long time and in a consistent manner, it is important to follow these trends.

It helps in getting maximum results by putting in the minimum effort on the website. Not only does it save effort, but it also helps in saving money on irrelevant or non-useful SEO tools. SEO has become an inseparable part of the development and thus developers must have good knowledge and grasp over it.

Some Tips to Make a Website SEO-Friendly

  1. User-Friendly And Simple Design
  2. Organizing URL in A SEO-Friendly Way
  3. Developing a Site that loads fast
  4. Write Simple/Clean Code
  5. Keep The Website Easy To Navigate
  6. Use JavaScript Carefully
  7. Make A Mobile-Friendly Website
  8. Focus On The Content
  9. Good Call To Action
  10. Design That Is Printer-Friendly
  11. Integration With Various Social Media Platforms

1. User-Friendly And Simple Design

A simple user’s designs are the most attractive designs according to professionals. Website design and development processes that are complex might sometimes ruin the original vibe of the website.

A website needs to be simple enough for all types of users to be able to do whatever they wish to. All the features and options should be easily accessible and should be available in places where users can see them.

Search engine crawlers look for websites that are easy to understand and all of whose pages are accessible. A website should cater to all its users equally.

full stack

It should have a design that is user-friendly because users are the people who make it what it is. It is therefore important that companies hire good UI developers.

The website should look good to the users as well as the bots sent by search engines. The structure of the website should be strong but not complex, it should be well-designed, this is what web designers need to understand. Websites with a better structure are ranked higher in the SERPs.

2. Organizing URL In A SEO-Friendly Way

The URL should be clear and meaningful. Web address makes a great impact on the SEO of a website. Websites need to have a URL that is logical.

This is important so that users and bots can understand what the web page has. The URL should be relevant to the content available on that page. There are many URLs that have an address something like a password, these are hard to understand and will get listed low in the SERPs.


The websites should have a URL that is SEO-friendly. This is one of the parts that have a great impact on the SEO of the website. The rank of the webpages with bad URLs is comparatively low and even if they have great content and images, they might not get the desired reach. This is why full stack web development services should pay attention to this part of a website.

3. Developing A Site That Loads Fast

This is a tip that most of the people who will be reading this article would already know about but have never realized its importance. It is good both from the perspective of a search engine bot and the users.

People prefer to access websites that open faster. This is something that search engines like too. A fast loading website can reach the higher ranks as the crawlers will be able to crawl through all the parts of the websites faster.


This will provide the website with faster evaluation results. This is something that can help the websites retain their customers and visitors.

According to a survey, most people never return to a website if they see a slow interface or glitchy transition. This is why it is important to pay attention to the transition and loading speed of the website. This is the point that can be connected to simple UI designing. If the design is simple, it will also load faster.

4. Write Simple/Clean Code

Simple codes are easy to modify, they keep the website stable, and let them perform better than others. Websites with easy codes have a better speed, and they crash very rarely.

They can also be maintained if there is any problem with even an important event. There have been incidents during e-commerce sales, wherein the websites sometimes got great traffic that made the websites crash.


This means that there will be no response from the webpage because there has been some technical error. This error can be solved very easily if the code is simple and clean.

5. Keep The Website Easy To Navigate

It is necessary that full stack web application development companies make sure that navigating through a website is easy. This is something that can impact their audience and their review of the website.

If the website will be easy to navigate the chances of users staying on the website and using it more will increase. This, in a way, will keep the visitors connected with the website. It has been proven that the websites that are popular are easy to navigate.

easy nevigation

Even the new users can easily get to understand what they need to do in order to use the website effectively for their own good. Being a full stack developer, this is something that should be done.

This is one of the things that can be done only while the website is in the development phase. Doing this later is not practically possible as it takes time and a lot of effort from the developers.

6. Use JavaScript Carefully

Using JavaScript or jQuery too much can affect the SEO of a website in a negative way. This is something that most developers do. Although most of the JavaScript framework and JavaScript itself is an important part of full stack web development services, it should be used only where necessary.

There are many disadvantages to using it more than how much the websites need it. Developers can choose CSS to do the same work that they can do with JavaScript.


Search engines want that developers should use JS only where it is really critical, otherwise it is not preferred for website development, especially according to search engines.

So, the developers or the websites that want better ranks in search results should keep in mind that they do not need to use JS more than how much is needed on a website.

7. Make A Mobile-Friendly Website

Website design and development should be mobile-friendly. Search engines prefer websites that are optimized for mobile phones as well. The reason is simple – more and more people are switching from desktops to mobile devices.

People spend more time on mobile phones than they spend on their desktops or laptops. This is better for the reach of the websites as well. They also have most of their target user groups on mobile phones.

mobile friendly

People will mostly search for your website through their mobile phones and if it is not optimized for their screens then no matter how good the content or website is, they will not surf for more than a few seconds.

This is especially very important for e-commerce websites as they have to sell their products and they can not sell from a non-mobile-friendly website.

8. Focus On The Content

This is necessary. A big part of SEO is content. Good and structured content is ranked higher. Also, it is important that the content is also relevant to the website and the title.

Content is one of the most important parts of any type of website. Be it a blog, or an eCommerce or enterprise website, all of them need good content so that they can describe their services and promote them effectively.


Search engines prefer websites and webpages with content more than those that don’t have any. It is important to note that now the crawlers are able to identify if the content is plagiarized and can decrease the rank or directly remove a page from SERPs.

This is why the content that is posted on websites should be original and unique. Fact-based content also gets higher ranks than normal story-based content. The role of content in the SEO of a website is huge, and it is important that people understand it.

9. Good Call To Action

The main focus of business owners irrespective of the industry they were coming from in website design and development, is to increase leads. More leads will lead to more conversions to potential customers.


An effective way of creating leads is to design call-to-action buttons on the website. Usually called a CTA, it helps custom web development services on many levels. People can connect through various measures such as buy, donate, subscribe, call, and more.

10. Design That Is Printer-Friendly

Some website visitors may feel the need for printing the hard copy of the website for future references or other purposes. It is important to have a design that is compatible with printers.

It upsets readers if the layout after printing is changed or the content is not properly published. Having a printer-friendly design helps them to read and review the content later and experience great user engagement.

With the help of easy languages such as CSS, javascript can easily create such pages. It is important to make content visible so that the fonts are not too big or too small to read.

11. Integration With Various Social Media Platforms

Without the integration of social media, it is impossible to gain new customers for websites. It has become a medium of advertising and is emerging as a very powerful tool.

It has a huge positive impact on the ranking of a website. Thus, it is important to integrate a website with various social media platforms.


One easy way through which this can be done is to add social media icons on an easily accessible part of the website. This will help users in getting easy access to social media handles and then they can know the website as well as the company better.

It is also important to enable social share buttons so that readers can broadcast blogs on their social media platforms easily. The more the content is shared, the more will be the reach of the company, and eventually, the customer base will also increase.