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Recently the coronavirus outbreak made a huge impact on educational institutions. Which triggered a hike in the field of online education. Are you looking to create an E-learning app like Udemy? Let’s start. Many new applications and start-ups joined this market with new innovative and unique features to offer their users. Some of these educational apps succeeded in the market like Udemy, while some of the apps failed due to some in-abilities.

The main highlights of these types of educational applications are their lost cost and accessibility. Which are the main reason people are preferring online educational applications instead of traditional college systems. With the use of our advancing technologies, the educational app maker is somewhat successful to provide a classroom-like experience to the users.

Moreover, you can gain education on almost any topic from anywhere in the world. These online -platforms are cable of providing classes from Science to Filmmaking, from art and painting to mathematics.


Implementing this online education system and adapting according to it may seem very difficult for students, teachers, and even the institutions. But with the flow of time, we familiarize ourselves with this educational application software. This transition is made easy by the applications like Coursera and Udemy providing their users with various exciting learning opportunities.


Implementing this online education system and adapting according to it may seem very difficult for students, teachers, and even the institutions. But with the flow of time, we familiarize ourselves with this educational application software. This transition is made easy by the applications like Coursera (a global online learning platform with over 76.6 million accounts registered to the platform) and Udemy providing their users with various exciting learning opportunities.


That is why the online EdTech applications became popular in the education market in no time. This is not all they also provide other various features that can make a student’s learning experience more effective than normally studying.

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Along with the increased learning opportunities, it is also a gold mine for entrepreneurs. That is why small business owners are investing in various app development companies to develop noteworthy applications around their innovative ideas. A present statistic, states that there are more than 1.5 billion students who are using online learning technologies and they are spread around 186 countries.

Implementing this online education system and adapting according to it may seem very difficult for students, teachers, and even the institutions. But with the flow of time, we familiarize ourselves with this educational application software. This transition is made easy by the applications like Coursera and Udemy providing their users with various exciting learning opportunities.

To learn more about how to ensure success in developing E-learning applications for your business, please continue the blog.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an e-learning platform that was launched in the year 2010. It is one of the few successful e-learning applications now. Within a few months of the launch, the applications managed to provide more than 2000 courses with the help of more than 1000 faculties.

And after 2 years of the launch more than 400,000 students registered in the application from various parts of the world. It was considered the most successful educational app development company in the year 2015.


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In today’s market, the application of Udemy is the inspiration of many new business owners who are entering this market. As of now, the application has become an EdTech giant with 50 million registered users and more than 15000 courses.


What Are The Benefits and Challenges That you Have May Face While Developing an E-learning App like Udemy?

Just like the other applications present in the market have both specific advantages and disadvantages. The E-learning applications also have their own set of benefits as well as challenges to overcome.

Some entrepreneurs usually think that developing an online learning management system can help in the success of the business. but this is not true you have to implement all the ongoing trends and functionalities created by full-stack development companies into the platform to make it successful.

The pandemic situation is the main reason behind the boost of this industry. Plus, new trends and technologies are developed or invented to online learning experience more effective and exciting for both the students and the faculty.

While implementing the recent functionalities to keep up with the trend you may experience some of the benefits along with a few challenges. Here are some of the benefits of E-learning platforms that you can enjoy,

1. Money-saving

The e-learning educational process is always been a cost-effective method of learning. This is because like the traditional classrooms you don’t have to rent a place or room, place desks and chairs, and pay electricity bills. For the online method having a portable device with internet access is sufficient for both students and the faculties.

2. The Pace of Learning Method

Every student has a different pace of learning every topic. Some of the students are able and the topic faster and some student takes some time to properly understand the topic. With educational mobile apps, every student will be providing a sufficient amount of time so that he or she can cope with the topics.

3. Multiple Courses Can Be Managed at a Time

In the e-learning, method students can attend multiple courses simultaneously. And helps them to get better knowledge in a time-saving way.

4. The Flexibility of Time

While using the e-learning platform students don’t have to be present on time in every class. If you missed a class for a certain reason, you will be able to access the whole session later when you have time. This benefit is especially helpful for the students who live in remote villages where internet speed is one of the main issues to be resolved.

Along with this wonderful benefit, these types of applications also face some challenges such as,

  • Implementation of various disciplinary rules for the video sessions. So that students cannot get easily distracted and can gain maximum knowledge from the sessions.
  • Using these mobile apps related to education students sometimes feel a lack of physical face-to-face interactions.
  • Usually, the quality of content used in these applications is not up to mark.
  • Implementation of the feedback systems for both the faculties and the students is needed so that the faculty can find the best ways for their students.
  • A standard specification of the device is needed to experience the smooth interface of the applications. This is not possible for every student in the organization. As each of them has come from a different financial background.

Guide To Ensure Success After Developing An E-learning App Like Udemy?

The guide to ensure success while developing an e-learning application like Udemy is divided into 7 different steps. As an entrepreneur, you can focus on the step-by-step points to avoid some expected setbacks. The steps are,


1. Thorough Global Market Research and Idea Validation

It is a no-brainer, that the low-cost education demands along with other effective facilities, the e-learning application are rising at a faster pace than traditional college systems.

Applications like Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy are the start of this market. It has been predicted that in the year 2025 total worth of the e-learning application can reach up to 300 billion dollars. Among which 40% of the market revenue is 140 billion dollars will be generated only from North American companies.

Implementation of the various cutting-edge technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3-D visions, and Artificial Intelligence can create hype for your application in the market. With proper machine learning techniques, you will be able to apply all the technologies. And provide an out-of-world experience to your users.

If you have a unique real-world solving idea and hire the best available android app development company can work efficiently. Then being a start-up also you will be able to sit on the front benches of the market in no time.


2. Familiarize The Process of Working in Udemy Like Applications

Nowadays there are many e-learning educational applications are present in the app stores. Thus, before investing in the development process of these apps, you should know the basic working of it. Plus, familiarizing the training processes with the apps like Udemy will also help you to implement a better communication system for your application.

The basic working process of all e-learning applications is almost the same. A new user first sign-up with applications with the help of their verified phone number or email address. Then you will be able to choose any course that you want to study. And according to pay for the opted services. After the confirmation of the payment through various online payment methods.

The organizations will provide you with the required study materials and class links where faculties will teach you about the course. You access the classrooms and study materials from any device, you just have to login into your account. Hiring dedicated developers can help your manage numerous user accounts efficiently.


3. Choosing The Correct Business Model

Every rising business uses a specific business model to ensure its growth in the market. So, you must decide which model you will follow according to the requirement of your business. Plus, you have to decide where you will store the user data on an onsite storage system or opt for on-demand solutions or cloud computing.

Whether you will go for a custom business model or use the pre-built models that’s your decision. But remember your today’s decision will make difference in the future of your business.


Here are some of the business models from which you can choose one for your business. such as,

  • Affiliate Model- This business model is consisting of some books and video sessions, which are needed for the development of the students and to make them market-ready for earning from social media. The students are allowed to pay for the services through secure links from which the website will earn profits.
  • Paid Certifications- Here opting for the courses the students will be provided a valid certification of the course. Which are useful for getting jobs in various organizations and give a boost to their CV. This could be achieved by collaborating with various universities and educational boards. Various certifications from the boards can ensure your continuous income of revenue. Moreover, if you collaborate with famous universities, people will opt for your services to achieve their certification.
  • Paid courses- This is the method that can help you earn the maximum revenue from the market. But for implementing this business model you should be successful enough. So, that the people will pay for every service. Plus, you have to provide the most royal services possible, then only you can earn more from this business model developed by the mobile app development company. In this model when a student pays for the services a part of it goes to the faculty and the rest of the amount goes to the application owner
  • Corporate collaboration- In this business model you can earn profit from both the users and the organizations to which your app will provide support to. That means many education organizations will use your application to reach their students. The revenue will come from the student for providing the video streaming and pdf books services. And as well as the origination for proving a space so that they can connect with their students.
  • Subscription-based- This is the most economical business model for the users. Where they will pay your application on either a monthly or yearly basis. After the payment, they will get unlimited access to the different courses and the study materials, depending on the plan they have chosen. The revenue generated from this business model is low but constant. Plus, you can gain more profit by adding more and more users by offering them different offers or discounts on the subscription packages.


4. Implementation of The Core Features

The features present in your applications may be the reason for the success of your e-learning applications. Hiring the best education application development services available in the market can help you to create a feature-packed application that can satisfy the need of your business.

Implementing the right amount of features without compromising the performance of the application is a tough job. Usually, developers use too many functionalities in order to create a feature-packed application, which ends up lagging behind it. Thus, it is better to use the specific and necessary features and make the app simpler for the users.

The features provided by mobile app developers for hire can be majorly divided into 3 types such as,

Features for users

These are features that are implemented to ensure a better user experience for the customers after logging into the website. Some of the basic features for the users used in e-learning apps like Udemy are,

  • The versatility of payment options – The users can only access the services after they paid for the opted courses. So, your app should be compatible with any kind of payment method and ensure a secure transaction. Every student is suitable for different modes of payment. Thus, versatile payment options can help in the growth of the app
  • Recommendation from the previous sessions – This feature helps the system to understand the likings and type of video sessions the users are looking for. This can be done by tracking the search and the past video history of the users. After tracking the system recommend those types of videos to the users by increasing the efficiency of the application.
  • Enhanced search and filter options – A smart and enhanced search engine can be the highlight for every application. Plus, an additional detailed filter option can help you to find the exact content that you are looking for.
  • Use of tags – This is an innovation developed by student app developers way by which the users will be able to get the new updated video on a specific topic without searching for it every time. You just have to tag the topic and the system will notify you if any uploads are done on that topic.


Common website features

These are the features that are implemented in the application for the benefit of the organization. Plus, common features can be used by both the instructor and the users for a seamless experience on the platform. Here are some of the important basic website features,

  • Profile management – There is numerous profile that will be stored on your app database along with a huge amount of user data. This feature will help the app owner as well as the users to maintain the registered profiles of the application. With the help of this works like adding or editing any courses or services, changing payment options or instructors, and management of the certificates can be done easily.
  • Business Collaboration – Business collaboration helps the e-learning application to share the data to any cloud computing educational platform development services for better processing power.
  • Customer service – Better customer support better will the success of your business. E-learning apps like Udemy are also well known for their excellent customer support.
  • Account creation and maintenance – A seamless experience while creating new accounts and managing them at the same time helps to make a better impression on the users.

Features for Instructor Profiles

To succeed in the market, you should have better features for the instructors or the faculties. As they are the ones who will upload contains and study materials for the courses daily. There is two most important instructor feature that your e-learning app should have been.

  • Dashboard functionality – This is the main functionality for the faculties. This dashboard provides every instructor with the tools needed during the lecturing sessions.
  • Course creation, editing, and updates. – Providing informative content through video sessions and study materials in the form of pdf in the main of the instructors. And these are the feature that ensures that they are able to perform the above mentions tasks easily.


5. User interface or UX designs of the application

The UI design or the interface design of the application is also one of the important aspects of the way the company can succeed. Usually, web development companies use complex and heavy UI graphical techniques to attract more users. But today’s users like applications with a simple user interface. This is because a complex interface takes time to familiarize whereas the simple easy navigation interphase takes less.

Moreover, sometimes the heavier UI tends to lack when it comes to performance, and that can harm the application’s reputation. So, it is better to use a basic simple UI with the necessary amount of content and with optimal computation performance.

App like Udemy

The images, illustrations, and animations that are implemented in the UI should responsive. This can do by compressing the images and animations to their minimum size. So, that the faculties, as well as the users or students, can experience a seamless user interface.

Hiring a mobile learning application development can help you to ensure the users can surf through the various settings of the applications easily. 

6. Requirement of Technological stack

To ensure your success in the market you need to hire an e-learning app development company. Which will use the best quality of development software to develop every segment of your software elegantly. A better development company will always provide you with a group of developers with updated developing knowledge and a tech stack. Here are some of the tech stacks used for developing different segments of the e-learning application,

  • Database- MongoDB and MySQL
  • Frontend- JavaScript, Angualr.JS or React.JS, CSS3, and Bootstrap
  • Backend- Node.JS
  • Framework- Express, Microsoft Azure, PHP
  • Cloud storage- AWS or Cloudflare
  • Payment options- PayPal or Stripe.

A better set of tech stacks also includes various types of plug-ins, add-ons, or influence of the third-party applications. For e-learning websites created by mobile learning application development companies focus on the database, as it will be the main source for the user’s information.

7. The Properly Planned Launch of The Websites

After completing all the processes of development now is the time to launch the application in the market. But before the deployment, it is mandatory to learn the strength and weaknesses of your available competitors in the market.

Plus, you have to choose the marketing method with the help of which your apps will gain popularity. If you are hiring ad services try to convey the unique benefits the users can get if they choose your services.

Expanding the market and launching the application on the apple store by hiring iPhone app developers also helps in increasing the user base of the app.


This year is the best time for the start-ups who are thinking to enter the e-learning educational app market. Make sure you have an implementation idea that is unique and provides the best service possible in the market. And following the above guide, you will be to gain success in considerably less time.