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The world is changing rapidly, and so are the industries that run it. Although certain sectors have grown rapidly over the past few years, others have experienced a slowing down or even a complete disappearance. This blog will focus on the fastest-growing industries and explain why these industries are booming. The industries from healthcare to construction, all are opening up the door to a bright future.


Top 40 Fastest Growing Industries in the World

Top 40 Fastest Growing Industries in the World


1. Information Technology

IT professionals work as network administrators, technicians, and maintenance specialists. Computer support is one of the most popular and fastest growing positions in the field.

For example, a help desk specialist can provide computer support. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT occupations such as these will grow by 12% in the next decade due to the increasing demand for IT consulting services to help individuals and companies replace or update their equipment and software.


2. Construction

Construction is responsible for clearing land and building buildings efficiently and safely. Heavy civil engineering is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

This involves space improvement, land drainage, and dredging. This sector’s growth is likely to lead to a growth of urban area advancement and social enhancement initiatives implemented nationwide. The BLS estimates that employment rates for construction personnel will rise by 11% before 2028.


3. Drink Manufacturing

The design and production of beverages is a process that involves both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage products. Soft drink factories, distilleries, and breweries are all part of the beverage industry.

As the demand for beverages increases, so does the number of beverage companies. Small businesses are investing more in this industry. According to the BLS, salespeople involved in drink manufacturing will see an increase of 5% by 2028.


4. Services for Individuals

Services for individuals is one of the fastest growing industries offering a variety of services including pet care, dating, and assistance with parking.

Most Americans are more likely to use personal services like babysitting, meal delivery, and facial treatments as they have a busier lifestyle. According to the BLS, personal service professionals will see a 17% rise in employment rates before 2028.


5. Home Healthcare Services

Healthcare expenditure appears to be rising undoubtedly as more baby boomers are retiring and aging. This trend is reflected in house Healthcare Consulting Services, which have seen and will continue to grow at an incredibly rapid pace over the next decade.

Between 2008 and 2018, the number of home healthcare workers increased by 511300 jobs. It is expected to increase by 713,000.00 jobs in the coming next 10 years. The healthcare industry’s output will reach nearly $115 billion by 2028, as opposed to $56.8 million in 2008.

By looking at these numbers, it is confirmed that this industry will continue to grow in the coming years. Thus, if you want to build a healthcare app and want to know the healthcare app development cost, you must opt for an experienced mobile app development company.


6. Supply Chain

The pandemic and e-commerce changed purchasing habits. This caused the pandemic to drive up freight rates, which in turn drove up ocean shipping and freight. It also fueled growth in logistics services and local freight trucking. Countless industries will face headwinds as the GDP slows down and supply chains become more open.


7. Outpatient Care Centers

In recent times, you might have observed an increase in the number of outpatient care centers. These centers are often standalone buildings that are not attached to any hospital.

This is one of the fastest growing industries including businesses that employ medical staff and provide outpatient services.

These include treatment for mental disorders, alcohol abuse, and family planning. In many ways, the opioid crisis in America is directly linked to an increase in outpatient services and employment.


8. Individual and Family Services

Social assistance includes both individual and family services. Family services and individual services include establishments that primarily provide nonresidential social services to youth and children. It includes essential skills such as skills training, drug prevention, social development, foster care, and adoption.


9. Forestry

Perhaps the most surprising entry on the list is the forestry industry. This sector is growing with an employment annual growth rate of 2.1% annually.

Timber tract operations, forest nurseries, and the gathering of forest products can all be classified as part of the forestry industry. Interfor, Idaho Timber, and a wide range of prominent companies are some of the major forestry companies.


10. Shipping and Delivery Services

Online shopping apps are gaining popularity by becoming the fastest growing industry and has resulted in a greater demand for shippers. This industry is quickly establishing itself as the leading growth sector. According to the American Shipper, as high as 8% of retail sales are done online.

Due to the increasing popularity of items purchased from websites including eBay and Amazon, there will also be an increase in demand for people who may transport these items between locations.

Many economists predict that it will be the fastest-growing sector in the world in the coming years. Many shipping organizations are now employing more people than previously, which could make it possible for you to join their ranks. You may be seeking a job that offers flexibility and a steady income, while also allowing you to work remotely. This industry may be for you.


Fastest Growing Industries in the World


11. Online Shopping

Businesses are adapting quickly to meet the increasing demand from online shoppers. Target, Walmart, and Amazon put money into online marketing to better serve customers.

The online shopping industry has become one of the fastest growing industries and is anticipated to expand significantly in 2015, as more people use online websites for goods and to take advantage of discounted prices.

Online shopping has become more convenient than ever, although not for all your wants but for your needs. E-consumerism has already shown a strong return with 1 in 5 retail purchases being made online, and an anticipated $1.1 trillion worth at the end of the year.


12. Artificial Industry

AI is the near future of the worldwide economy. AI, which is valued at $328.34 million, will be one of the fastest growing industries of 2023.

AI is revolutionizing many industries including Healthcare Consulting Services and transport. AI helps businesses to become more efficient and faster by utilizing automation, predictive analytics, and enhanced data analysis. AI will be a major driver of economic growth in the future, not only because of its potential for great growth but also because of its ability to transform existing industries.


13. Cybersecurity

Due to the increasing popularity of cybersecurity solutions, this industry will see significant revenue growth. This will lead to a significant rise in cybersecurity sector employment.

As businesses increase their cybersecurity efforts, there will be many new jobs and roles in cybersecurity. The cybersecurity industry can provide substantial returns. Due to an increase in cybercrime and increased spending on cybersecurity solutions, this industry will see significant revenue growth.


14. Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation industry will experience significant growth in the next few years. There are many factors that will drive this growth, including increased capital investment in robotics and automation, increasing demand from users and businesses for robotics, and the increase in the use of AI in robotics.

As businesses increase their robotics efforts and automate more, this sector is expected to see a significant rise in employment. This will lead to a rise in robotics programmers and technicians. Putting money into robotics or automation could yield significant returns. Due to an increase in robotics and automation spending, this industry will see significant revenue growth.


15. Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services

This is one of the fastest growing industries which covers a wide range of topics. The NAIC claims that companies engaged in management, scientific, and technical advisory services offer guidance and support to companies on ecological, scientific, and technical challenges.

This sector is expected to see a slight increase in employment in the next 10 years, with just under 300,000. There are currently around 660,000 companies in this sector.

This includes general management consulting and administrative management. This covers specific services including financial consulting, long-term planning, and location selection consultancy. Booz Allen Hamilton and Accenture are just a few of the well-known giants in this industry.


16. Architecture Engineering

Architectural engineering is a field that involves drafting, surveying, and structural assessment. The current increase in residential and other building construction is directly related to the success of this industry.

Engineers and other professionals would remain in demand as the economy continues to develop. The BLS projects that in 2028, the annual growth rate of employment for builders will rise by 8%.


17. Warehousing and Storage

The warehousing industry has more than 1 million professionals working. But it will add nearly 170,000 jobs by 2028. This is one of the fastest growing industries that employ warehouses and storage convenience stores that store general merchandise, refrigerated products, and other goods.

These companies merely store products; they don’t market them for sale. Some firms that specialize in storage and warehousing will also be involved with logistics.

DSV Solutions and FedEx Supply Chain Distribution Systems are the major players in this industry. CGB Enterprises is another giant in this industry.


18. Education Services

The education services sector is experiencing strong growth, driven by the rising costs of tuition and loans. Over the past decade, the industry has added almost 200,000 jobs and is expected to add another 100,000+ in the next ten years. According to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), this sector includes business schools, computer and management training programs, preparatory services, education and instruction, technical and trade schools, and services for school preparation. Lynda.com and Learning Tree International are among the most recognizable brands in this field.

One of the fastest-growing sub-sectors within the educational industry is the essay writing service market, highlighted by the popularity of platforms such as EduBirdie. This company is a leader in providing online assistance to students, who are increasingly trusting in the quality of its services each year.


19. Transport

Transporting cargo and passengers by sea, air or land is the responsibility of the transportation sector. Transport involves many vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, airplanes, trains, ships, and airplanes. Because people need authentic and constant transportation, this sector is growing. According to the BLS, the annual growth rate of employment for pilots in airplanes will rise by 6% before 2028.


20. Software Publishers

Software publishing is one of the fastest growing industries. Software publishers were first established in the dotcom era. Over the past 10 years, employment has exploded: From 263,600 jobs to 407,900 in 2008, software publishing was a major industry. IBISWorld estimates that the total revenue of the software publishing sector will reach $270 billion in 2019.


Fastest Growing Industries in the World


21. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Revenues for virtual and augmented realities are expected to grow significantly. This growth is because of advanced capital investment in VR/AR technologies, higher demand for VR/AR products from users, as well as a growth in VR/AR technology at work.

As businesses increase their AR and VR efforts, this industry will see significant employment growth. This will lead to a rise in VR and AR-related jobs. These fastest growing industries could offer notable returns. Due to a rise in VR content and spending on AR and VR technologies, this industry will see significant revenue growth.


22. Trucking

Trucking is responsible for all goods being transported by road. The average truck driver’s salary has increased in current years due to a shortage. Specialty freight trucks, which can transport livestock and automobiles, have seen a rapid increase in growth. According to the BLS, truck drivers will see a 5% increase in employment by 2028.


23. Real estate

Real estate is the sale and purchase of residential properties. In recent years, house prices have risen which has led to an increase in real estate agents’ commissions. The demand for real estate agents has enhanced and because of this reason, it has become one of the fastest growing industries.

These agents can increase their client base by increasing the speed of house selling. According to the BLS, real estate experts will see an increase of 7% in their employment by 2028.

However, if you want to develop a real estate app, it would be better to take assistance from a real estate app development services provider.


24. Finalizing the Contract

Finishing contracting requires specialty trades such as painting, flooring, and drywall installation. The demand for qualified tradespeople is increasing as the construction and housing industries expand.

As more individuals and businesses may manage to build houses, the demand for skilled finishing experts will continue to rise. The BLS predicts that the employment annual growth rate for carpenters will increase by 8% and that of artists will increase by 6% by 2028.


25. Services for Individuals

This industry offers a variety of services including pet care, dating, and assistance with parking. Americans are more likely to use personal services like babysitting, food delivery, and facial treatments as they have a busier lifestyle. According to the BLS, personal service professionals will see a 17% rise in employment rates before 2028.


26. Office Administrative Services

There are many industries that make up the office administration services industry. This is one of the fastest growing industries including businesses that provide administrative services for office operations.

Although this is a broad definition, it excludes establishments that offer staff to manage the entire management of a company. Organizations in the office administration services industry perform tasks such as billing and financial planning for other businesses.


27. Beer Manufacturing Industry

Beer manufacture is the process of creating alcoholic drinks including ale, lager, malt liquor, and non-alcoholic beer using malted barley and hops.

Beer is produced in this sector in both canned and bottled forms. China and North America account for the majority of this sector. Major beer producer Molson Coors Beverage Corporation is based in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.


28. Management Consultants

Since the last decade, the global management consultants sector has experienced steady growth. IBIS World projected a 10.4% increase in worldwide market size to $692.3 billion by 2021.

IT agency consultants are defined as people who provide assistance and advice to organizations in strategic and organizational planning, budgeting and marketing, and financial planning. This market is among the largest in the professional services industry. Consulting jobs help organizations identify and solve problems. They are also some of the most lucrative globally.


29. Airlines

Airlines are defined as any airline that transports passengers on scheduled and unscheduled flights, domestically or internationally. This industry includes cargo transport within passenger planes, but not cargo-specific airlines.

This industry is a major part of the tourism and travel industries and makes several jobs and has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The industry experienced steady growth until 2020 when it was hit by the Covid-19 travel prohibitions.

The airline sector has seen a resurgence as a result of the increase in per capita income globally. This has led to increased passenger transport by airlines.


Fastest Growing Industries in the World


30. Vehicle Engine and Parts Manufacturing

The automotive engine and parts sector make engines for motor vehicles. These components include pistons, fuel injectors, crankshafts, and valves. The industry and auto manufacturing go hand in hand.

Any change in either will have an effect on the other. In recent years, the industry has concentrated on increasing engine efficiency. Yet, when new developments like electric and hybrid cars gain popularity, it also adjusts to shifting industry norms.

Motor vehicle engines and parts are made and repaired by this sector of the economy. The industry includes engine assembly, rebuilding, and the production of parts.


31. Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing

The fastest growing industry in the world, the global commercial aircraft manufacturing sector creates finished civilian planes. There are all different kinds of aviation items accessible, such as goods for overhauling, rebuilding, or converting airplanes or propulsion systems completely.

Production of military aircraft and associated services are not included. In the following five years, it’s probable that the expansion of air travel in developing nations and the restoration of fleets in advanced economies would increase demand for industrial products. Prominent competitors will boost output, while smaller businesses will broaden their global footprint in emerging markets.


32. Automobile Engine and Parts Manufacturing

The industry is focusing on engine economy as new technologies like electric and hybrid cars become more popular. This business manufactures and rebuilds motor vehicle engines and other engine parts. Motor construction, maintenance, and element fabrication are operations in this sector.


33. Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Oil and gas production and exploration is the fastest-growing sector worldwide. This is due to increasing population, urbanization, rising living standards, and growing economies.

This sector has experienced strong growth in the past five years and is expected to continue its momentum with a CAGR close to 7.5% over five years. It will reach around US$5,349 million and will become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The projected period will see the Middle East and APAC regions influence the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry due to their growing infrastructure investments and development.


34. Global Hotels & Resorts

Before 2019, the Global Hotels and Resorts market grew quickly as both consumers and businesses gained more confidence in there and were able to spend more on leisure activities.

With this growth, the importance of effective digital solutions became evident. Both hotel occupancy and travel rates have seen significant increases, which are indicators of a hotel’s achievement. Travel expenses have increased in emerging nations where tourism is growing. To adapt to these changes, many businesses have turned to digital transformation.

Exploring the innovative solutions offered by software companies specializing in digital transformation for the travel and hospitality industry has become essential. This approach allows businesses to streamline operations and enhance the overall guest experience.


35. Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma is a popular topic right now. This sector is not only growing rapidly but also creating new opportunities for employees. This sector is poised for a bright future.

Because diseases change rapidly, there are always new uncertainties. The pharmaceutical sector of the economy is advantageous. The rapid advances made in technology, research, medicine, and other areas show great growth opportunities for the next ten years.


36. Streaming Services Industry

As consumers shift to streaming media and entertainment, streaming services are likely to experience significant revenue growth.

This will lead to notable growth in streaming services. As businesses increase their streaming efforts, this sector will see a significant rise in employment. This will lead to a rise in streaming-related jobs. Investing in streaming services could yield notable returns. Due to a rise in streaming videos and spending, this industry will see significant revenue growth.


37. E-commerce

This industry includes online retailers who sell products and services directly to users. Numerous factors are expected to drive notable growth in this industry over the next few years. An increasing number of people are shopping online. Companies are making investments in e-commerce technologies, which will advance this trend. If you want to build an eCommerce platform for your business, hire dedicated developers. It will experience considerable revenue and profit growth as a result of this investment.


38. Marketing and Advertising

This industry includes a variety of services that help companies increase sales and brand awareness. This industry will see significant growth due to digital marketing and increased capital investment in marketing. There will also be an increase of marketing staff. As businesses strive to increase their marketing efforts, this industry will also see a slight rise in the number of employees.


39. E-Learning

E-Learning is one of the fastest growing industries in the future. Online learning allows you to access the expertise of professionals and other educational institutions around the globe.

Grand View Research estimates that the global e-learning market was worth more than $250 billion in 2020, and will grow to $1 trillion by 2027. Thus, investing in e-learning apps will be beneficial in this industry. So, hire an eLearning app development company that can build a top-notch learning app.


Fastest Growing Industries in the World


40. Waste Management

It’s a messy business but somebody has to do it. It’s also one of the fastest-growing industries. North America is the nation that throws away the most trash. Many acres have been set aside by us to minimize waste from ending up in landfills. It is a multibillion-dollar business that visits our homes every week.

This industry will continue to expand and become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s not just about collecting and processing garbage. Every garbage pickup truck has countless employees behind it who are all seeking the perfect specialist to supervise them.



These fastest growing industries are extremely promising. Growth is expected to be driven by increased capital investment, digital goods demand, technological advancements, and advancement.

One of the best methods to guarantee that your items are released effectively is to put money into advertising and release initiatives to market your brand and distinguish it from the competition.


1. What Are the Benefits of Investing in the Online Shopping Industry?

Investing in the online shopping industry offers benefits such as global reach, scalability, reduced operational costs, and accessibility to a vast consumer base. E-commerce’s continuous growth, especially during the digital age, presents lucrative opportunities for investors to tap into evolving consumer preferences and shopping trends.

2. What Advantages does the Education Industry Offer for Business?

The education industry presents numerous advantages for businesses, including a vast market, constant demand for educational products and services, technological innovation, and opportunities for global expansion and social impact.

3. What Are the Benefits of Investing in the Healthcare Industry?

Investing in the healthcare industry offers the potential for stable returns, as it’s less sensitive to economic downturns. Moreover, increasing global healthcare needs and technological advancements provide long-term growth opportunities, making it a resilient and rewarding sector for investors.