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Food is always a prime necessity for us since the evolution of human beings. Several things influence our life and technology has a major one. The food & grocery industry experienced many revolutionary changes and grocery delivery app development is on the verge to cater to global demand. Read this blog to know more about food tech technology trends that are accelerating food transformation.

Covid-19 changed everything, such as the use of technology even it changed our lifestyle and food habits. During the global lockdown, the restaurants shut up due to the fear of the virus spreading which put them to adopt a new method for serving their clients through online food delivery. The world is still facing issues and looking forward to solutions where industries focus on new-gen solutions and innovations to uplift the business.


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During the pandemic, Grocery shopping was also affected. Before, people used to go to the supermarket for it. Still, when all the things went on to a halt, a significant percentage of shoppers looked for solutions to deliver the grocery and food items at their home location. The following are some interesting facts that you would love to read –

  • In 2017, the number of adults n the USA who used grocery apps was only 12 million, but it will reach 27.9 million by the end of 2021.
  • The US grocery online sales forecast is projected to reach US $59.5 billion by 2023, and in it, the significant players are Amazonfresh, FreshDirect, NetGrocer, Walmart, and Safeway.
  • In 2020, the e-commerce and food industry generated 18.7 billion US dollars and is projected to reach 25.7 billion dollars by 2025.
  • In August 2019,  grocery delivery and pickup sales were US $1.2 billion which grew to $6.6 billion in March 2020.

Although the above are just facts but say a lot about food tech and transformation.

What is Food Tech?


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Due to revolutionary changes by technology in our lifestyle, households benefit from new-gen food industry solutions. It allows us to choose what food material we want in our kitchen via an excellent grocery delivery app. If somebody wants to enjoy the moments with family or friends, they can easily order food with a single click, and the credit goes to the latest trends in the food industry.

Food tech is the combination of two terms. The point needs to be noted that technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, and its applications transformed the food industry into a sustainable and modern age business segment that includes processing, distribution, delivery, and consumption. The transformation is advantageous for, i.e., food business and customers. In terms of revenue, investing in food technology is such a great idea.

Food Industry & Impact of Technology

Technology has reshaped the world and so many things. Here we are explicitly talking about the Food industry that has a significant impact from the technology. Most of the persons are ordering food online, whereas out of the four, one user has at least one restaurant app, and user penetration is 20.5% in 2021, which will be more in upcoming years.

Now food service providers and restaurants are looking for innovative on-demand app development solutions to better reach the customers.

Regarding the same, the following technologies are up-and-coming-


1. Blockchain

Blockchain is the most sensational technique that makes hacking and information stealing impossible. It has several applications in diverse industries where the food industry is also leveraging its benefits.

Every day there is a significant transaction of data via food tech apps and keeping it safe is always a tussle task, so the food tech industry uses it to secure the data efficiently. It is suitable for each food delivery business model, i.e., food ordering and food delivery.

The other vertical is the grocery industry which focuses on Blockchain technology using Grocery delivery app development. There are several apps in the market, such as Uber Eats delivery, Walmart grocery app, Doordash grocery delivery, etc.


2. IoT

There is an exponential rise in IoT technology and industries are looking at it as a promising technology. The IoT-powered food and grocery delivery app is a revolutionary thing that captures the data of delivery boxes via sensors.

It also helps the management and delivery staff maintain the standard temperature while delivering the required food item at the customers’ doorstep. The IoT apps can also sense the temperature outside the delivery box and the time speed & distance required for delivery.


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3. AI & Machine Learning 

Have you heard about Amazon Go –The cashier-less store launched in 2018. Twenty-five stores are running across the United States of America where customers need not wait in a long queue to pay at the cashier counter. It is only one example; there are great uses of AI & Machine Learning combined with food tech.

Another brand has recently launched its app, which is a Walmart grocery app based on AI & Machine Learning. This app utilized deep learning to identify the attributes like price, brand, consumer data, inventory & many more.

One of the significant advantages of AI & ML technology is chatbots that work 24/7 to provide the best experience to the customers where food & grocery delivery brands are enjoying it.


4. Mixed Reality(AR & VR)

The Food Industry is working to find out mixed reality technology-based solutions such as Ikea virtual store. However, instead of root operations, the AR & VR apps will be helpful for staff training, such as maintaining the food quality, preparing the orders, and delivering ethics.


The Trends That Will Have a Great Impact On The Food Industry




Multiple brands are focusing on food delivery app development to serve their customers in the best way. On the other hand, customer demands are changing with time, so there is always a need for dynamic solutions that can be designed and developed by following trends in mind. These trends have a significant impact on the industry.


1. The Millenials

Millennials are now more inclined to the food and grocery apps that facilitate quick services regarding their food requirement because of their fast-paced lives. They used to eat quickly served food instead of waiting to prepare it in their kitchen, creating ample opportunities for the food industry.

Due to this, it is much needed for a mobile application development company to focus on the requirements such as seamless food ordering, instant delivery, effortless check-out, and quick customer support while developing new-gen ordering and delivery channels in the form of an app.


2. New-Age Delivery Channels 

The days are gone when grocery orders were booked via phone. Now, several apps in the market ensure the ordering and delivery of food and grocery items. As per the facts, 63% of customers drop out the orders if exemplary customer support is absent.

Another reason for order cancellation is customization in orders. So, there is much need to create new-age delivery channels that include innovative use of social media, smart devices such as IoT-enabled delivery boxes, AI Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, etc.


3. Robotics

Robotics is also one of the top-hottest trends on which food ordering and delivery business owners can focus. Maintaining the quality, cost-effectiveness, and increased production rate using robotics devices is an excellent option as one of the best food industry solutions.

In addition, food delivery is one of the biggest challenges for food retailers and restaurant business owners that can be solved via robotic devices. For example – Save Mart, one of the food & grocery stores in California, launched a fleet of robotic vehicles that delivers the stuff at customer locations where customers can receive their package after verification and validation via phone app.

The grocery brands need to focus on it as an opportunity to excel in their business, and they can hire dedicated developers for it. The experts will help them to have mobile apps compatible with robotics.




4. Enriched Customer Experience

Suppose you are looking to build a food delivery app. In that case, you should note that growth in food tech and transformation is directly proportional to the enhancement in customer experience as new-age food technologies help the brands overcome the challenges that include ordering, delivering, etc.

Here data analytics can work great where things can be strategized by capturing the customer’s preference as data. If you want to launch your app, it would be best to have an analytics feature. It will help to serve the customers instantly.


5. Requirement of Innovative Technology 

For a while, the food industry got hit due to Covid-19 and soon became one of the fast-paced industries due to the online food ordering apps and their users. But the restaurants suffered a lot, so for the recovery, they choose restaurant app development to retain their customer base via delivering preferred food at user’s locations.

The business can consider the technologies such as voice assistants, self-ordering kiosks, custom restaurant mobile apps, kitchen ordering systems, and kitchen display systems.


Top-Notch Food Tech Apps

During Covid-19, when the whole world went to a halt, food apps catered to the people significantly. Without going outside, people ordered their desired dish with ease.

In March 2020, 41.7% of US citizens ordered their meals via food delivery apps when the restaurants and bars forcefully shut down due to the virus outbreak where food ordering apps like Doordash, UberEats and Postmate served very well.




These apps have shown a new way for the food industry to serve its customers efficiently worldwide. If any food business owner or restaurant owner plans to develop a food app clone, then taking these food tech apps as a reference will be great. Let’s have a look at these-


1. Walmart Grocery

The Walmart Grocery app does not need any introduction. It is a separate app from than core Walmart app. It ensures same-day delivery. The item prices remain as low as Walmart’s price. Including the food items, via this app, you can also purchase other items.         


2. Doordash

It is one of the top-notch food delivery and ordering apps in the USA that delivers from breakfast to dinner. In addition, via this app, consumers can also order beverages from bars and breweries. It is the first choice of 18 million users in the United States of America and shares 45%.


3. Amazon Fresh

One of the tremendous initiatives in the food industry by technology giant Amazon. The prime members can use it free, whereas others have to pay some charge to onboard on this digital grocery store app that delivers fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, packaged foods, and other household products. It covers more than 2000 cities approx.


4. Grubhub

Grubhub has a respective fanbase that makes its latest top choices when it comes to online food ordering. It has a tie-up with 50,000 restaurants across 1000 cities. Its smooth functioning makes it popular among food lovers. It has an 18% US market share. It is used by 19.9 million users.


5. UberEats

UberEats share a 30% market in the food delivery industry, but its user base makes it huge that 66 million users. It is well connected with restaurant chains and individual local restaurants. One of the best features is that you can order from your famous neighborhood restaurant.


6. Instacart

An online grocery store that covers 40 US cities. Within 2-6 hours, it delivers grocery items, non-perishable food items, and alcohol. Via purchasing the food items from Instacart, you do not need to take membership to order from brands such as COSCO, Sam’s Club, etc.


7. Postmates

One of the leading food delivery application delivers grocery, food, alcohol, and other food items at your doorstep. Having an 8% market share, these food delivery brands ensure 5 million deliveries every month.


8. Just Eat Takeway.com

It is one of the world-famous restaurant aggregator apps that ensure food ordering and delivery in the best way. It has a 20% share in the USA market. Including multiple options, the unique option is that you can schedule the time of receiving the delivery.


9. GoPuff

Although food is our prime necessity sometimes, we also need snacks, so if you do not know about goPuff, you have missed something unique. Along with cake, bakery items, chocolates, and ice creams, it delivers a thousand products to the doorstep.


10. Munchery 

This food tech app is based on an exceptional business model. On each purchase, it donates a meal to a needy person. It represents the combination of food delivery apps and meal kit delivery. While using this app, you can find a reasonable price.


Food Tech


In 2019, the food tech market size worldwide was 220.32 billion USD, and it is projected to be 342.52 billion USD in 2027. In 2021, the counted worldwide revenue is US$8,049,240 million, and it will grow by CAGR 2021-2025, 3.14%. These facts represent the big picture of how the food industry is growing day by day with the contribution of technology.

The thing is that the latest technology trends are accelerating the food industry transformation and have a significant impact. Where verticals such as grocery and food delivery also have exponential growth. Due to considerable requirements, grocery delivery app development is on the verge, and the world is expecting something innovative that must cater to the users in the best way.