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Welcome to our blog on how to build a friend tracker app! This blog post will walk you through making a straightforward app to locate your friends in real-time. Maintaining contact with your friends and family can be helpful, especially if you are organizing a get-together or an event.

However, the demand for building friend tracker apps is increasing daily due to other location-tracking applications in the market. The Google Maps API will give us the resources to display a map, mark locations, and create routes between them as we build a friend tracker app.

Additionally, the user data and locations will be stored in a database. Hence if you’re one of the people who want to know everything when it comes to building a friend tracker app, then be sure to read this blog till the end.

So without further ado, let’s start building our friend tracker app!

What is a Friend Tracker App?

What is a Friend Tracker App?

If you’re wondering what app to track your friends, then let’s understand it thoroughly. Friend Tracker App enables users to track the whereabouts of their friends or family in real time.

The software typically employs GPS technology to pinpoint the user’s device’s location and notify the user’s chosen contacts of that information. It can come in handy for several things, like making sure kids or elderly family members are safe, coordinating plans with friends, or tracking down a lost or stolen gadget.

How To Build Friend Tracker App?

Let’s explore this section and learn how to build a friend tracker app in a few steps. In this section, we have built a step-by-step guide for creating a friend tracker app that you must read.

1. Define the Purpose of Business

The first stage of building a friend tracker app involves defining the app’s purpose and target audience. This step is important because it helps to determine the features and functionality needed to create an app that effectively meets the needs of the users. During this stage, you should consider the following:

  • Main Purpose of the App
  • Target Audience for the App
  • Key Features that Users Will Need
  • Unique Selling Point of App

However, it will be simpler to develop a suitable name for the app, establish its branding, and consider its marketing strategies if its function is well-defined. Additionally, conduct some study and analysis to identify the key rules, principles, and regulations you must abide by when building a friend tracker app.

2. Design the User Interface

Creating the user interface is the second step in building a friend tracker app. It includes developing wireframes, mockups, and layouts for the app’s various screens.

This phase assists in visualizing the finished product and guarantees that the software is simple for consumers to use and navigate. You must now work with a mobile application development company for the greatest user interface construction and knowledge.

The app’s visual identity and branding can also be developed by choosing color schemes, fonts, and other design aspects. Prototyping and usability testing may also be part of this step to ensure that the app’s user interface is simple to use and understand.

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3. Implement the App’s Features

The third stage of building a friend tracker app involves implementing the app’s features and functionalities. By integrating all the features & functionalities, your mobile application development company or android application development services will create a friend tracker app for you at this stage.

Programming languages and frameworks are often needed to make the design and user interface components come to life. In this phase, the app’s many components—including user management, messaging, and location tracking—are connected.

You might also need to connect the app to a back-end server for data storage and user authentication. This step can involve the work of android application development services and calls for a thorough understanding of the technology and coding fundamentals involved in creating mobile apps.

4. Test the App

Testing the app is the fourth stage of friend tracker app development. It covers both functional and usability testing. Functional testing is done to ensure the program works as intended and is free of bugs and mistakes.

To guarantee that the software is user-friendly and that the UI is simple, usability testing is carried out. This process entails finding beta testers who will try out the app and give feedback on how well it works, how easy it is to use, and how they found the experience.

As a result, the software will improve further, and any bugs or issues can be fixed before the official release based on the input collected.

5. Publish the App-on-App Stores

Putting the on demand mobile app development in app stores is the fifth and last step in the development process. After that, the app can be uploaded to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for people to download and use when it has been extensively tested and debugged.

In this phase, an app store listing for the app is also created, complete with screenshots, a description, and other marketing materials. In this step, it’s also important to confirm that the app complies with all requirements set forth by the relevant app store. Upon publication, the app will be made accessible to users, who can then download and use it.

Incredible Features of the Friend Tracker App

When it comes to building a friend tracker app it is important to know its features. There are several features of the friend tracker app in two different panels: admin and user. Here are the following features with each panel that you must know.

1. Admin Panel Features of the Friend Tracker App

An admin panel for a friend tracker app could have several different features, depending on the app’s specific needs and the developers’ preferences. For example, some possible features of an admin panel for a friend tracker app could include the following:

  • User Management

The administrator may be able to manage user accounts using the admin panel, including adding, changing, and removing user profiles.

  • Management of Data

The administrator might be able to view and examine information gathered by the program, like location or activity monitoring data.

  • Management of Content

The administrator may control the content of any messaging or group chat capabilities included in the app, including censoring or removing offensive remarks.

  • Notification Setting

The administrator might be able to notify certain users or groups of users inside the app.

  • Security

The administrator could add features for managing app security, such as the ability to establish password guidelines or enable two-factor authentication.

  • Analytics

To track the performance and usage of the friend tracker app, analytics could provide analytics and reporting tools.

2. User Panel Features of the Friend Tracker App

A user panel for a friend tracker app would typically include features that allow users to manage their accounts and interact with the app. For example, some possible features of a user panel for a friend tracker app could include the following:

  • Personal Profile

Personal profiles could allow users to view and edit information about themselves, such as names, contact information, and other details.

  • Location Sharing

In the features, users can set who can see their location and when their location is shared and what information is shared.

  • Meeting Planning

In addition to creating and inviting others to events or meetings, this feature lets you choose the location and time of those events.

  • Group Chat

Users could engage in group chats or messaging exchanges with their pals within the app.

  • Activity Monitoring

Users may be able to observe and share their progress with others via the user panel if the app has tools for tracking activities like fitness or travel.

  • Notifications

Users using this feature can monitor and handle notifications from the app, including invitations to events and messages from friends, in a notification center.

  • Security Settings

Users can modify their privacy settings through privacy settings, such as choosing who can view their profile and what information is shared with other users.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Friend Tracker App?

The app’s complexity, the number of features you want to include, and the time and resources you have available are some variables that will affect the cost of on-demand mobile app development. Here are some possible expenses you can have when building a friend tracker app:

#1. Developing Time

Building a friend tracker app could take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the app and your level of expertise. In addition, you must hire web developers hourly rates or project costs if you are engaging a developer or development team to work on the app.

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#2. Design & Functions

Hiring a designer to create your app’s user interface and other assets may be necessary if you want to make it visually appealing. Unfortunately, designers often bill for their services hourly or flat-rate basis.

#3. Resources and Tools

Building a friend tracker app requires several tools and resources, including a code editor, a version control system, and a testing environment. However, to utilize these resources, you must contact the best custom website development company.

#4. Deployment

Once the app is finished, you must upload it to a platform or server so people can access it. There will be a hosting fee involved, depending on the service provider and the kind of service you require.

According to your needs and the resources you have, the cost of developing a friend tracker app can range from $20,000 to $50,000. Therefore, it is vital to set a budget and try to stick to it as closely as you can to help you avoid any unforeseen costs.

What Technology Stacks Used In The Development of The Friend Tracker App?

If you want to build a friend tracker app, then knowing about its technology stack is essential. A friend tracker app can be created using a variety of technological stacks, including:

1. Mobile Platforms

Using tools like Swift and Objective-C for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android, the app may be created for both the iOS and Android platforms.

2. Backend Services

The app will require a backend service to manage data storage, user authentication, and in-app location updates. Numerous computer languages and frameworks, including Node.js, Python, and Ruby on Rails, can be used to build this. Using Google’s Firebase, a real-time database service is a common choice for real-time location updates.

3. Maps and Location Services:

A map API such as Google Maps or MapBox will enable you to display friends’ locations on a map. However, the device’s location must be determined using additional location services, such as GPS or cell tower triangulation.

4. Data Security and Encryption:

Your app will need a strong encryption mechanism to protect sensitive user data in transit and at rest.

5. Other Services

You might need to incorporate more services like Twilio’s programmable wireless for SMS transmission and Twilio’s messaging service to use specific app functionalities, such as sending messages or emergency alerts.

It is important to note that the particular technology stack chosen will rely on the app’s required features, the available resources for development, and the budget. The key is to pick the appropriate technology stack to make it possible to construct the features, scalability, and security the project needs.

What’s Next!

In conclusion, we’ll be glad if this blog was somewhere helpful to you in knowing about how you can build a friend tracker app. However, an app to locate people sounds like a brilliant idea. Moreover, smartphone use is expected to increase, leading to a growth in location-based services.

There is a possibility that you will discover a niche market and ultimately succeed commercially. So if you’re one of the people with an excellent friend locator app idea, don’t forget to hire Indian coders. Hiring mobile app development or developer is the superior choice if you want to invest in advance building a friend tracker app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Hire a Dedicated Developer to Build a Friend Tracking App?

There are seven steps when hiring a developer to build a friend tracking app.

  • App Development Goals
  • Knowing the Type of App and Platform for Development
  • Setting up the App Development Budget.
  • Finding the App Development Resources.
  • Choose a Dedicated Developer.
  • Consider Time to Build Friend Tracker App
  • Hire Dedicated Developer

What Are 5 Best Friend Tracker App In 2023?

There are countless friend tracker apps in the market, but only a few are trending with massive users. Here are the five best friend tracker apps which you should know.

  1. Glympse GPS App
  2. Geo Tracker – Track Family and Friends App
  3. Find Friends Pro
  4. Find My Friends
  5. FamiSafe

How Long Does It Take to Build a Friend Tracker App?

Every application development duration varies depending on their functions and development team, so when it comes to building a friend locator app then, it may take 3 to 6 months.