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Technology is certainly growing with leaps and bounds, and various new advancements are happening at a tremendous rate. With the advent of personal computers as well as smartphones, now we are witnessing the rise of Artificial Intelligence machines and an exponential rate of growth. However, one of the key areas of technological lead is mobile app development. Mobile app development services are trying their level best to improve the customer experience. As the entire platform of choice is shifting towards the mobile, there is the emergence of new trends every year. In 2024, we will be expecting major new improvements. Some of them are discussed in detail as any mobile application development company should keep them in mind.

1. The Imminent Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Also termed as machine intelligence, Artificial intelligence performs human-type tasks and actions. Artificial intelligence, along with machine learning, is currently the best foremost, innovative and advanced technologies that are being widely accepted and adopted across various industries. They have dug their own heels much deeper into mobile applications than we expect. In the case of mobile apps and websites, AI manifests as Chatbots. Due to the rising demand for AI and machine learning within the kinds of virtual assistants as well as chatbots, we will be seeing this trend to lead in the year 2020.

The integration of artificial intelligence to mobile applications not just makes the apps much smarter but even saves money for the businesses. Also, the powerful combination of both AI with mobile apps is clearly changing the entire face of technology and will certainly take it to an entirely new level in the upcoming future. Also, the rapid enhancement in the usage of AI technology in mobile application development has certainly shown that this particular technology can easily be utilized as a panacea for the company’s growth as well as user engagement. Hence, mobile app development companies should hire an app developer who has a penchant in artificial intelligence and extensive know-how of machine learning.

2. Evolution of Wearable Devices 

Smart wearables like the Hololens from Microsoft and the Apple Watch shows a rising tide of change in computing as well as the transition from the very basic to quite sensible Wearables. Due to this, it makes these wearables another way actually to improvise the entire human-machine interaction or relationship. iPhone app development services are already utilizing the growing demand of Apple Watch to develop new apps for it. The smartphone can easily become a major hub of an entire private area network which consists of various wearable devices such as smart jewelry, healthcare sensor, smartwatches, along with display devices and a widespread of sensors which are embedded in clothes.

These devices will actually communicate with the mobile app to deliver necessary information in various new ways. Also, it will even alter a wide range of products as well as services in different areas such as sport, fashion, fitness, hobbies and even healthcare. Hence, wearable devices that are connected with smartphones can easily influence the upcoming generation of mobile app development strategies.

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3. Growing Magic of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Both AR, as well as VR, makes a huge impact on different technologies. They aren’t just limited to games but now have penetrated to social media. Also, the AR app is actually a software application that easily integrates digital visual content into the entire real-world environment of the user. Also, one of the most popular social media apps such as Snapchat, as well as Instagram, have already been utilizing AR for sometimes. The animated additions and interesting stickers added to the post are possible due to the augmented reality technology.

Android app development services are now launching new Android apps with AR technology-enabled. Now, in the year 2020, AR integration will certainly be the most essential step for the entire mobile application development industry. Even the people who don’t even know much concerning mobile app development trade are entirely tuned into both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Also, these particular technologies have become quite advanced in the past few years, whose result can easily be seen as a tremendous revolution in the entertainment and gaming industries.

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4. Booming Mobile wallet Usage 

One of the most used apps is mobile wallet apps which are essentially smartphone apps where the user can easily have his or her banking information stored in a convenient way in order to carry out online transactions with just a tap on the phone. Customers demand frictionless payment ways, and that’s what they get with these apps. There has been a major modification within the particular ways the users preferred to shop. People have moved from money to credit and debit cards, then to mobile wallets as well as digital currencies. M-Commerce or mobile commerce has become quite successful and revolutionized shopping.

As for businesses, in order to create a great mobile app experience, integrating different payment gateways along with mobile wallets such as Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. which provide safe and secure encryption will certainly become staple in 2024. There will be a massive adoption of mobile wallets, and their usage will certainly boom.

5. The Emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) 

At present, IoT is present in smart bulbs, wearable technology and much more. In the coming future, this technology is certainly going to be widely adopted by mobile app development services. It is essentially a network of a wide range of objects connected through the internet which are able to collect as well as exchange knowledgeable data. Also, IoT could easily be a system of various interconnected computing devices, digital machines, objects or even people who are provided with their own unique identifiers and hence the inherent ability to easily transfer data over a particular network without any need of a human to a computer or human to human interaction. IoT is certainly a revolutionary technology that is making the lives of the people and operations of the companies easier by performing various everyday tasks through devices over a network or internet.


6. Introduction of Cloud-based Mobile Applications

Essentially, cloud technology is currently employed in order to store a large volume of data across different industries. Cloud computing is not only faster, secure, as well as easy to deploy but also less expensive. It is one of the key trends that will feature in 2024. A mobile cloud computing can essentially be a software system program that is designed to be easily accessed via the internet by different kinds of movable computing machines or devices. Also, native apps in the mobile software development run on a particularly specific mobile platform or device and are actually downloaded as well as installed on the mobile device.

The most crucial benefits of this technology are streamlined operations, enhancement of apps’ storage capability, reduction in costs related to hosting and equipment, increased productivity and collaboration. The integration of cloud computing by any mobile application development company assists mobile applications to store a large volume of data efficiency and even carry out various complex tasks. At present, most of the mobile applications which have a bigger database are currently using the Amazon Web Service or AWS as their own cloud computing backup. It enhances the reliability, processing, speed as well as security of mobile apps and even enables it to easily deal with a large volume of data.

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7. Buzz of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology could certainly be used in the creation of new digital currencies, or the Ethereum and this technology is the beating heart of the cryptocurrency. It is a much more secure way of data transmission since it doesn’t even need any mediators. The major significance of blockchain lies in the possibility of the creation of a permanent record of any particular thing which needs to be tracked or safeguarded. Large data companies are worried about this technology as it eliminates the entire scope of the information of the states. In the context of mobile apps, this technology has already been used by Android app development services to create payment apps for offering uncompromised and trustable safety during the entire transaction.

8. Application of Beacons Technology 

This particular technology has been around the block for quite some time now, and in 2024, it can certainly mark its presence even much stronger. It is likely to witness a wide range of beacon-enabled airports, automated personal beacons, and even mobile payments beacons. Hence, the trends are certainly going to develop much more useful applications to work on this technology and create virtual guides and even making the sharing of personalized information much smoother.

Most of the smartphones of the present era feature the location device capability, which utilizes a variety of strategies to show you the actual and precise location data. This feature can be seen in the case of geotagging, vehicle navigation, games, as well as fitness apps. Apps for getting the indoor location utilize measures like imaging, Wi-Fi, geomagnetic or ultrasonic beacons. iOS app development companies develop a mobile app with a combination of exact and precise indoor location sensing.


In the upcoming year, the year 2024, we will certainly witness the rise of major trends that will shape the next stage of mobile app development. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Beacon, IoT, AR, and VR, etc. will become a mainstay of mobile apps developed by the majority of mobile application development companies. Companies will have to hire app developer who has the penchant and knowledge of these technologies. The above-mentioned features of these trends will certainly make a significant in the entire mobile technology landscape and in turn, will change the future of every business.